2012 Maine Coon Photo Albums

Welcome to our 2012 Maine Coon Cat photo album collection! 2012 was a busy year. There are so many gorgeous Coonies to see!

December 2012

It was a very merry month, with all the sweet cat pictures and stories here!

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December 2012 Album

November 2012

The November Album is huge, and full of beautiful Maine Coons! There are some really stunning pictures to see here!

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November 2012 Album

October 2012

Welcome to our October Album, which grew rapidly!

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October 2012 Album

September 2012

The September Album is loaded with gorgeous Coonies to see!

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September 2012 Album

August 2012

Introducing the August Photo Album! These lovely Maine Coon pictures will surely brighten your day!

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August 2012 Album

July 2012

Welcome to the July Photo Album of Maine Coon Cat pictures! The photo albums are always brimming with beautiful Coonies!

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July 2012 Album

June 2012

Welcome to the June Photo Album! There are lots of stunning Coonies to meet this month.

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June 2012 Album

May 2012

May was a busy month. This large photo album has many beauties to see!

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May 2012 Album

April 2012

The April Album of Maine Coon cat pictures is filling up! New cats join every day! Meet Akourah, Ruben, Diesel, Olivia and more.

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April 2012 Album

March 2012

Come meet Heath, Cali, Cody, Miles, Guaca-Noel-E, Charlie, Murray, Coockie, Ice & Jet, and many more!

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March 2012 Album

February 2012

Visit the February Album! Lots of new cats have joined this album! Keep checking back for updates.

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February 2012 Album

January 2012

Let's kick off the year with some beautiful Maine Coon Cat pictures. January was a great month, and this album is full of beauties!

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January 2012 Album

Full-Length Photo Submissions:


Meet stunning Muska and Marley from Scotland! Muska, a Blue Tortoiseshell & White, has a very loving nature. Little brother Marley, is just as sweet.


Chester has that classic Maine Coon look for sure! Susan has sent in lots of photos and updates, so Chester has his own page. Hop on over to Meet Chester!


Meet Shadow, Kitty and Midnight, three of our first entries into the popular Maybe Maine Coon section.


Angie shares, "Bibsy is different than every cat we have ever had, He does not believe he is a cat. I'd guess I'd have to say he acts like a monkey/dog.."

soft kitten

Nicole shares, "I got my kitten Cricket on October 20 when she was ten weeks old. She is just over four months now, and very meddlesome! :P We picked her up after a wild..."

two small maine coon kittens playing

Haley & Montgomery: 
Hayley, My First Maine Coon: This is Hayley, my first Maine Coon. I got her when she was 6 months old and she was the last of her litter, can you …

cute brown tabby kitten

Dr Watson: 

Carrie and Maine Coon Family, Last month we told you about Sherlock the Maine Coon who adopted us! He is such a gentle giant - full of love and fun! …

pretty tabby cat on patio

The Best Christmas Gift Ever - My Precious Guaca-Noel-E - Many years ago, I enjoyed breeding and showing Abyssinians. After a divorce, move across …

tabby cat

First Birthday 26th February 2012: Hi, My little girl Tass (or she gets called Tassie Girl) is One today. We purchased her from a pet shop last …


Amos & Zeus: The Suspected Maine Coon/Maine Coon Mixes These are my lovely baby (not so small) girl Amos and boy Zeus. She's quite a character. She has taught …

black and white cat

Breanna or Bree: I adopted Breanna - we call her Bree - from a shelter when she was 7 weeks old. I thought I was looking for a BLACK CAT WITH WHITE …

More Maybe-Maine Coons for 2012:

fluffy black and white cat

Mr. Whiskers: Mr. Whiskers, a Black and White....one person said he looked like a tuxedo, maybe in color. He has always been a unique cat in my area and in my 68 years …

longhaired tabby cat laying belly up

SnuggleBunny: Possibly Half Maine Coon? My cat, SnuggleBunny is 11 years old. She'll be 12 this year. She's in wonderful health! You'd never guess she was 11. …

brown tabby cat

I Think I am a Dog? My cat came to me while I was on the road, truck driving in New Mexico. Another truck driver had a cat that had kittens and they were just giving them …

Glory Bea McKnight, a dazzling girl!

Diva Deluxe McKnight, a Diva in her own right!

Chester, such a sweet fun-loving boy!

ColdstreamLK Whisky, aka Whisky the Troublemaker!

Dewey and Vanessa, double trouble!


Boone & Calli, good looks run in the family!

Notorious Biggy Smalls

Emma Jean, with stunning amber eyes!

Sweet Audrey, a lovely calico Maine Coon mix.

Hemi and Paisley brother and sister Maine Coon mixes!

Dexter, posing for his picture.

Harley, aka "Cuddle-Butt"

Maurice and Dusty!

Penny, a Maybe-Maine Coon

Maxwell Fluffypants, with a great rescue story!



Crystal and Honey Bear!

Creme, in his best position

Muska, a stunning Blue Tortie!

Jules, a super-cool cat from Norway

Sammie, a Maine Coon mix

Jackson, a nice surprise!




Thomas, a handsome Maine Coon mix!

Winking Nicky!


Logan Xavier


Nubble, named after the lighthouse

Kiki, who's mane seems to be shedding

Bonnie, so funny!


the sweetest kitten.

Roman, a great companion.

Big Loius, a gentle boy
who misses his brother.

Maui, the Maine Coon miracle

Brody needs a playmate...

KC & Frapple, mother & son

Buster, who's battling a mouth ulcer


Merlin sunbathing

Marmite, big sister to-be

Oliver, sitting pretty


The real Boss

Tootsie, a polydactyl

Mishkita Mash



Dolly, a future queen





Binxy The Wonder Cat

George Silverstreak

Un-named kitten

Shadow, warming up

Callie as a young'un

Tabitha, who answers to Tabby!

Lili, a Maine Coon mix?

Sookie, does he look like a Maine Coon?

Baxter, getting some sun.

A newly adopted boy

A New Girl who just showed up!

Casey, a Maine Coon mix?

Maine Coon Mix or DSH?

Is Reggie a mix?

Charlie, could he have some Maine Coon in him?

Courtney Lynn, newly
rescued and so pretty!

Dio, is he a Maine Coon mix?

A mystery boy!

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