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Meet Sable

By: Kerri in Indianapolis, IN


Sable bird watching, while Lilly rests

Sable Sable Sable Sable

In October 2011 my 11 1/2 year old Boxer, Niko, became ill with cancer. This was his second bout with it. The first time at 6 years old. This time it was a very aggressive form as well. The vet said he was too old this time to withstand treatment. Therefore, the inevitable was just around the corner.

I also have a two year old ginger short hair domestic cat named Lilly. Lilly and Niko were the best of friends and I knew that when it came time to put Niko down, Lilly would be devastated. Therefore, I had to find her a new friend and it had to happen before Niko was gone.

On October 24th I went to our local shelter to adopt a cat. I wanted to make sure to find a young female as to not disrupt the pecking order, so to speak. After an hour of going through many a cage and just not connecting to any of the felines there, I happened to look down and low and behold there was a little black paw sticking out. It was moving up and down in almost a waving motion. As if to say "Hey, down here, look at me!"

When I opened the cage, there laid a tiny little soul in really bad shape. When I picked her up, she clung to me in a hugging type position. I fell in love at that very moment.

In Marion County, Indiana, when you adopt from the shelter, the animals have to go to the FACE clinic to be spade/neutered. Her appointment was then scheduled for October 27, 2011. I picked her up from the clinic that evening and brought this fragile little baby home. My son then named her Sable.

The very next day, off to the vet. At four (4) months old, she only weighed 2.3 lbs. Her fur was falling out, she was eaten up by fleas, had hook worms and tape worms, ear mites, an upper respiratory infection, and was very malnourished. With great veterinary care and lots and lots of love, my Sable bounced back very quickly. Unfortunately, she gave her upper respiratory infection to Lilly. But that's another story for a different day.

Now today, Sable is 11 months old and weighs 11 lbs. She is momma's lap cat. She is very happy and healthy. Her and Lilly have become the very best of friends. They play and groom one another. Though Lilly is the smaller cat, she is the dominant one as I had hoped (the whole pecking order I spoke of previously). Niko was put down on November 18, 2011. God rest his soul. Though Lilly went through some what of a grieving period, Sable was there to comfort her. Which is what I had hoped.

I have never owned a MC before and I will have to say, they are the best companions. She is our little comedian. I love being able to talk to her and her talk back. She is so playful and she likes to help (At least she thinks she is helping. We don't tell her any different.)

We are now starting to train her to sit and speak for her treats. Which is very amazing to me! Lilly would never stoop so low (she's a princess LOL!) She is so smart! I love my little Sable baby!

Get Me Outta Here!

By: Debi Holley in Clearwater, FL


True Racoon Tail

Vincent Vincent Vincent

My hubby and went to a pet store to buy some dog food. As usual there was an adoption fair going on.

We have walked thru many of these without the slightest desire to take home another pet. Dec 28, 2013 was different, I laid eyes on this very large very unhappy looking cat.

He was perched so regally in his cage like he was trying to hang on to his last shred of dignity. I walked up to his cage and he looked directly into my eyes and I could FEEL him say "Get me outta here". I asked if he was friendly, because frankly he looked like he could tear you apart limb by limb, but foster mom said he doesn't have a mean bone in his body.

She let he reach into his cage and pet soon as I touched him I felt his sadness. I started crying and my husband knew we were taking home a cat that day. Our first cat. I have never had a cat in my life. But I needed to rescue this one.

He just turned 11 on Monday. So he's a senior to boot. His prior owner had to give him up because her child developed severe allergies.

He lived in foster care for a year before I found him. I promised sweet Vincent that he has found his forever home. The vet says he's healthy as a horse.

He plays and romps and rules over his new kingdom like a young sprite. He snuggles up to us at night and loves to cuddle at bedtime.

During the day he talks and chirps and makes a million sweet little sounds. He follows me around everywhere.

I intend to make the second part of Vincent's life worthy of a king!


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