Meet Mozart! (Main Coon?)

by Rachel
(Atlanta, GA)

Hi! I am sending a few pics your way of our "kitten" Mozart. We adopted him from the humane society as a 3 month old kitten. He is now 6-7 months and HUGE for his age. I am sure that this cat is at least part Maine Coon and here is why:

* His paws are huge, everyone always comments that he is going to be huge!
* This cat is ALWAYS underfoot. He follows you around and is always sitting right by me. In the kitchen, laundry room, sofa, anywhere. I trip over him constantly.
* Mozart chirps NON stop. He is very vocal.
* He has such a laid back temperament and will put up with anything. Currently "Anything" is our rather rough 2 year old daughter who carries him everywhere. He just purrs and puts up with it.
* He physically "looks" like a Main Coon mix. He has soft, almost silky long hair with a tuft around the neck, in ears, and a bushy tail.
* He is constantly in flight and LOVES to play. He will play with my son's chihuahua for hours. He has gotten into a Mountain Dew fridge pack box and bags of any sort. I cannot keep him off the counters as well.
* He thinks he is my fifth child. He will only "sleep" in one of my infants or childrens toys. He sleeps in the bouncy seat, the highchair, and my daughters mini tinkerbell recliner.

Please take a look at these pics and let me know what you think. Keep in mind "Mozie" is 6-7 months old and is still very much a kitten. We have no clue about his history or parents, just that he was a shelter cat that was rescued by the humane society and I do believe taken out of a house with too many cats.

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Dec 03, 2010
Is he a Maine or is he not
by: Rose

I have a oriental that has the same head face and body contours. But the oriental has fur unlike a cat. Its really more like dog hair. But being of mixed heritage there is a lot to say for them paws and the type of fur. he certainly has some coon in him. The oriental is more a chunk of a cat weighs 16 lbs very big and muscular, the coons I have are fluffy not a chunk but weigh about the same.

Oct 26, 2010
Mr Mozart
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Rachel,

Wow, I can tell Mozart is still a kitten, just by the look in his eyes! Full of mischief :-) He has a very intelligent expression, and he sure is big for his age!

The best part of your post is where you say "I am sure that this cat is at least part Maine Coon and here is why:"

That's because as much as I can look at pictures, and say "yes, he/she has the look or he/she doesn't, it's ultimately up to you, the owner! I'd love to tell folks for sure, but any cat without a pedigree is to remain somewhat of a mystery!

Well, now that that's out of the way, back to Mozart. He's one big, fluffy, handsome boy. His friendly nature with the kids and big, vocal personality are all good signs. He totally could be a Maine Coon mix!

Thanks for sharing your big boy with us!

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