November 2015 Photo Album

Welcome to our November 2015 Album! Let us share our fabulous, furry family members that we are so grateful for.

Boomer - The Survivor

By: Christina Jenkins in Richardson, TX



Boomer Boomer

Boomer was dropped by someone at my front door at about 4 months of age.

Something had tried to break his neck and he was paralyzed from the pressure of the swelling on his spinal cord. Near death from starvation he started to show signs of strength with good food, water and a warm bed.

As I cared for him and the swelling subsided he slowly regained his ability to first crawl on his belly, then walk. After much time and physical therapy, he learned to run and jump up on my desk.

Boomer is now 8 years old and a beautiful, 16 pound loving cat but it took him a great deal of time to build up trust in people. He likes hanging out with my corgis and thinks he is part dog, sitting up and begging for food at the table.



By: Astrid in Holland

This is our 6 months old Nora from Holland! She CAN be a real sweetheart, but she is also a lot of work sometimes;) We love her very much.



By: By: Lisa Cornect in Lake Echo Nova Scotia

Rosie is 16wks old and we are so in love. A great addition to our family and gets along well with our 2 Corgi's. She loves to play fetch. Truly a special breed. She is our first Maine coon and we love her to bits.

My Boy Shadow

By: Ralph Bailey in phx.Az. 85015 USA

He has been a Special Kitty, I've had him for 10 yrs last month. I am Terminal with Liver Disease and he is the reason I'm still here. When i'm tired and don't want to do any thing he makes me perk up to start playing with him. In the morning he is all over me, if I sleep too long to him.

My boy is very sick with Pancreatitis and IBS, I am trying to take care of him the best I can, with no car or money to keep going to the Vets, he doesn't eat much most of the time hardly any, he is down to 13 lbs. from his usual weight of 25, he was my big Boy. I feel so bad I can't get him the care he needs to make him better.

I try every day to find Help but I can't find any. At least I been making payments to his Vet, the only one in Phx. that does that. With no car I have to beg on Facebook to get a ride for him and food for him. In between the throwing up and can't go Poop, he is all ways wanting to play. I'm not sure if I should take him to the Vets for the last time, he is all I have in the world, I don't know if I want to go on after he's gone.

My Boy shadow is a Very Special Kitty, he deserves a longer Life that I wish I could give him!!

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For December:



By: Kara in St Charles, MO

My kitten Brady is 6 months old. He was given to me by a friends parents. He is very very fluffy and all friends say he is Maine Coon.

I have no background other then the place him and his sister, Lady (my friend took her) were born in a town where there are strays everywhere and then people's cats come home pregnant. So we know nothing.

Brady is tall and fluffy with and extremely long and fluffy tails and lady is super tiny with the shortest fur! So weird. Brady also has that M on his forehead!

Oryx is he a mix?

By: Kairlyn in Wodonga


Oryx Oryx Oryx Oryx

Only just bought our baby from the pet shop.

Multiple people have pointed out the parts of him that look Maine Coon. He is such a smoocher but also very playful.

Constantly following us around the house he is awesome Maine Coon or not, we are just curious :)

Felix... "Am I a Maine Coon?"

By: Toni in Raleigh, NC


Mr Felix

Felix Felix Felix Felix

We rescued him from a local shelter. He was listed as a domestic med-long hair that is approximately 5 years old.

My husband grew up with the neighbor's two Maine coon cats and thought he was Maine coon within 48 hours. Aside from his large size (13 lbs of muscle. He isn't fat!), love of water, hours of playing with toys, and quirky personality, the only way to describe him is different than any other cat we've owned!

Since he came from a shelter, we just aren't sure even though we have strong suspicion.



By: Aly in New Hampshire

She is such a cuddly sweet cat.

She doesn't meow, just makes chirping noises. She loves playing pass and hide and seek.


Is Merlin a Maine Coon?

By: Amanda in St. Louis, MO, USA

I adopted Merlin 3 months ago from a shelter. He was brought in as a stray but was obviously loved and cared for.

He immediately wanted to be held and petted. He is very vocal and wants to greet anyone that comes into our home.

I don't have his exact measurements or weight, but he is considerably larger than our other cat.



By: Jessica in Tulsa, OK

She looks like it to me! But it's the "front and center" personality that convices me. Extraordinarily loving!!

Winston Spenser from Malaysia

By: Diane Tan in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Winston Spenser
Winston Spenser

He is a 12 week old kitten and full of life. He's very playful. He's Persian and Maine Coon mix.

He loves water and although he's not a lover of a bath he doesn't complain much when we bathe him weekly. Reminds me of Zoro with his black mask covering his eyes.

Not like any other cat I've had. He has a repertoire of different vocalizations and can be a drama queen when he's hungry with yowling and erratic behaviour when he can't wait to be fed.

A feisty little guy who won't back down and comes back for more rambunctious play.


Is Quincy A Maine Coon? A Mix? I Really Can't Tell

By: Marianne in Saudi Arabia

I really want to know if my cat is a Maine Coon.. If not what breed is he? Anyone?

His Royal Master Sir Jasper of Jessup, Maryland

By: Eydie Lieberman-Mullinax in Jessup, Maryland


that's a feather on his nose. No birds were harmed for the pic!

Jasper Jasper Jasper Jasper

First of all, he is a black cat.

Truly a completely solid black cat. Even his rich undercoat has not a hair that isn't black.He has a large plumed tail. Not too long but the fur on it is long. It's getting bushy as he gets older too. He's got a ruff of fur around his neck almost like a lion. He's got some longer fur on his cheeks around his jowls & also his back legs. Looks like he's wearing pantaloons or bloomers. His coat is a double coat & quite luxurious, very thick. He's got an under coat as well as a longer top coat. He chatters at the birds & squirrels outside the window for hours!

Oh! Wait, one more noteable characteristic...he flops down onto the floor with a thud to be petted. Much like what I have read about the Ragdoll cat.They flop down like a ragdoll,limp. When he rubs against your leg & you reach down to pet him he just does this drop to the floor. He doesn't roll onto his back,it's his side but that's his way of saying "I'm available for you to pet me now...RIGHT NOW, please".

His feet are what I LOVE most about him. He has furr between his toes. Long furr. It's hysterical. I have never seen fur between a cats ...toes?

I do not know how old he is,or where he was born...I have no information on him at all. I got him from a "lost cat" post on Facebook. A girl posted that she had found him on her doorstep & was trying to reunite the cat with it's rightful owner. She wanted to keep him herself but could not.After a few weeks she got in touch with me again and asked me if I was still interested in him,the owners never were found. That evening she brought him to me. She said she thought he was under a year old. I took her word for it,after all what did I know about cats? He was about 9lbs.then 10/8/14, now he weighs in at 14.5lbs. The vet said he was 2yo. in April 2015, when I got him fixed.So he was 1 1/2 when I got him not under a year.

From everything I have read & watched I believe he is a BMC mix. Possibly with Ragdoll or NBC?

It really doesn't matter what he is...because what he my best friend. <3



By: Arline in Ohio

She is the most loving, affectionate, and vocal cat I have ever had. I got her at the local shelter when she was 8 weeks old.

She was a very sick kitten and with lots of love and TLC she has beome a wonderful addition to my life. I always wondered if maybe she was the runt of the litter and since she was sick her owner couldn't sell her.

She is now 2 1/2 yrs old and weighs about 16 lbs. (Most of it fur and tail). The attached picture was taken at 8 months old.

Our Rescue Fur Ball Saki

By: Wendy G. in Atlanta, GA USA



Saki Saki Saki

Saki is a large, handsome beast with medium silky fur, a big ruff and enormous eyes. He's demanding and affectionate, but, since he was raised in a shelter and then fostered out, he's still a little skittish.

His foster family was very good to him, but he didn't get his forever home till 9 months. He sleeps many mights with his head on my shoulder and paws on my neck. He is very devoted to all family members and friendly to people he knows, but he flees from strangers (a remnant of his former skittishness).

He's a large animal and though he's about 18 months old, he seems to be getting bigger.

He is a gentle, sweet boy, though he loves to chase his adopted sister Nino around the house.

Mr. Darcy

By: Beverly in Greensboro, NC
Mr. Darcy
Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy is a 3 month old boy that was born in the wild and lived there until 11 days ago when we were able to trap him and bring him into our home. His mother appeared to be a short haired calico. Father is unknown.

I never knew what a Maine Coon was until I posted a pic on FB and a friend told me she thought he might be part Maine Coon as he has a few traits.

She owns two herself and she said the tufts of hair in ears, lynx tuffs at top of ears, big eyes, M marking over eyes, long hair and polydactyl paws lend himself to the breed. Having been in the wild, it has taken him several days to adjust to the good life.

He meows to get his 65 pound furry sister's attention and he can hold his own with her. He is quite loveable and fun to have around. Our intent was to foster him until we could find a permanent housing solution, but I think he has captured our hearts.

BTW - I don't really care what Mr. Darcy is, but I am a fan of Maine Coon creatures as they are quite regal!


By: Beverly Davis in Wicksburg, Alabama, USA


Buddy 1

Buddy Buddy Buddy Buddy

Buddy is a foundling...a rescue cat. He was found in the woods behind a friend's house and needed a home. Since coming into ours he's taken over. He is now the King of this hill.

Friends say "That's the biggest cat I' ve ever seen! It's not a cat! It's a LION!"

He looks like one, he smirks like one and he roars like one.

After finding your article about deciding if your cat was coon or part coon...I'd like to introduce you guys to our Buddy and see wht you think.

My daughter named him Buddy, but I call him "Sir Twitchy-Tail" because his big fuzzy tail is almost always moving. He thumps it agiainst the floor or the furniture when he just feels the need to let you know he's around.

His voice will awaken you from a sound sleep in the middle of the night if he wants a door opened or his bowl refilled or just to have his ears scratched.

He purrs like a motor boat if you pet, speak or sometimes just look at him. He chases and pounces on things only he can see. He loves playing with our shoes. He will roll himself all over them and try to burry his nose inside them. Sometimes I think that he thinks he's a dog.

He loves to be where he can see outside and appreciates it when I leave the front door open. I have a glass storm door that he loves. He will sit before that door, gazing ourside for hours. Somethimes he stands on his hind legs and paws the door with both front paws repeatedly. We have a vidio of him doing this for a while, then falling down on his side, laying in front of the door and just pawing away at it. Maybe he's playing with his own reflection in the glass.

He's generally friendly and affecinate. He adores beign petted or brushed and doesn't seem to find strangers. He's not picky about who's petting! Just pet and he seems to be in heaven.

He's a big boy, weighing in at 16.5 pounds.

Maine Coon Mixed?


Kitten Kitten Kitten

I adopted him from a shelter recently, he's 5 months old. He is a super active kitten, loves to play fetch and absolutely loves water!

He also loves human presence, greets us when we come home and follows us everywhere, although he still wants his space and independance.

I think he has similarities with the Maine Coon in his look and personnality, but he is for sure mixed. In every case, I don't mind, he's unique and I love him!

New Kitty


Dorothy Dorothy Dorothy

I got Dorothy from a guy who had entirely too many kittens. I was just looking for a furry new addition to the family. I came home with two. Rose is the other one and she was from a different litter.

He told me Dorothy was full Maine Coon, of which I was skeptical but didn't really care. I just thought she was adorable. She was an outside cat until I got her. She hid under the couch for most of the first week.

Now she is very friendly, energetic and playful but still prone to hiding sometimes. She looks a lot like she may have some Maine Coon in her but I am not sure. Very small ear tufts and not the fluffiest tail. Very fluffy overall.

Very big for what I was told her age is, she would be about thirteen weeks now, and absolutely dwarfs Rose who is apparently two weeks younger than her. I'd like to know if my fluffy little snuggle buddy is gonna be as big as my daughter within a few months;) plus I want to know what to expect as far as health issues and life span if she does have some in her. Thanks!

My nightly visitor Simba is inside...

By: Claudia Julien in Edmundston NB, Canada


Simba Simba Simba Simba

Just in time - another storm out there: I decided that Hobo might not suit what this poor fella has gone through and the name SIMBA - THE LION KING is how I registered him at the Vets.

I had been feeding him outside since Christmas, he was "wild" and fearful of humans, but hungry enough to take the food I offered him. He wouldn't let anyone near him so I borrowed a trap and put some tuna inside...he was coming regularly and knew my smell because I had made a shelter for him with one of my sweaterd.

Once inside I left him alone in my spare room with the closed door, and the next day I went in to offer food, he acknowledged me with a mini head rub but growled a little. Had him shaved by a groomer that next day because his fur was so matted there was no way to comb it out, had him dewormed and checked out by my vet - we couldn't have him neutered right away because he was very sick, his paws were damaged too.

This was last March when I brought him inside at that time he wieghed 11 pounds,and measured 24 inches, he was around 1 1/2 years old at most...he now weighs 17 pounds and measures nearly 29 inches.

I have pictures of the day I brought him inside and the progress he made in bonding with was a long process but he has connected with me and docile by nature.

He is gorgeous now, has food issues (always has to have food in his dishes). He isn't too sure about visitors but will now approach them briefly. I didn't want a cat but he found me, so now we are family!


By: Jon in Harrisville NY

Roscoe is 10 months old. He is adopted from a local farm. We're unsure of his parents. His brother is a black tiger stripe; no real resemblance. He has a lot of traits of Coon and personality to a tee.

Just Wondering If Shes Maine Coon Or Beautiful Tabby

By: Zachary in Arizona


Nala Nala Nala

We rescued her. She is almost a year old. We were told she's a Maine Coon but we want a definite yes or no; please help. Her name is Nala.


By: Tammy Scally in Lake Station, IN


Blaze Blaze Blaze

He's a 9 week old bundle of fluff.

Is He A Coon?

By: Zachary in Oelwein, Iowa


Kitten Kitten Kitten Kitten

We were given this kitten that had been wondering around following another cat but got distracted by my grandmother and was left behind so she got scared he'd due in the cold so she brought him here. He is very vocal and playful but also is the most loving and attention seeking cat I've ever been around.

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