Rita Mamacita (3 extra toes)

by Julie
(Beaverton, Oregon)

Rita loves Daddy

Rita loves Daddy

Rita Mamacita was found, as a very tiny kitten, in an apartment complex. In spite of several unsuccessful attempts to find her owner, Julie and Eric took her in an have owned her for 9.5 years.

Rita has tufts on her ears, feet, and her rear-end, and she's polydactyl -- two extra toes on one foot and one extra toe on the other foot. She's shy around new people, but she is the most warm, loving, sweet, loyal kitty with her owners. She sleeps in strange places and loves to cuddle. She speaks when spoken to and she has a strange trill in her voice.

We noticed that she has two coats of hair (top white/black) and a thick gray undercoat. She loves water and sometimes eats with her paws. People ask if she's Maine Coon all of the time.

She's a gift to know and love. We love Rita.

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Nov 19, 2010
Thanks, Carrie!
by: Julie (Rita's Owner)

Thanks for your comments, Carrie!

We do think Rita is a Maine Coon mix. I forgot to mention that she does have the trademark bushy tail that she always wraps around her big 'mitten' feet.

Nov 18, 2010
Rita, A True Beauty!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Julie,

Wow, she's a beauty inside and out. What a gem.

As for the polydactylism, interestingly, that was "weeded" out of the breed for the most part so they could be shown and registered as a pure-bred cat. Some breeders still carry on the tradition in honor of their heritage. But most Maine Coons aren't polydactyl any more.

With those tufts all over the place and your description of her personality, she sure could be a Maine Coon mix!

Regardless, she sounds like a diamond in the ruff. Some pets just know how to steal our heart! Of course virtually all Maine Coons know how to do this :)

Thanks for sharing Rita Mamacita with us! I love her name, too!


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