Spring 2011 Album

Welcome to the Spring 2011 Photo Album! Lots of pretty and handsome Maine Coon kittens and cats to see here!


By: Kim Sweet
(Michigan USA)

We adopted our 3rd Maine Coon guy on May 26-11. He is only about 12 wks old and has been in 4 different homes already.

This is the story we got; The lady that I adopted him from got him from another lady that her mother passed away. The mother was the Maine Coon breeder and had left behind a couple of adults and a litter of kittens. The daughter I guess, kept the adult pair but didn't want the kittens so she sold them at a VERY young age...

Then the lady I got him from thought he was too rambunctious for her 18 month old and a new baby on the way. So that is how he became part of our family.

We are told he is pure Maine Coon, but without papers 'cause the lady we got him from didn't want them...


by: Kim Sweet

Taz or as we sometimes call him "Tinker" is fitting in very well with our boys, Makani and Ivan (profiles here), they have really taken him in and seem to be teach'n him the ropes. Autumn, our female mix, is adjusting and seems to be accepting as one of the family also. We have not been able to let him into our outdoor area yet on a regular basis due to he can fit through the wires and get out. Shouldn't be long and he will be able to enjoy the full luxury of "King Lew's Place".

My Little Munchkin

By: Vickie

Munchkin loves to pose for photos!


By: Carys
(Wales, UK)
Simba 10 weeks

He's 14 months old! very cute, funny, handsome and timid...he doesn't mind water and looks like a lion! very loving.


Totally Adorable
by: Jessy

He has that sort of surprised look.

by: Lillth

He looks exactly like my Maine Coon cross, adorable!


By: Rosana
(Toronto, Canada)

Milo likes hiding in boxes and if your not fast closing that kitchen drawer he will sneak in there too :o)

Abandoned Kitten

By: Frank
(Thunder Bay Canada)
My Ceasar

He loves water and Garbage bags. Plays fetch. His 4 toe back feet are huge; very agile for his size.

Nearing 10 months & weighs close to 15 lbs now He is 5 weeks in this picture.


Your kitty baby? grownup? He's a Maine!
by: Missys mom

You are so lucky to have been chosen to raise this adorable kitty. He looks like his right ear might have had a little damage. They like plastic garbage bags because they are made with rendered out meat products. They like paper because they are so much fun! Give a big hug from Missy for me. Post some more pics too


By: Tracy
(Beaverton, OR)

My Maine Coon's name is Jade. She is big and beautiful. I saved her from an animal shelter 7 years ago when she was just 6 weeks old.

She has a personality bigger than a human, is incredibly loyal and just a huge part of the entire family.

However, as sweet as she is to the people she loves she is equally "rude" to those she doesn't know.

It come to no surprise if she claws, hisses, or stalks a newbie around the house. I tell people to "pet at your own risk".

I love her and think the breed is wonderful.


My Mac
by: Cory

Thank goodness! It's nice to know that someone else has a cat that acts like mine. I don't know if she's being protective or what. She's nice to family but attacks everyone else that comes in the door. She will growl deep down in her throat and circle and then attack their leg. We joke that strangers can get past our 80 lb dog but not our 8 lb cat! We love her though.

by: Karen

You are so right...she is big and beautiful! All that fur....I have found a variegated comb thru every day works fine on my cat but we still get some fur lumps...how do you manage?

Attack cat
by: Helen

I think Jade is being territorial about your house. She isn't protecting you, she is protecting her territory. I have a female cat that does the same thing, inside or outside. One day the neighbor's puppy got loose, came into the side yard and she attacked the fence with an unearthly scretch, growl and spitting. I've never witnessed anything like it before. When the puppy ran off she calmed down, came back to the house, had a snack and went to sleep. Guard cattin' is hard work!

Personally, I would put Jade in another room when guests arrived so she wouldn't get the idea that that behavior is acceptable. I don't think you are going to change her habits at her age.

By the way, she is a lovely cat. My MC is just that hairy and I slicker brush him every day, but when he blows coat he will still get knots.

by: Busters mom

I used to have the knot problem really bad this time of the year, but the furminator (purple one) works just dandy on MC's fur and underbelly and I get to keep my skin! Jade is just a lovepie showing her adoration for you.


By: Chloe

Lovable, friendly, and a happy little chappy !


By: Melanie
(Spruce Grove, ab, can)

Not sure if she's a Coon....

Name ---- Scrunch


by: Mic

Oh my.... gorgeous cat! Looks so much like my coon, Babaganus! I just want to hug Scrunch!

by: Missy and Busters mom

She is so pretty! And in her cat mind she is saying and you doubt my Maine Coon heritage why? She is a poster furchild for Coons

by: Juliet

doesn't matter where she originated she is beautiful and you are hers - she is adorable and very very snuggly x

My Little Diva

By: Linda Wills
Little Diva

I hope the picture comes out. This is my little girl. She showed up at my door five years ago at five months old.

I keep food out for homeless cats. It was love at first sight. She has all the Coon characteristics including little tuffs on her toes.

Very, friendly, not afraid of anything. She even has her own pet stroller.

She never grew very big and is a little over six pounds. It's like she's a drwarf Coon.


by: Kathy

I have a stroller for my black cat Harvey. My my Maine Coon, Oliver, doesn't like it. Of course, Harvey likes showering with me and is the most social cat I've ever known, so he's not your 'normal cat. I call him my Little Doggie. LOL

Diva likes water
by: Linda Wills

Diva likes to watch me take a shower. She finds running water fasinating. We have neighbor cats that visit. I keep a bowl outside for two homeless ones, but many visit. All I have to tell her is "Come see little friend." She comes running.

She is very much like my boy Shadow, he is only 13 wks hes on here to, K

Happy Mothers day from my lovely Maine coon mix Maui wowee

By: Juli Link

I got Maui a harness from crazy k Farm. It's the best made cat harness I've ever seen. Maui and all my kitties are insiders so I feel bad with the beautiful weather they are so bummed.

Maui my Maine coon mix newly adopted stray acts more like a small dog than a cat. She waits for me at the door when I come home from work. She is by my side no matter where I am in the house. When I take her in the car, she's curious and excited instead of petrified.

She's so different I thought she just might like going for walks. So I bought this harness on the Internet and just got it home. She wasn't thrilled at first but I can tell that if I let her get used to it well be going for walks soon!!

I can't get photos to load from my iPhone. I'll try from work

Woodwalkers Golden Girl

By: Nadine
Golden Girl

She's almost 2 years old now and weighs about 15lbs ...

She's a very sweet cat and loves to cuddle. Living with a siamese girl, I want to get one more cat - a large male in black tabby :-)


by: Victoria

This cat is so cute.


By: Helen Hall
(Thomasville, N.C.)

Her name is "Akourah" and she's a 4 year old "Maine Coon Cat."

I adopted her from Guildford County Animal shelter. She's a very loving cat who wants to be right in the same room wherever I am.

Binxy The Wonder Cat

By: Maureen
(Newport, RI)

Binx is a 6 month old Maine Coon, and he is a clown!!

He loves to play and chase butterflies in the yard, and to curl up with his favorite blanket and relax after a long day.

George Silverstreak

By: Regina
(Newport News, Va)
George Silverstreak
Protecting Us From Marauding Fairies

Georgie loves belly rubs and laying on pizza boxes.

He overflows them unless it is an extra large box! He is 7 yrs old and my sweet sweet baby.

The Real Boss


This cat is the coolest... I think he wants to go canoeing with me.

Tootsie a mix and Polydactyl

By: Trish
(Germantown, MD)

Rescued 6 years ago.


You should show her tootsies!
by: Jessy

Best part of a poly!

Tootsie Paw Print
by: Kim

I take ink pad paw prints of my Maine Coons to have something to remember them by. I make the prints on paper and then enclose them in a photograph of my cats.

Goofball Beautiful Mishkita Mash

By: Mic
(Ohio, USA)

Mishi is the second maine coon who has completely stolen my heart.

Previously, I was convinced that I was only a "dog person." How wrong I was!

Right now Mishka's favorite thing to do is the "mish mash" by crashing around my bedroom, bouncing from the ottoman to the bed, onto a window sill, back to the bed, onto the floor, and into another window sill. She loves watching the birds and laying in the stream of sunshine.

I bet you will agree that Mish is extremely beautiful with her smoke black markings. We say she wears a gray scarf and sports her fluffy gray and black tail.

We are wondering, however, since she's approaching her first birthday, when she might put on bit more weight and become more bulky as coons are known to be....

Mishi never fails to carry on long conversations with her people. Her trills and calls each mean something different.

I love my Maine coon, Mishkita mash! I am smitten.


by: Sommer

Such a beautiful baby!!

One year old?
by: Rose

Buster is about 3 1/2 and still growing. Shes barely entering double digits were she a person.

Love the MC
by: Trish

This is the only breed I'll ever own...all of mine have been adopted mixes and they are the best cats!

Black Smoke
by: Jessy

is one of the most gorgeous colors, and it really shows to advantage on a Maine Coon.

Jasper Silver Tortie Male Age 1

By: Moonlake Designs
(Northumberland UK)

This is Jasper :) the naughtiest cat ever, but soooo cute :) and he knows it.


Beautiful boy
by: Juliet

What a lovely boy your Jasper is - naughty? I understand that one - but looking as gorgeous as a Maine Coon lets you get away with anything :) Where did you get him?

Carramazza in Northumberland :) silver torties are sooo cute.

He's my baby, a naughty one but a loveable rogue :)

Beautiful boy
I must say he is a handsome boy but you can see the mischief in his eyes. My boy Max tends to take on a silly streak from time to time but he is a snuggler.

Parker..My Maine Coon Mix

By: L. Norton
(Rome, GA)

This is Parker....I adopted Parker about 3 months ago.

He had never been exposed to any other animals or people for that matter. Now he has 4 other brothers and sisters and is slowly adjusting.

He's grouchy sometimes, but he's a doll. Love that boy!


by: Judy UK

I smiled when I saw him. He's as cute as a button. He wears his harness with aplomb. What brand is it, cos it looks far more comfy than I've bought in the UK.

Do send in more photos as he gets bigger. Thanks for sharing.
Buddy's mum

What a beauty
by: Juli Link & Maui

I just bought a harness from crazy k farm in Texas Online. Did it take time for your cat to accept wearing his harness? I put mine on Maui for the first time today and she flopped down and tried to pull it off. I'm going to try putting it on for 5 minutes a day until she's used to it before taking her outside.

My Baby Merlin

By: Rhian
(Wales, UK)

This is Merlin, and he is just coming up to 6 months old. He is our first Maine Coon, but, given the impression he has made on us all, he won't be our last.

He is such a character, everybody that meets him falls head over heels in love!

His favourite tricks are climbing the blinds at 150mph and attempting to open the bathroom door (via the handle of course)while I'm taking a bath...if I do let him in, he keeps a close eye on me, while curled up in the bathroom sink!

We love this little fella so much...I can't remember what life was like without him.

This is him in his favourite sunbathing spot...the kiddies trampoline (they children have had to learn to share!) Lol.


by: Juliet

Hi Merlin is exquisitely beautiful. You are VERY lucky. Yes I started with one Maine Coon (never really wanted a pedigree) then a year later I got her 1/2 sister !!! (mmmm odd that) they are utterly addictive. Handsome, comical, loving, naughty and perfect. More Merlin pics please.

He's adorable!
I love his giant paw, how adorable! We are on our first Coon too, and she won't be our last. I know exactly what you mean when you say you can't remember what it was like before. Our Lucy has turned us upside down in a most pleasant way!

Beautiful Cat!
by: New Hampshire USA

Merlin is so handsome and I LOVE his big paws! How lucky you are to have him in your family! :)

by: Helen

Merlin looks like my first MC, Cronkat. When he passed away of old age I tried to live without a MC, but after a few months I couldn't stand it. Cronkat's breeder in FtWorth had just what I was looking for, a bright classic, red male tabby. He is a robust 21 pounds now and is the love of my life. His name is Bezzer Buzzer and does just like your Merlin, strums on the door if I am on the other side. Gotta love it!

What a looker
I just love Merlin.

Oliver, my Maine Coon Mix

By: Kathy
(Columbus, OH)


Oliver Oliver Oliver

This is Oliver. I got him from a foster mom on craigslist when my other cat, Harvey, started acting out. I assumed Harvey was lonely and I was right! They are inseparable!

Oliver was rescued from a gassing/high-kill shelter, and I got him about a year ago. It's hard to believe the skinny little thing I brought home is now this big, fluffy, healthy kitty.

I don't think Oliver is a pure Maine Coon, but he definitely has Coon in him. He's got the face, long hair, and puffy tail.

And his little white paws are so scrumptious! He is the sweetest little (well, BIG) thing ever, and has brightened my, and Harvey's life!


Kathy re Oliver

Good job Kathy. You obviously know your cats and what type to pick. Oliver is gorgeous. He looks in top condition. The black hair between his ears has a sheen. His eyes! Lovely colour!

He looks "all coon" to me!

by: riverpaddler

Kat, did you ask Oliver about this? We know how shy he is

My Beautiful Brown Tabby white Girl

By: Chris
(England UK)


Dizzy Dollie Diva

Dollie Ice Kayla Bagheera

Here is Dollie, she is to be one of our Future breeding Queens here in the uk.

We have 6 girls and a beautiful Dutch boy Sky who is our very beautiful Stud boy, and a white home bred boy who will be our very own future stud boy, I will add more pictures as I go along.

Cats and kittens are loved so much and couldn't imagine our lives without these gorgeous cats, they are a major part of our family and are treated with the upper most respect and spoilt to bits, we just love and adore the all so much x


by: GinniP

Dollie is just gorgeous. I love the white on her chest.

pretty girl
She is quite lovely =^..^=

by: juliet

Love her pretty face - love her name !! Gorgeous girl, is she as sweet as she looks?

by: Renee

We have one very much like her!!! Her fur is the softest, especially the white :)


By: Patricia Hayden
(Palmdale CA)
Callie at 7 months old

I got this beautiful girl last October, I had her spayed after her first heat as the previous owner knew nothing about her.

At that time she was 7 months old and already 8 lbs. This is one great cat, I have had cats all my life but there are a few who will stand out for as long as my mind remembers. Callie is one of them.

Callie and my chihuahua get along great, wrestle chase toys, Callie loves to tackle Toula jump over here to get to the toys first.

Callie loves to watch the fish swim in his tank. And Callie loves empty boxes, climbs in out all over them. Callie has a large collection of boxes.


pretty cat
by: Shirley

Your cat reminds me a lot of our Mandy. We got her at our local shelter this past Dec. She is such a joy to us.

Cesar The Kitten!

By: Renee
cesar the maine coon kitten

Come visit Cesar's page! Over time, his owner Renee has sent pictures and updates, so let's get to know Cesar!

"I'm too OLD and It's too COLD"

By: Sarah Green
(Cape Coral, Florida USA)

Who would of thought South West Florida would be cold.

Shadow, my 17 year old baby, decided he'd get warm in mom and dad's bed.


by: Chris

What a sweet picture, my Mainecoons also get into the bed and like to get in the back of my legs, I will have to post some pictures of them x

RE: Chris's comment
by: Sarah & Shadow

Thank you Chris for your comment. How old are your kittens? I got Shadow when he was 2 and a half weeks old. The people who had his litter had accidentally shut his tail in the wooden gate door, breaking it. They were going to get "Rid" of him, because he was "damaged". I pretended not to think anything of it and before I left, slipped him in my coat pocket. I fed him with a special bottle and he slept in my neck, nuzzeled in my hair until he was about 6 weeks old. By the time I brought him to the vet for shots, his tailed had basically healed broken. At the end of his tail, the last 3 inches goes in a 45 degree angle. You really can't see it because of his fur. He eventually stopped sleeping at the head of the bed, as my turckish angorian was very territorial, but then when I got pregnant for my son, Shadow was 11, he pushed his way up on to my pillow and has been there everynight since. I'll be looking for a pic of your kittens. Take Care

Tabitha (answers to Tabby!)

By: Trish
(Oxford, UK)

Not sure she's full blown Maine Coon, but the vet thinks she is at least part. My friends niece got her mother (a grey short hair) from a cat rescue centre and she promptly had six kittens, all grey short hairs, except this one, which I gave a home to. She is three years old now and still growing, over 5 kilo/10lb in weight.

Her ears were extra large when a kitten and very tufty inside. Her paws are large with furry tufts between them. Her coat is longer underneath with thick underfur and shorter on the back. The tail is what everyone notices first, so thick and bushy, like a fox!

She loves snow in the winter and is a very outdoorsy cat, climbing trees since a kitten, going to great heights and terrifying us. Also a great mouser, she brings mice in daily and even eats spiders and flies indoors!

Although she sits on my lap every evening, she prefers to be out in the day, or if cold or wet will sit near me as I work. She will wait for me outside the door and follow me around the house like a dog.

Best of all, she loves to play tag around the house and garden, sneaking up on me and whacking me with a paw on the bottom or leg, then running off and hiding, until I catch her. She will even retrieve balls like a dog and brings me bread off other peoples bird tables (naughty!) as a gift now and again.

She can open internal doors herself by jumping onto the handles, then swinging her weight in the right direction at the same time! She likes to drink from the bath or a bowl or birdbath outside, often putting a paw into water and then licking it off repeatedly.

She is quite unique and makes other cats look like soft pussy cats by comparison, I love her to bits!


by: Juliet

Hello - what ever she is or isn't she IS beautiful and sounds like a real little character. I have 2 Maine Coons and 2 not-Maine Coons and I love each one for their own special personalities. I am so glad Tabby found someone who loves her so much. She is a cutie.

Be Careful with Shopping Bags
by: KC Harloff

Last November,late at night, my cat innocently stuck her head through the rugged paper handle of a shopping bag and then panicked.

She, with the entire shopping bag attached to her, through the handle, managed to squeeze out the cat door and into the woods.

It took me 2 hours to lacate her and she still had part of the bag attached to her. Also, she had managed to get an additional leg through the handle so now he had it stuck arounf her leg and chest.

Finally, I caught her and gently cut through the handle with a pair of sissors. Luckily, she was okay.

But to this day, she panics and runns off at the sight of a paper shopping bag.

Re: shopping bags
by: Trisha

Thanks for that reply, actually aware of the danger- the handles are cut off at one end so she can't get stuck. Plastic bags are as you say, a nuisance and should not be left around cats - the vet warned me of that one.

Miss Echo. Day 1. The Face of Crazy.

By: Traci in (Seattle, WA)

Miss Echo, the face of crazy
Echo. Still crazy 5 minutes later.
Queen Echo


Mojo Baby

By: Nicole in Utah
He's so Fluffy!

I got Mojo from a litter right after he was weaned. I held him to my chest and crooned softly and the owner said in astonishment, "How did you do that? He always cries when I pick him up." It was bonding at first touch, that's how.

I've had him 6 years and have never known such an interesting animal. If I talk to him, he talks back. He keeps me company at All times, even when I'm in the shower.

He's amazingly intelligent-he fetches his toys and even picks a toy and takes it to me anywhere in the house, dropping it at my feet to let me know he wants to play.

He's my shadow, my sweetheart and my comedian. I love all cats but I agree, Maine Coons are Special!


Handsome Boy
by: juliet

Mojo is magnificent - and yes I believe cats are truly intelligent - and they have an ability to make us laugh - look beautiful and are a joy to live with

Cat Love
by: Nicole

I couldn't agree more! My other cat is an orange domestic short hair who is a giant but lives for hugs and kisses. Cats are amazing!


April in Ontario, Canada

This is our newest addition Ramsay. He was abandoned by our neighbour one day because she had another cat that had just had kittens, so she just let him out.

We took him in meaning to find him another home (we couldn't keep him because we already have 4 others) but in February of this year, one of our girls passed away, and so Ramsay's status was moved to "permanent".

I'm not sure he's a Maine Coon, but he sure has the characteristics of one!


Congrats for Ramsey
by: Kim Sweet

Sorry to hear about your loss of one of your other cats but GREAT for Ramsey... Enjoy and I'd say he has a bit of Maine Coon in him, I think I see points on his ears ... :) VERY interesting markings too.

Unique Markings
Very curious markings!

Logan Xavier

By: Theresa in Warwick,RI

Logan Xavier

Logan Xavier Logan Xavier Logan Xavier Logan Xavier

Logan just turned 1! He is the household jester, keeping us entertained and smiling on a daily basis. His favorite things are: The Clicker. Logan chirps and meows and the sound of a training clicker. The Whistle. Logan oftens whistles back and comes to your attention when he hears you whistling for him! The Milk Ring! Second to none, this is his FAVORITE toy! Logan knows when that new gallon of milk gets home.

He gets right to the bottle, watches us remove the ring, and waits; somewhat impatiently, for you to throw it for him to retrieve. He will bring it back and drop it there so he can fetch again!

These are just a few of our favorite things... We are truly IN LOVE with our Logan Xavier!!


Happy Birthday!
by: Susan Melching

Logan is so beautiful! I love the unusual brown on his legs and paws. What a clown. We just celebrated Chester's 1st birthday, too! They are great family members, huh?

Thank You Susan!
by: Theresa

Happy birthday to your Chester!
Logan is truly our muse! There has not been a day that has gone by without him making us laugh and smile! One of the coolest cat breeds I have ever met! They are simply amazing!

Logan Xavier

Logan Xavier Logan Xavier Logan Xavier Logan Xavier

More pics of Logan


Handsome Boy
by: Juliet

He is a beautiful boy - very very handsome :) Maine Coons DO have the ability to make us smile without even trying (although I do have 2 rescue cats as well as my 2 MC girls - and to see my tortie & white girl carrying a whole banana to me was hysterical) xx

Pumpkin Picture
by: Busters attendant

The pumpkin picture is so cute. Twer he mine that would be framed, made into wallet sizes, put on my work desk, and enjoyed over and over. What a cutey, enjoy him and tell him we think he's the cats meoux

Halloween pic
by: Rosa

I made the pumpkin pic my background its that cute

by: Rhian

He is sooooooo beautiful, no wonder you are so in love!! Lol

Jasper Is Growing Up!


Jasper Jasper Jasper

Full of character and at times very aloof though once he manages to charm you with his green eyes to get onto the bed he becomes all floppy, and even tries to stop you from moving your hand from stroking him.

More interested in the bees then the birds ... not it that way but actually bees then birds.

Got him as a rescue and started him on a dry diet and he as you can see is looking like prized specimen.


by: Leslee

Thank you for sharing! Jasper is certainly growing up to be one cool Maine Coon.

by: Judy - South England

Wow Nic
Jasper's eyes are truly green. As for his whiskers.They look about 6" long. What a handsome boy. He looks laid back, but I'll bet he has his mad minutes. Living in London I guess Jasper is an indoor cat. Does he lie on the window sill gazing longingly at bees and birds?

Incidentally, Nic can you recommend a (stable based) scratch post?

Judy ...
by: Nic
Thanks for your comments ...

Judy we actually live in ground floor property that has access to a back garden and on either sides of the neighbouring properties there are 18 foot high walls and because our neighbour do not have dogs he has a run of the area which is good for getting rid of his excess energy.

In terms of a scratching post, we used to buy them but he was just tearing them up so he uses our legs instead ;-). In actual case we have found that large gnarly logs secured in the garden works wonders and is natural so we have dotted these around the garden for him to perch and scratch to his heart's content.

by: Nic

Oh and Judy your comments about his whiskers are pretty much spot on. He is going to be a very big boy indeed as he is now larger then a normal moggy and just about 1 year old


By: Lee Anne Ward in Nashua, NH
Nubble on his roost

We got Nubble from a friend who breeds and shows Coons. He was a shy kitten, but after he got some size, he became the "kitten herder", chasing the other four cats all around the house. He especially likes to attack the two Ragdolls.

Nubble was named for the Nubble lighthouse, in York, Maine. I wanted to give him a Maine lighthouse name, and my daughter wanted me to pick "Matinicus Rock", which I quickly put a stop to! 8-)

Nubble has a morning ritual of singing to me to get me up. His favorite song is "Er-Rarrrr". After I get up and feed all of the cats, he runs into the kitchen and awaits his daily cheese.

We use the squirty cheese (Easy Cheese) in the can and squirt a bit on the finger. He licks every bit of it off, then is free to explore the day.

He plays fetch sometimes, usually when I'm in bed or on the computer, bringing me a toy to throw. He retrieves it and drops it back in front of me. I understand a lot of Coons play fetch.


Chasing radgolls
by: Denise

I too have a maine coon x ragdoll and a five year old ragdoll. Milo my MC often chases and pretend play fights the raggie until she hisses at him to stop! She's getting better every day at putting him in his place!

by: Lee Anne
Maybe Coons just don't like Ragdolls... 8-/

by: Theresa

WOW! What a beauty! I just love the MC personality, they are so funny and personable. Our Logan too loves to play fetch... mostly with the ring from a milk carton...lol! Enjoy him!

by: Lee Anne

Well, it appears that there's a solution in site. We lose one ragdoll permanently, two cats move with my spouse to Tenn., I stay with Nubble until the foreclosure, then try to find somewhere to go. I'm one of the 25 million unemployed. What fun.

by: Juliet

Nubble is extraordinarily beautiful - SOooooo handsome. We are all so lucky to live with this majestic felines.

Absloutely Gorgeous!
by: Lilly

He is a great looking boy. I noticed you're from NH, is your breeder friend also from within the state? I live in NH and I am looking for a reputable breeder. If you could share that would be wonderful. Kitty scratches to that handsome man!

by: Lee Anne

The breeder is Kerrycoons, in Salem, owned and operated by Judy Kitchin. 893-1080
Lee Anne

Little Kitten No-name

By: Sarah Guy in North Carolina


My new baby!

Jace Jace Jace Jace

On March 19th I adopted a Maine Coon mix kitten from the Catawba County Humane Society here in North Carolina. My 15 year old Siamese mix, Violet, passed away in January and I was looking for a baby to make me smile again.

My little man is 10 weeks old today and weighs just over 3 pounds. He is such a lover boy, and quite the talker already. He has three siblings in the shelter still waiting for homes, two torties and a black brother with a white patch under one arm.

I have him pretty spoiled already. He sleeps curled up next to my neck, and sits on my shoulder as I walk around the house. As soon as I sit, he slides down to my lap. I remember from when Vi was a kitten how she would climb up my pants leg to get to me, but this little guy can't climb up me because he wont put his claws out on me at all. He just jumps up... and slides down. He hasnt had any trouble climbing anything else though.

Now, if only I could settle on a name for him!


Sorry to hear about your Violet, these little fellows leave pawprints in your heart forever don't they!

Well your new "baby" is so delicious, I could just eat him up. Do you think he could be a "Smokey"?

My "baby" Lucy sleeps curled by my neck too and rides around on my shoulders, my husband jokingly refers to her as my "mink"!

Re: Little Kitten No-name
by: Patrick Stantiford

He's CUTE!

Cat names
by: Mark

He is adorable. jinx or jinxy instantly spring to mind. if i have any more thoughts i will let you know

He looks like a Felix

Name with meaning!
by: Sarah

I just found the name Jace, which means "healing" in greek. I like the meaning because this kitten really is helping me heal from the loss of Violet, even in the short time I have had him. You guys like it?

Little Kitten No-name
by: KC Harloff
He looks a lot like my black maine coon cat. He died from cancer and is listed on this site. His name was 'Nero'

I think Benito is a good name for him...
Bye, Cinzia

Is He Black or Black Smoke?
Black Smoke suggests a name right there.

Our Maine Coon, Nicky!

By: Monique in Cherry Hill, NJ
Our Maine Coon, Nicky!

Nicky is playful, loving and kind. He is also the king of the house. He is an awesome cat!! We love him so much!!


Looking for a Maine Coon
by: Steph

Hi,I'm currently looking for a Maine Coon...where did you get Nicky from? I also live in New Jersey. He's a handsome guy!

Harley, aka "Cuddle-Butt"

By: Donna Chafin-Medica in NJ, US

Harley is a Maine Coon mix that was part of a litter we rescued in the summer of 2009.

We found 4 little kittens that were about 5-weeks old living in a rock outside our condo, and took them in.

We nurtured and socialized them for adoption - and kept 2 of the brothers - Harley and Red. Through research, I discovered littermates don't necessarily all share the same father - clearly was the case with this litter.

We suspect at least 2 fathers - as Harley looked nothing like the ginger tabby, or the other two black and white short-hairs.

Harley is almost 2 years old, 23-pounds, and still growing. He is ever so lovable, and convinced that he is - even at his size - a lap kitty. we joke that "baby got back" - Harley's got some serious back!


He's very playful - favorite pastimes include playing in the bathtub, chasing the guinea pigs, being brushed, sleeping and eating.

Harley, and his brother, Red (the ginger tabby we also adopted), have endeared themselves to those who are not cat fanciers - they don't act like your typical cat, more like the house dogs.

They're our "boyz," and they rule the house. Their vet care is provided by a holistic health center - something we highly recommend for all dogs and cats.

To anyone considering a Maine Coon or mix, you won't be disappointed! They are truly gentle giants in the feline world.

Maurice (male on the left) and Dusty (female on the right)

By: Sandy in Freedom, Pa
Maurice and Dusty

Hello my name is Sandy. Our family has been through a lot in the past year. My grandaughter had been wanting a kitten.

I found two free kittens, not exactly sure of ages, on a free website August 2, 2010. The lady said she found the brother and sister kittens on the side of a road laying with their dead mother. She took them home and to the vet got their shots and wormed and wanted to find them a good home because she already had cats of her own.

She wanted someone to take them both because like I said they are brother and sister and are close.

The male we named Maurice and my grandaughter named the female Dusty because she always seems to have cob webs on her whiskers and told me that she is helping me dust.

Maurice is a big mamas boy he weighs about 15 lbs as of now and Dusty weighs 9 lbs. He is way bigger then her. We are not exactly sure if the are full bred or mixed with Maine Coon, but they do have all the characteristics like the ear and paw fur and tails that resemble raccoon tails, so I'm sending a picture also. Sorry trying to sum up this story and be short so excuse the misspelling and quick time changes =).

We are not sure if they are 1yr old yet or not. Maurice loves water and whom ever is in the bathroom at the time he will jump into the tub and high pitch meow until u turn it on for him.

Dusty on the other hand will not get into the tub while the water is running. She waits until it is off and like a hamster uses her nose to nudge the faucet so that the pull stopper moves up and she drinks drips of water from it kinda like a hamster moves the little ball at the end of their water bottle to get drops of water. Sorry again trying to be short and as you can see it's becoming a novel full of misspelled words and punctuation errors.

Maurice uses his forehead to push you really hard when he wants petted or held. I hug him and hold him but he wants to b rocked like a baby the whole time.

Dusty seems not to want to be held and only wants petted when she comes to you. Maurice does kinda attack Dusty a lot by chasing her down and biting her.

He doesn't do it constantly they get along mostly but he is so much bigger then her and always wants to chase her down and bite her. so I do have several squirt bottles around.

Maurice likes to eat every and anything and will follow you until you sit with whatever your eating and pull your arms down and or your plate or bowl to see what it is and if he wants some.

Dusty doesn't do that she seems to want to be left alone and by herself but Maurice he wants constant attention and to eat. Ok Hopefully this isn't to much and you read my short novel lol instead of saying wow and passing it.

Hopefully you were able to follow my story and again sorry for the misspelling, punctuation errors and going from one story to a totally different one.

Thank you!


Awwwww Dusty is cute

Maurice & Dusty
by: Helen

I am so glad that these two kitties have a forever home with you and your granddaughter. Their behaviors are amusing and their natures are so loving. Anyone would love to have cats like them.

Many long haired cats have ear and toe tufts. Rings on the tail are part of tabby patterns and has nothing to do with the breed. Since these siblings are so different in size and coat I would guess they are the kittens of a queen that bred multiple times with different toms. This is not uncommon in cats left on their own during breeding season. While they many not be Coon Cat mixes, nonetheless, they are wonderful feline representatives.

Thanks for sharing them with us.

Cookies and Creme

By: Trish Rafferty in Cathlamet, WA

Creme in his best position
Kasie and Cookie, crown royalty

Almost 2 years ago, we went to "look" at a friend's kittens, she had about 12! Anyway, we "looked" and brought two little boys home.

White with black spots and a "creamy" yellow and white blend.....such wonderful boys. Both are very vocal and you do know when they come in the pet door. Wonderful hunters. They hunt for my daughter, I guess, as everything ends up in her room or in front of her door.

Creme, we have decided is "Physco". He is such a trip. His favorite toy is Q-tips. He has learned to open the cupboard door and get his own! He takes them outside and brings em back in.

Cookie will grab a piece of kibble and chase it all over the house. I recently removed the carpet in the house to find hardwood floors! Now, let me tell you, these two LOVE those floors. Can't keep a rug straight any more.

Hit it at full tilt and slide down the hall....oh, what fun. I have suspected for a while now that they were coon decendents, now after finding this web page, I am certain of it....wouldn't trade the "Boys" for any amount of money.

We also have a tuxuedo cat named Spot and all three sleep in my bed, day and night. What a trio.


By: Mari Ann in Norway

A Norwegian boy, living far up north. Famous for fighting otters and killing mink.


by: Anita K

I do think I know this cat. He is cool. :D

by: Vicky
My Baku looks very much like him only he's grey and white. Tell us more about him:)

A Wegie?
Sure could pass for a coon.

Jules - Norway
by: Judy

Absolutely gorgeous. To my inexperienced eye he looks Maine Coon. However looking a really cool majestic cat, does it matter? I'm sure you are an adoring and willing slave, as we all are.
Best wishes

Big ole boy Jules!
by: Heather from CT

BEAUTIFUL!! Minks and otters??!! WOW

by: Juliet

Jules is magnificent - hunting just the way a cat should. You must be so proud of him.

Gotta love those orange/white cats!
by: Spencer's Dad

Jules looks a lot like a MC I recently got from the pound Spencer II (successor to Spencer I - another orange/white, but Manx/Persian and somewhat smaller)

My experience is orange cats tend to be pretty strong willed, and Jules definitely is one!

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