September 2013 Photo Album

Welcome to the September 2013 Photo Album!


By: Jacki in Ft Loramie Ohio

Riley came to me at 3 weeks old. Her mother had died giving birth.

I bottle fed her intending to give her to a healthy, happy home. 7 years later, she is still my best friend!

She loves to snuggle and be silly!


Our 7 month old girl, Scout

By: Ruthie & Dave in Cherry Grove, Fire Island, New York

Scout love the sink and drinks from the faucet!

We got her from a breeder. She was born on Valentine's Day. She is fun, curious and a delight to live with.

My Babies

By: Bridget Swamback in Tampa FL
Isaac and Curtis
Isaac and Curtis

He is always hungry. He meows all day long.

We got him a brother to keep him busy, that didn't help.

He thinks his new brother is his son. But their both so cute. In love with them...

My Closet Queen, Aubrey

By: Sheena in the Philippines


Aubrey Aubrey Aubrey

She's fierce..she's classy! That's my 6 month old baby girl, Aubrey.

We got her from a home-based, CFA registered breeder here in the Philippines.

Her name was derived from my favourite song "Aubrey" popularized by The Bread. She's not your ordinary girl. :)

She's such a gentle sweetie who wants to get in touch with everything. We love her to bits! <3

Bruce, The Giant!

By: Joy in Bloomington, Indiana


Bruce in all his glory

Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce

5 years ago I rescued a giant Maine Coon named Bruce, and it was the best thing I ever did.

Bruce is 30 pounds and is so easygoing that when I take him to the vet or to get groomed I just carry him in, which is a lot easier than carrying him in a carrier made for a medium sized dog, and he's usually the best behaved pet in the waiting room.

When I first got Bruce he lived under a bed and didn't chew his food becuse there were so many cats where he was rescued from that he had to only swallow in order to get as much as he could.

Bruce also had fleas, worms, and was malnurished, but after a few weeks and a trip to the vet he was doing great. Bruce opened up so fast that he stoped hiding under the bed only days after I got him, and he has since become a giant lap cat.

Even after poor Bruce was rescued, medical ailments kept arising. It turned out that he has lower urinary tract disease, which I found out after a blockage formed that made him unable to urinate. He also had a bad declawing, and it had to be redone to take care of nails that were growing into the skin and becoming infected.

Bruce has had an odyssey of medical issues, but here we are 5 years later and after many vet visits, a strict diet of only Hill's Prescription Diet c/d formula, and a Urethrostomy surgery to help his lower bladder disease, Bruce is doing great, and always has to be in the same room as me.

He's an amazing cat, and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Charlie Helping With Laundry

By: Susan Monroe in Kaysville, Utah


Laundry helper

Charlie Charlie

Charlie is a little over 4 months old at this time.

He is weighing in at 7.2 lbs and has taken over the house. I have never been so smitten with a kitten before!

What a clown. Love, love, love this little boy!

Ozzy's New Shaved Coat

By: Tamara K in GA



Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy

I've posted pictures of Ozzy before. I'm posting these pictures to show off Ozzy new shaved coat. I was having a problem with mats, and brushing him. Also, the shedding and cat hair was a bit much.

I also noticed Ozzy was forever laying on the stone tile in my bathroom or the marble hearth trying to stay cool. That bothered me.

I called Dr.Deibler (veterinarian). He came out put him to sleep and groomed him (well, his assistant did the grooming). I've used Dr Deibler for years, he's a mobile vet which helps tremendously. It was to stressful on Ozzy the few times I took him to the vets office.

Anyway, I was shocked at how thick Ozzy's coat was. No wonder the poor thing was trying to stay cool.

I honestly believe he loves his new look.

I know he loves his new look! He's a totally different cat, he's strutting around big time. He's no longer spending a lot of time laying on the bathroom floor. He's all over me, I think he's saying thank you.

He's sleeping in the bed with us, not on the floor. I'm amazed at the difference. And, of course I love it. I've decided since Oz is a house cat, no show cat or anything, I will have him shaved three to four times a year.


By: Sarah McCamley in Tyne & Wear.

Caspian is our first Maine Coon he will be 2 years old in November. Getting very big and heavy now and still got a couple of years to grow. He is a very loving cat for a male and very friendly, although he does growl when anyone comes to the house at first.

When he was little you dare not bend down or have your back to him while busy in the kitchen as he used to jump on your back. So glad he has not done this for the past 5 months would probabaly knock us over now.

We got him at 12 weeks old from the breeder Val Baker who lives our estate. She is very helpful offering advice, coming around to groom him for shows and just being available if we need her in general and we keep her updated with how Caspian is doing.

My mam always said she would not pay the price for a cat but after years of having normal domestic cats like our oldest cat Aslan she fell in love with Caspian. I always wanted a Maine Coon and having the opportunity and being in a position to pay for one, we both think he was worth every penny and more.

My mam loved him so much she thought he should have company through the day being a house cat since Aslan goes out, Caspian only gets in the garden on warm, dry days.

However when we were told the breeders other cat was due to give birth to a litter in May (2013) so my mam asked her right away to keep another male for her.

When he was born on May 2nd my mam already had a name picked ready and he was to be called "Merln" now home with us and thats a different story will update on Merlin story via this page later.

Welcome Home Merlin

By: Sarah McCamley in Tyne & Wear
Hi Caspian & Aslan will
be home with you soon. love Merlin

Merlin is our baby Maine Coon and belongs to my mam. He and my older Maine Coon Caspian have the same Dad but different mums. Merlin was born on May 2nd and we got to bring him home 17th August.

He is a big boy already and getting bigger by the day. he is a tabby but with silver markings an absolutely gorgeous and mischievious kitten suits his name for this reason as well as being enchanting.

We share responsibility of both cats as well as my older domestic tabby Aslan who is still trying to adjust to Merlin. It took him 3 weeks to get used to Caspian but they were both very young then.

I was herefirst and in charge ok

However we feel confident he will come around to Merlin's charms soon as he keeps wanting to get close to Aslan but he just being grumpy at the moment see pic below of Merlin as well as Aslan & Caspian when they were both little.

Caspian and Merlin

By: Sarah in South Shields

Caspian and Merlin

Aslan with young Caspian

Caspian and Merlin Caspian and Merlin Caspian and Merlin Caspian and Merlin

Caspian is coming up to 2 years old on November 16th and Merlin our new kitten was born on May 2nd this year (2013) he is a big lad now already but follows Caspian all over the place we have had him since August 17th about 12/13weeks old then and he has grown a lot since then.

Caspian and Merlin
Hiya little one: Caspian licks
Merlin to welcome him into fold.
Still awaiting Aslan to come around.

Caspian was our first Maine Coon and a lovely nature for a male cat. the different cooing he does for different ways of communicating is what makes this breed unique. Caspian is used to our older domestic Tabby Aslan who is 3 years old.

However we are now but still trying to get Aslan used to the kitten Merlin been here 4 weeks but not hissing or attempting to jump at Merlin so much now, but may take a little longer this time due to Aslan being older now.

It was easier for Aslan to accept Caspian as they were both under a year old then so Aslan still a young rat but took 3 weeks before they were eventually friends and chasing each other all over the house and playing in the garden. So time and patience needed they will come out all okay.

Favorite Sleeping Spot


He's a 3 yr old neutered male. He was rescuded from a local college when a security guard discovered him under a bus.

The gurad took him home but discovered that his son was allergic. I adopted him. What a joy he is.

His name is Jasper. He loves to sleep with the dolls in my antique carriage.

Little Minnie Pearl

By: Sally in Tampa, Florida

Minnie was adopted from a local rescue organization when she was 8 weeks old.. She is without a doubt the funniest and quirkiest cat I've ever owned.

She loves to play fetch with her little paper balls. This is a game she started all on her own one day, by dropping the balls into my lap while I'm sitting. I throw it, and off she goes after it, to repeat many, many times.

She also loves to put those paper balls in her water dish, and often turns the full dish of water over on the floor.. She's a mess,and we wouldn't want her to be any other way!

Our Companion

By: Dan & Sherry in Kent, OH USA


Rusty Rusty

Russell is our third Maine Coon, he loves to chase string & play bat bite.

Rusty is very loving he is 2 yrs. old & at this time taller than a lot of medium size dogs.


By: Cori in Weymouth, Mass. USA


My new toy?

Bella Bella Bella

We got Bella from a breeder in New Hampshire. She is such a baby..picked her up just before Christmas last year (2012) at only 4 lbs and 8 weeks old. She is now just shy of 1 year old and over 12 lbs. Absolutely amazing.

She is a beautiful (here it goes) Silver Patch Tabby with White. Most people have not seen much of her coloring.

She follows me from room to room. Chirps, cries, does little funny noises all the time. Sometimes she drinks from her fountain or a glass by putting her paw in and drinking from her paw...what a nut!

What a love of a kitty!!! Oh...and playtime is mostly all the time, other than naps.

Payton and Bella

By: Jamie Rinker in Strasburg, IL
Payton and Bella

Yep, Payton is quite the character. He's my mutt cat, but you cannot deny his Maine Coon traits. I've had him for about 6 years. I got him when he was a year old.

My most laughable moments have been when I lived in a two story apartment building and there was a female cat down on the ground and they were "speaking" to each other from the window from that high up.

When I lived at another apartment, I had a Siamese jump on my porch and he talked to her. He may be fixed, but he's quite the little Casanova. Ask his little girlfriend Bella, who I got as a kitten last summer.

With my husband farming and me alternating between work and school six days a week, I'm glad he has her to keep him company. He also has that unique Maine Coon poise and I catch him sitting on the couch a lot like a man.

He has a foot and shoe fetish (don't trust him to sniff your toes because you are more than likely to get a love bite). He's also been known to beat up my oversized catfish pillow and bite it's whiskers.

This last week, I took him into the vet to get a tumor removed from behind his left ear. I was told to let him sleep in the carrier for awhile until the medication had been completely worn off. We fed him a little bit of moist food after we let him out and he started acting like him old self.

He has always played this game where you drag a string in the floor, he will grab that end and take you to a plastic bag lying in the floor over and over again. Well, last night he took me in to the empty plate. I thought nothing more of it until I went into the bedroom to study.

He was meowing to make sure I knew he was there and brought me string again. He jumped on the bed with it in his mouth and then jumped back down with it again. I looked down the hallway to see he went into the kitchen again.

When that didn't work, he came back up on the bed by my feet with the string in his mouth, make sure he stayed long enough for me to see it, and was trying to jump down again. Now the vet told us to only feed him half, so Brian had pulled his food.

Who thinks he was trying to coax more food out of me? I am going to now call it "going fishing for my human". He's so darned funny!

Bella girl is more reserved. She begged for attention when I first got her, but she's the first to now run when I stranger comes into the house. I have to coax her out of hiding and she has to stay on the couch by me, covered in blankets, before I can get her to stay.

She's been known to howl down the hallway in the mornings when she is hungry and has been known to bite my husbands toes or to nurse on the blanket on the bed at all hours of the night. She's also been known to get in the garbage and play with used QTips. I know gross, right?

I am constantly finding them all over the house. She has fallen into the bathtub with me and always wants to be covered up. If there are blankets, towels, even jeans, she tries to bury herself in them. I've had a couple of health scares with her too.

The first time, she had an abscess that was never found. Her temperature was up and her blood cells were sky high. The second time, she was not eating, drinking, and the vet could not get her temperature to go down,even with anti-inflammatory and antibiotics.

I was seriously worried about loosing her too early, but did my research and found some drops online that help her immunity. She's back to her ornery little cute self and is starting to like the belly rubs like Payton. They are always both laying on their backs wanting attention.

My kids may not be purebred, but I would not trade them for the world. Until my husband and I have kids of our own, these are my kids.


By: Eleanor in Sheldon, IA


Kelly Studies

Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly

Kelly, my Maine Coon Mix, was a farm kitten who always wanted to get inside and now for 13 years she’s been an indoor cat who never gets outside.

Her mother, Fluffy, had long hair but was a darker tortoiseshell in color. Kelly’s litter mates were 2 orange tabbies, a black one with white paws, a mostly white one, and a mackerel tabby.

She recently underwent some serious health problems which came on very quickly. She wouldn’t eat or drink and just slept. I called the vet and I was to have her there by a certain time.

When Miss Kelly saw that her carrier was in the kitchen, she ran and hid under the bed. I finally got her and put her in the carrier and meant to lock it. I went to do something and came out just in time to see her running into the bedroom again. Got her to the vet and she had a temperature of 105.

The vet gave her a shot and I gave her droppers of water. She just didn’t seem to “respond”. Thought she was going to die on my bed. The next morning, I was lying in bed and wondering if I had to have her put to sleep would I have to disinfect everything before getting a kitten.

All of a sudden she jumped on me as if to say don’t count me out. After two more shots and one more under the bed episode, she seemed to recover; but later, one more trip to the vet, a change of diet, and the removal of plants was required.

Now she’s back to being Kelly, as she follows me from room to room; sits halfway on the arm of my chair and halfway on my lap; and takes her paws to show me where she wants my legs positioned so that she can jump on me and then onto her window seat.

The carrier is in the garage, where it can easily be grabbed. She sits and begs at the fridge for the now forbidden treat, but she still loves me.

My big boy Cal

By: Lauren C in Bloomington, Illinois
My Cal, but I call him Calbert

My 2 year old Maine Coon guy Cal arrived in my life in March of 2011. He was originally from Peoria, Illinois. A cat lover friend of mine found out I had lost my gray tabby of 21 yrs thru my facebook posts.

He knew this lady that had a cat she couldn't keep due to her allergies. It seems this guy followed her neice home one day.It turns out he had been dumped out or just abandoned.

She said she put up posts but nobody claimed him. So about a week or so later my friend brought him over, after being checked out at the local clinic.

He has been quite the experience. I have grown soo very fond of him. He is sweet, friendly, affectionate, and loves to play. He cracks me up when he waits behind a door and leaps a foot in the air and pounces on my feet when I come thru. He loves to cuddle in the bed, He just loves the attention I give him.

His thick fur needs alot of regular maintenace and I find it everywhere, It's even a condiment, lol. He follows me everywhere and is so curious about everything.

He is the best thing to happen to me in the last 2 yrs. I can't imagine my life without him now. I love my Maine Coon.

Peanut quirks

By: Andy in Mohnton, PA

My little girl Peanut (year and half, 10.6 pounds) loves playing with Q-tips. Which I understand.

But when she is finished they always end up in her water bowl. ???? Anyone know why?

Moka... My Rescue Mix

By: Joe Fiedler in Piedmont, SD, USA


Moka Moka

I had been looking for a cat and have always been fond of the Maine Coon.

My girlfriend found Moka online at the animal shelter in Lead, SD. A stray, brought in by the local police, we believe he is a mix of tabby, Siamese and Maine Coon.

Amma Cat Not Therapeutic :(

By: KathyB in Pt. St. Lucie, Fl. USA


I am the King here 2yrs old

Amma Amma

Amma therapy is a very gentle, feather like human or animal massage. Amma was rescued from a dumpster house, at 6wks old.

There is nothing about him that is gentle or therapeutic. Amma is a male neutered strange being. The cat runs across 2rms, to grapple our legs and bite us the mouth is so big now one set of teeth is on the inside of your calf, the other, way on the outside.

Amma likes pets, but only like this: pet - pet-purr then BITE. He likes to sleep with us sleep - sleep - nuzzle - purr then BITE any body art sticking out from the covers.

Ahhh, furniture 3mo. old, himmmm scratch right down to the wood. NOW, someone tells me I am a Main Coon Cat!!!

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