by Nadia

We rescued Sara when she was about 4-5 weeks old, walking on her own in a busy intersection, so we have no way of knowing her parentage.

At that age, she looked like a typical tabby kitten with short-medium hair. We would have never guessed she’d grow up into anything else.

Soon after adopting her she started developing into an unusually looking cat for these parts. There are mainly shorthair domestic cats in Romania, and Maine Coons are very expensive, so it’s unlikely for a Maine Coon kitten to be abandoned.

She weighed 640 grams the day we got her and kept growing at a very fast pace, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down now.

She's a bit over 5 months old in the pictures here, and already weighs about 3 kilos (6.6 pounds). She’s not overweight, but seems to be getting quite stocky.

In one of the pictures Sara is cuddling with Cali, a fully grown Norwegian forest cat mix (3 years old, 4.1 kilos), and Sara already looks larger than Cali. She is longer actually, but still has shorter legs.

She has a huge appetite and absolutely loves meat (I give her cooked chicken breast, beef, lamb, and very rarely some tuna). Otherwise, she eats Royal Canin kitten kibble.

She has fine, medium to long-ish fur, a bit silkier than a Norwegian forest cat’s, but not as cotton candy like. Also her fur seems to stick closer to her body than Cali’s.

She’s got quite large and goofy looking paws with hair tufts sticking out and she recently started developing a nice ruff around her neck, and a pair of very fluffy pants.

Her tail is the longest of everyone in my cat family (which includes one domestic shorthair – Zelda, Cali the half Norwegian/ half DSH, and Sara here). It’s about 28 cm long – that’s about 11 inches. Also her tail is the fluffiest and she holds it up very proudly – she’s funny, her tail is way taller than her legs.

It’s also different than my Norwegian’s (Cali) – it looks more like a feather duster than Cali’s.
I have 2 other grown cats and they both have shorter tails than Sara.

Also, Sara is the most talkative (she chirps in the sweetest little voice), puppy-like cat I ever known. She greets me when I get home and demands cuddles. She’s curious and not at all shy, she’s the only one who sticks around when we have guests.

Also, she adores water, drinking from faucets, lounging in wet sinks and in the tub. She once jumped in the shower while it was in use and played with the water for a bit. She plays with water while I do the dishes and sticks her head under the faucet. She doesn’t seem concerned with getting wet, and her fur seems to repel the water, it simply flows down her.

Do you think she could be partly Maine Coon (it would be very, very strange – as they’re not commonly found roaming about here – and they’re such expensive cats, actually)? Thank you!!!

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