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Glory Bea McKnight, a dazzling girl!

Diva Deluxe McKnight, a Diva in her own right!

Chester, such a sweet fun-loving boy!

ColdstreamLK Whisky, aka Whisky the Troublemaker!

Dewey and Vanessa, double trouble!


Boone & Calli, good looks run in the family!

Notorious Biggy Smalls

Emma Jean, with stunning amber eyes!

Sweet Audrey, a lovely calico Maine Coon mix.

Hemi and Paisley brother and sister Maine Coon mixes!

Dexter, posing for his picture.

Harley, aka "Cuddle-Butt"

Maurice and Dusty!

Penny, a Maybe-Maine Coon

Maxwell Fluffypants, with a great rescue story!



Crystal and Honey Bear!

Creme, in his best position

Muska, a stunning Blue Tortie!

Jules, a super-cool cat from Norway

Sammie, a Maine Coon mix

Jackson, a nice surprise!




Thomas, a handsome Maine Coon mix!

Winking Nicky!


Logan Xavier


Nubble, named after the lighthouse

Kiki, who's mane seems to be shedding

Bonnie, so funny!


the sweetest kitten.

Roman,a great companion.

Big Loius, a gentle boy
who misses his brother.

Maui, the Maine Coon miracle

Brody needs a playmate...

KC & Frapple, mother & son

Buster, who's battling a mouth ulcer


Merlin sunbathing

Marmite, big sister to-be

Oliver, sitting pretty


The real Boss

Tootsie, a polydactyl

Mishkita Mash



Dolly, a future queen





Binxy The Wonder Cat

George Silverstreak

Un-named kitten

Shadow, warming up

Callie as a young'un

Tabitha, who answers to Tabby!

Lili, a Maine Coon mix?

Sookie, does he look like a Maine Coon?

Baxter, getting some sun.

A newly adopted boy

A New Girl who just showed up!

Casey, a Maine Coon mix?

Maine Coon Mix or DSH?

Is Reggie a mix?

Charlie, could he have some Maine Coon in him?

Courtney Lynn, newly
rescued and so pretty!

Dio, is he a Maine Coon mix?

A mystery boy!

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