My Name is Scooter

by Jay C. Sabol
(Lisbon, OH)

This is Scooter, also known as Mr. Scooter. It is believed he is about four years old.

Nothing is known of his original owner. He is definitely a Maine Coon! He has every trait, from his personality to the fur on the bottom of his paws.

shaggy brown and white cat sitting in window

Until, I believe, last summer, Scooter had a very hard life. In fact, I don't know how much longer he would have lived if it were not for a wonderful young couple, Sarah and Tim.

They had noticed this huge cat wandering around their neighborhood. Then he came into their yard and kept coming back. He was starving and terribly flea bitten. This was not known until later, but his teeth and gums were in terrible shape.

They felt so badly for this cat that they began to feed him. This went on for some time and then they decided to bring him into their home. This was a big decision because they did not believe they could keep him long term.

Their compassion overruled this fact. At least he would have a chance. They took him to the vet and got his shots and steroids for his infected flea bites, especially on his back.

This is when they found out about his teeth and gums - it would cost quite a bit to get that fixed. Sarah shaved his back so the infected bites would heal faster. Everyone loved him including, of course, the kids. They named him "Scooter".

I am friends with Sarah's mother and by way of Facebook, it was found out that I always wanted to have a Maine Coon. Sarah said, "I have one for you!".

And so it came to pass that Scooter became part of my cat family. I had his teeth and gums fixed up, so he's all healed up now and enjoying life with my three other cats - they all love him and were never afraid of him despite his size.

Sarah, the kids and her mother came over for a reunion. When the kids saw him they started shouting, "Scooter!! Scooter!!". And Scooter was very happy to see them.

The picture I'm including is somewhat unusual. Scooter is a very happy Maine Coon, but this photo seemed to capture another side of him.

I realize I'm projecting my own feelings, but to me, he almost seems to be briefly reflecting on how hard his life once was. Even if that is the case, he is, as I said, one very happy Maine Coon cat!

Cutie pie cat
by: Anonymous

Scooter is so handsome - what a hunka hunka kitty! I love his huge head :-)

by: Terri King
So happy scooter is well and loved, My Maine Coon is Sam he was found in below zero weather, he is well needed fixing here and there and I agreed to keep him. Very loving member to my family, he believes he is boss.

Thank you!
by: Jay C. Sabol
Sandy, thank you so much for your wonderful comment and Scooter sends hugs to you too!! So Loki is fourteen weeks old? Oh, this will be fun!

As you probably know, Maine Coons can take 3-5 years to fully develop so you won't know how big Loki is going to get for a long time!!! It will be just one of the wonders of having a Coonie in your family!! :-)

Thank you again and I hope you report in about Loki!!!

Scooter, Lovely Coonie Boy!
by: Sandy Evans
What a heart warming story, it's so lovely to read about people like myself that will help any animal in need. I'm sure that Scooter will never forget all that has been done for him and will love you all for all of his ( hopefully) very long lifetime.

He is absolutely beautiful. I have got my very first Maine Coon he is fourteen weeks and a beautiful Red Classic tabby and white! It's true he has changed our lives, me, my husband and our two very much loved Springers Boyzi and Bracken Lily.

Loki is loved so much we are still learning and so is he, everyday is such an adventure for him. What a character and so loving, when he's not busy playing or climbing a very tall palm tree. He is so special.

I have always had cats, lots of moggies and my last two were brown spotted Bengals a brother and sister they were beautiful, loving and characters but a Maine Coon is a different experience altogether, anyone considering having a Coonie I would say to you, Do it!! Love and big hugs to the lovely Scooter. XX

Scooters Are Cool!
by: Susan
I also have a rescued stray Maine Coon named SCOOTER!!

My Scooter is all black and a wonderful boy.
Aren't we lucky to have had them find us!

Re Scooter
by: Sarah
Re Scooter, How can some people be so cruel and/or neglect animals is beyond belief, I am so glad the he has found a truly deserved loving home. I have a lovely if but spoilt Coonie called Shandy-Fluff, she is basically a big fluffy tail with a cat on the end, beautiful! We live in Kent, UK

by: Jay C. Sabol
Oh Jennifer, isn't that the way??? Scooter's on my lap right now - he weighs a ton, but it's great!

Good for Scooter
by: Jennifer
It's so nice that you gave this kitty a good home and nursed him back to health! I volunteer at an animal shelter and see lots of animals, come in that have had a rough time.

I have a part, Maine Coon cat who was a stray and adopted me. I was only going to keep him until some of his scratches healed, and he got a clean bill of health from the vet.

Then he would go to the animal shelter for adoption. Six years later, he's still with me and wakes me up every morning, at 5:00 a.m., without fail.

Our Job as Caregivers
by: Anonymous
Every time I see another case where an animal in need was rescued it makes my heart happy. Thank you for your deed. I am sure that Scooter thanks you in his own way. God Bless all the animal friends who look after and take care of these marvelous lives.

by: Jy C. Sabol
How about that! Another Scooter - that's great!! Thank you all for your wonderful comments!!

by: Susan
I too have a stray Coonie named Scooter!!
My guy is all black and we got him at the old age of 3 weeks!

You're a hero to Scooter
by: Debbie R
I love this story of Scooter. He is a beautiful kittie. I am so happy there are people out there that will go out of their way to help a stray cat or dog. I know there is a special place in Heaven for those people that look out for these animals.

The Best Family
by: ultrayankee
Someone once told me that "you don't pick a cat, the cat picks you!" What happened here is divine intervention and Scooter couldn't be with a better family! He is just beautiful and I know he will have a wonderful life.

The Angel :)
by: Scooters Mama :)
Tim and I couldn't let him stay outside he was just way too lovable and beautiful!

It broke my heart to think of him being left alone all he craved was love and we wanted to give it to him...We wanted to find the best home for him cause we could afford to keep him, well we found him the best home he could ever have!

Jay Sabol took this precious Maine Coon in and I KNOW he is so much better there! I love you Scooter! And Jay I can't thank you enough still!!

I'm Scooter's Grandma..:)
by: Kathy Holcomb
Hello Everyone!
I am Sarah's mother,Kathy. I saw this whole wonderful story unfold. I just know divine providence was at hand.

My daughter Sarah loves animals, and it broke her and Tim's hearts to have to give him up. But knowing he would be lovingly taken care of and healed, was the biggest gift of love they could have ever given Scooter.

Jay I'm so glad we have gotten to be a close knit family/friend..:) You were the best choice in this world for Scooter.

I'm glad to know you, and how you love Scooter is awesome. He's such a wonderful beautiful Main Coon. His fur is soft, and his love is even softer. He sure is a lover boy. Thank you Jaybird..<3

Thank You!
by: Jay C. Sabol
Thank you for your wonderful comments, everyone!

By the way, you can't see it, but Scooter has the bottle brush tail too! :-)

Kitty Miracle
by: Susan
Some say cats can't show facial expressions. I believe he's saying thank you and I love you for saving me. Here's hoping he lives a long and happy life with you.

Colouring Same as My Girl Tassie
by: karen - Melbourne Australia
A beautiful story, another coonie saved by animal lovers, Scooters colouring looks the same as my girl Tassie.

I got Tassie through a friend of a friend that didn't want the cat. We know she is about 99% coonie as she also has all the characteristics and treats of a maine coon, has Lynx like ears, long airs from the ear drum, tuffs between the toes, and the bottle brush tale.

She chirps, chatters, plays fetch, loves playing in water, in your face and flops on the floor in front of your feet to have the belly rubbed.

She greets me at the front door in the afternoon when I come home from work, and loves to get us up in the morning. I certainly don't need an alarm clock - she is spot on with 5am every morning to get us out of bed.

She just hates when you want to sleep in, she will keep on annoying you until you get up.

But they are fun to be with and they always make you laugh and you give them lots of loving.

Thank You
by: Karen Conner-Beck
Thanks to you and your friends for rescuing Scooter. He is a very lucky Maine Coon kitty. I am sure he is very grateful and loves all of you very much! God Bless you!

Happy for Scooter!
by: Laura
Great rescue story! I'm so happy for Scooter!

by: Carol
I love coonies and he looks Thankful to me. :)

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