Rudy the Maine Coon

by Jim
(Ontario, Canada)rudy

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rudy catRudy dressed for Christmas

friends holding cats on laps
friends holding cats on laps

Rudy is our handsome cat. He definitely has Maine Coon in him, but probably not 100%.

He has an amazing gentle personality and is about 3-4 yrs old. He was a true "shelter find". We've never had a cat before but are so glad that he's part of our family now.

When I saw somewhere that Maine Coons are intelligent I thought I would try to teach Rudy a few tricks. Here's some proof of what he's learned with a youtube video that we did.

Maine Coons are the best!



No longer with us
by: Jim
Hi friends, It's with a sad heart that I share the news that our Rudy passed away today. He was 15 and we had him for 13 of those years.

He brought so much joy to our lives and will be greatly missed. For all who have enjoyed, commented and shared his cat tricks video, I thank you.


My Kitten Charlie
by: Anonymous

I love seeing cats perform tricks. My Charlie is a pure bred Main Coon and is 5 months old.

He can shake, spin in a circle, walk between my legs as I am walking and ump through a hoop. We are currently learning how to ride a longboard together. Making great progress so far and cannot wait to progress even farther.

How old to teach a Coonie tricks?
by: Genny

I have an 11 week old purebred Maine Coon
(4 pounds already) who's parents came from Poland.

His Dad is 28#'s How old should he be before trying to teach him tricks?...mine has no attention span as of yet to learn a trick...he could be called a kitten with ADHD.

Your Rudy is about the same color as my kitten.
This is my 3rd Maine Coon. I am also getting a Siberian for the first time this coming spring and cannot wait to see the differences and similarities in this breed as I love the "temperament" of the Maine Coons.

I like Rudys tricks
by: Janice H. from Edmonton Canada

Our cat. Sunshine. I think is part. Maine. Coon. She is turning. 4 in. October she has the ears with fur in them she has huge paws with fur in them also she has a huge tuff beautiful tail.

She shakes a paw, kisses, high five, fetches, she sits when getting her food ready, she hugs my son when he says goodnight.

At night she scratches the. T. V knocks things over so she sleeps in the bathroom.she is a very loyal cat and lays by me all the time.she is beige white brown and a little black her stomach and paws are all white.

My Cat
by: Janice
My. Cat. Sunshine shakes a paw, high five gives kisses and she also fetches. Your Rudy is very smart. I'm sure my cat is part. Maine Coon she is just turning 4 this October and she weighs 17 lbs. the vet she sees will not say she has Maine Coon in her but she has the ears, paws, fur in her ears big round eyes.

Cats are sooo smart
by: Lanae in Texas

Your Rudy is beautiful and so smart. I have an 8-month old silver patch MC female who weighs in at over 10.5 lbs. and loves to play fetch. No one could have told me I would be a cat mommy, but now I can't imagine not being one!

Fun Facts
by: Doc

I truly enjoyed the video. Rudy is a cool cat, beautiful coloring and so intelligent. Congrats on your success with him and that he is as patient with you as you seem to be with him.

I see others are asking about leash training. It's easiest the younger you begin, but depending on the cat, it probably can be done any time. Our Alley (3 weeks old when she came to us) is 9 months old and began wearing a harness around the house at 4 months old.

The leash was added at 6 months and she is doing very well. She goes to work with me, to the tennis courts, to church, and running errands. Everyone loves to see her, but sometimes she gets tired of all the attention, especially when an anxious person wants to pet or hold her.

She is a good judge of character (of humans), rarely gets upset (unless someone is holding her too tightly or roughly), has a motor that keeps on going, trills and chirps often, follows me everywhere, and is a joy for us every day! Her only bad habit is eating paper....

Rudy is an awsum coonie
by: Jerry stiles

Wow, congrats on finding Rudy, he is a smart Kat, I found a starved and emaciated coonie last August, her name is Lizzie and she is Smokey black, and she gives me her paw a on command.

by: Anonymous

Looks just like my boy😻
I need some treats😻

Thanks Michelle
by: Jim

Thanks Michelle,
Wow that is a big cat! Rudy is a mix so isn't quite as large but is a big lovable boy. They sure bring pleasure into our lives! Thanks for your comment.

Maine Coons
by: Michele

I enjoyed your video. I have a solid white Maine Coon and I love him to bits. He is 2 years old, weighs 20lb and is 2ft from tail base to nose.

He is one big cat. He kisses and tries to lick me in the morning to wake me up. It seems that M/Cs have a finer coat in Australia, it doesn't matt, though he does get a few knots.

It is obvious to me that you love your Coonie and get as much enjoyment with him as I do with mine.

Great work
by: PJ

I loved the video. You obviously have worked so hard. Rudy is a smart cat to say the least. Thank you for sharing. You have given me some good ideas.

Rudy is awesome
by: Anonymous

My rescue Maine coon Lily is so smart too. He knows what color birdie I tell him to fetch (yes Lily is a boy)he had a identity issues.

He loves playing fetch, he wakes me up a few minutes before alarm by pawing my nose n kissing it. He plays beach volleyball (hysterical), tell him to give his birdie loving n he will roll on floor w it n I don't give him treats.

I have to try the treats n see what he will do. Rudy is just soooo cute, that owner must really have patience and a awesome kitty

www.mainecoon nation
by: Anonymous

Amazing! You are both blessed. Merry Christmas Rudy😻

Luke is our'circus' cat!
by: Sarah

Loved the Rudy video. We have an 8 year old, 25 pound all black Maine Coon. Luke was a shelter kitten and we are so blessed to have him in our life!

As for his 'circus act', he sits up, comes from anywhere in the house when called, rolls over on command, loves his bath and gives kisses along with his VERY loud trill when he is extremely pleased! Love our Luke!

by: Danielle A Reid

I am totally in LOVE with Rudy! My cat looks just like him....I wish I could get my ModdyCat to do those tricks. The only tricks my ModdyCat does is eat, sleep, poop and pee! How about THAT for talent. I love you RUDY the MAINECOON!! >^..^<

by: Kelly in Illinois

I can se that you have really worked with Rudy! Love it!

Leash training was easy for my rescue "Coonie"
by: Deonia

Hi Jim, Rudy is as beautiful as Leo! I wasn't able to view the whole video but one of the posters said they wanted to train their coonie to walk on leash.

I had only a small problem when I trained my "Tazzy" to walk on a leash. She totally resisted at first but as soon as she realized that if she let me put the halter on her that she was going to get to go outside, she is very happy to see the leash come out now LOL.

Right now I'm looking into getting one of the figure 8 halters I've seen online, but I just got her one of the halters that fits around the neck and under her arms and it works well, BUT she learned how to back out of it if it got caught on something and now I have to really watch her close.

She prances around in the vet's office like a queen bee when we go there and all the people are amazed at how she acts just like a dog when it's on leash.

Just be patient with your cat, let him/her get used to the halter first and then adding the leash will be easy. Especially when they see they get to go outside. That's reward enough for a Coonie LOL

Rudy is beautiful
by: kay

what a great cat. that is a amazing cat! that took a lot of time, i love it!

Leash training
by: Anonymous

Hi there, We've never attempted leash training but it sounds like it would be fun if Nemo cooperated. I know that there are videos on youtube that might be helpful for you with your endeavour............hope it goes well for you :)

Leash training
by: Capt. Nemo's crew

I am the "crew" of a new kitten. His name is Capt. Nemo, so named because he disappeared in my house and the friends who helped me locate him said it was like the movie "Finding Nemo."

I would like to train him to walk on a leash with me to show up all the neighbors who walk with their dogs daily. What is the best kind of harness to get for him, and how do I go about training the little guy?

None of my other cats were leash trainable. If I put a harness on them they pretended their bones dissolved and they flopped onto their sides. I know they were lying and nothing was wrong with them, but the process was a real drag.

The "M"
by: Marty

I see one of the responders is still under the impression that the "M" on the forehead means a cat is a Maine Coon. I had a Siberian with a nice "M" on his forehead. I've had just plain old house cats with "M's" on their foreheads. The "M" is just the mark of any tabby marked cat.

Video should now play
by: Jim

Hi, I had to adjust some settings on youtube, the video should now work......thanks for the note and I hope you enjoy. :)

Blank Video
by: Anonymous
Couldn't see the video due to a statement, "This video is private." Could you please check out why this is happening? I would love to see your beautiful kitty in action!

Thanks for your comments
by: Jim
Thanks very much for your comment. If your new kitten is anything like Rudy, you will have not only a pet but a real smart companion.

I never would have guessed as to how loving and personable the Maine Coon variety are. May you have many years of enjoyment with your new kitten.

by: Anonymous
That is one amazing Cat! We just adopted a little 8 wk old kitten that has Maine Coon in him. He has the traditional M on his forehead.

We have had him 2 days and can already tell that he is VERY intelligent! He is also very loving and sweet. We are looking forward to many years with him! :)

Another Rudy Maine Coon
by: skatzinhatz
Our rescued golden, super-fluffy angora (tummy hair is over 4 inches long) Maine Coon kitten, Rudy Stilton, is 10 months old, already weighs 18 pounds and is absolutely amazing!

When asked, he 'kisses,' 'high fives,' 'catches,' and knows and responds correctly to the verbal commands, 'off,' 'come,' and, 'not to bite!'

He also is learning to dance on his hind legs, and to fetch. He can execute a perfect back-flip but only for his own amusement, not on command, and seems to enjoy doing so!

These cats are truly wonderful pets, intelligent, gentle, loving and always, always entertaining.

They are truly such fun!
by: Debra
Thank you for sharing how intelligent your Rudy is! These Maine Coons are truly amazing & so much fun to have around! My Miss Kitty was always doing something that simply astounded us!

She was an extraordinary hunter--she had been feral for a couple of years, but had been raised by a nice hippie lady, so evidently she missed having people to boss around! :) We were always given very loud notice when she would conquer any sort of vermin!

I'll post a story of "Mouse Killer Extraodinaire!" You'll enjoy it! Thanks for sharing that awesome video of Rudy! Debra

by: Susan
When my Sammy first came to my home he had a hard time at night. So I would stay up with him.

One of those nights I tried getting him to do a few tricks and in 3 hours I had him sitting, giving me his paw and doing what I call up. Basically him " standing on his rear paws".

It took a lot of treats! Now when I grab a bag of treats he makes a beeline right to the kitchen! And sounds like a train wreck if he's running up and down a flight of stairs!

New Coon Kitten
by: Anonymous
I adopted our Maine Coon Cat mix when she was 4 months old. She had been dropped off the top of a bunk bed by a child and was left a quadraplegic.

That family then gave her to a shelter and the shelter was going to euthanized her. The vet said her spine was fractured and she would never walk. I found out about her from a shelter volunteer who is my friend.

She was in pretty bad shape but as soon as I heard her sweet purring she had me. I adopted her without knowing if she would ever recover and did intensive physical therapy and improved nutrition.

That was 5 weeks ago. She's now walking, running, jumping and playing. Her back end shakes a bit but she's come a long way and may eventually recover totally. The vet is astonished. I named her Eva. The name means Life.

Training Rudy
by: Jim
Hi and thanks for your comments. It sounds like you have a wonderfully smart cat there too. Rudy just seemed to know by instinct what to do.

I would like to take credit for it but a few treats and some repeating the process seemed to do it. He's working on a new trick called "stop, drop and roll" which I will try to post once perfected.

I'm really pleased that you are enjoying your new cat. Thanks again for checking out the video, and best of luck with your new kitty!

What a smart cat Rudy is!
by: Anonymous
I just got a four month old Maine coon / mix from a humane society. He is very sweet and smart. He watched me fill his automatic food dish the first time and than lifted the top to show me he knew how I did it.

He comes to me when I call his name. I was wondering how you first started to teach Rudy to do tricks?

Nice tricks
by: Anonymous
My coonie, Simba walks on a leash. Rings the bells hanging on the backdoor when he wants to go out into the backyard; brushes his hair when told to go brush his hair (not a very job though) but he will walk back and forth under the brush.

He knows to sit when i prepare his dinner treat or he doesn't get i. He is quite the character.

by: Anonymous
Hi there. I've worked with my cat for many months, carefully rewarding her when she does as expected, and I am proud to report that my wife and I are now about as perfectly trained as any cat can hope for (and so many cats say humans can't be trained- pshaw).

Love it
by: Anonymous
Love your video of your beautiful cat. I, too, have a Maine Coon Cat named Murray. He's more like a dog that a cat. When the door bell rings, he will "knock" you down to get to the door. I love him so much!

thanks for your comments
by: Jim
Hi....I'm really glad that you've been adopted by Alex, that's how it worked with us, Rudy seemed to pick us out right away and made it pretty clear that he was ready for a home other than the shelter.

Rudy doesn't hug so much but loves to lick fingers. I wish you lots of luck with working on some little tricks with Alex, to be honest Rudy seemed to know exactly what to do from early along, so I give him real credit.

Enjoy your new buddy, he will bring you a lifetime of pleasure.

What an intelligent cat Rudy is!
by: Jan and Jim
Thank you for your wonderful video! We are the new proud parents of a six month old 8.6 lb Maine Coon mix rescue kitty we just adopted December 9th.

Your Rudy is absolutely adorable and obviously very, very intelligent. Our Alex is so lovable and lives to please it seems. He was fetching toys from the first week he was with us. They are truly wonderful, loving, amazing kitties.

We will see if Alex will learn some of Rudy's tricks too. He was giving us kisses from the very beginning which was so very precious. Does Rudy put his arms around your neck and hug you?

Alex did that to my husband when we met him at the shelter and there was no doubt that he was coming with us to his "forever home" after that.

treats for tricks
by: Jim
Hi thanks for checking out Rudy's tricks. I used Greenies, but I think any cat treats seem to work for him.....good luck!

Thinking of training mine!
by: Anonymous
Hi, I'm thinking of training my Maine Coon to do a few tricks, what food did you use to reward your cat?

Rudy's tricks
by: Jim
Hi and thanks for your comment. He picked up the tricks pretty fast, within a couple of days I would if I could just teach hime how to wash windows and do the dishes I'd be all set :)

Cool Cat
by: Anonymous
What a cool cat! How long did it take to teach him those sweet tricks?

Thanks for the comments
by: Jim
Hi too everyone who've checked out the video. It was lots of fun making it and I'm really pleased that it's been enjoyed. I was just as surprised as anyone when Rudy was picking up these little tricks.

Rudy has brought plenty of happiness to our house and we are happy to share that with you. Thanks to Maine Coon Cat Nation for the great website.

by: Renee
I just love that cat, I had to share the video on my facebook page, I hope you didn't mind. My cat is starting the paw trick :)

by: Renee
They make awesome pets :) I loved the video. I'm trying to teach my coon Tulu tricks now!

by: Anonymous
Very neat, I bet you he fetches too..

by: Shirley
Hi Jim.. What a smart cat.. He is beautiful.
We have a 10 month old that we got at the shelter.
She is very smart..think I will try to teach
her tricks too.

by: meowcat10
What a smart kitty ! You did a great job teaching him his tricks! Continue to enjoy his company, and thanks for sharing the video !

Almost like a dog ;)
by: Pit
I love the video. I am more of a dog person but I am amazed with this cat, never thought they could do tricks. Great video!

by: Anonymous
Great picture and video. We have had two Maine- Coon cats, both lived 20 years. They were both very smart, and brought years of pleasure to us. Thanks for posting

Rudy doing tricks
What a beautiful smart cat. I didn't know you could teach a cat, dog tricks. He must be such a pleasure to have in your family.

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