October 2011 Album

Welcome to our album of Maine Coon Cat Pictures for October 2011. We have quite a few beauties here! (Comments are closed in this archived October Album)

Kelimcoons Candy Cane

By: by Dunja
(Goffstown, NH)
purebred silver patch tabby kitten

Candy and her equally stunning brother, Murphy, have sent in lots of pictures! Since there is plenty to see and read about them, they have their own page.

Come meet Kelimcoons Candy Cane & Pawstuctaway McMurphy!


By: Cindy Persichetti
(Concord, NH)

jasmine the brown tabby maine coon girl

Jasmine has more energy and can jump higher than any cat I have ever owned.

She is beautiful, is obsessed with sinks and tubs, and acts more like a dog than a cat.

She is great for entertaining guests and is a pleasure to have around. She rides well in the car, and she visits and stays with "her grandparents" (about an hour away) at least once a month.

I adopted Jasmine last year from the SPCA and feel as though she is lucky to now have two homes where she is loved.


by: Dunja

Awe, she is so precious! Sounds like she has found a wonderful home with you. What a cutie!

"Sissy" and "Henry"

By: by Nancy
(Franklin, NC)

two cats maine coon and russian blue

"Sissy" found us on our Sunday-Before-Church-Walk in Mid-July. She bounded out of a pasture and creek area after we heard her distressed cries.

I was trying to figure out how to get through 5 strands of rusty barb-wire to see what was in trouble when we saw her coming toward us....I sat down, she landed in my lap and never stopped purring!

We alreay had "Henry" our Russian Blue who was feral and not accepting of other cats so we put her in the basement...then at Church I tried to find her a home.

When I got home I told my husband I probably had a home for her and he said "no way! We have bonded!"

maine coon & russian blue cat

The next step was a visit to the vet who said it was unlikely we had a pure Maine Coon given the circumstances.....however, she had all of the traits and characteristics so if we told him we had just purchased a "Maine Coon" from a breeder he would not argue!

She was given a clean bill of health...at that time she was 4 pounds and about 2 months old. We brought her home and started the "introduction" process....it had failed in the past but we so wanted it to work this time...and we thought given the fact she was younger than others we had tried...and also female...it might just work. After about a month....it did work!

maine coon & russian blue cat

The photos I have sent show her at 5 months...Sissy loves water...even comes into the shower with me; is a pest in the kitchen; loves high places and is interested in everyone and everything.

She does not go outside but enjoys our decks and porches where she can watch the birds...she did manage to catch one that I rescued thankfully...but what a hunter she would be!

She and "Henry" are big buddies.....as you can see from the photos.

I understand from the newsletter that without papers we cannot assume she is pure-bred but by golly, we still think she is!

We live in the country and where she was found was no where near a home or houses...so we suspect someone "dumped" her. We can't wait until she is a year old....wonder how big she will get!


what a "sweetie"
What a sweetie of a cat....and a wonderful home she has found!!

The Kids...
Looks like the "kids" have gone viral! So cute Your "cat loving" friend...

by: Dunja

What a beautiful kitty! Love her sweet face :)

Your Maine Coon is cute
I wish I could find a wondering Maine Coon over here in Malaysia.. I would love to have 1 :). Now I only have a mix Maine Coon but she's not as big as real Maine Coon, she just longer than normal cat :P

My Maine-Coon Mix Kitty

By: Barbara
(Framingham, MA)

kitty the maine coon mix lined up with stuffed animals
Will the real kitty please stand up!

Kitty is a year old and more like a watch dog. She doesn't miss a trick.

She loves people and follows us around from room to room. She loves being brushed and expects a back massage after giving you a kiss!


Kitty, kitty, kitty?
by: Helen

You had me going there for a moment when I first looked at the picture. :) Cute cat!


By: Jody

simba the classic brown tabby maine coon
Simba just chilling

Very loving and friendly a true lap cat, wants to be everywhere you are.

by: Dunja

What a beautiful boy he is!! Love his sweet face. I can tell he's a sweetheart.

by: Sharon

He? is gorgeous!


By: by Jana

sheila the gray and white maine coon kitten

Sheila 4 months old


What classic ears!

A real winner.

by: Patti D

What a cutie Pie, she's adorable.. Good Luck to you both!!! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful kitty with the rest of us!!!


By: Carolyn Cintron
(Hagerstown, Maryland, )

beauty the brown tabby maine coon

We live in a apartment complex. Back last winter when there was snow on the ground we saw her hanging around between the two buildings.

One day when I came home I saw her huddled down next to a bush. She would wonder away then come back.

One night my son was taking the trash out she was standing outside the glass door looking in. It broke my heart so I took her in she had scabs on her body she wasn't quite full grown.

She is truly beautiful doing great very lovable girl.


Lucky Girl
by: Rene

She's a blessed Girl to find a kind Mommy.

I have Beauty's twin
by: Joretta

I saw Beauty and she is a exact twin to my cat, Scrappie! The only difference is scrappie is a Bob tail, otherwise they are identical. Enjoy their personality, it's remarkable. Scrappie has been somewhat of a best friend, when no one else was there.

GOD Bless,

by: Buster & Isabelles mom

She is so pretty, bless your heart for getting her past the scabs and taking her into your heart. Some folks wouldnt touch a fur-person with issues. We hope she stays healthy and content with you.

Your Beauty is.....
by: Dale

Beautiful! And so lucky to have found you....she looks completely content!

Shes lovely
by: Diane

I'd have taken her in too...she's a perfect match to my boy Rueben :)


By: Mirellys
(Washington, DC)

black maine coon kitten

6 month old crazy critter! Loves to play fetch! =^..^=

Our Jake

By: Dale

jake the brown classic tabby maine coon lounging by the fireplace

Our Jake!

Jake was a Whisker Rescue rescue. We, as volunteers of the Whisker Rescue organization, saw him, wanted him, but didn't act quickly enough and he was adopted to someone else.

We were happy for him but sad for us. Two weeks later, Jake scooted out the door of his new home and was lost.

We spent 6 weeks looking for him and a lot of $$$ in flyers, etc. After six weeks we thought we should try and 'let it go'....but then, that one right phone call came in...."we have your Jake"!....

After many, many calls from people with strays that weren't Jake, we were not hopeful...but these callers insisted...'we have your Jake"! We quickly got in the car and went down to check it out....'Happy Story Ending'...It was our Jake!

But, he wasn't 'our' Jake because there was the adoptive people who'd had him to consider! We knew we could not lose him...we were willing to pay big....Jake was meant to be with us and we knew it!

Whisker Rescue contacted the adoptive owners, told them the story of our long search for Jake, and they were happy to let us have him! Now Jake is ours...we love him completely!

He's our first Maine Coone and we now know what a very special breed of cat Maine Coons are!

We love our Jakeipoo!!!


Jake...meant to be ours...
by: Dale

Thanks and you are so right! There is a feeling/connection that is actually quite overwhelming and wonderful!

Written in the stars
by: Helen

There are some cats that the minute you set eyes on them you KNOW they have to be yours. I'm so glad you found Jake. He is glad too!


By: Tanya
tiger with sunglasses on

He is such a sweet cat. He loves attention, and loves the camera.

Our Handsome Tequila

By: Lily C
(BC, Canada)
tequila the purebred maine coon

He's just over 6 months old. He is a brown tabby with white purebred Maine Coon. He can "shake a paw" and he loves playing peek a boo.


Now those are Lynx tips
by: Sharon

Oh my what a beauty!!

Sweet Boy
by: Baerbel

He is adorable, love the tips on his ears!

What a tail
by: Helen

Wow, what a tail and a double wow on the lynx points! Call him Top Shelf Tequila!

My Sweet Boy
by: Lily C
Thank you for all the comments.

His lynx tips measures 1 1/4 inch in length.

Jean Baptiste Dorian, 11 weeks

By: Billy Kurniawan
(Bandung, Indonesia)

dorian the silver tabby maine coon kitten

Dorian is 11 weeks old male Maine Coon. He loves to climb curtains, cubboards, windows, everything..

Love him very much...


by: Dawn

Awww what a gorgeous boy you have there. Hope you have a long and wonderful life together, like I did with mine. xx

by: Frances

Does he have a portrait in the attic?

What a look-a -like!!!
by: Joretta

I have a Maine coon that looks just like Dorian. They could be twins. What a handsome guy!!


By: Baerbel
(Los Angeles CA)

bentley the purebred brown tabby maine coon

Hi my name is Baerbel and the handsome little guy in the pictures is our Maine Coon "Bentley".

Bentley is currently 11 month olds and weighs 16lbs and 10 oz. We got Bentley from a Breeder 3 months after our 17 year old Maine Coon Mix "Chase" had passed from a battle with cancer.

We were so heart broken and first did not want another cat but the house was just to empty and something huge was missing, so we decided to contact a Maine Coon Breeder. Chase was a rescue cat, Maine Coon mix and this time we decided to have a pure breed Maine Coon based on their great personalities.

We contacted a Breeder which came highly recommended and Bentley came to us on January 8th, 2010 at the tender age of 8 weeks.

We are so happy to have Bentley in our lives, he is the sweetest cat and really shows all the characteristics a Maine Coon is made off. I just had surgery 3 days ago and he is not leaving my side. He is so loyal and ever so gentle.

We were told by his Breeder that Bentley will continue growing until 4-5 years of age. He is already huge, we can't wait to see what handsome guy he will grow into!


He is a beautiful cat! He is 16 lbs already! Stunning to say the least!

Bentley is stunning!
by: Ruebens mum

He is a beautiful cat and looks like he has a big personality :)

by: Kenia
What a handsome little fella! Cutest Maine Coon in the Nation!

Response to all
by: Baerbel

Thank you all so much for all the nice comments on our Bentley! We are so proud to have him. He is a real ham, loves everyone, is super funny and very gentle and sweet.

In regards to the cat tree. We bought it at Costco's for $75.- however, I have not seen any cat trees lately at Costco's. Petsmart also sells a cat tree with a larger tray on the top to accommodate a larger cat. Hope this helps!

Bentley's Tree
by: Sharon

Would you share the manufacturer of your cat tree and tell us why you like it? Always a challenge to find good sturdy trees for LARGE cats (especially several large cats!) This site has good info on trees, but I don't recognize yours.

wild looking
by: Sandie

Love his "wild" look, but I bet he's just a sweetie...:)

by: Frances

Looking at thoes paws he will be huge.

A knockout!
by: Jessy

He looks essence-of-Maine-Coon.

Bentley is magnificent!
by: Sharon

Oh my, so handsome. He looks like a lover boy, just look at those eyes!!

Meet Hobo

By: Sandie
(Mesa, AZ)

red tabby rescued cat

We have only had him 2 days...he is a rescue and he is huge at only 1 yr.

Such a gentle giant and not at all aggressive towards our other pets. What a love he is.


Gentle Giants
by: Patti

You're so lucky to have rescued one of these wonderful cats. I have a female and I just love her. She'll be 3 this year . Good Luck with your new guy!!!

Lucky you
by: Frances

I bet he rules your house already!

quite a character
Oh yes he does...He has opened every cabinet and drawer in this house to investigate and yesterday morning he actually stood up and opened the bathroom door by the handle while my hubby was in there...I would never have believed it if I didn't see him actually do it. He is so loving and gentle.

A Big Guy
by: Helen

Has Hobo opened your box of Cheerios and helped himself? Oh, and after he's full he will find they make enjoyable tiny hockey pucks to bat around the floor. :)

When he really settles in no telling how much mischief he will get into.

OMG Helen...seriously?? I'll have to put childproof latches on our pantry....LOL

Dynah Mae

By: Angela Simmons
(Poplar Bluff, MO)

dynah mae the brown tabby maine coon girl

Dynah is my "first child" and has all the symptoms of the first child.

In her 12 yrs of life she has endured 6 moves, 2 more cats, and 3 dogs. She was very "disturbed" by moving and by every introduction of each new animal.

Eventually, she came around but in reality she would just love to be an only child again. She doesn't like storms, her feet being touched, or annoying little dogs.

She loves her wet food, her favorite chair, and me!


Hello, Dynah Mae!
by: Pat in Ocala

You look a lot like my MiMi and have the same dislikes in life. MiMi is our "baby" since our son is grown. She brings us much joy and daily companionship, just as you do to your owner.

I am wishing you much love and happiness with your family.

annastesia the black and white cat

This Is Annastesia

By: Fusciah
(Jacksonville, FL)

Anna loves plants! especially when she can dig in them! .... : )lol

oscar the purebred silver maine coon boy

Hi I'm Oscar

By: Frances
(Sufflok England)

Note From Editor:
Oscar's owner, Frances, has sent in updates and extra photos over time, so he has been given his very own page.

Follow this link to Meet Oscar!

Smokey Cody

By: Catsrbetter
(South Florida)

smokey cody the black smoke maine coon

Cody came to me from an animal rescue society. When I adopted him he had a severe case of coccidia and was quite small for his age.

He appeared to be about two months old but the vet said he was closer to four! With what I spent at the vet trying to get him well again, I could have bought a purebred Maine Coon kitten but then I wouldn't have found this very special guy.

When I introduced him to our home all he wanted to do was RUN! He ran and jumped and climbed like, well, "Wild Bill" Cody.

He ran like he must have spent most of his little life cooped up in a cage. He has made me a very happy mommy by being able to give this spunky little bud a forever home.

Cody is seven years old now and it looks like he has topped out at 12.6 lbs.

I have a registered female Maine Coon who is nearly the same weight but she has the body build of a mastiff while Cody is built more like a Doberman.

I can't help but wonder if Cody hadn't had such a stubborn bout of coccidia during his kittenhood, what size would he have been able to achieve?

Rocco & Captain Hook

By: Betsy Stevens (Rocco) & Kathy Boyd (Captain Hook)
two maine coon brothers

Note From Editor:

Rocco and Captain Hook are brothers from the same litter, adopted by coworkers. I've combined their two pages into one, so you can get to know them better.

Come meet Rocco and Captain Hook!


By: Dawn
(Leicester, UK)
rip tigger the brown and white maine coon

Note From Editor:

Tigger was added to our Rainbow Bridge section this month. As a Rainbow Bridge entry, he has his own personal memorial page.

Follow this link to learn more about this special boy: Tigger, and read or leave comments.

Thornplum Marley, OakBluff Elliot Blue Boy,

& Sir Arthur Brandybuck of Addison Downs

By: Sharon Cousins Giannatto
(Brooklin, ME, USA)

oakBluff elliot blue boy
OakBluff Elliot Blue Boy
thornplum marley
Thornplum Marley
sir arthur brandybuck of addison downs
Sir Arthur Brandybuck of Addison Downs

Note From Editor:

These three stunning boys are brothers! There is plenty to learn about them, so they have their own page. Come visit it, and get to know Marley, Arthur & Elliot!

And after you check out their page (leave a comment if you wish) you may want to see Elloit's Feature Spread in our newsletter, Tattle Tails!

Mowglie Bowglie

By: Melissa Clyne
(Cumbria - England)

young red maine coon cat

Hi we have a 6 month old Maine Coon, I suspect he's more intelligent than he lets on hehe.

He is very much my cat, his tail I think is the main grooming point for me as when he goes out he gets all sorts in it trees burrs etc.

We weighed him about 2 months ago he was bordering on 4kg.

He has his own chair, we bought him a soft dog bed which he wont use without a fleece in, he sleeps with me behind my head. He likes to embarrass me by dragging undies about.

We have 2 other cats, they are my babies and they are tabbies a classic tabby and mackerel tabby.

They all hare around the house chasing one another, they often sound like a heard of elephants sometimes.

Our Marley Katt

By: Donnie & Janeen
(Seattle, Wa)

marley the kitten
Marley Katt,
First day I brought her home

marley on the deck
Marley Katt, Relaxing on
the deck & watching the snow

marleys nap time
Marley's nap time
marleys most recent picture

I've posted Marley's picture on here in the past, but did not give any further details. A few of you had requested to know more about her, so we are happy to share and update! Enjoy!

This is Marley Katt..She is a year 1/2,And I got her as a kitten for my wife when she graduated from nursing college, she absolutely loves to cuddle and sleep with her mom and dad at night..

Loves her Fancy Feast and temptations treats..She enjoys spending her afternoons lounging out on the deck, watching birds, chasing the squirrels and carrying pine cones back inside the house to us.

She has an unreasoning passion for watching the toilet flush, loves to lay on the newspaper while you're trying to read it, always runs up an greets us when we get home from work.

And always has some kind of crazy trick to make you laugh.

She has brought so much joy to us both, wouldn't trade her for anything..

marleys most recent picture


Beautiful Girl
Oh my goodness, she is just beautiful. How old is she? Bubba gave her a paws up :) Please share more information about Marley, we think she is beautiful and Bubba (our Maine Coon) thinks she is just Adorable.

Thank you for sharing,
Joann & Bubba

A Doll!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Donnie & Janeen,

She's a doll! Love that fur coming out of her ears, and she has such nice marking, too. Enjoy her :-)

hillary sleeping


By: Bridgett
(Omaha, Nebraska)

Hillary is a 10 year old Maine Coon. She came into our lives 3 1/2 years ago and has brought so much joy to our family. She is full of life and character.

She is definitely the superior being in our house. We have a dog that is 3 times bigger than Hillary.

Yet, our dog is well aware of who is boss in the house. Hillary loves to hide around the corner and pounce on the dog as she walks by. She is truly a joy.


by: Melly

What is it with Maine Coons and the backs of couches. My cat loves to sit right next to me and have his paw on my shoulder or within striking distance lol

My New Kitty

By: Michelle
(Golden, CO)

newly adopted black kitty

I got him at a shelter as a stray. He makes super cute noises and so mild mannered, more so than any cat I've ever had.

And becoming super affectionate even after only being here for a day from the shelter.

He is super fluffy, thick undercoat and long over coat. His tail is super long as well. Love him to death!! : )


Fine-Looking Cat!
by: Jessy

Many happy years to the both of you!

My New Kitty
by: Kim

He looks identical to my late Maine Coon, named Nero.

RE: My New Kitty
by: Michelle

Thank you! Just got him so I hadn't groomed him much yet. : )

by: Maria

He is just as handsome as my Shadow. Beautiful cats.

by: Louise

Just like my Sam. Black cat are the best.


By: Renee
(Ridgely, MD)

fiona the tabby resue maine coon

We found Fiona at the Humane Society and fell in love right away. We knew she was different but didn't realize she was a Maine Coon until we saw a show on Animal Planet describing their characteristics... which she fits PERFECTLY!


Animal Planet
by: Busters furrperson
Yep, that was probably the same show we saw and the description fits purrrfectly. Fiona is a poster child for Maine Coons

Diva Molly From South Africa

By: Gillian Roffe
(South Africa)

purebred silver maine coon cat

Note From Editor:

We had three pages from Diva Molly, and now they are all together in one. Come meet Diva Molly, read her updates, and maybe leave a comment of your own!

There are some beautiful pictures of her to see, too!

Click to visit Diva Molly From South Africa

Liam Neeson

By: Jacob

liam neeson the maine coon kitten

maine coon kitten with teddy bear

This is my Maine Coon kitten. His name is Liam Neeson. He is 8 weeks old :D I'm so excited to have him in my life.


By: Alex
(Arlington, VA)
gigi the gray tabby maine coon girl

Just the most lovable and sweet kitten one could have! She's all Coon!


By: Robin
(Henderson, NV)
journey the black cat

I got Journey from our local shelter when he was 9 weeks old. He was little and sickly.

Hard to believe that he is now 1 year old and weighs 17 pounds!

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For October:

Sophie-Maybe Maine Coon?

By: Stephanie (Columbus, Ohio)

Sophie is about 3 months old. Her mom was dropped off my friend's barn where she had 2 beautiful kittens (Sophie and Little Bear).

We brought Sophie home 2 weeks ago and she has been a treat! She is so playful and curious and has a purr that is MUCH too big for her little size.

A friend of mine mentioned that she looked like a Maine Coon so I started doing some research and sure enough she does.

Her mom and sister have the same fuzzy ears and distinct layer of fur around their neck as she does. I think she looks like a little bob cat!

She has already made herself at home in our family.


Your kitten is a Maine Coon Cat
by: Vincent and Maggie

She is a Maine Coon Cat. We have a Maine Coon Cat. He is so sweet.

Bella & Family Plus An Extra Cat

By: Leah
bella and family

Bella was the kitten of a neighbor's cat. The mother brought her brother and sister to our house and left them here. At the same time, another cat showed up and was hanging out, also a female.

My kids found our kitten in the woods behind our house which are close. Therefore I am not completely sure if all kittens are from the same litter.

I never took the cat back to the neighbor, she had offered me a kitten shortly before and my son went down to tell her we kept one for ourselves and gave another to my niece. The kitten my niece has is short haired and has very defined stripes, ours and the brother have long hair.

Our kitty, Bella has many characteristics as a Maine Coon. Such as dog like behavior, playfulness, standing on back legs, almost having conversation, telling us when she wants food.

Bella Update

journey the black cat

The first thing I noticed about our kitten is that she has unusually large paws. I almost thought she had mitten paws until I counted only 5 toes.

She also has a mane around her neck the fur is much longer and her coat is un-even. She has very defined striped markings which are sort of hidden due to her long hair.

I also think her ears are rather large and bob cat like w/ the fur sticking out. I decided to research and I feel she definitely has a lot of the personality traits of a Maine Coon.

She is very playful. She will play with almost any object she finds on the floor. While in a playful mood she will attack any part of your body that is moving, but always in a playful manner, never mean. She has done this often while I type at the computer.

I also thought it was strange that she allows my 3 yr old daughter to carry her around without a fuss. She is definitely a lap cat. The strangest thing she does which I've never seen is she stands on her back legs.

She follows me around every where. She lets us know when she wants something. I always say she reminds me of a little dog. She is definitely a "different" cat for sure!

Harry Cat :)

By: Laura

My beautiful boy :) Enjoying the autumn sun

We adopted Harry from the RSPCA back in July.

One of my first thoughts about him when I saw him was his beautiful ruff around his neck, his bushy tail and also the fact he is very solid, not fat at all but very rectangular and stocky.

One of my friends saw a photo of him and having a Maine Coon herself asked if he was a Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix.

We went through a few things such as the tufts of fur between his paws, his tail and so far I am unable to reach a decision!

If any of you are able to let me have your thoughts on him that would be great.



by: Helen

Harry isn't quite as "bushy" as most purebreds, but he certainly is a handsome ginger cat and has the "coonie" look about his head. Laying on his back is a coon cat trait too. No matter what he is you will enjoy him.

Handsome boy
by: Marg

Harry is a very handsome boy, there is something about ginger cats I think. :-) He looks like he is Maine Coon X to me like my Charlie Brown. Yes, mine is ginger but lighter in colour and has whorls on his sides instead of stripes. Enjoy your beautiful boy. :-)

I Think Rueben Might Have A touch Of Coon

By: Diane Brenchley
(Christchurch New Zealand)

Rueben likes to stretch out and show off his glorious tummy

Rueben likes to stretch out and show off his glorious tummy

Rueben likes to stretch out and show off his glorious tummy handsome lad Reuben look how tiny Reuben was Rueben the lookout guard

He is completly insane in a good way, he doesnt think he's a cat, he thinks he's a dog.

His favourite toy is a peg that he plays fetch with. He also likes straws and will pinch one right our of your drink if you're not watching it lol.

He was soooo tiny when we got him, his mother stopped feeding so we got him at 5 wks and was only 180 grams, he's about 16 mths now and weighs 5 kg of pure muscle.

He trills and chirps when you talk to him and if he wants something really bad like to go outside he yowls untill someone gets up and opens the door for him.

He is very people orientated yet doesn't seek your lap when you sit on the couch prefering to sit up on the back of the chair and keep an eye on you from above but will follow you around the house if you leave the room.

I love him sooo much, he is my furbaby for sure.


He looks just ike my Maine Coon....sounds like he is...est cats in the world i have two and i love them both!!!!

by: Theresa

He looks like a Maine Coon. I was wondering how long he was because he looks long. My coon is longer than the average house cat. On all the main coon sites that I went on they all said that main coon cats are late bloomers and they don't start maturing until the age of 5. I do hope this is true because my boy is 2 / 3 and long. I am hoping he grows as big as other coon cats I seen. :-)

Thanks for your comments :)
My mother also had a part Maine Coon cat also and he was HUGE so there was no mistaking but Rubes' being so small at birth was hard to tell untill he hit one and just starting growing and yes he's amzeingly long, will have to try and measure him one day when he's stretched out...whichis often as he likes to show off, and yes they are the best cats to have, my husband isnt a dog person so Maine coons are the next best thing lol...he loves my 12 yr old son and spends a lot of time hanging out with him and playing hide n seek and will jump out when you least expect it lol.


By: Rachael
(Newcastle, NSW, Australia)

We adopted Tonks from a rescue service when we got her she had extremely short hair because her previous owner had given her a haircut.

All we were told was that she was a short haired cat! Imagine our surprise when she grew quite a long coat!

When we first got Tonks I was surprised at how friendly and affectionate she was! In fact in the first few days we noticed how much like a dog she was.

One such example is that she is always at the front door to greet us and loves to meet new people (especially males for some odd reason). Her favourite place to be is wherever we happen to be.

She is very vocal as well and likes to "talk" to us if we aren't paying her enough attention. She doesn't like water although she is interested in the shower (just not the getting wet part!)

At the moment she is around 9 months old and desexed. I believe she is a Maine Coon because of her tail and her friendly disposition!

I apologise for the poor quality photos, she doesn't tend to stay still for very long!


Pretty Girl
by: Krying

Tonks is a real beauty!

by: Helen

What a beautiful plume she has. Does she "tail talk?" My Coonie tells me exactly how he feels with his tail.

by: Theresa

You have a Maine Coon cat. You could see that it is a Maine Coon because of her tail and the famous M on her forehead. Maine Coon cats are very vocal; a little too vocal. :-) Your cat looks like my cat.

He spent a lot of time under my couch when I rescued him and was worried that he would never come out, but on the advise of the readers Last Chance did come out and became part of the family now - I wish he would go back under the couch. :-)

For a cat that was abused he learned very quickly that he is king. He is demanding and very subborn. His words and his facial expressions you know exactly what he is feeling. He will relentlessly let you know. Last Chance is not affectionate or lovable and I wish he was. He is his own cat.

He will lay next to you, but watch out if you try to touch him he will growl and attack and than walk away mad. My husband tells me all the time that he does love me in Last Chance way and wants to be next to me, but it doesn't mean that I should or he wants to be touched. He really isn't a nice loving guy, but I still love him.

Is My Cat A Coon

By: Gary



Bob Bob Bob


I picked my cat up from a local spca, and do not really have any background on him.

Looking over this website, He looks very similar to most of the cats here. He is now about a year old, and I would not say he is any larger than a normal cat.

But his features and personality fit a lot of what you all describe. Was wondering if you could help and let me know if you think he has any coon in him.

I am attaching photos.


For Sure!
I reckon Bob just may be!

My little girl Millie is basically a female version of Bob! She also shares alot of personality traits and features of a Maine Coon - but she is normal size too! I got her from the Cat Protection Society in my state (in Australia) and they just said she was a Domestic Medum Hair. But I am not so sure!

I Agree
by: Susan

I agree. I have a male blue long haired cat named Rye. I think he is part Maine Coon and part Domestic Long Hair. He has both traits. He is a 17 pound kitty. But he also might have some Norwegian Forest Cat in him too somewhere. Not sure.

I appreciate the responses. I got him when he was around 8 months and he was 8lbs then. Now is is about a year and a few months. I am just curious after reading on this site the they are full grown around 3 years old. I think it will be neat to have him big. Can't wait to see him grow. He is very playful now as he is.

At the very least
by: jessy

He's a handsome cat. And he does look like a Maine Coon. And you say he behaves like one too? Well, I'd say that's good enough.

My own marmalade mackerel tabby is at 5 months outstripping my 13-year old "miniature Maine Coon" (a joke), who is admittedly at 6 lb a runt, and his tail is growing nonstop. A real dustcatcher.

What a Beauty
by: Cat w.

He really has the Maine Coon look. If Bob has the personality, you are lucky indeed.

Size Questions?
by: Katie- Jacksonville FL

I also got my cat from the pound and they said he was a domestic short hair (yeah right) I took one look at those paws & ears...I knew exactly what he was!

I know you mentioned his size...what kind of food are you feeding him? I feed mine the Blue Buffalo kitten food, I know it's expensive but he has grown SO much in the short period of time I have had him. It also helps in making his coat so soft & smooth. I got him back in June of this year, about 2 months and only 2 lbs. He is a MC mix, not a pure bred MC cat. He is now 7 months and weighs 10 lbs.

Also do you ration out his food or always leave some available for him? I'm sure all cats grow at their own speed, he is very handsome and you can see the Maine Coon in him =)

Thanks All.
by: Gary P

Just wanted to add a few notes. We feed him science diet food. Seems he likes that the best. Some darn reason he does not like any canned or soft food. But his thing is temptations treats. We tried greenies for his breath but that was a no go as well. I have not weighed him but I would say he is around 10 to 12 lbs now. He is the baby of the household. He is very affectionate. Loves to lick and lick. My favorite thing is he loves to give massages. We always Chase each other around the house. Meaning one moment I am chasing him and the next its his turn to chase me. It's actually fun to try and jump out and scare him. But be prepared to have him do the same. Wired habits? Well chasing and eating flies.


By: Susan



Casey Casey at the shelter Casey has huge paws Casey on the condo

I rescued Casey from a no kill shelter 6 weeks ago along with another cat.

I think he is a Maine Coon mix because he is huge - 15 pounds - has a long silky coat, ruff around his neck and has huge paws with tufts of fur between his toes both back and front.

He is the sweetest cat - he follows me around the house and is aways near me whether I am watching TV or sitting at my computer.

He sleeps next to me and has a very quiet chirping meow for such a big cat. I am so lucky that he chose me when I sat down to look at cats at the shelter.

His previous owners moved and left him sitting on the doorstep. I just can not imagine someone leaving this awesome guy behind.


Doorstep Cat
by: Helen

He Looks The Part
by: Dean

From his behaviors and that tail plus his size I would say he is probably part Maine Coon. I am glad he found you.


By: Sue M
(Auburn, MA)



Gracie! Gracie loves catnip! Gracie's baby pic...first day a home. Gracie at a year old

Gracie is a rescue kitty. She was found tied in a pillow case that had been thrown off the highway. She has two other sibling, both of whom have been adopted to "forever homes." This is her "baby" picture.

She is now a one year old who loves to talk, climb her cat tree, frolic with her housemate Molly (a tuxedo) and play in running water!

I do believe she thinks she's a dog...Gracie meets me at the door upon my return from work and occasionally "join" me in the shower for a quick rinse...her idea, not mine.

She is an awesome little friend!


by: Sharon

Oh my, she is cute. Cannot believe someone discarded her litter in a pillow case, despicable. So glad to hear she and her litter mates have their forever homes. She's a beauty.

by: Dean

I will never understand people doing that to any animal! Really! How hard is it to take them to a shelter or find a loving home for them?! Thank God she and her litter mates were rescued!

So...do you think she has Maine Coon in her genetic makeup?
by: Sue

Hi all,
Thanks for the comments....Gracie is wonderful!

So, do you think she has Maine Coon in her genetic makeup?

On another note, I love getting Tattle Tails through email...thanks to everyone!

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