by Kaitlin
(State College, PA, United States)

A Sprinkle Of Maine Coon?

Tarragon is just under a year old, and the sweetest cat I’ve met. (I grew up in a house where there were cats for every corner, so that’s my highest praise!)

She was thrown into a group of other kittens of a similar age at the rescue where she was fostered, and immediately struck me with her silly, inquisitive spirit.

She’ll meow when she’s due for a treat, but typically our conversations are lots of chirps and trills. (maybe it’s the pandemic brain talking, but I’m convinced she varies the tone of these—for example, when I’m out of sight, there’s a questioning quality to her chirrup, like “where’ve you wandered off to, pal?”)

She’s a gentle girl. She isn’t thrilled by the sound of running water, but she’s calm and cheerful in the bath, and she accepts bouts of brushing as a game.

I’m biased, clearly, but I think she’s very bright; if there’s a treat on the line, I’ll say “sit, please,” and get an obliging, cat-shaped triangle for my trouble.

I don’t have much information about where she came from, but one of the first questions I get tends to be, “is she a Maine Coon?” (an acquaintance with two Maine Coons of her own has sworn that she recognizes some similarities.

To be fair, all cats involved have four legs and pointy teeth!) I’m pretty skeptical of that, but I haven’t ruled out the possibility that she could have some connection to the breed somewhere down the line. I’d be interested in hearing from folks with more familiarity than I have!

Tarragon’s coat is of varied length. Along her spine, the strands of the top coat are long and sleek. Her shoulder area, meanwhile, is tamer; the fur, while still dense, is pretty short.

She’s fluffy. Like, sheepskin fluffy. like, someone described her as “a mystical floof” kind of fluffy. There’s more than one layer to her fur; there’s downier, more insulation-textured stuff closer to her body, while the outer coat has a silkier feel.

Her back legs grow shaggy pantaloons, which I have to trim back sometimes to help her stay clean. Her tail is a creature all its own (sometimes calling for an inexpert trim), and aside from the tufts of hair growing out of her ears, locks of hair grow between her toes. (they remind me of feathering on a draft horse, and sometimes I have to trim these—rather unwillingly!—because litter is a nightmare.)

Her coat is never tangled, and she’s fastidious; even so, I brush her because there’s just so much hair, and I don’t want her consuming another cat’s worth of hairballs.

She has the prettiest jade eyes, big, expressive, white-rimmed. A gray tabby overall, she has an orange-creamy belly. There are no stray white markings.

She’s clean to the point of accusing. (litter is a whole thing. I clean the tray daily, and if she feels I’m slouching she will lead me to the tray and fuss until the litter has been refreshed or replaced. I think I need to invest in a larger tray because keeping her hindquarters clean and fresh can be an ordeal.

I’m meeting with a vet to talk about ways I can help more — whether that means adjusting her diet, or making sure there’s nothing medically wonky digestion-wise.)

Any thoughts, advice, opinions are welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read about my little housemate.

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looks like a Maine Coon
by: Jan

From the way you are describing her fur in various places, it certainly sounds like you have a Coonie there.
Her hind quarters getting messed with poop for you to clean doesn't sound right. This should not be a frequent event. Cat poop is dry and hard normally, when it gets soft to where it would stick on the fur, that sounds like a problem. Do talk to your vet about that.

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