November 2013 Photo Album

November, a month to be thankful for all the love in our lives, including our furry family members!


Our Handsome Little "Bear"

By: The Kings in Allen, Texas

After losing our beloved 1 year old maine Coon Kitten "Hunter" we were blessed with "Bear".

He's so manly yet adorable, frisky yet laid back & totally sweet!

He's follows everyone around just like a dog. He loves to lick the kids, mom and dad on the lips, sometimes for a snack but sometimes just for love.

So fast, curious and mischievous, he's just like a little bear cub. We love him soooo much!!!

I like to pose!

Callie The Cat

She came into our home two years ago.

She was found outside in a neighboring city. She is the life of our home and a very loving cat.


By: Ruth Kossoff in Cherry Grove, Fire Island, New York


Scout Scout

Our precious kitty - now 9 months old - 8.5 pounds of joy.

She has been at our beach house in Cherry Grove, Fire Island. she loves hanging out watching the birds. We toss her on our shoulders and go out the steps on the beach.

She loves the seagulls and the ocean and deer. she just sits on our laps and absorbs all around her. It's the only time she is a lap cat. We love her so.


The Duchess

By: Susan Lee in Manchester, UK

Dulce (Baranchri Dulciana) is a 9 year old brown Tortoiseshell Maine Coon.

She has lived with us for 3 years now and clearly rules the roost!

Taz.. Basking In The Sun!

By: Angelia Carter in Baltimore, MD


Taz Taz

11yrs yound female... Taz. Very laid back, very lovable. Where I lay she's right under. Quite, playful, enjoys playing with her shadow and her brother Max, grey tuxedo tabby. She loves to hear me sing with the stare of those beautiful green eyes.

Please post my baby! She's the best Maine Coon one can own!
Thanks, Angie

Cattery Maine Coon Re-Jan Moravia

By: Renata Nociarova in Ostrava, Czech Republic

Show Cat

Show Cat Show Cat Show Cat Show Cat

Cattery Maine Coon Re-Jan Moravia. Czech Republic.
website cattery:
male: Gilligan Canis Minor, MCO n 22, colour Black Classic Tabby.


By: Danielle in Ohio


Augustus Augustus Augustus Augustus

Augustus is a Coon Mix, he has beautiful tabby swirls. He's definitely a quirky little guy and breaks the standard maine coon personality.

Though he doesn't like to cuddle he loves to be near people and to be petted. He is still as playful as ever and loves to talk and talk. Can't believe I found such a great guy at the local shelter.

My Big Boy

By: Bridget in Tampa FL
My Boys..

There's lots yo say about this amazing animal. He is always hungry and loves to drink out of the faucet.

Loves to meow at the craziest hours. I live him so much... I even brought him a brother.

His brother Isaac lives him they get along great. Here are some pics if them hope you like...\


By: Helen in Lexington IL

My beautiful Lucy Reflection of Ko, named after my other Maine Coon KoKo died a year ago at 12 yrs old.

It is and was painful. I do still have her brother not litter mates.. But same parents. I miss her so much...


By: Helen in Lexington IL

Wally. Reflection of Love, the brother of my Lucy. I call him Big Boy.. As he is. All 19 lbs.. Is now12 yrs old. Very healthy .. He looks scarier than he is and walks like a lion.

Most people are a little freaked out when they first see him do to his size. He is a beauty!

Landan aka The Goobie Kitty

By: Kimberlie Eddy in Los Angeles
Goobie Kitty
The Goobie Kitty in Vintage Stills

My handsome bearcat Landan, is a 7yr old Maine Coon that was adopted when he was just a little guy, he has grown into a large fuzzball at 19lbs!!!

Landan is a beloved 'city kitty' he & his Mum live on the top floor of an old bldng w/a massive view of the sky & all the 'tweet-tweets' that like to stop by just to drive the kitty crazy!!!

Landan is well-known in these parts as 'The Goobie Kitty', the nickname is fitting for him, because he loves to play practical jokes on his Mum& surprise her & make her spill her tea!!! So he soon became lovingly known as a silly, Goobie kitty!

The Goobie spends most of his lazy afternoons making forts out of various objects in the apt, he has a giant toy-box filled to the brim w/mousies of every smell, shape & color, but the Goobes prefers to play a game of fetch with a good old-fashioned plastic ring off the top of a gallon water bottle, (he must think hes a dog?)

When the day is at its end and the Goobie Kitty and his Mum are winding down, nothing quite takes the edge off like a nice bite from the Catnip plant & a cup of tea (for Mum).

The Goobie Kitty is a bona-fide 'nip-head' if theres ever been one, he just loves that stinky minty green plant, he gets all drooly& playful & his purr-box is turned on to the maximum volume, lol.

Sometimes The Goobie Kitty is soo goofy, he even mistakes the minty smell of Icy Hot ointment on his Mums tired shoulders with the smell of his much loved catnip & starts to lick the Icy Hot off his Mum (eewww).

Overall the Goobie Kitty has a pretty chill life, he hangs out with his little brother, Finnigan, the Betta fish, while Mum is at work. On special occasions you can even catch Goobie shakin a tale feather & dancing with his Mum to their favorite music, Jazz ^_^

Big Bad Max Nov 2013 Indy, IN

By: Liz Reeves in Indianapolis, IN


Max Max Max

Max is 5 yrs old. Max used to have older yorkie bro 14 yrs old named Buddy who he absolutely loved. Buddy had to go to doggie heaven in Jan this year.

Max is all alone every day while mommy works ft. Every single day when mommy gets home and sits down on the couch Max is on her lap like magic and seems to just trap mommy down for the night.

Mommy got a piano delivered to her on a Sunday and she gave the piano all of her attention all day and evening and please enjoy the pic of where Max was when his mommy got home from work the following Monday!

Max's mom is an empty nester and Max is all she has. Max amazes his mom every single day from the purring to the flip floppin around on her lap and at her feet and Max sure seems to be very jealous of mom's attention!

Max will take a while to warm up to people but when he does he shows his love for you very quickly. Max's mom has thought about getting him another companion to have during the work days but Mom continues to decide not to as so it can always be just Max and his mom!

Mr Tigs

By: Amy Wright in Bromsgrove


Tigs Tigs

This is Mr Tigs, or Tigger :)

We aren't sure if he is a main coon but we have been told by various people that he could he a cross.

He has a gorgeous face and is main is definitely growing with the cooler weather. His tails represents a feather duster and his tufts between his paws let him slip and slide all over our kitchen tiles.

We love him to bits :) xx


By: Tina S. in Kansas

We found Seamus at a shelter when he was about 12 weeks old. I had no idea what a Maine Coon even was.

A trip to the vet led me on to the fact that he may be Maine Coon. I started to do research on the breed. I definitely think he is a Coonie. He has many dog like mannerisms.

He is the most vocal cat I've ever met. He comes when I call his name and enjoys pets on the head and regular bushings.

While he is the laziest cat I have ever me he makes the most beautiful porch chair ornament a mom could ever ask for.

I love him to death!


I Think Our Cat Is Coon Or Part Coon,
He Was A Barn Kitten :)

By: Colleen in Gorham Maine

He is the friendliest boy. He loves my dogs and follows people around and comes when called.

My family loves him. We love all our cats (we have 4 but his personality makes him special)

Warm Winter Morning

By: Lisa Hanley in Harrison NJ USA

Her name is Garden is absolutely the most company any person living alone could endure, she's loving possessive playful always in the mix of things, loves people to recognize her pet her she's very beautiful!

All her details an manners behavior believe to be a Coonie! Saved her from Storm Sandy in the botonical gardens of New Jersey.

Benedict at 1 yr old

Our Cat Benedict

By: Kelly Cantwell in Buffalo Grove, Illinois

He's 2 years old going on 3 March 5, 2011, when he was born.

He's a beautiful cat. He's orange and white with green eyes. We have had him for a year now, will be 2 yrs in July 2014.

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