September 2012 Photo Album

Here is our September Photo Album of Maine Coon Cat pictures!


By: Dan & Kris in MN


Quincy Quincy Quincy

Quincy brightens up our home everyday. He's great with kids, our other cat Ashley, and is very affectionate with Kris and I. He is a very special cat!!


Andy: What a Fuzzball..You gotta love that tail!

Farrah Pawcett

By: Michelle in Fayetteville, NC
Farrah Pawcett
Hellooo Farrah

Hello there. Farrah is a 2 year old Maine Coon who has been a part of our family since she was 12 weeks old. She is our big sweet girl who greets everyone who enters our home with curious & warm welcome.

Her older borther Hugo is a 7 year old Miniature Schnauzer and they love lounging together when they aren't chasing one another across the house.


Laura: lovely calico coon!!


By: Joy in Western Australia


Michelangelo Michelangelo Michelangelo Michelangelo

Mikey is true blue ginger West Aussie boy. Hes about 112cm long and weighs about 8 kilos. He is super smoochy and he is MY baby cat.

He humphs when he wants attention and likes to watch you in the shower and then leap up to get your nice clean skin all fuzzy. Hes only just turned 4 so we have the last of the growth spurts to deal with soon -not looking forward to that.

He is very spoilt and very much loved by his family. The comments we get from people who have no idea what a Maine Coon is are always "wow that's not a cat - that's a lion" "Does he eat much?" We always say "no, not really - the odd dog, stray children!"

Anyway we hope you like his pix,


Joy McHenry Throssell: Joy, Thi is Joy from Oregon, but born and raised in Perth. I adore my Maine Coonies.. Lost one a year ago and am still missing him terribly though I have two more rescues. Would LOve to hear from you. I am very old, we probably do not have connections but I went to MLC and my lived at the Nedlands Park Hotel aka Steve's I love coming home for visits.. Would be good to hear from you. my e address is quokka@hevanet.comJoy

Diane: Mikey sure is a beautiful fella :)

Big Boy

My Big Boy

By: Carolyn in Texas

He loves to fit into small places.


By: Kelley in Fontana CA
Bullseye riding in car

My partner found our female Maine Coon named Bullseye outside our house at 10:30 p.m. when we came home from college and we have had her ever since.

She was hungry, scared, and dirty. Only had one flea even though she was in weeds on the side of our house. We love her God sent us a great cat.


Kelley: The pictures are nice and cute too.

Bella Boo

By: Katie Jo in Illinois

Bella Boo

The day I brought her home.

Bella Boo Bella Boo Bella Boo Bella Boo

I got my Bella girl for $5 on a pumpkin farm 4 years ago. That's how she got her middle name, boo. She's my Halloween kitty.

She is my first cat and such a beauty. She definitely thinks she runs the show sometimes and can be bossy, but she can also be such a cuddlebug and very sweet. She loves playing in the bathtub in the water after someone has showered, and loves to talk.

When she was a baby I thought she was some short hair breed, but every year her hair just got longer and longer!! I finally found out this year that yes, she is part Maine Coon. Her father was one. I'm not sure what else she is mixed with though, because they had many cats on the farm and only one parent was Maine Coon (not even sure if he was full).

But she definitely looks like one and is absolutely gorgeous. Little white on the nose, on the chest, and all her paws. She's my baby. :)


Barbara: Awwww! Definately a maine coon mix - she looks so much like my kitty with the white on the neck and white paws except mine doesn't have the white on the nose. She is a beauty!

My Beautiful Big Boi

By: Jacquelyn Tyus in Atlanta, GA, USA

Big Boi

Big Boi Big Boi Big Boi Big Boi

This is my first Maine Coon, and my favorite!!! Big Boi is a very sweet cat he is very selective about whom he decides to share his love with.

I believe only special individuals gets to witness his love and affection. He is very demanding, he will not stop meowing until he get what he wants. He is like an alarm clock has to eat at the same time every day!!!

He is part of our family and we wouldnt trade him for anything!!!


By: Andy in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada

Inherited this darling 8 years ago as a kitten. She has been with me thru thick and thin. Well travelled, inquisitive and affectionate is the best description for her.

As a kitten, she barely an adult, she chirps, purrs, meows and stares at me for hours! A great mouser and has this wonderful penchant to sit back on her haunches and catch Kitty Treats with her forepaws..and POP then into her mouth! Weird!

My Scooter Pie

By: Genn Hathaway in Salem,Oregon USA


He is my first Maine Coon and I love him to pieces !!

Scooter Scooter Scooter Scooter

We were staying at the Fir Ridge Rv Park & Campgrounds in Oregon (primative area in the forest) last year when someone abandoned this guy. He was about 8 - 12 weeks. He was hungry and infested with fleas.

We already had 4 cats and I took him with full intentions of putting him for adoption, plus I was concerned how the fab four would except him and my husbands reaction to another fur baby.

After just a few days I was so attatched I couldnt let him go. I took him to the vet for a well check and shots , to find out he is a Maine Coon. Scooter has a forever home. In fact he is quickly becoming the alpha male.

He is beyond spoiled rotten, He loves water and car rides and walks out doors. He can be quite the clown and mischievous. It will be one year October 21 that I have had him, I love him to pieces.


Kelley: We found our Bullseye outside our house 10:30 at night hungry, cold, and dirty and took her in only for one night and that one night becmae permanent we love her very much.


By: Rebecca Holton in Brighouse, UK


Minnie in our utility room window

Minnie Minnie Minnie Minnie

Here's Minnie now she's all grown up. She's 15 months old and very fluffy. Minnie loves scratching and climbing on her new cat tree. She has lots of sleeping places in the house including on top of the wardrobe, behind the bathroom door on a bed made of towels and on the window sill.


Andy: What a regal looking feline. She has the same "untamed" fur as my Foxxy they love to find new snoozin' spaces!!

Ruby Tuesday

By: Sara in Australia


16 months old and almost bigger than her 5 year old best friend.

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby

This is our "little" kitten, Ruby Tuesday, the red and silver classic tabby Maine Coon.

We brought Ruby home as a whole-family pet, but she quickly decided that our five year old daughter was her long-lost soulmate, and they've been inseperable from day one.

We originally decided we were absolutely set on a silver tabby male, from a young age. Instead, Ruby decided we weren't leaving her breeder's home without her, so we took home our 24 week old red and silver girl. No regrets!

She's fitted in absolutely pefectly, and is a delight to have around. Every morning she's found sleeping on the pillow next to our daughter, and waits at the window for her to come home from school.

Welcome Pepi

By: Elisabeth in Vienna, Austria

Pepi came to our house when his predecessor, Pauli, died three weeks ago. He is our first ever Maine Coon and we love him dearly already. A charmer, he whistles when he has something to say. I have yet to get used to that kind of talk form a cat.

We love that he is similar to a dog. Actually, it is my husband who appreciates this trait as he is a dog lover, which I am not. A Maine Coon is a compromise he can live with.

We welcome Pepi and we look forward to may years together with him.

Our Sweet Little Bubby!

By: Jayne Hann in Tempe, AZ

We adopted Bubby when he was three months old through one of the no kill shelters that Petco sponsors.

He has been a real joy to us since our last Maine Coon Tweety passed away last October at 14 years old. We were devastated losing Tweety, but after going online & seeing Bubby, we decided to take the plunge!

He is a true Coonie, loves water, plays catch & fetch like a dog & you there isn't a surface in the house he has not been on top of! We love the way he chatters and answers us when we call him.

He is now just a little over a year old & we learn new things about him every day.


Lynn: he is a handsome kitty! he also looks uberly soft.

Meet Church

By: Sharon in Charleston, W.V.


Church Church

Church was 6 months old when we adopted her (more like she adopted us) from the animal shelter. The moment we walked in, she stood up in her cage and reached out for us!!!

We were still debating whether to get a cat as we live in an apartment, but we didn't get far away before turning around to go back!! She is now 1 and 1/2 years old and the love of our lives... she is so playful yet so gentle, she never ceases to amaze me.

She loves to play hide and sneak attack, and plays it so well. We crouch down in the floor and hide and she'll crouch down and sneak up on you and when you jump at her, she'll rear up on her hind legs and take off running, only to start the game all over again!!

She's so funny! I can honestly say I've never had a cat like her... she also loves to drink out of a running faucet, so we leave a running stream in the bathroom sink for her. Otherwise, I don't think she would ever get water as she won't drink out of her bowl.

The funniest thing I think I've seen is Church trying to catch a laser light!! She never tires of this game!! She is the light of our life!!


Barbara: Awwww! Love her beautiful features. Perhaps since she doesn't drink water out of her bowl you can get her one of those pet mates running fountain bowls that circulate the water and then it streams down. My maine coon mix loves it!

Gismo Gizmerelda

By: BobbieB in SC

Gismo Gizmereda, Gizzy to us is the sweetest cat in the world.. she was recognized by our shelter Director and she took her home with her and later asked if she could bring her over for us to see.. I had 2 cats already, a tabby/tortie, and a very dark Tortie (Polydactyly).

But we just had to see this Maine Coon.. sooo we have had her for 3 years... and she's awesome, so loving. Gizzy grunts as she's resting or asleep. Her sweet little sounds are so soothing to hear.

Gizzy is soo gentle and allows us to do anything and seems to love the bathtub and a bath. I do worry about her getting too fat. But, she's a '''chow''' kitty and loves to eat.

Her voice is many different sounds.. some almost sounds like she's saying Mommy very loud and deep, then when see sees me, her voice changes to a perky little Meow.. funny how she can change so much. I love to see and heaer her 'chatter' at birds in the yard through the glass.

Bailey Buttons

By: Wendylin in New Jersey


Bailey Bailey Bailey Bailey

Bailey is a 5 year old female Maine Coon. She was rescued from the Womans Humane Society as a kitten.

They found her and her brother & sister by a dumpster. Since the day I rescued her she has been the most loving kitty in the entire world. She waits for me by the door every day when I get home from work and she is just waiting for sum lovin.

She loves to be brushed, play with her toys and most of all cuddling. She follows me everywhere around the house and loves all people. She is very respectful when I am sleeping for she will quietly sneak in bed with me making sure she tiptoes on the bed to not wake me but little does she know I am watching the whole time. She made my life worth living and I am so lucky to have her.


Shirley Ramsey Huie: Bailey is beautiful and looks like my big Coonie, Max. He is a big 23 pounder...2 years old and is also Bailey's color and has the same sweet disposition. Sleeps with me usually stretched out up against my back. Love him dearly. Nothing like Maine Coons!!


By: Barbara Grundy in Cheshire


Bought Lunar for a playmate for Pagan my maine coon you can see she's beautiful.


Lori: Yes she is adorable!!!

The End of a Long, Hard Day


Pumpkin is a 5 yr old Maine Coon mix.

He was discovered as a stray, got himself stuck in a skunk trap, and went on a one-way trip to the animal shelter, where we adopted him.


Jim Jim: Best cats ever, mine also naps like Pumpkin.

Shirley Mangone: Pretty Pumpkin.. Our Mandy sleeps with her paw over her eyes too.

My new silver kitten

By: Harriet in Nederland

Saimar & Lizzy


Saimar & Lizzy Saimar & Lizzy Saimar & Lizzy Saimar & Lizzy

My first Coony was Saimar he's 5 years old. And a real lovebell boy, he's blotched red. And lives with 2 short hair cats en 1 bouvier Tess. That's his mom and best doglover. But sometimes he needs a real friend a cat friend.

And so..for him I bought a Black Silver kitten named Lizzy. The are in love...

L J Gibbs

By: Leah in Portland, OR USA
L J Gibbs

Gibbs is 12 weeks old and king of the castle. He greets everyone that comes to the house and does his best to get them to play fetch. Each day is something new to make us laugh or just feel all fuzzy inside.

His big sister, Kahlua, died in February and I didn't think I would ever want another cat. (It's amazing how much a heart can break.) I'm so happy I changed my mind!!


Pat Waldron: My kitty Omar saved my life after I lost my Husband last year.

Jenny: First - I absolutely love the name! I'm a huge NCIS fan! I, too, know how devastating losing a cherished furbuddy can be. I lost my best buddy Toby (a Maine Coon mix) in April and have since gotten Caoimhe and Maya (full Maine Coons) to bring the traits and fun I missed so much. Gibbs is gorgeous and I'm sure he'll not only help you through this hard time but he'll bring even more fun into your life. Enjoy!

Susan Truter: They are all kings & queens and we live to serve them. I have 2 Coons of my own and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Lori: I know just how you feel, I just lost my Tabby "Finister" last month and I still feel really bad. But we have his son who is a Main Coon and his two little girls and the mom. Walter is his son and he keeps us on our toes. Never had heard of a Main Coon until we saw that "Walter" was staring to look different than the others. And it has been something new every day evey since.

Sylvia Butler: I want one that looks just like him. :)

Marissa Rea: I know how you feel I had Nero since I was 18 years old and he died at the age of 18 it broke my heart, and like you I never wanted to replace him but I just couldnt get over him until my husband bought me Milo a 13 week old maine coon and I just fell in love the minute I saw him. He will be 3 in november and I also got his full brother Rio who was born exactly one year later they really helped me as I am sure beautiful LG GIBBS will help you x my boys are in August cats.

Barb Shernoff: A doll-what big paws!

Laura: He is adorable-looks just like one I had many yrs ago. He is a special boy, I can tell.

Queen Nefertiti

By: Lou-Lou in East Sussex, UK


butter wouldnt melt

Nefertiti Nefertiti Nefertiti Nefertiti

Neffertiti or Neffi for short is my beautiful 7 month old coonie. She is such a cute and pretty little kitten but i am loving watch her develop into a striking and majestic cat.

Neffi's favourite past time is to play fetch she will play this until she is exhausted and then rolls over at my feet for a soothing belly rub!

As with many coonies, Neffi loves to play with water and will only drink fresh chilled water directly from the taps... she will sit on the sink waiting for me when she is thirsty.

Neffi is my first coonie and I have totally fallen in love with the breed, thanks for your informative and entertaining website, it has been a life saver!


Catherine Wilkes: I know Coonies are supposed to like water but my 11 year old Digit does not want anything to do with it. I put fresh water out for her daily but have never seen her drinking. She seems healthy though.

Charlotte: Neffie is beautiful. My Coonie loves cold tap h2o also. Their gentleness is awesome as well have you felt it yet?

Brooklyn aka "Bum"

By: Adrienne Manes in Boston, MA, USA


The first week home

Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn

My husband and I got our kitten Brooklyn as a gift from my parents for Christmas this past year. I had lost my first Maine Coon, Handsome,on December 7, to intestinal cancer, unexpectedly. He was ten years old.

My parents saw what a terrible time I was having and decided to adopt Brooklyn for us! My dad made the three hour trip to Maine, to the breeder where we got Handsome, and wound up bringing home Brooklyn for us and her brother Junior (aka Meu) for my parents! Junior is a Blue Tabby with regular paws and Brooklyn is a Silver Tabby, polydactyl! I just love her paws! She is so little with huge paws!

From the moment we got her, she has brought nothing but happiness and a little bit of crazy into our home! My husband was never a "cat person", as he is allergic, but he fell in love with her! And the best part is, she is the only cat he is not allergic to!

She is a ham and has gotten used to her mommy taking way too many pictures of her! She is very spoiled and rightfully so! She loves to play with her toys, climb all over her Daddy, and look at the birds from her window perch!

She loves to squeeze into small spaces and meows a lot when one of us leaves! Brooklyn has made our house a home and we love coming home to her! The moment we arrive home she comes to greet us and tells us stories about her day! She was 12 weeks when we got her and will be one year old on Septemeber 21!


Andy: Your cousin Peanut says "Hello"

Carolyn in Philadelphia, PA: What a pretty little doll-baby. She looks so sweet, and I love her coloring. She even looks like she poses for her photo! Thanks for showing us your new love!

Jessy: Little cutey, and polydactyl too!

Andy: Brooklyn looks a lot like my cat Peanut that appears further down the page. Very soft fur at 5 months old. Had a similar collar. But, had to remove it for the time. She got it stuck in her mouth while playing with the bell. Will wait til she gets older to put it back on.


RIP, Gandhi

By: Tanja in Cologne


Margie: I am really sorry for your loss. I lost my Angel, Maine Coon Tortie 4 months ago and it is so heartbreaking. I still feel her in my heart and by my side. Ghandi is by your side too!! :)

Jenny: I'm so sorry for your loss. Our Coonies are family and it's so hard when they have to leave us. I hope that someday soon you can fill your life with another Maine Coon baby. When I lost my MC mix Toby in April, I was adopted by 2 MC girls that have really helped me cope with his loss. I can't replace Toby any more than you can replace Ghandi but it sure helps.

Chessy =^-^=

By: Sierra Mcclure in Anchorage AK


Chessy Chessy Chessy

Chessy is one of the most loveable cats I have ever had. He is the first Maine Coon I've had! And a wonderful one at that. He is only 3 years old but very smart.

He weighs about 16 pounds, I hope he grows to learn more and more about the ways of truly being a Maine Coon. He is the brightness in my heart! He is a interesting Maine Coon. He comes with his own personality, he can hug; and even in a way I think would be like holding my hand he tighens his grip. : )

I think Maine Coon cats are the best cat there ever was! They are smart, kind and very caring. I hope my Maine Coon sounds interesting! I think he's worth being none. ; ) Thanks!

Puff Daddy the III

By: Kathie in California


The Thinker

Puff Puff Puff Puff

Puff was born under a barn and was the leader and the one with the most personality. He is almost 3 years old. His personality is so odd that he is irresistible He won't come to you but he will come when he feels like it.

He wants you to come to him, nuzzle against him and pick him up. He is more like a pal, like we don't own him. He loves kids and dogs. We have a park across the street and he goes to visit kids and we can see his huge fluffy tail in the air greeting everyone.

I got a call from a elementary school at the end of the block that he would come at 7:45 to greet the kids and was cloggin up traffic to please keep him indoors at that time.

His name is for his huge puffy log fluffy tail. He puts it straight up in the air and puffs it out. He lays on the floor completely stretched out with his huge tail in the air. A show off.

If I go running around the block, he follows me like a dog, occasionally running past me to climb up a tree and he loves us when we are out of the house. He does not like our latest addition (cat) and let us know how mad he was at us. We had to beg him to come home. He would hiss at me for a few weeks, like "How could you".

Lastly, he is a ferocious hunter catching large birds and bringing them to me while they are still flappin around. He really does hunt for food although we feed him. Most neighbors said he walks in their home and visits their hamster or goes into their pantry. I think he believes he is everyone's cat.


Theo: Keep him indoors. Have you had him vet checked?

This is Mr. Otis!

By: Michelle in Akron, Ohio


Otis Otis Otis Otis

My Otis is a Pound rescue. He's the perfect Maine Coon! I just happened to be at the pound looking for a new friend when he came in.

He had a horrible skin infection and alot of his hair was gone. He's now recovered and his beautiful coat is filling in! He's the sweetest and funniest guy!


Sandy Cencelewski: Mr.Otis looks just like my Kreamo. She is also a rescue and had a bad skin infection from fleas when found by animal control and taken to Pet Refuge. I feel in love with her when I found her picture on their website. She was shaved and her hair has also grown back. She is wonderful and I love her so much.

Mary: If I was to get a coon cat this is what I would like. Keep us up dated


By: Holly Delahaye in Atwater, California, USA

We found Sofia when she was about 5 or 6 weeks old on our porch at three in the morning! She was so little, tired, hungry, skinny and dirty!

We brought her inside and bathed her and gave her food and water and showed her where the litter box was. The irony is that we had decided a week prior that we were wanting to add another cat to our family!

We have two other cats and a Pitbull dog who took to her very well. She put on weight and continues to grow almost daily. She is very playful and very attached to my four year old son, who has Autism.

She is now around four months of age. She is the most affectionate and loving cat and I thank God that He sent her to us!


Greta from Lithuania: all the best for this itte cutie and your family

Lobo "The Bull"

By: Fancy Drolet in Eagle Lake, ME USA


Lobo Lobo Lobo

Lobo is our 2.5 year old male red Coon. He is so loving, affectionate and my 8 year old daugther's shadow. He loves straws, our Sheepdog and kneading bread every second he can on any blanket he can. By far the best cat we have ever owned.


By: Sam in Waukesha, Wi


Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

This is Beetlejuice, he is a little over one year old now. He loves to fall on his back so he gets his belly rubbed.

He is very very talkative. He likes to play and sleep under blankets and cuddle up with his older "brother".

Our Family's Oldest Poo

By: Cheryl in Oregon


Poo Poo Poo

Pushlet (Poo) was my Niece's kitty until 2007. He has been raised in the mountains, free as bird, and yet close to family, especially to her baby son. Love to terrorize dogs and had a gay ol time.

This year Poo is 20 years old, a very loving house cat but age now has him not as active as he use to be, Arthritic hips. He is a loving old boy.


Marg: Wow Poo is a very regal old fella and absolutely adorable.

Elli: I am so happy to know that my precious Coonie Shainah has a chance to live that long. Because of size I thought I couldn't hope for that many years with her. Thank you for sharing. Shainah is a polydactyl cat. She has 26 toes. She's clumsy, silly, funny and absolutely adorable. She's into everything and there's never a dull moment. She's my special baby and we love eachother very much! I pray for many wonderful years with her, if it be God's will. Thank you again for sharing about your wonderful Poo. God bless you both.

Nicoletta Camodeca: Poo is wonderful. And he doesn't look 20. I am sorry to hear about the arthritis. And about terrorizing dogs? My Marco Polo used to terrorize all by himself 2 adult Labrador retrievers. It was hysterical. The neighbors have moved to a different place. The power of Marco Polo! A nice and gentle tummy rub to Poo


By: Andy


Peanut was 3 months old when I adopted her from a local organization called CatWorks. They take cats from shelters and place them in Foster Families until an adoption is found.

Peanut weighed about 3 pounds and was healthy and full of love and energy, like most kittens. She took to my lap and new home very quickly. Now she follows me around the house and always finds a way of getting on, rather than under, my feet. At night she loves to get on my chest and start purring.

She takes the place of a 1.5 year old cat that we adopted and had some issues that the Humane Society had her put to sleep. Very sad! Our old cat was 19 years with us and looked just like a Maine Coon. Peanut is very active and loves being the center of attention. She is more interested in shoe laces than expensive cat toys.


Adrienne Manes: Peanut looks like she and Brooklyn could be related! She looks so sweet! Enjoy every moment!! They grow up so fast, but thankfully they keep their kitten personalities for life!!

Doree: Peanut is adorable

Greys Anatomy

By: Mary Helen in Cin, OH

Greys Anatomy

Greys Anatomy Greys Anatomy Greys Anatomy

She is a genius! She is 8 Weeks old... She actually understands what we are saying to her. She loves to be loved.


..No No Ridlee..

By: Bob Malkoski in S. Dartmouth, MA

..Ridlee graced our home 2months ago.. and she rules..

Ridlee's August Photo

Ridlee's July Photo

Misc. Comments:

Marcy Fogarty:I love Maine Coons and all cats as well would love to adopt one

Candace E. Luffman: We used to have Manx Cat,but she passed away last year. What kind of cat would you recommend for some one like us?

Candace E. Luffman: FIRST of all you need to leave your name so that I can address you on what kind of cat to get ok?

Reply: Hi Candace, I am confused as who you your second comment is for. No one has replied or addressed you till now. My name is Carrie, I am the webmaster here and I always leave my name. Each comment on this page is preceded by the name of the commenter. Since we are all Maine Coon fans, most of us would recommend this breed!

Anna: How come there is not a picture of Buddy?
Reply: Hi Anna, Buddy was submitted in mid August, and has been in the August Album since then. I was unable to let you know via email as an email address was not left with your second submission. He was also shared on our Facebook page, where he received lots of nice comments. You can scroll down to Aug. 18th to see him there.

Rose Tetreault: I love MC. I use to have one. He got stolen. I want another. I love them so much. He was given to me I want a true Please tell me where I can get another. I am willing to pay for one. As long as it's not $ 500.00. I'm living on social security. I do want a pure bread. I also want one that's going to be large. I use to be a groomer. Can you help me?

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