Maine Coon Photos - 2014

Welcome to our archived albums of Maine Coon Cat pictures from 2014! There are so many past photos to see here, you'll never get bored!

It may still be winter, but these fabulous felines warm things up!

A new year, and lots of new Maine Coon cat pictures are in store!

"Is my cat a Maine Coon?" 2014 Photo Albums:

Full-Length Photo Submissions:

two adorable fluffy gray tabby kittens

Luca and Beppino, Our Coon-Like Rescues: As you know we lost our Coonie, Elliot, in July. Arthur and Marley are still doing fine! We weren't sure we were ready just three months after Elliot's passing, but we knew wanted to adopt, not purchase, next time...

beautiful silver maine coon kitten

Smitten with this Kitten: After seeing a photo of a Maine Coon on Google images, I was SOLD. Before I knew it, I was on the hunt for one of my own. My preference, a silver girl!

Pepper: I have always had cats, but for many years my ex didn't want me to have a cat. Well the 1st time he went out of town...

brown tabby cat

Her Royal Highness, Sassy: One day while shopping we stopped in at Petco because the local animal shelter had kittens & Puppies looking to adopt people. My 8 yr. old daughter wanted to look at them...

Cymba's Page: Cymba is a rescue cat, from a High School project, adopted by my wife as a furry healing pet (I had a quad heart operation in May 2011, he arrived June 2011, 2 months old)...

Maybe-Maines and Maybe-Mixes - 2014:

tabby and white cat on windowsill

Hoss:  My little buddy Hoss (2005 - 2014 R.I.P. little boy...Gone too soon). I adopted Hoss from the local Humane Society in August of 2005...

brown tabby maine coon mix sitting in the sunshine

Presley: Presley the Maine Coon mix: overcoming illness and doing it with spunk: This is my Maine Coon mix cat, Presley...

fluffy pretty black cat sitting on bathtub edge

Gilda: Gilda, The Femme Fatale. This cat was a gift from the universe. My fourth year of University, living on my own, I had an unquenchable urge..

black cat and dog, cuddling

Blue:  Dogs best friend! Introducing Prince Blue: Blue, our MC/Persian/ginger Tom mix, came to us...


  • Luca and Beppino our Coon-like rescues

    As you know we lost our Coonie, Elliot, in July. We weren't sure we were ready just three months after, but we knew wanted to adopt, not purchase, next time

  • Pepper

    I couldn't help it, I called the local pound and told them my back ground. I told them Daisey needed a playmate, and I wanted a cat I could love on..

  • Our New Kitten Tilly

    She was a beautiful black and white fluffy "kitten" with the shaggy fur of a Maine Coon... I just couldn't leave her there for one more day.