November 2011 Photo Album

Welcome to our album of Maine Coon Cat Pictures for November 2011. Enjoy all these wonderful cats! (Comments are closed in this archived Album.)

Sir Kitty Coon The Gentle Giant

By: Phyllis DiVirgilio in Brooklyn, NY USA

Sir Kitty Coon

My handsome Coonie

Sir Kitty Coon Sir Kitty Coon Sir Kitty Coon Sir Kitty Coon

A little over 4 years ago we adopted a stray kitten off the streets of Brooklyn...He was full of fleas and so very tiny, he was just about 1 month old our vet told us...

We bathed him and took him for all his vaccinations and he became a part of our family..

The first couple of weeks he used to wake up in the middle of the night with such gentle meows. My daughter & I took turns holding him and rocking him back to sleep...

He has since grown into such a regal looking cat and I did research and by all his attributes I know in my heart that he is a Maine Coon...

My vet has told me that there is an expensive DNA test which could determine if he is a true Coon..But in my heart of hearts he is a Coonie and that is all that matters....


Nancy Falkenstein: he is beautiful....and how fortunate for you all to find each other!

Dale Latam: He is beautiful! It's that face that's so can see in his eyes that gentle Maine Coon nature....lucky kitty, lucky you! What a sweetie!

Helen Urquhart: He is lovely and has that gorgeous 'M' above the eyes, and the gentle miaow is a big clue. Like you, our Billy is a rescue cat and it was not suggested that he was a Coonie but he definitely is with huge round paws, quiet manners, playfulness and that tiny voice in a huge body. We are both very lucky!

Louie Guido: Beautiful :)

Betty James-simkins: Is soon to get her 2nd Maine excited, can't wait!

Seasons Greetings from MARLEY !!!

Mike Johnson
Waterloo SC USA

Marley wishes everyone a great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!!!


Sharon Duffy: Marley looks exactly like my Toby. He followed my granddaughter home, when he was only little more than a teen. Skinny and dirty then, he looked like any alley cat. After a bath, we realized he was a beautiful kitty. He has now grown into a magnificent looking creature, as is your Marley. Is Marley a Coonie? We believe Toby is, from the long hair tips on his ears, to his gorgeous full ruff, and exquisite tail, that flips back around to his chin. He is the most gentle, sweet, and lovely cat I've ever had the pleasure to live with. Aren't we lucky?

Gueneviere Wolven: Love the white whiskers, Adorable. Looks like my Puffer. He's the black Coonie on the photo strip on the main page in the middle for November pictures (with the red and black back-drop) ☺ Marley and Puffer look like twins, except for the whiskers... his are black.

Karen Stillings: Santa Kitty is soooo! CUTE!

Heidi Mathias: He is cute!!!

Michelle Redondo Moreira: Adoreiiii


By: Lisa
Fort Edward, Ny
sadie the brown and white maine coon

Sadie is an 8 month old Maine Coon. Loves to play hide and seek and torment her older sisters. Shes sweet as can be and loves to snuggle.


Sharon Duffy: Your Sadie has the prettiest face of any cat I've ever seen. She could definitely win medals. My Angel cat is similar, with the pink nose and perfect M above the eyes. Although my Angel has a sweet face, your Sadie is championship stock. Love Her!

Gueneviere Wolven: Love the colors

Cindy Lindstrom Johnson: She is beautiful!

Janis Imperatore Hueftle: Lisa Love her! She's one month older than our Pippa!

Lisa Graham Orsini: Thank you! Is Pippa on here?

Sharon Cousins Giannatto: Pretty girl! What is her color class?

Lisa Graham Orsini: Thanks so much! Shes registered as Classic Silver.

Faizul Salleh: Fall in love....

Seti, Our Big Boy

By: Heidi Mathias
São Paulo,SP, Brazil
seti tabby and white maine coon male

Seti is one of our big boys and father of 7 lovely Maine Coon kittens: 5 boys and two girls.

He was the only boy of a 5 kitten litter. His sisters are: Cleopatra, Sekmeth, Nefertiti and Nefertari (Egyptians queens e godesses). Of course he had to have a Pharaoh's name: Seti. He loves to play hide-and-seek with us around the house.


Bruno Mathias: I took this picture when he eas slleping on the table. Than he woke up and opened his eyes.

Janis Imperatore Hueftle: What an awesome shot!

Heidi Mathias: Seti is 3 years old.

Our Maine Coon Shawnee

By: Kimberly Wakeman
Fremont, NY
seti tabby and white maine coon male
Our Maine Coon Shawnee

Shawnee is very intelligent- I can tell my two little dogs that in about 8-10 minutes I am going out to feed the birds. About 5-6 minutes later, Shawnee will run upstairs and look out the back window facing the formal garden to watch me go by! He knows somehow that that it the only window I must pass to feed the birds at the bird feeder!!

He is very possessive of me and MUST be the head of the house, including being dominant over me, our two little doggies, and my husband, who finds Shawnee very amusing and smart!

Shawnee is extremely powerful. When he saw a bobcat outside, he came from the window, stared at me about 40 seconds then lunged at me from 5 feet away and knocked me over, biting my leg so severely that it got severely infected, even though the house is spotless and we do not wear shoes in the residence, but I did hear cats have bacteria in their mouths that can really infect their bites.

I guess Shawnee was telling me that HE and not the bobcat is the dominant cat at this residence! -I guess he thought the bobcat was encroaching in his territory) He is the most intelligent cat I have ever had-love the Maine Coons!


Sharon Cousins Giannatto: Very handsome boy, Kimberly. I imagine he was very upset by the bob cat. One of my coon boys goes into some kind of bizarre trance when he is in our backyard (in pen or on leash) and he smells other animals. If you approach him, he will first warn you with a low growl and hissing, but if you get too close he WILL hurt you. This behaviour really bothers me, but we have found the trick to snap him out of this trance. AND we avoid letting him near the house and outbuilding corners and such places where other animals may have rubbed or sprayed.

Little Orphan Annie

By: Cindy Johnson

We responded to an ad on Craigs List for a kitten after our beloved Persian passed away. After driving 1.5 hours to a shelter in Rhode Island, we entered a small room and were greeted with a cacophony of loud and soft meows.

We spent time visiting with the original kitten we had come to look at, but my husband spied a little ball of fur hiding as best as it could at the back of a cage. He gently spoke to her and she came to the bars and tried desperately to get out. We took her out and she immediately melted in our arms. Forty dollars later, we were back on our way home.

She was a skinny, sad and very frightened kitten with strange attributes. A large fluffy tail, a funny pinched face, fur growing between her toes and sticking out of the inside of her ears. The kicker was her meow or lack thereof. When she tried to speak, her mouth would open and out would come a squeak and release of air.

As she has flourished with us and her new tabby sisters, she has grown into a healthy, loving and beautiful cat. In doing our research, we came to realize she has many features of the Maine Coon! See what you think of Little Orphan Annie.


Yoni Charry: What a pretty kitty!

Sharon Cousins Giannatto: Oh my what a story, they do choose you don't they! She is a sweet and lucky girl and VERY coon-like!

Frances Hambrook: She's wonderful.

Fras & Buddy

By: Diana Shea
Maple Valley, WA

We got Fras and Buddy from a rescue shelter not quite 2 years ago now. They were rescued from a semi feral cat community. Very skittish and shy.

But once we started introducing them to the rest of the house adventures abounded.

Fras likes laying by the water bowl and dipping her paw to drink, or is clean her paw? She likes to play fetch. Drags the feather stick to me when she wants to hide and pounce.

Buddy is a big bear, he is getting so big. The one scratching post we have is 3' high and he stretches past that. He enjoys chasing his sister any where through the house.

They are very affectionate and talkative. They do not sit on our laps neither, but when in bed we are their beds.

Holly, The Best Little Cat Ever Found In A Wheelie Bin

By: Sheryl Minns
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Holly Holly Holly Holly

Holly was found by a friend of mine, the day after Christmas 2005. She was heard calling from inside a wheelie bin (garbage can on wheels). My friend was unable to keep her, so knowing my love for animals, she asked me to take her. When I heard of Holly's plight, I couldn't say "no"!

I never thought she might be any particular sort of breed, but a number of people who know about these things have asked me if she is a Maine Coon, so I decided to do a bit of research. Having found this site, I am pretty convinced she is a "Coonie".

She's been a really delightful little cat, playful, clever, good-natured and cuddly. I already had a much older cat who was past playing and not very cuddlesome, so Holly has filled that gap nicely. The older girl has now gone on to peace, and it's now just me and Holly, but we are such good friends that it has really helped me in my grief. So Holly and I are God's blessing to each other.

And she sits in the window looking at the wheelie bins outside, and I wonder if she remembers...


Frances Hambrook: How come in England we never get Maincoon's for free! I would rescue them all, and then suffer the food bill. Jealousy over, well done for having such a lovley girl. (=^-^=)

Sheryl Minns: Latest news: Holly has a new brother! I found a stray kitten last week, and he is making himself very comfortable in our house. It's unlikely I'll have any happy surprises about his breed, because he is very clearly a domestic shorthair. He's a dear little thing, and already I think Holly is getting used to him after just one week in the house. Hopefully, it won't be long before she discovers she got her much longed-for playmate.

Sheryl Minns: Umm, I am embarassed to say that Holly's brother has turned out to be a sister. Gadget is now almost four months old and is thriving. I have her booked in to the vet for her little op in a couple of weeks.

Gueneviere Wolven: Sheryl, She is beautiful. She's surely a wonderful Christmas gift.

Dale Latam: Those clunky, furry paws scream Maine Coon! What a sweet looking the pictures! Congrats, you two, on finding each other!

Marg Goodwin: Sheryl, I'm certain she remembers about the wheelie bins. Maine Coon cats are so very smart and beautiful. I am so glad gorgeous Holly has you....:-)

Janis Imperatore Hueftle: Love her! She's beautiful!

Jane Patricia Briggs: How could they do that, really makes my blood boil........

Louie Guido: Holly is soooo beautiful :)

Katie Marchy: love her!

Samson, The Terror...

By: Roger
New Jersey

Samson The Terror

Samson is 5 months old. We didn't know he was a Maine Coon cat, but after doing some research and taking him to our vet we found ourselves the proud owners of a Maine Coon kitten.


Kathleen Munder-Sequeira: That's our baby.


By: Louie
Chicago IL. U.S.
mittens the brown maine coon

Mittens is a 12 Yr old male Coonie I found in my attic in 1999. He has been everywhere with me. Seen me through the good and the bad. Has been by my side always.


Marg Goodwin: I think your beautiful Mittens is a poser for the camera like my Charlie Brown. :-)

Louie Guido: Thank you for adding Mittens to the page.

Rosanne Cannon-Schiedel: Wow, he found you looking up from the house to the attic? That's a miracle kitty. You really should expand on that like a book, or a story. There has to be much more, I would love to hear it.

Louie Guido: @Rosanne you have that exactly right. I was moving the last of my things out of a closet and heard a meowing from the ceiling. So I go out the back door to the attic door in which i must have left slightly open from moving things out the day before. and started to make kissy noises from the bottom of the stairs and his little head appeared he was very tiny and fluffy. So I grabbed him up and has been with me ever since.

Sharon Cousins Giannatto: Louie is a lucky boy! Love the full front picture staring into the camera! Did you say 'treat' to get him to do that? LOL!

Louie Guido: nope he just sees the camera and starts to talk. thats him inbetween his chatter lol

Marg Goodwin: Aww Mittens is beautiful. :-)

Louie Guido: Thank you so much :)

Marg Goodwin: My pleasure Louie. I have an 11 yr old Maine Coon X who I adore and vice versa. :-)

Janis Imperatore Hueftle: He's so handsome!

Rene Patton: Cutie I want one. :).

Bertha L Alderete-Guido: he loves to eat ham.

Sir Godrich

By: Shelby Kernstock
Midland MI U.S.A.
sir godrich the red maine coon kitten

This is Sir Godrich. He's only 2 months in this picture, he's a very unique kitten he likes to watch tv and go on long car rides.


Sharon Duffy: What a beautiful baby! Love those ears I'd love to see his parents.

Deborah Gracie: what a beautiful kitten.

Janis Imperatore Hueftle: Oh my his face is so very precious and sweet!

Dale Latam: Wow! Look at those beautiful ears! What a cutie!

Sharon Cousins Giannatto: Sir Godrich is gorgeous, just love his coloring and those Lynx tips... WOW!

Katie Marchy: omg, I am jealous! I have always wanted a red/white one...he is so handsome!

Tanya Manning: so cute

Rico and cello

by Michelle
mittens maine coon kitten
Rico and cello

Rico is 16 yrs old and was rescued from the Denver Animal Shelter in 1996. He is a very loving cat with all the standard Maine Coon characteristics and loves to sit in any instrument case that is open.


Anasuha Suhairi: What a Cool cute cat! Awesome!

Louie Guido: Wow Rico is so beautiful. God bless him in a long wonderful life.

Janis Imperatore Hueftle: Oh my that's so awesome! Such a handsome boy!

Sharon Cousins Giannatto: Why he looks like a youngster! Pretty boy!


by Makayla Potter
mittens maine coon kitten

She loves to snoop around and is very hyper. She runs sideways down our hallway.

We found her mother dropped off at our house so we took her to a farm where she had kittens and we got my wonderful princess!!!!!!! and I <3 her so much!!!!!


Anasuha Suhairi: Soo cute! I love it so much!

Janis Imperatore Hueftle: Ah so cute!

Sharon Cousins Giannatto: Cutie in a crock!


by Lisa
(Leesburg, FL,, USA)
black rescued maine coon cat

Newt is a 4 year old, male Maine Coon. I got him when he was 1 years old. I originally was fostering him from a local pet rescue, and fell in love with him automatically! He is such a lovable cat, he loves to get into things, jump on things, and very curious about everything and he loves to cuddle, and he will definitely let you know what he wants!!


Linda Darr: looks just like my blackie.

Maria Sahin: He does look like my shadow,,, they are handsome boys.

Sharon Cousins Giannatto: Newt, how did he get that name? I often wonder how coons do in FL with all that fur, but I guess they live in air conditioned houses!

Lisa Nyy Caramanello: Hi Sharon, Newt was already named before I adopted and fostered him. I wanted to change it but his name Newt kinda stuck!

Janis Imperatore Hueftle: Love the color of his eyes!

Oliver Twist

by Jaime
(Toronto, ON, CA)
brown tabby maine coon cat

Oliver was rescued from the Toronto Humane Society after a hoarding situation.

He was just a kitten at the time and his name tag said "Sonny - Long Hair Domestic". I fell in love with Oliver the moment I laid eyes on him. I could not wait to introduce him to my other boys at home.

A week after I had Oliver, I knew that he was not just a regular cat. He started growing right before my eyes. His body and his fur!

His tail became a puffy as a duster, and his paws like those of a bear. When I would play with him, he would begin to pant like a dog. I knew he was a special boy.

When he went to the vet, I found out that sure enough - he was a Maine Coon :).. I was told his fur was going to grow even longer, and he would possible gain another 10 POUNDS!! He was already 11lbs at the time!!! Oliver is now 2 1/2 years old and he runs the house hold!

He is enormous, still pants like a dog and in my opinion is the most handsome cat on this planet. Rescuing Oliver was such a rewarding experience and continues to light up my life every day.

He's a keeper! Maine Coons are the best!


Frances Hambrook: Wow! He'll keep you warm on cold nights.

Kate Hillenbrand: I just love his long hair!

Chris Mckenna-clout: He is incredibly beautiful!

Nancy Falkenstein: The hair! I wonder if our "Sissy" will get that huge ruff! Beauutiful. What is is weight now? I understand they grow for 3 years.

Juli DeSantis Garrison: WOW!

Janis Imperatore Hueftle: Oh my his head and face is so regal! He reminds me of Rum Tum Tigger in CATS : ) Just gorgeous!

Dale Latam: Never seen a mane quite like that...would love to see more pictures of Oliver!

Sharon Cousins Giannatto: That is quite the mane on Oliver Twist. Handsome boy!

Phil My Buddy

maine coon siberian mix

Maine Coon and Siberian started very small now I need a bigger house!


Nancy Falkenstein: Yup! Sissy at 6 mos is 32 inches long!

Janis Imperatore Hueftle: ahhhhhhh love his face! : )

Sharon Cousins Giannatto: He's a sweetie pie. Love his coloring!

Mama kitty

by Karen
Encinitas Ca. USA

"Missy" is a one yr old purebred Maine Coon Cat-she loves to play the stalking game and loves to be rubbed and petted but not held-she is the sweetest of cats and has a great personality!!


By: Joe Sikora
(Deering, New Hampshire)

ollie the maine coon kitten

From a shelter in Rhode Island to his new home in New Hampshire.

Ollie has become a very special member of our family. With an extra digit on each paw he appears to be scampering aound the house in snow shoes. Life is (good) in New Hampshire.


Sharon Cousins Giannatto: My he is a cutie! All ears and paws!

Bird Watching

By: Susan Lee
Wheeling, IL

Mitsuwa is 4 years old. If I am not careful one day he will actually catch a bird! He is fast and a good jumper.


Jennifer Thompson Kersting: Beautiful cat, my Tigger was very good at catching birds.

My Mandy

By: Sylvia

mandy the cat sleeping

She was a kitten from my grand daughter's cat. Very sweet, but runs to hide if anyone comes in the house. She has a half tail and is very fluffy.

Our Beloved Dillon

By: Laurie & Bart

dillon the maine coon

We had Dillon for 9 years and recently had to be euthanized because of cancer.

He was our first Maine Coon and will always have a special place in our hearts. His gentle nudging, his soft voice, his chatter at the birds, his love of water, his goofing around, his love will never be forgotten...we will always love you Dilly.

This pic was taken a couple of years ago at Christmas and he was a happy, healthy 20+ lbs coonie.


Marg Goodwin: I'm so sorry you had to lose your beautiful boy so early. Have you thought of launching a Tribute Ballon for him on FB?

Larry Bozka: I'm so sorry. Being very close to a Maine Coon myself, I can't imagine what losing Dillon at such a relatively young age must have been like for your and yours.

Jane Patricia Briggs: so sorry for your very sad loss. xx

Heidi Mathias: Sorry for your loss. Such a sweet baby...

Mr. Fluffy....One Happy Kitty!

By: Karen Stillings
(Malabar, Florida)

mr fluffy

Mr.Fluffy came to live with us in June of 2011. My Husband and I got him at an Animal Ruscue in Florida.

They said he was about a year old, they really did not know to much about him. We both thought he was a small fluffy male cat.

Well over the summer months did he ever grow....and grow. I have had many cats none of which grow as fast as he did. He is 13 pounds and still growing.

We had know idea if he is a Maine Coon, but would love someones opinion. He sure does fit everything I have read about Maine Coons.

He is very special to us know matter what he is. We sure do LOVE him.


Marg Goodwin: If his personality fits I would think Maine Coon X just as mine is :-)

Mike Patton

By: Wendy Tremblay
(Saint Nicolas, Quebec)

mike patton, kitten in shoe

Mike Patton is every thing I ever wanted in a kitten. My husband and I were lucky to find her at a farm.

When we brought her home, she had worms, nits, ear mites and a bad cold.

Due to her being in a fragile state and with our older cat always hitting her, I fashioned a baby carrier out of an old sheet, for one month, I carried Mike around with me every where I went in our home.

My husband still laughs at me about this, but my mothering instinct kicked in hyper drive when she was sick, I couldn't help myself, she needed my love, affection and care.

She is always right next to me, whether I am on the computer, the couch or watching television. Her favorite t.v. station would have to be the music video channel, all the movement always has her head moving from side to side, how her ears perk up as well.

I know when she wants my affection or attention, she squeaks at me and will make chirping noises, which melts my heart!

When our family/friends talk about their children, we talk about Mike Patton, how loving and silly she is. It was love at first sight for her and I both.


Wendy Tremblay: Mike Patton melts my heart with every chirp and squeak.

Marg Goodwin: I bet, what a cutie pie :-)

Sharon Cousins Giannatto: What a precious photo and she's a lucky girl for adopting you. How did she get her name?

Wendy Tremblay: Thank you. She always brings a smile to my face. One of my husbands favorite singers is Mike Patton formally of Faith No More.

James T. Kirk

By: Heidi Mathias
(Sao Paulo,SP, Brazil)

purebred black and white maine coon

James T. Kirk (or Captain Sylvester, as we call him) is my Maine Coon Seti's son.

Now he lives in a beautiful house in the countryside with his new mom, Clecienne, who loves to take wonderful pictures of him and 6 cats she rescued from the streets.

He is as sweet and big as his father!!

Note from editor:

"We recently got to know Heidi during a fun virtual interview. Visit our page all about Sons of Horus cattery to see more."


Faizul Salleh: Look at those furrrr!

Dunja Hein: wow, gorgeous boy!

Donna Troy: lindo mesmo


By: Kristy Abbott

jasmine the brown tabby maine coon girl

Simon was fending for himself in the Minnesota winter when he was picked up by the humane society. We met him 2 weeks after he'd been picked up -- a bedraggled but friendly creature who introduced himself to us with exuberance. Immediately we knew he was to be part of our family.

two cats maine coon and russian blue

Simon gained some weight (he weighs 18 pounds now), grew out a beautiful coat and took over the house :).

Our buddy chatters with a large vocabulary of cat sounds, loves to hunt wildlife and family members, sleeps outstretched on his back and snugs on his mom's head from about 4 a.m. until breakfast time.

He is also the subject of a children's book due out soon, My Name Is Simon.

We don't of course know for sure if Simon is a Maine Coon but we've claimed his birthright nonetheless!

What do you think?


Katie Marchy: he is so handsome! and I feel you on the 4am until you wake least mine are nice enough to wait until 6am =).

Simon Abbott: I like the Maine Coon Cat Nation -- you're a cool crowd :)

Jackie Thompson: I'm in love with Simon. He is divine!

Frances Hambrook: 100% wonderful

Evelyne Bacon: Love this cat, very beautiful eyes!

Mel Crafty Stitcher Clyne: Stunning facial markings he certainly looks like a mc mix I recon with the tail.

Jennifer Thompson Kersting: He is one beautiful cat, I miss my Maine Coon "Tigger" and would love to find another, they are such great companions.

Faizul Salleh: Coon or not, it's the LOVE that is matter most.

Rusty Creamsicle

By: Pat Hudson
(Greenville, SC)

rusty creamsicle, light red kitten

We got Rusty when he was just 9 weeks old. We already had a Ragdoll, Chloe and wondered how they would get along.

Rusty is the sweetest, most affectionate kitten I have ever seen. He loves to be picked up, flipped over on his back and have his belly rubbed.

He prefers to sleep with me, although he was supposed to be my husband's cat. He loves his cat tree, although Chloe always gets the top perch. She's the Queen, he's the little prince.

The first time my brother saw him, he said "it's a creamsicle", therefore the name stuck. His favorite toy is a Bojangles chicken box and his little catnip mice.


By: Kim
(Fort Myers FL USA)

Ben with Kobe's bone
Ben with Kobe's bone
Ben enjoying the lanai
Ben enjoying the lanai
ben as a kitten
Baby Ben!

This is Ben our 8 month old MC! This is our first Maine Coon and we are in love!!!

Ben is quite the character, he loves to chew on our dog Kobe's bones, sit out on our lanai to watch the birds and gets along beautifully with our other two kitties, Miss Bel and Neko!


Mel Crafty Stitcher Clyne: wow what a tail. Ben reminds me of the cheshire cat.

Dunja Hein: LOL love baby Ben! What a cutie!

willow the maine coon

Crazy Cat

Willow is almost 6 months old I have had her for two months and her favorite toy is a brown paper bag you put leaves in.

Ken Coon

By: Abejo
(Muar, Johor, Malaysia)

ken coon

Hi, this is KEN. He's 3 mths old. He's my second coon after the first one died at 3 yrs old.

Very active and playful. He's the star of my house now...


Passion for Maine Coon: Now three of my baby fang is missing!

Faizul Salleh: Hey! One of my baby teeth just fall off today. :)

Cuddle Buddy

By: Billie Aikman
(Stephenville, TX)

cuddle buddy

We hadn't intended to get another cat after losing our last fur baby to renal failure, but when the University two blocks away started renovating some old buildings we got overrun with rats, big rats.

My husband's brother had a momma cat that appeared on their farm and had kittens. We needed a mouser and he said they were good ones, so we asked for one of the kittens.

The momma cat was bob-tailed and their vet thought she might be part bob-cat, but she was probably part manx, some of the kittens had bob tails and some had long tails.

They brought us one with a long tail, the only one they could catch. We wondered what he was when he got heavy mats of long hair on the bottoms of his paws and had a big fluffy tail.

A friend suggested he might be part Maine Coon, so I found this website and believe he has to be a good part Maine Coon.

He has so many of the characteristics, both physically and personalitiy wise. He is very vocal and sometimes acts more like a puppy than a cat. He follows "Daddy" everywhere and waits at the back door crying "Hello" when it's time for "Daddy" to come home from work.

Recently he had bladder problems and had to go on a special diet we can only get from the vet. We can't give him his "treats" any more, but he still looks for them. He still inspects the grocery bags when we bring them in, looking for his treats. He also does a cute stretch, where he stands up against something and reaches up as high as he can with one paw.

When we first got him we thought he would be a cuddler, thus the name, but were we ever fooled. He will only let you hold him for a few seconds, then wants down. He likes to be petted, as long as you only use one hand. If he thinks you are going to put both hands on him he takes off.

He also loves "Daddy's" long white beard. He has to comb it for him when he's in his recliner and doesn't like it at all when he gets it trimmed.


By: Louise
(Ingle Farm SA Australia)

I am so handsome

Here is my handsome little man. I got him when he was 2 weeks old, so I had to bottle feed him. To him I am his mum, as he was to young to remember having a cat mum.

He grooms me, protects me from human men and loves smooching with me.

His litter sister, Lucy, lives with us but she has less Maine Coon in her.

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For November:

Does My Shadow Have Coon In Him?

by Maria


Shadow Shadow Shadow Shadow

This is my baby boy "Shadow". He was born outside to a feral cat. His mom was all black and so was his littermates. His mom has since been spayed.

He is very loving and possessive towards me, and me only. I swear he thinks I am his mother. He sleeps by my side every nite and howls when he cant find me, and follows me around like a puppy.

But, when he has had enough of you petting him or bothering him when he is sleeping, his wild side comes out. Let's just say he is a scratcher. I am sure that comes from the feral background. But I love him to death.


Sharon Cousins Giannatto: Lucky boy, sounds like you have quite the pal and protector!

Yoni Charry: His ears look like a Coonie's.

Lisa Nyy Caramanello: You're guy looks just like my Newt! So handsome!

Gueneviere Wolven: Looks like my Puffer... Def a coonie for sure.

Maria Sahin: I sure do.

Maine Coon or Not

by Renee Henry
maine coon mix kitten
Here she is, Princess Jasmine!!!

My kitten is about 10 weeks old. I've never even heard of a Maine Coon until a lady I met told me my kitten was a Maine Coon, but that's when she was about 5 or 6 weeks old.

I started to do research on her breed and it seems like she has all the characteristics of a Maine Coon. The different sounds she makes when she wants something. Just like a baby, I know what she wants by the sounds she makes.

Seems as though I can actually have a conversation with her and she will respond in her own little chirps and meows. It is hard to describe the many sounds that come out of her. She has one particular thing she does, and that is, she loves to nibble and suck on my neck. Then she falls asleep under my neck.

So, you tell me, do I have a Maine Coon or not? By the way, her name is JASMINE!

maine coon mix kitten


Renee Henry: She's got a split toe on her second and third toe on her front paws. So, does that count as an extra toe?

Renee Henry: Is it true that Maine Coons Have a "M" on their forehead right above the eyes?

Lily Copeland: No. The "M" on the forehead is on all tabby cats.

Sharon Dicolla: count her toes...they have more in front than back, or the other way around.

Frances Hambrook: Looks possible, tufty behind the ears, small feet though, but she is a young girlie!

Renee Henry: I will be posting more pictures if Jasmine so you can see her better. Come on peolple, do I have a Maine Coon or a mix, or not. Please give me your opinions, PLEASE?

Renee Henry: Does anyone know how to post more pictures of my kitten?

Maine Coon Cat Nation: Just send in more, the same way you sent in these, and I'll add them.

Janis Imperatore Hueftle: She's so gorgeous!

Is he a Maine Coon Mix? We're lucky either way!

ginger and white maine coon mix

This is Cody, our kitten who is 4.5 months old & almost 7 lbs already. He is a goofball who loves to play tag and hide & seek with our family.

He's got fluffy ears, toes, & tail, and the ruff around his neck seems to be growing in nicely. He's also got half an "M" over one eye...maybe he's half Maine Coon?!

He chirps rather than meows and recently he's developed a fascination with our faucets...if they're on, he's watching avidly to see what the water will do!

Our last cat of 20 years was a Maine Coon mix someone was giving away in front of a grocery store and we fell in love with the breed. Cody seemed the most "Maine Coon-ish" at the pound, but frankly whether he is or not, he's a perfect fit for our goofy family and seems vary happy to share our home!

What do you think? Maine Coon mix?


He's a beautiful boy.
by: Sharon

Love is coloring. He's also a lucky boy to have a forever home with you!

by: Anonymous

His face looks Coonie, also big feet.

Desmond and Molly - 4 month old MC mixes(?)

by Pam B
(Hampton Falls, NH)
mittens maine coon kitten

Hi, Desmond and Molly were born on June 28, 2011. Their mom is a Domestic Short Hair with some nice tiger markings.

By the time they were weaned, they showed definite MC physical traits and characteristics... Tufts coming out of the ears, lynx-like tufts at the top of the ears, very long whiskers, tufts between their toes, long bushy tails, straight noses... The list goes on and on.

They are just 4 months old - Desmond is 6 pounds, Molly 5. Desmond's paws are HUGE, Molly's are large.

They are both extremely intelligent, playful and affectionate, though Molly is a little shy with strangers.

They were neutered yesterday; we don't want any surprises. Here are a couple of pictures of them... What do you all think?


Mickey Laureys Mize: I can even tell them apart...Des is the long stretched out one...and Molly looks like a girl! Des looks just like my Boudreaux when he was 6mos old...Now Boudreaux is almost 20lbs and only 3yrs old...they grow upto 5yrs of out honey, he's going to be huge just like mine.

Mickey Laureys Mize: His hair longer as he ages and you will see a big difference in them around age 2.

Sharon Duffy: I'd say no doubt.

Yoni Charry: Look like MC's to me!

Our Little Pippa

by Janis
Berlin, NJ, USA
pippa maine coon mix kitten

Our little princess Pippa was born this year on April 7th, and now she is almost 7 months old. We adopted her from the Animal Welfare Association.

We are pretty certain she's a Maine Coon or at least a mix but maybe you could help us.

She has the beautiful long tail, the ruff around her neck, the extra toes and big padded feet and has soooo many qualities of a Maine.

She is always under my feet, follows me everywhere, loves to be cuddle, sleeps wrapped around my head on my pillow every night. She knows what I am saying I swear! At all times!

She also fetches her toys when I toss them and brings them right back to me!! She follows me everywhere and does NOT like being alone. She squeaks too, she doesn't meow.

She is simply beautiful and is dilute in color, grey and white with this brown through her long coat. She's a gift from God.

We just adore her!!


Yoni Charry: Pretty Pippa!

Gueneviere Wolven: She has a lovely coat.

by: Frances

She definatly look and acts cooney!

Pippa is a cutie!
by: Sharon

She looks very Coon-like!

Sweet Girl
by: Baerbel

What a cutie!

by: Anonymous

She is absolutely gorgeous. x

by: dee

My cat looks just like Little Pippa. I got mine from rescue and was told he is about 4 years old. I wish mine was cuddly, sweet and nice. He is at times, never cuddly. But, he has litteraly attacked me like he would if it were a mouse or whatever.

He has bitten the blood out of me several times and some of his bites have been bad. I had to actually fight him off me last night he bit me twice until I bled and then he came at me again. I cant figure what is causing this. I am so good to him and love him, but I cannot keep him if he continues this.

I am afraid when children are around. I can be petting him and rubbing him like he likes, then all of a sudden he turns on me. I am getting very paranoid in petting him now. Anyone have a suggestion. I have tried everything.

Thank you
by: Janis

For all your nice comments about our Pippa, named because we got her right around the Royal Wedding Time. Her middle name incidentally is also Middleton : )

Dee, I'm sorry about your kitty. Maybe take him to a vet and make sure nothing else is wrong? This is the 7th Feline we've had in our home in 27 years but we haven't been bitten. I wish you success because there is a special quality we all have when we take a baby into our home and call them family.

PUFFER Sounds like he is a Maine Coon Cat Mix....

by Gueneviere Wolven in Kingston, New York



Puffer Puffer

Puffer is a wonderful cat. He is so sweet and loving. I've only heard him hiss 2Xs in the 7 years we've had him (since he was 6 months old) and it was because he was afraid once and hurt on another occasion.

While he does not LOVE water, he is not as upset about it as many of my other cats. He craves attention and is very loving, often waking me up every morning just to say he "loves me" even after he has already been fed.

He stares right into everyone's eyes and meows in a tiny "little voice" that almost sounds like a squeak! Sometimes we call him Squeaker Mouse because he doesn't have a distinctly strong meow.

He has this purring croon that he does when he is happy and when he plays he picks things up with his paws and even jumps straight up in the air when he gets especially playful.

He has tufts of fur in between the pads of his toes and furry pointed tips on his ears. He has Green eyes with black "smokey" fur. In the sunlight he has a rusty-brown tinge (like-highlights) in his fur and his undercoat is a light gray.

So far, everything that I have read about Maine Coon cats is exactly how he is... but he is only about 10 pounds! Sometimes he gets heavier - about 2 lbs in the summer months... but otherwise he looks smaller than other Maine Coons I have met. He is very long, however!

Another nickname we have for him is "Mongoose" because he stretches and is very lengthy. His nose is straight and not flat like most other cats that I have seen and he gets along well with other cats and even DOGS.

He is truly a wonderful member of our family (wish now I had gotten a few of his brothers or sisters). He was given to us by an old friend who had a neighbor that had a Maine Coon... It sounds like Puffer's mother got out and the neighbor's cat was not fixed.

It looks like he is... sounds like he is... what do you all think? Thanks for reading my post!


Janis Imperatore Hueftle: He is lovely! My Girl Pippa has the tufts of hair between her toes and ONLY SQUEAKS. Never a meow! Her mane is growing longer and her tail is magnificent. She too stretches fully all the time. I DO think he is!

Sharon Cousins Giannatto: Looks and sounds Coon-like to me! Pretty boy!

Gueneviere Wolven: Puffer squeaks his approval!

Non-Stop Talking Kittens

by Sez
Durban, South Africa
two cute maine coon mix kittens

I recently adopted two 6 week old male kittens from a shelter. They have been without their mum since at least 3 weeks old, which is terrible and they come from a horrible background, but they are absolutely lovely.

Their names are Axl and Slash and I've been trying to figure out what mix they are. They are certainly not 100% Maine Coon, as we miss out on the big fluffy tail and some other characteristics, but these kittens are such characters that it made me wonder.

Although pictures don't do them justice, Axl (Tabby colour) is very fluffy. His fur is extremely soft and his very big paws for his tiny little size. I think he was the runt of the litter, as he's a lot smaller than Slash. He is very talkative, gives a 'trill' rather than a meow, very affectionate and is a total mummy's boy.

Slash (black) is more independent and he was the one that initially made me wonder about a Maine Coon brand. He also doesn't stop 'trilling,' has a manic, feral look to him when he's being naughty (which is most of the time), but is absolutely divine. His ears go back, his claws come out and he looks positively demonic, but SO cute! He has scary claws that are always out, but not a nasty bone in his body. He's quite big for his age, very fluffy, but also has coarse hair on the top. His 'downy' type hair closer to the skin is very soft, but he has a coarse, almost protective layer on the top that is very shiny. The coarse hair is getting softer, but when I got him his hair was exceptionally coarse and wiry (and not due to health problems according the vet), which is where his name came from. Slash's face looks almost identical to the faces of other black Maine Coon kittens on this site. He is very inquisitive and curious, but doesn't like loud noises and when he sleeps he looks like a little Yoda with a grin and squished down eyes.

Both kittens have the beautiful green/golden eyes of Maine Coons, with HUGE pupils that get bigger when they're naughty. They have the longish noses, that are perfectly proportioned (there's no flat face in these two) and the lion-type chin that I've seen in so many Maine Coon pictures. They also have the big paws and are getting fluffier each day. They both come when I call them, instantly and purr like tractors.

Slash is starting to get the ear tufts and they are getting a lot fluffier and hairier as the days pass.

In addition to being noisy when awake, my too rockstars are noisy sleepers.

Do you think they could be a Maine Coon mix? They have so much in common, but they miss out on the total poofiness of the pedigree Maine Coons and the tails?


Frances Hambrook: My, now massive mainecoon (100%) had a silly skinny tail until he was about 7 mths old, I was worried I'd been conned, even though I've got his family tree going back about 8 generations. But a of a sudden he went mad in the tail dept. He now walks around with a permanant upright feather duster! When laying in bed or sitting in the lounge its the first thing you see, you also get a lot of squeaking to say hello. Your kits look wonderful no matter how they turn out. I hope they have many lovely years with you.

Sez Meredith: Oh that's lovely! Thank you so much :) I don't mind if they don't puff out, but I definitely think they're Coonies, they're just too talkative and have so much character :) Thank you so much for telling me about your massive Maine Coon. I took the Guns (Guns n' Roses, hence Axl and Slash) to the vet today and they're very apparently very healthy for their age, especially considering their start in life. Axl is thin, but they said it's perfectly normal and Slash is a chubby so-and-so but not over-weight. So proud of them :) Thanks for your comments! I hope your Coonie is doing well :D

Yoni Charry: Purring like tractors= very much like my Sundae. We used to say 'where is that lil' diesel engine"? about him.

Sadie.... Is she part Maine Coon?

by Dee Burr
Arkansas, USA
sadie the maine coon rescue

Sadie was tiny when she rode 800 miles in the wheel well of a motor coach form northern Iowa to Arkansas. It was freezing.

She was lucky enough to get in the coach of my sister who can't stand a hungry animal..she put out tuna for her until they arrived home. With a live trap we caught her.

She still had blue eyes, and a tail only about 2 inches long. This miracle baby had to have a home, so she lives the life of luxury with us.


Yoni Charry: Her ears look like a coonie's and so does her nose.

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