Sven & The Mouse

by Gerard Harmans
(Amsterdam, Holland)



Clearly this is just a demonstration, but Sven would like to point out to all mices, it would be better to stay outside the house, however cold autumn may turn.

by: Sharon

Love this pic and its caption!

Great cat
by: Anonymous

Gorgeous cat. Beauty who looks with his nice dark hair on his owner.

Looks like.....
by: ollieherman

Does he look like Ron? Those proud eyes.....

by: Anonymous

Is his boss as clever as Sven?

by: Anonymous

my favourite

Never seen such à beauty !!!
by: Joke

This cat has THE most amazing looks and is far out THE most beautiful. I had plans to kidnap this cat from its owner..

by: Arjen

I like Sven. He eats mice.

Sven in the kitchen
by: Agonymouse

It only needs 2 minutes in the heater.
I like it 'saignant'.

by: Hester Ligtvoet

He's the king of the street!

by: Jacqueline Toscani

Sven is the best cat on earth!

by: Anonymous

killer cat!

Pretty little thing
by: Anonymous

pretty little thing

What a cat!
by: Anonymous

Beautiful picture of a beautiful cat!
All mice, be warned!

by: Anja van Dijk

Sven is clearly the best autumn hunter ever. He catches mice dead or alive.


by Susanne

tyson the maine coon cat

Tyson :)

Tyson is the most curius cat ever! And he is adorable and so wild and at the same time very companionable and loves to cuddle I love him so much<3

Handsome Boy
by: Sharon

He is very handsome with a lovely big tail and sweet face!

Halloween Look

abby the maine coon wearing a halloween mask

Abby is not enjoying her halloween mask but I sure did.

Well, heck,
by: Anonymous

my daughter dressed her cat up as a sushi roll. (Won a prize for it, too.)


kali the calico maine coon

Kali loves to play and run around. She's very timid but once she gets to know you very snuggly and loving.

Kali loves to play with her brother Fonzie, but also loves to come find us when he's doing something hes not supposed too.


by Tamara
(North Aurora IL)

fonzie the male maine coon

Fonzie is a laid back kitty that loves to sleep all day. If hes not sleeping, hes outside chasing bugs or playing games with his sister Kali.

Cute cat
by: Joshua

Hes looks like he has a great personality!

Jesse And His Catnip

by Sherr Karr
(erie pa.)

jesse and his catnip

Jesse loved his catnip, he would roll and lick until he had enough.

Sadly my sweet guy passed away on 7-15-11. I miss him sooo much.

by: Pat in Florida

Your Jesse looked a lot like my MiMi, our rescue kitten from our local shelter one year ago. She loves her catnip, too.

My previous cat had passed on two days before I found MiMi. The house was so empty and I knew there were kittens and cats that needed a loving, caring home, so off I went to the shelter!

MiMi picked ME! and we have been happy together ever since. Perhaps you will decide to have another cat in your life. I wish you happiness in whatever you do.


by Jennifer
(Williamsburg, Iowa, USA)

bella the silver female maine coon

This is our gorgeous girl, Bella. She loves to play and sunbathe... here we were trying out a combo. She is the most wonderful cat anyone could ask for, we are so lucky she picked us to be her people!

by: Helen

Bella is the perfect name for such a sweet-faced kitty. There is a mystery behind the eyes of blue cats, I think.

KitTen...Our Little Man

by Sharon DiColla

kitten fall photo contest winner

KitTen just loves to play. He is so curious about everything, like a little kid. We adopted him from a shelter, when he was only 3 months old.

We didn't know he was a Maine Coon till we brought him home and someone I looked online and sure enough. He is now 2, and such a joy to have around.


He is not so little anymore. He is only 1yr.8mos. weights 12pds.and is 34in.long. Every day when I look at him I big are you going to get. The bigger the better I say...he is so Gorgeous.

by: Anonymous

he is adorable...makes me want one.

just so darn cute!

Liam Neeson

by Jacob

liam neeson cute gray maine coon kitten

This is my new Maine Coon furry baby. His name is Liam Neeson. He is 8 weeks old :)

Bless xx
by: Frances

So precious (=^-^=)

Thumper Baby

by Tiffany Limon
(Longview WA)

black maine coon kitten

Thumper Is 6 months now. Call him Thumper because he jumps around everywhere.

by: Sharon

Nothing more precious than a Coon kitten, he is ADORABLE!

What a Cutey!
by: Anonymous

An endearing kitty.

Emma, our Maine Coon Rescue

by Debi Saltzman
(West Palm Beach, FL)

emma the maine coon all dressed up

We didn't know what a Maine Coon was when we adopted Emma.

A victim of the foreclosure crisis, she was found with her mom and litter mates in a foreclosed home. We immediately fell in love with this tiny little girl, and found loving homes for everyone!

Imagine our surprise when she began to grow in leaps and bounds. Emma just turned 2, and is still does our love for her!

by: Helen

Your Emma has the most beautiful gold eyes I have ever seen on a yellow cat. Wow!


by Susan Cooper
(Garland, TX)

rye the blue maine coon

This is a day I caught him relaxing. I have three other cats, but he's my only long hair cat that has a meow with a chirpping sound to it.

So I'm sure there is part Maine Coon in him somewhere.

Fluffy Posing

by Marie
(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

fluffy tabby and white maine coon female kitten

Fluffy is always trying to perfect her H2T (head to toe) poses. She loves the attention!

Waiting For Supper

by Mary Lillis
(Boone IA)

gizzmo at the table

Gizzmo waiting on supper

Hi my name is Gizzmo I am setting at the table waiting on supper. Listening to my kids talk about school they just go home.

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