by Maria

Please excuse my Christmas pjs

Please excuse my Christmas pjs

Is my girl a Maine Coon mix?

Hello, this is Patti. I got her from a Sanctuary at 6 months old. She'd been found wandering the streets and there didn't appear to be anyone looking for her.

She was very thin when I got her but she has filled out very quickly.

Patti is 9 months old now, she has a little ruffle around her neck, however it's hard to see it in photos, as close up you can see the definitive line between the ruffle and the rest of her coat. I wonder if this ruffle will get fluffier as she gets older?

Patti is such a lovely friendly girl and will greet anyone who comes to the house, although she will sulk sometimes if she feels someone has stolen my attention to long!

She loves to play and catch prey (not live animals) but then she just licks them.

Everyone comments on Patti's lovely long tail and when she went to the cattery when I was away for the night they nicknamed her 'little foxy'.

She also makes some very odd noises, sometimes I think she sounds a bit like a pigeon. I've realized she doesn't often actually 'meow' she tries to communicate with other noises.

There is also her long body shape as well that has made me question whether she is part Maine Coon.

She has such a funny character, she's very intelligent but also can be clumsy and silly. The other day she ran to jump on her 'prey' and misjudged how wide the door was open and ran into the door, but she then proceeded to go around the room and hit all the other wooden objects!

She also has little tufts of fur in her ears which I read is a trait.

Sometimes I look at her and think she has a Maine Coon look about her, and other times I don't see it!

I'd be interested to see what other people think.

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