Spring-Summer '18 Coonies

Meet stunning Ben Cartwright, Hathor, Nico, The Three Musketeers and more in this warm weather 2018 Photo Album of Coonies!

Ben Cartwright is a wonderful, smart and funny Maine Coon

by Pamela Wright
(San Diego Calif.)

stunning brown tabby maine coon catBen Cartwright

Ben Cartwright is such is big love.

He has been in lots of cat shows. People love to take his photo. He is very funny and snuggles all the time.

purebred brown tabby maine coon at a cat show in womans arms
purebred brown tabby maine coon at a cat show being held up

I named him after the memory of watching Bonanza with my dad many years ago. I feel very lucky to have such an amazing Maine Coon.

portrait of purebred brown tabby male maine coon catBen Cartwright

Nearly Twins!
by: Elizabeth
Ben must be related to Smokey Joe! They could be brothers, tabby fluffy coat one superior attitude, down to the pointy ears, white beard and mustache.


by Sherry
(Roseburg, OR)

fluffy brown tabby maine coon female

We adopted Hathor from a local shelter when she was about 7 months old.

We don't know exactly how she ended up at the shelter (they won't tell you that info) but we do know that she was pregnant when she got there.

They spayed her and noted on her chat that all the kittens would have been polydactyl.

We weren't sure at first about her "cooniness" but we're pretty sure now, a year and a half later!

She is quite the character. Our house is filled with trills and chirps and "head boops" (very demanding head boops at that).

She has to be with me whatever I'm doing ... for example, cleaning the shower, yup, right there as my "helper".

Her fur is not like other cats. The body fur is shorter and of course she's got the mane and the floofy tail, big furry paws, and "pantaloons". She currently weighs a little over 10 lbs but we think she might not be done growing.

She's got very long whiskers too. She's an indoor cat, but occasionally I take her out on her harness (she's the first cat I ever had that didn't mind a harness).

She has a "sister from another mother" that we adopted at that same time, Juno, who we believe is actually an American Short Hair mix.

They get along well, but Hathor still likes to play like she's a kitten, which will sometimes annoy Juno, but then a little while later, they'll be grooming each other, so we know it's all play.

Some of Hathor's favorite activities are chirping at the humming birds coming to the feeder and then leaping up to get a closer look (even though she's well aware there's a glass door between her and the birds), playing with jingle ball toys in which she will specifically carry one around in her mouth and then "place" it somewhere where it's more of a challenge to get out for her, and generally being by my side any other time.


by Margaret Rosadini
(Wallingford, Ct. USA)

medium hair ginger cat on chair

Nico is five years old and was my sisters cat. My cat, Dakota sadly had to be put down in March due to kidney failure.

Since my sister has to move we decided that Nico would come live with me. He is a beautiful intelligent cat and a mischief maker.

He has a soft meow and is very curious. We have lived together since Memorial Day but I have known him from a kitten. Supposedly he is a Maine Coon mix. His paws are really tufted.

The Three Musketeers

by Janice
(Tacoma, Washington)

fluffy calico cat
three cats in bathtub together

These three were constantly playing together, rough-housing a daily thing.

Jefferson the largest of two was smaller but passed up the other two.

A few times I thought he was going to hurt one of his brothers - they would charge like Bulls in battles, one day I heard their bodies slam against each other so hard I thought Jefferson hurt the other, but they wrestled on the floor and then gradually pawed each other until they both fell asleep next to each other and then the third would plopped down with them.

They all shared cleaning each other. Their mother was a miniature to them, but they really obeyed Ewok, she would confront them and they would back down.

I love these cats, they are so lovable & loyal -They follow me around like puppies.

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