Maybe-Maine Coon Cats - 2011

It's a popular question: Is My Cat A Maine Coon? Here is where cat owners share photos and try to figure it out together.

Almost every day, I am asked by cat owners to look at pictures of their cat and tell them if he or she has some Maine Coon genes. Now, there are so many Maybe-Maine Coons that it has become a community activity to check them out! 

So, enjoy browsing pictures of these pretty and handsome cats!

Courtney Lynn

Courtney Lynn

Courtney Lynn Courtney Lynn Courtney Lynn Courtney Lynn

We adopted this sweet girl from a rescue and she has won our hearts.

Courtney is very playful and can entertain herself quite well. She chirps and "talks" to me and loves to snuggle around my neck and lap.

Our rescue group said she was a Maine Coon and we're quite sure they are right. Tell us what you think. She's now about 6 months old.

What a looker! Oh, yes, your rescue group was quite right!

Courtney Lynn is a beautiful Maine Coon cat. Who could possibly have not wanted her? Those dark eyes are amazing!

Thanks for sharing her,


Those Eyes!
by: Jessy

She looks to have the "sweeter" type of Maine Coon expression, and her eyes may retain that sweet expression all her life.

Courtney's Age
by: Sondra

I took these photos when she was 5 months old. She was born August 10, 2010

A Darling!
How old is she?

Courtney Lynn
by: Judy

She's looks adorable and those eyes. I'm not surprised your heart melted when you saw her.
Judy UK

Is my Lili a Maine Coon?

By: Hafiz in Malaysia


Lili Lili Lili Lili

Hi, I'm new in this cat and dont know how old is she, my Lili have all the characteristic of a Maine Coon, energetic and playful.

I think she is lot like one but dont know is she really a Maine Coon, and if yes is she mix or pure? Would like to know what you think?

Hi Hafiz,
Wow, Lili is a very pretty lady! You have some very nice pictures here. She has a medium shaggy coat, and furry ears & feet, so she does have the physical traits of a Maine Coon mix. I don't think, however, that she is a full Maine Coon cat.

Based on what we see and what we know about her personality, she could be a Maine Coon mix, or a Maine Coon look-alike. It's so hard to tell for sure.

It's up to you now to decide what you think! We'll be sure to add her to the photo gallery soon,

Thanks for sharing her,

She's a knockout
by: Jessy

Whatever she is. She looks at least as Maine Coonish as some certified purebreds.

The sweet girl who showed up yesterday...
we LOVE her!

By: Christine in WA, US

Sweet Girl

Sweet Girl Sweet Girl

She showed up yesterday from out of the ether and we adore her. She's either on the back porch or sleeping in the planter beneath my window.

She looks as if she's meowing but nothing really comes out. She follows me around when I'm outside. She's very playful and sweet. She even lets us pet her belly.

She loves to play with the strings to the hood on my sweatshirt. She's not very big but she has huge feet. If she's a regular cat I'd guess she'd be about 4 - 6 months old. As a Maine Coon... I have no idea.

Just a Peep
by: Leslie

My Maine Coon also opens her mouth to meow too and it's barely audible. Just a little chirpy peep.

So sweet!
by: Su

That's just how we got our Maine Coon. She walked up & stayed!

little girl Coon
by: Jill

Please love her and take care of her....and she will need lots to eat to grow into her big feet :-)


By: Suzanne in Monroeville, PA

I adopted a kitten in September when he was aprox. 5 mos. The shelter I got him from said that he looked as if he could have Maine coon in him.

He is a real character he loves to play, loves water and to eat. I have been reading up recently on Maine coons and he seems to fit all of the traits.

But seeing that he was a stray I don't know his background. He's very large and has a very square build. He is very friendly and follows me everywhere I go.

I am just curious to get some feedback from my picture.

Hi Suzanne,
Baxter sure is a cutie! I can see the kitten in his face :) Well, let's see.

He has a nice coat, and that 'shaggy' look. Based on what you've told me plus about his personality and what I see in his appearance, yes, he could be a Maine Coon mix.

It's not possible to know for sure, of course. Many cats can have all those 'Coon' traits just by coincidence. But, we can't rule it out either. So it's a maybe from me!

Let's see what others have to say...

What Strikes Me
by: Jessy
. . . is the earset. Many longhair rescue cats share a lot of characteristics with Maine Coons, but I think the earset is pretty distinctive, even without the lynx points. Baxter seems to have that earset.

Is he -- or is he not -- a full-blooded Maine Coon Cat?

By: Diane Kennedy in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


Casey July 2010

Casey Casey

Casey is my new feline companion that I acquired from a animal shelter in June 2010. I love him to death!!

I can tell by looking at Casey that he is at least part Maine Coon Cat because of his markings. He is no older than 2 1/2 years old. However, Casey appears to be -- I think -- a bit small.

I've been told by a couple of cat enthusiasts (who claim he is full-blooded) that it takes 4-5 years for this breed to mature. He does not have the pronounced "tassels" on his ears (at least not yet) like I've seen in photos of pedigreed Maine Coon Cats.

Casey does have the beginnings of tufting on his feet, however. He has the long whiskers for which Maine Coon Cats are famous.

Casey is loving, affectionate and mischievous. He does like water, like I've read in a new book I acquired about Maine Coon Cats. Casey tries to get in the shower with me. He is talkative - makes the chirping sounds, etc.

Casey is inquisitive, family oriented, and never misses anything that is going on in the household.

The first picture was taken in July 2010; the second picture was taken in January 2011. Any opinions you could share would be most appreciated.

Thanks for your assistance --
Diane Kennedy.

Hi Diane,
What a sweetheart! Well, there is no way to know for sure whether he is a mix or full-blooded. But it's unusual for a full Maine Coon to end up in a shelter at a young age. Though it does happen.

I would expect him to have the tufts, although some are more pronounced than others. I'm leaning toward mix.

Let's see what others have to say :)

My thoughts

I kinda thing his is a mix of Maine Coone... I am just learning the breed myself and my First one was King Lewie (he has a profile here) He was a mix from a shelter but he acted so much like the breed standards and even looked much like one. He din't have the tuffs on the ears nor some of the other markings of a Maine Coon but I loved him the same. He is my forever King. Now I have another mix boy that again has many of the personality traits but he is not as big as our pure breed Maine Coon we just got that is only a month older. Makani also has a profile on here. Either way Even if your guys a mix or a pure breed I am sure you love 'em the same. They are GREAT cats and I am so glad that Lewie got me hooked ;) ENJOY !!

Thank you, Jessy
by: Diane Kennedy

You've sure got that one straight -- personality is the most important!!! This is the most loving cat I've ever seen. When I first went to the shelter, I told them directly "Please don't give me a tempermental animal because he/she is going to be around my neighbor who is 96 years old". They couldn't have done a better job in helping me pick him out. My neighbor loves him too!!

Dunno, but Also Leaning Toward Mix
by: Jessy

Markings don't mean a thing; they're just the same as any brown tabby's.

Regarding those adorable lynxy ear tips: supposedly, according to the breed standard, they are "desirable" but not a must-have. Nevertheless, every breeder's photos show them, and that includes on kittens. Also, correct if I'm wrong, but they don't seem to show up in shelter cats.

But your kitty is showing some of the behavioral characteristics of Maine Coons. That's nice. Enjoy it! I really think that's at least as important as the Maine Coon's physical beauty.

Thank you, Carrie
by: Diane Kennedy

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, that is what I am inclined to think also. He has ever so slight tufts on his ears (you have to look close), but not nearly as much as Maine Coons I've seen in books.

Does he look like a Maine Coon?

By: Darlene in Clinton Twp MI

Black Smoke Cat

Black Smoke Cat Black Smoke Cat

He has all the personality traits you mentioned.

When we first got him he was so matted we had to get him clipped. This gives you a better look at his tail then the other picture I sent.

Hi Darlene,

He's really cute with that lion cut! See how his undercoat is gray? That could mean he's a Black Smoke. What's his name?

As for his breed, it's so hard to tell. He's fluffy and friendly, just like a Maine Coon mix would be. He doesn't look like a full Maine, though.

What do you think? Perhaps he is an 'honorary' Maine Coon. There are many of them! Whether he's a Maine Coon mix, Maine Coon look-a-like, or an honorary Coon, he's handsome regardless.

Thanks for sharing his & we'll be sure to add him to our next photo album update!

Thanks for reply
by: Darlene

Yes, I think you are right. His tail doesn't look fluffy and long enough to be full Maine Coon. He looked like a picture I saw on the net and it was a Maine Coon and so I did research and found this place. I was told he was a female so we named him Sookie. We took her to the vet and I was informed she is a he. We decided to keep his name Sookie anyway. He is a great cat and I don't understand how someone could have let him go. YES, for sure, friendly and loves water and comes to you and stretches on your legs to be pet. Has to be with people all the time just about. He chases things and brings them to you or carrys them around in his mouth. He was totally an outside cat before I got him and was so awfully matted right down to his skin. I am surprised he was that matted because I only brush him once a week and I don't get any matts whatsoever. I love his personality and I have totally fallen in love with this cat. He is wonderful with my other cat and two labs also.

What is this!

By: Dawn in Wilmington, DE

I posted a previous question regarding my kitten.

Charlie is from a litter where all of the kittens look very different. I adopted him and his sister...... She is an itty bitty black and white tuxedo (seen in the first photo), but Charlie is a Beast!!!

He shows many of the characteristics of a Maine Coon, yet he has these other littermates who are definitely NOT Maine Coons... I am writing again because I wanted to post pictures for you to see....

Thanks! Dawn

Hi Dawn,
Wow, what is this!?! Thanks for the pictures, it really helps :)

I'm sure you'd like a definitive, know-for-sure answer as to whether Charlie is a Maine Coon mix! Now, I'm not a breeder, but I believe that the genes for long hair are recessive. That means at least one parent was short-haired. In cats, there is a lot that comes into play with genetics.

Could Charlie have a different father than the others? It's possible. (Very unusual, but possible)

Could that parent have been a purebred Maine Coon Cat who was let outdoors and wasn't neutered? It's possible. (rare, but possible)

Could there be a mixture of genetics coming into play so that there is extreme variety among the siblings? Yes, it's unusual to have such variation, but it definitely happens.

A regular longhaired father cat could have produced the whole litter. And the kittens could still like water, be friendly, big, and dog-like. This is the most likely scenario. Maine Coons are so similar in appearance to 'regular' cats, because they are a natural breed, not bred to extremes.

The interesting thing to note is that a cat can have this coat, and all these characteristics, and not have any relation to Maine Coons. Or they could be a Maine Coon mix.

That's why our answer to folks usually is "looks like he/she could be!" It's ultimately up to the owner to decide how to present their cat, and what to believe in the end. Sometimes, a cat is clearly a domestic shorthair and they thought it was a Maine Coon! That's when we can confidently say, "No, not a Maine Coon!"

If we didn't have the other littermates for perspective or if they all were similar, the answer would be a maybe. And now? Well, it's still a maybe! Nothing is impossible. But it's quite unlikely due to the fact that he would need a different father, not to mention also purebred & un-neutered.

Bottom Line?
He's a mystery! A beautiful, big, fluffy mystery!

Thanks for sharing your pictures, and your very unique siblings :)

by: Dawn

I think Charlie is a Maine Coon if not genetically, at least in every other way!! HaHa! He's a big fluffy sweetie pie and we adore him!!

by: Clare

Charlie is gorgeous and looks like my Reuben who is now five years old and about 19 pounds. I spoke with a licensed international all breed cat show judge, a client at my work place last year who was admiring pictures of my furs. She told me that there was a time that Maine coons were pretty much extinct and it would take either two or three judges (can't remember exactly what she said) to go over a cat to determine if he was or was not a maine coon. I found that very interesting. So it seems that even if a cat is not a papered maine coon, they can still have all the characteristic of a maine coon and if fits the breed standard can be considered a purebred.

by: Heather

wow your Charlie looks just like my Finnegan! amazing!! Ill post a pic of him.. and he loves water(gets in the shower!), carries things around in his mouth, greets you at the door, is VERY vocal, and acts so much like a dog it's scary! Have fun with him! H

DMH/Maine Coon Mix?

By: Craig in AZ

Sonny was a shelter cat described as "DMH?Maine Coon Mix?" in his paperwork.

The more I read the more I think he is! He is orange and 8 lbs at 6 mos. and has many Maine Coon traits.

Hi Craig,
Well, Sonny is a handsome gent, that is for sure. I'm not sure I see the Maine Coon in him, though. As a kitten in a shelter, perhaps he was fluffier than he is now, leading a volunteer to think perhaps he was a Maine Coon mix? Often kittens grow out of their "fluffiness."

His pictures on Facebook are very nice too. Strictly physically, I would assume him to be a Domestic Shorthair. And there's nothing wrong with that! I've had plenty of them, and they are wonderful pets.

It's funny, but from the 'regular' cats I've had over the years, I've noticed that the Tabbies, like Sonny, were even more affectionate, personable, friendly, and loving than non-Tabbies. But maybe that was just a coincidence!

What I'm saying is that he could display all those wonderful Maine Coon traits one reads about without being a Maine Coon. (My past cat, Clyde, did :)

He can be friendly, come when called, very affectionate, patient with children, play with water, and vocal. Virtually no difference between him and a Maine Coon Cat. The only thing is that when a person buys a Maine Coon kitten they are guaranteed this type of personality! That's part of the reason I wanted a Maine Coon after having such wonderful 'regular' domestic housecats :)

Of course, anything is possible. He could have some Maine Coon in him and still have shorter fur. Especially if one parent was shorthaired. Perhaps he is your 'honorary' Maine Coon cat?

Thanks for sharing him,


Sonny does have a suggestion of Maine Coon about the eyes and the muzzle, but otherwise he looks like a DSH. The short hair tends to mask MC features.

Is Dio part Maine Coon?

By: Brandon in California


Dio Dio Dio Dio

This is my kitten Dio, He and his Brother are currently 17 weeks old.. and weigh around 5 to 6 pounds.

I have owned at least 3 cats at a time my entire life,but these boys are HUGE!!! And I can't do a normal comparison to an adult cat, seeing as my only adult cat is Mango who is a 5 year old male Flame Point Himalayan who weighs 15 pounds (not fat just, huge).

But all the people I know with kittens have kittens that are at least 2 weeks older and around 1 or 2 pounds lighter. I got them over Facebook, their parents are unknown, their mom was killed by a coyote and the people who raised them for the first six weeks got them from their neighbor.

It never crossed my mind that they were Maine Coon, because I have owned Maine Coons and they didn't have much in common.

Well its three months later now and I'm not so sure about Dio. Over time his fur has gone from slightly fluffy to fluffier and fluffier. His eyes have opened up some more and gotten much rounder (when he isn't doing the sleepy eye at me).

And while Kenai (his brother) has developed a deep yowling meow, Dio hasn't had much of a change.. when he meows it is light and musical. And most of the time he just lets out the distinctive "chirping" noise I know and love.

He is always present as soon as I enter the house, is always talking, always wants my love. Behind the ear scratches and tummy rubs are his favorite, but is not much of a lap cat. He likes to settle next to you instead of on you.

He LOVES water, his first bath was a breeze!! He picks a "Toy of The Day" to just carry around in his mouth all day. Usually the small gray rabbit fur mouse, which he then likes to put at our feet.

And he LOVES the cold. To the point where he has figured out how to open the freezer and sleep on the bottom ledge. I've also noticed his natural hunting abilities, and tendency to go after more ground oriented toys.

His paws are HUGE. He loves to greet everyone who comes in and absolutely has to smell anything new that enters the house. And wags his tail when he is happy, which i remember my other Coons doing. And he has a nice solid M on his forehead.

I never thought he was a Maine Coon because his ear tufts were too short, though his inner ear tufts were and are way past his ear, his fur was not long (Main Coon long), he was still a baby (still is), he was the smallest in his litter (and has quickly surpassed his brother who used to be the biggest in the litter, and is still big).

He did not play fetch, which I remember clearly. A lot of breeds have an M. And finally his tail was not a giant bush or long flowing majestic draping brush. Then, after he grew up a little and filled out some, all the traits started lining up, he got fluffier, much bigger, and started acting like one.

My family my friends, the vet tech, the vet, and many others have asked me if he is a Maine Coon. I always said no because he didn't look like one to me, mine has long fur and weighed 20 pounds, giant ear tufts and a magnificent tail.

But I thought, well kittens do need time to let their fur fill out, and now that his adult coat is coming in his hair is starting to get even longer, and his tail is poofing out with each passing day.

I have no doubt in my mind that he is not a pure bred, but I couldn't help but wonder if he might be part, because his size and behavior are definitely reminding me of one. I don't remember mine as kittens as I was a small child myself, just them as adults (I'm 18 now). Basically, I'm lost and confused after hours of internet searching, and I was hoping you could help me determine if my baby boy is possibly part Maine Coon or just a long haired big kitten!!!

Please Help!! I'm going to take a few picture with the Webcam, I hope they come out well enough for you to see.

They came out ok, he wouldn't stop moving!!! You can't see the tufts on the top of his ear... they are about 1/4 of an inch long, and his whiskers are around 4 inches long (or were till he decided to sniff a candle).

I also woke him up for this so you can't see his round eyes. Its also hard to tell his true size on them, he looks bigger in person but if u look at his paws you can kinda tell.

And you definitely can't see how fluffy he really is.. his fur is about an 1 1/2 to 2 inches long on his chest, and around 3 to 3 1/2 inches on his back and sides. His tummy is in between both.

Hi Brandon,
Wow, you have given us lots of information about Dio to help us get to know him! Thanks! Your pictures came out pretty good, too.

I can tell you really want to know for sure whether Dio has some Maine Coon in him.

Unfortunately, when we don't get to meet both parents & their owners, and we only have a cats characteristics to go by, we can never really know for sure. All we can do is make an educated guess, based on traits & common sense.

(Sometimes, an adult cat has been abandoned & rescued, and is so clearly a Maine Coon. But this is unusual)

It's especially hard with mixes. That's because a Maine Coon mix can hardly look like a Maine Coon, and a regular domestic housecat with no Maine Coon in them can just happen to look & act exactly like one would expect a Maine Coon mix to.

One thing we know for sure: Dio and Kenai have the same parents and the same genetics. So if they have a Maine Coon cat in their heritage it applies to both of them!

Dio is a handsome cat who definitely does share lots of traits with Maine Coon cats.

His is a classic example of a mystery cat who certainly could be a Maine Coon mix!

Thanks for sharing him!

by: Brandon

I wasnt sure how to reply.... Kenai has some of the traits of the maine coon.. but mainly in persoinality, his fur is fluffy but not like Dio's. To be honest kenai looks like he has some oriental in him.

by: Jessy

Supposedly long hair in cats is a recessive, whether involving Maine Coons or not. That means that theoretically all the cats in a litter should be longhairs, unless more than one sire is involved, Yet one sees mixed litters.

Anyway, Dio certainly looks and acts Maine Coon-ish. Are you saying Kenai doesn't?

Is Dio part Maine Coon?
Very nice pics!!! He is so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Is Reggie A Mix?!

By: Victoria in Stillwater OK
I love my big man :)

He has a lot of traits of a coon but I don't know for sure if he Is it not.

Someone just gave him to me and I have only had him a couple of days.

by: Judy UK

Hi Victoria
To my eye Reggie looks a mix. For me, he has Coonie ears. If you look at the pics of Maine Coons on the web site, you'll see the difference in eye shape.

You have one chilled cat or kitten. His pic made me smile; he's cute.

Whatever his ancestory, I'm sure you wouldn't be without him. He probably has hold of your heart already:)

by: Helen

I love a relaxed cat; they are so neat! I don't see any Maine Coon there, but I do see a cat that I would like to have. In fact I have one that is the same color. Have fun lovin' your Reggie.

Is This Boy A Maine Coon?

By: Sharon Collette in Athens GA USA
need to know! please look at this picture and tell me what you think no one seems to know what breed he is?


oh I think Wyatt would love CA :-) if I could get him out there i would send him in a minute he really needs a home of his own i think he's a little tired of Sharing with 10 other fosters:-)

Very Regal
by: Lynx

100 percent MCC or not he's a very handsome fellow. If I were not in California I'd adopt him in a Venice Beach minute. My Smoky MCC, Chin-Chin (whose coloration is very like Wyatt) is a rescue; he'd been there for over a year before I saw him. I couldn't believe no one had adopted him in all that time - and I couldn't go home without him. It is said Black(ish) cats are the hardest to adopt -- except by me. My love to Wyatt (ask him if he'd like to be a California Cat and mingle with the stars!

Definitely looks Coonie

Finding a home
hi thanks for you comments but sadly poor Wyatt has been with me now 1 year i wish i could find this handsome boy a home.

by: Ariel

What a stunning cat. Gooooood looking! Should have no trouble finding a home for this pussy cat who has loads of character!

He's a lovely boy
I don't believe he is but, he is black smoke which is a Maine Coon colour, I think hes a cross of someone who has let there Maine Coon outside by mistake. I think he's lovely; he's a cat and what is better than that. xx

Wish we were closer
by: Gail (Quincy, MA, USA)

I cannot believe someone disgarded Wyatt! People are so weird sometimes. If I were closer to you, I would definitely take Wyatt. What a handsome boy!

Here's hoping someone in kitty-land out there in your area has a good heart and a warm bed for this very special boy. Fostering is a great thing, but a permanent home is ultimate. Good luck!

About Wyatt
Wyatt is a foster kitty looking for a home if anyone is interested! I'll have to check his ears for tufts but he does have a bushy tail and picks up al kinds of things with it LOL:-P

Gorgeous Boy
by: Gail (Quincy, MA, USA)

Sharon, Your little boy is certainly spectacular. It looks like he may be a Coon mix, but he's not a full-blooded Coon.

Judging by his photo, it looks like he's got big tufts of fur protruding from his ears, which is one characteristic (although I don't see any fur protruding from the ear tips). It's difficult to tell from the photo, but does he also have tufts of fur protruding between his toes? Is his tail really bushy? It also looks like he's got a mane of thick, course fur around his neck. Does he chirp or have other distinctive sounds other than a regular 'meow'? Does he follow you around the house and greet you at the door like a dog?

These are all traits of the Maine Coon; however, he looks like he's got a lot of domestic tabby in him. That's not a detraction at all; quite the opposite! Such intelligent eyes! He is absolutely fabulous in every sense of the word! I saw his photos on FaceBook. Wow...

Not Necessarily a Particular Breed
But what a beauty!

by: thanks Helen

yes I have tabbies with the M on their heads :-) I am puzzled by the diffident opinions I get on Wyatt's heritage I know he came from a shelter people seem to think he's one breed or another I think he's beautiful but honestly just a long haired black cat :-)i just wanted to know what other thought <3 kind of my own poll I do have one kitty who has been identified as Maine Coon she came from this same shelter :-(

tabby markings
by: Helen

Sorry, but the M on the head is only a tabby marking, reguardless of the breed. It doesn't mean Maine Coon or Madonna. All cats don't have tabby genes, but it is predominant.

The only real Maine Coons come from pure bred, registered parents. Folks who pay big bucks for a MCC don't let it outside to indescriminately breed on the street. Cats found at the animal shelter are probably domestic long haired cats.

No matter what your kitty's heritage, he is a beautiful smoke colored cat and nicely groomed I might add.

Hi im only new to the breed of Maine Coons. The way of seeing if its a Maine Coon is look at his eyes the should be a a letter M above his eyes. If you see an M there theres a chance his a Maine Coon. Hope this helps

Is Our New Family Member A Maine Coon?

New Cat

After reading through your website, I'm thinking the new cat we adopted may be a Maine Coon.

Sending along a picture and hoping for some feedback.


Identical Brothers
by: Dianne

I have a big boy that looks just like him!

New Family Member
by: Lisa

I thought he looked very coonie also! I just need to hear it from people who know these cats. Now I'm thinking that the blue/grey kitten my daughter brought home is a Maine Coon also! I shall post another photo!

Looks very Coonie to me!
by: Leslee

In fact, I thought I was looking at a picture of my own mackerel tabby and white fella. Best wishes for a long and happy life together... Maine Coons are the best!

Is This A Coon Cat

By: Lew Sorrells in Brinkley, AR
Hanging Cat

I found this strange cat hanging on my back fence a few years ago. His foot was hung between two boards.

I don't have any idea how long he had been there, but he didn't act distressed. I was worried about how to release him without getting scratched. I tapped one of the boards on the back side and he was free immediately. Never saw him again.

Someone told me as big as he was, he was a Maine Coon cat. He must have weighed 15-20 pounds. Is he?

Big, but no cigar
by: Helen

No, the picture doesn't look like a coon cat at all. He is just a big, lusty, spotted tabby tom cat. Big does not equal Coon Cat. I've had plain domestic short haired tabbies that would weigh in at 16+ pounds. I'm so glad you were able to free him with no fuss.

Is "Baby" A Coontastic Kitty Or What :)?

By: Chris Murphy in Montgomery ,TX


Baby Baby

He's actually a polydactyl kitten, that my fiance got for me the day after my 2 month old kitten was run over by a kid kid on a golf cart :'(.

Next day I got off of work to find my fiance waiting for me in my car with this new little bundle of joy; well he was much much much smaller, and if you don't know what polydactyl means, it means he has a thumb :)


I am so sorry about your first kitten. But does Baby have back thumbs also? It looks like it in the picture on the chair. What a cutey! Keep that fiance too you have a keeper.

by: Chris Murphy

Yes he has an extra digits on both the front and hind paws . He is one of the most talkative cats i have ever had . Last night i had to give my new kitten i got a bath cause it decided , that the trash needed to be "re-organized" so i proceeded to give the little one a bath and "baby" (the maine coone) would sit at the side of the tub panicking everytime the younger kitten would cry whilst getting cleaned he was very concerned and he has only known this new addition to our family for a few days there gonna be bestestesssetstssss's of friends :)


By: Lisa M. Mandigo in Morrisville, VT Lamoille


Zeek Zeek Zeek Zeek

We rescued Zeek from a family that could not care for him.

He is 2 yrs 3 mo old and weighs 14lbs. He is lovable, carefree, easy going and loves attention.

Would you please let me know if you feel he is a Maine Coon Cat.

Hi Lisa,

What a sweetie! Based on his appearance alone, he could be a Maine Coon mix, or a domestic longhair. He has the fluff in all the right places. His face doesn't quite have the Maine Coon structure, and we always look for those ear tufts in a purebred.

I would recommend reading up on the breed traits & characteristics, (if you haven't yet) and making an educated guess yourself :) Let's see what others have to say, too...

Thanks for sharing him. We'll make sure to put Zeek in our photo album soon!

All The Best,

Is he a polydactyl?

Close-up of paw looks as if.

by: Helen

Zeek certainly is a "Van" colored cat and looks much like a Turkish Van in that he has a medium long hair and nice tail. I don't see any MCC in Zeek, but he certainly is a handsome fellow.

Is My Boy A Maine Coon?

By: Daniel in Oxford, England


Jimy Jimy Jimy Jimy

Hi from England!

I have got my MC boy Jimy from website advert. He is 11 months old and I had it from advert saying that he is a Maine Coon but NO proof of that.

He is 17 inches long from head without the tail. I don't know how much is his weight but has got big bones. All other Maine Coon signs are present. He is very calm and gentle. I had it very cheap and sellers had him from another family so they have been told that he is Maine Coon.

Hope someone can give me better opinion...

Thanks in advance,

Your Cat

He certainly is looks like he has lynx tips on his ears and also the mane around the neck...definitely looks MC to me...congrats on adopting a fantastic cat.

Sure Looks Like A Maine Coon
by: Mary Barota

He is beautiful. Looks like my Maine Coon... The tail is MC... As is the forehead... Glad you found him.

by: Dan
Thanks for your comments guys,I took him very cheep with no history from his parrents at all.So I was thinking maybe he is not MC at all...but he is great cat and I love him...

Size / Allergies

By: Jan Stockinger in St. Cloud, MN
Girl Cat
Our Pretty Kitty

We had a cat we rescued from the humane society.. 15 years ago... we were told she was a Maine Coon cat.. it is the ONLY cat my hubby wasn't allergic to. we are so sad... she died last April... and I want another cat... She also was only 6 lbs.

Caught mice..loved being at the lake - ate a mouse everyday.. loved it... .very affectionate - do you know of another cat that is hypo-allergenic? and remains small...

let us know...
Thanks !!

Hi Jan,
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your girl. She sounds very special.

Maine Coons are not actually known to be hypoallergenic, although some folks find that they can tolerate a Maine Coon where they couldn't be around any others. No one really knows why this happens.

We have a page on hypoallergenic cat breeds you may like to visit. There are a couple of breeds that have a good reputation as being hypoallergenic.

And if you want, you could try a Maine again. A girl won't get as big as a boy, of course. But you would be very challenged indeed to find a 6 pound Maine Coon cat, even a female. Perhaps a mix.

All The Best on your hypoallergenic search,


By: Jessika in Canada


Seshoumaru Seshoumaru Seshoumaru

When I first brought home my cat Seshoumaru (Sesh for short), he seemed eager to play.

Since it was summer time and I was neither working nor in school, I decided to bring my cat outside with me. So I bought him a leash and harness, and ever since then I have been taking him for walks. He loves the outdoors (even in the winter!)

On one of these walks a woman stopped and gasped and said she thought I had a very special cat. She told me about the "Maine Coon breed" and said she thought he might be one of them because her husband breeds them. So curiosity overtook me and I spent months researching Maine Coons, pictures and information.

It seems the only trait he doesn't have is the ear tufts! But everything else is definitely there, both appearance and personality.

I'll include some pictures, and even if he's not, I still love him the same. :)

Hi Jessika,
Wow, now that's a name! You are right, Seshoumaru looks very much like a Maine Coon or a Maine Coon mix. Without the ear tufts, and without coming from a breeder, I lean toward his being a mix.

Let see what others say!

Thanks for sharing him,

by: Judy UK

Hi Jessika
You have one cool dude. I'm really impressed he walks OUTSIDE! I wonder what you do when a dog appears on or off a lead. . .

We've a really busy road beyond our front garden, so can't do that, tho' might do it when we've had a snow fall and passing cars are a rareity :)

May your feline dude stays calm, healthy and handsome =^..^=

by: Jessika

Yes, I was very impressed with how eager he is on the leash. We go for runs sometimes as well, and he behaves just like a dog, so naturally when a dog approaches us either on or off the leash, he is very cool and calm, if not a bit curious. He is amazingly patient with other animals and children, but if a dog is too rambunctious for him he will simply walk away. Thanks for your reply! :)

Maine Coon Mix
yes, he does look very much like a maine coon.. my vet guesses he's about 80%. He was adopted through a foundation called animal love, and they rescue litters of kittens from unfortunate circumstances (along with other animals as well!) So I think it is very well possible he is a mix of some sort. And also, the name Seshoumaru is Japanese.. it's pronounced Sesh-shoe-ma-roo

Is Loki a Maine Coon?

By: Marcella Myers in West Virginia


Loki at 4 months

Loki Loki

I rescued this "little" guy last spring. He has acted different than any other cat I have ever owned.

I know he is not a purebreed, but I am pretty sure he is a mix. (I want to apologize in advance for any typos, Loki likes to help me type)

The house that I rescued him from at 4 weeks old (his mommy got attacked by a dog and passed away when he was just 3 weeks old) is neighbors with a Maine Coon breeder.

One of their toms is an escape artist and gets outside on occasion. His mom is a tabby/calico/not really sure what to call her LOL.

Loki is now one year old, he weighs 12 pounds. He has a big fluffy tail that is his pride and joy. He has a super soft fluffy coat that is several legenths and it is waterproof.

Luckily he likes the water or giving him a bath would be soo much "fun". He is a black and white tabby with the "m" pattern on his head. He has a glorious mane like a little lion. He use to have ear tufts but a certain child decided he needed a hair cut and they aren't really growing back besides one really long hair on his right ear.

His inner ear hair is nearly as long as his whiskers. He has big beautiful copper/green eyes and what I call a "strong" nose. People say he looks like a wild cat. He has hair between his toes but we keep it trimmed because he steps in the weirdest things. He also has hair tufts around his back legs below the thigh. His paws are HUGE.

He has an amazing personality and is always the center of attention. He has to greet everyone who comes in and smell everything. He is very cuddly and lovable and lets us do almost anything to him, even trim his nails with no complaints.

He is amazing with our 4 year old, even when she tries to carry him by one leg. We "rescue" him to find out he is purring up a storm and he runs right back to her.

He has the funniest voice. He often still sounds like a little kitten when he meows and makes the cutest chirping noise at birds and bugs in the yard. We call him the mighty bug hunter.

I think that is everything that I can think of at the moment anyway. I've never seen a Maine Coon in real life, only pictures and he does look an awful lot like one, but many kitties do. Please let me know :)

Hi Marcella,
What an interesting story! Considering the info you have given (Loki's mama lived next door to a breeder with a boy who liked to escape) I would say, yes, he looks just like a Maine Coon mix. We don't usually have such strong "evidence!" So sad about his mama. It's just one more reason to keep our kitties indoors...

Loki is very handsome indeed! He does have the "wild look!" Hope his ear tufts grow back!

Thanks for sharing him,

Loki going outside
by: Marcella

Yes,it is unfortunate about his mom. He was the only kitten in the litter, possibly due to her age. She was very young from what I've been told. Loki loves playing outside and we often take him out for walks with us around the yard. He isn't like most cats I've had. He stays right next to us and comes back if we call him when he wanders a little too far. We did have a leash for him, but I think he realized what it was recently and won't walk on it anymore.

Is My Kitty A Maine Coon
(or part Coon?)

By: Shawn McGee in Tennessee


8 month old Kismet

Kismet Kismet

We're thinking our 8 month old kitty has some Maine Coon in him.

What do you think? He's a big cat with green/yellow eyes,shaggy mane, super thick shaggy fur that drapes down from his belly.

He also has long tufts of fur sticking between the pads of his toes and a huge long tail that we use as a feather duster.

It has raccoon banding on the end.

Hi Shawn,
What a handsome boy Kismet is growing up to be! He has the look of a Maine Coon mix, that's for sure.

As for the raccoon banding on his tail, some Maine Coons have it, some don't. And some "regular" Tabby cats have it, without any Maine Coon in them. It's just a very cool Tabby marking. A Tabby Maine Coon cat will, though.

Let's see what other have to say! Thanks for sharing your Kismet!

All The Best,

tabby coon mix?
by: Shawn McGee

Thanks for replying! I should mention also that we also found a litter sister of his (our neighbor has her) and she is a regular grey short hair tabby barely half his size. He's huge compared to her. At 8 months old he's already bigger than any cat we've ever owned. So maybe a tabby coon mix? They are so different. He does things like play in water, chirp talks to us when he wants something, is big on sneak attacking anyone and extremely playful. We absolutely love him!


By: Deb in Fairfield, IA


Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki

I got Tiki from the nearby shelter. I should say he chose me. He jumped on my shoulder and purred in my ear, rubbing his face on mine.

I wasn't even looking for a cat. He started growing a little faster than other cats and quickly out grew the one "normal" cat I have.

When I took him to be neutered at approximately 7 months old, he weighed 11 pounds. I started looking into the possibility of Maine Coon blood.

He has most of the physical and character traits. He makes the sweetest sound, not a purr.

He is fairly shaggy in all the right places. I am enclosing a couple of photos which say a lot about him.

Man, I love this cat!!!

I need to add...
by: Deb

In the pictures Tiki is 8, 9 and 10 months old. I am curious to see if anyone else thinks he may be Maine Coon or not. Input appreciated.

Wow, it's my cat!
Holy cow, he looks just like my cat! I don't know if he's a Maine Coon. My cat has the exact same colorings and markings. He also loves being carried that way -- He has no dignity! He loves snuggling his face in my hand, elbow crook, or another cozy spot.

I was looking through here to see if anyone has a Maine Coon cat with similar coloring. Lo and behold, I find one with similar coloring AND behavior.

My cat also likes to chatter, sleep outside closed doors, play with water (he has a fetish for freshly showered feet).

I think they are both Maine Coon dominant "mutts".

Not a Maine Coon
by: Wendi

These cats are Norwegian Forest Cats, not Maine Coons. Both are excellent, sweet, friendly breeds of cats.

Do You Think He Is A Coon?

Black Cat

Well I have no idea what breed out cat is but I am pretty sure he could be at least crossed with a Maine Coon:-)

Is My Cat Sylvie a Maine Coon?

By: Will


Sylvie Sylvie

About 3 weeks ago I adopted a two year old female cat Sylvie. I was told that she was at least part Maine Coon, I thought I might check with the experts to see for sure though.

She definitely has the long hair, and furry ears and paws. She also follows me around frequently and is very curious about anything going on in the house.

Hi Will,
What a sweet girl! She's so lucky to have found a home with you.

It's so hard to tell for sure without a history, but she certainly could be part Maine Coon. She has all the physical and personality traits we would look for in a Maine Coon mix.

Thanks for sharing Sylvie with us! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful life together,


By: Jamie in Virginia


Ernie Ernie Ernie Ernie

Ernie is a good cat! He is very lovable. I first thought to look this up when I saw the Maine Coon Breed on Cats 101 on Animal Planet.

He was an abandoned kitten that our friends found when he was very tiny. He loves to be around my fiance and myself. He follows us around. He plays in his water bowl. He dips toys in it and dips his paw in it and drinks from his paw.

He plays with balls of paper and plays fetch. He also likes to play tag, pawing at our legs and then running in the other room. He meows at the sink for water. He loves ice in his bowl too.

He has tufts of hair in between his paws. He has wings of fur on his ears too. His coat is very long and fluffy. He looks a lot like all of the cats on the black or smoke black Maine Coons on this website. He is very vocal all the time. He is also very affectionate. He is now 16.8 pounds. The vet has been telling us since 2 years ago that he is overweight. He has told us to limit his food to 1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup at night. Then it was cut down to 1/3 cup twice a day. And finally today he told us cut it back to 1/4 cup. We had him on weight control food and he was eating all the time and still acting like he was starved.

I switched back to regular food and he seems to be fine with a 1/3 cup. I am just worried because I want to make sure he is healthy. If in fact he is part Maine Coon that would explain his weight. I know there is no way to be sure, but I thought it would be helpful to see what others thought.

Hi Jamie,
Well, in my opinion, I would go with whatever your vet suggests. Depending on Ernie's length, it's hard to say whether 16.8 pounds is overweight or just big. Your vet knows what to look for, like a chubby belly.

I would say that 1/4 cup twice a day doesn't sound like much! If you are letting him out, maybe he's hunting & eating more than you know about?

Also, wet food has a higher water content so he can feel full with consuming less calories than dry food. I would recommend that.

As for being a Maine Coon, maybe he's a mix. We wouldn't see a purebred kitten abandoned. It's wonderful that he has a good home with you, now!

All The Best,

Hard to photograph

Black cats are difficult to photograph, especially indoors. The current Maine Coon Cat webpage features my coon cat Nero

Could she be a Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix??

By: Belle in Houston, TX, USA


Ginger Ginger Ginger Ginger

Here is our little kitten, we decided to name her Ginger since she is a red tabby. She is only 3 months and weighs around 2 pounds with a couple of ounces.

May I add, she is super lovable and sweet and loves to be around people. I was told by a friend that her features reminded her of a Maine Coon, but I don't know much (plus she is still small), this is why I would like to know what you guys think.

Could she or could she not??? Thanks in advance!

So Cute!!
by: Anne-Marie

She looks just like mine did! Puffy, cream-colored, and curious.

Then again, I have no proof he's a "real" Maine Coon. His mom was a calico about a quarter of his size.

by: Belle

Aww sweet, do you happen to have images of him? I would love to see how he looked or now looks! :D

I say atleast a mix
by: Brian

I say atleast a mix. He has the square muzzle, wide nose and the large tufted ears of the Maine Coon. He looks alot like my Sammy did when he was young. He's a cutie anyway.

Best of luck!

Sure Looks Like OneEar set, muzzle, and so on. Pretty kitten.

Never used to care for cream-colored cats, but am changing my mind.

too cute for words
by: juliet

What ever Ginger is - she is adorable - very Maine Coon ish face and ears but her tail is not quite fluffy enough. My 1 year old girl had a fluffy end tail for almost 5 months before her tail base fluffed out !! I wouldn't be concerned what Ginger is other than she is precious and is yours x

by: Belle

Thank you all for your responses, I am not sure if those pictures were clear enough, I have other one take with my phone which look a bit more clear but she did not want to pose LOL If there's a way to put them up I will, unless I have to create another one??? Not sure, but thank you all!! I have new pics here, the very first ones, so feel free and check em out:

by: Belle

Sorry I just noticed on my post below I did not make any sense! What I mean was that the new pictures were taken with my camera and these older pictures here were taken with my phone, so being obvious that they will probably be a bit more clear. There! lol Sorry guys, I guess I was thinking it and not tying it.

More of Ginger
by: Belle

Here is the new link to her is pretty amazing, she seems to be blossoming so quick! Check her out:

by: Heather

Belle, I would say yes.. our red coon Finnegan, looked like this as a kitten, but fluffed up with age.. and now we are almost certain he is coon, as he has the looks and all the traits.. Enjoy Ginger, if she is anything like Finn im sure she'll bring you lots of laughs and smiles every day! : )

Could she be a Maine Coon Mix II

By: Belle in Houston, TX, USA


Ginger Ginger Ginger Ginger

Hello everyone, well here I am once again with some updated pics of my little Ginger!

I had previously asked whether or not there was a possibility that she could be a Maine Coon mix, so with the now updated pics, I wanted your opinion.

What do you think

Also this is a link where you will find more images of her:
I'd appreciate any answers, thanks in advance!!! :)

Could my shelter cat be part Maine Coon?

By: Colleen in Massachusetts


Marmalade Marmalade Marmalade

I adopted Marmalade when he was just about three months old; he is now two. He had been found outside when he was around 10 weeks old.

The first night after I put my name on the list to adopt him after his vet appointment to be neutered, the shelter gave me a call and said that I probably would not be able to adopt Marmalade after all because his original owner had seen a Craigslist ad the person who had found him had placed and called the shelter.

The original owner, however, decided not to claim Marmalade (the reasons were never revealed to me), and I got to bring him home the following week.

He's grown into a really big boy--at his last exam he weighed 11.8 pounds, and he looks a bigger than that now.

He is a red/orange tabby with white on his nose, chest, belly, and paws. His fur is longer than a short-haired cat's, but he is not long-haired by any means, and his coat is extremely fluffy.

He has a big massive tail that nurses at the vet have called a "raccoon tail" because of its ringed orange stripes.

When he was a kitten, the tail was as long as the rest of his body. His nose and paw pads are pink, and his eyes are sort of a golden brown.

His fur isn't long like a standard Maine Coon, and his ears do not have the classic tufting, but his size and his personality have always made me wonder if he is somehow a mix.

He is the friendliest cat I've ever seen--he has no problem letting new people pick him up and play with him, and he loves to be at the center of the attention.

He's playful, he loves his toys, and he's a climber. He has a total mischieveous streak and gets into everything.

He also loves to talk. He frequently makes chirping/trilling noises (closest approximation of it is "brrrr-raow!") when he's exploring or riled up. We also often hear him wanderng around meowing/trilling.

Visitors and friends always seem to be drawn to him right away because he is so different from my other cat, who is also loving but can be a bit shy doesn't have the same nutty streak as Marmalade. Or the massive size.

Oskar, the other cat, is also over 11 pounds, but he has a delicate build and appears more graceful.

Marmalade is built more compactly--I often describe him as looking like a linebacker.

Hi Colleen,
Marmalade sounds like a lot of fun!

His appearance certainly is unique, and he shares some of those trademark Maine Coon personality quirks, so who knows? Maybe there is a bit of Maine Coon in his lines somewhere!

Either way, it's great that you've been able to give him such a terrific, happy home. He's a very good-looking cat! Let's see what others say...

Orange cat by: Helen

What a handsome "orange man." I have had several cats over the years that looked like him, but alas, they were domestic short haired cats. Raccoon tail means the rings go completely around the tail, a highly desirable trait in a tabby.

He probably isn't a Maine Coon mix, but he is a beautiful cat with loads of personality. Who could ask for more?

by: Colleen
Don't worry, there's no "alas" if he is a DSH just like my other cat Oskar. They're both orange and white boys, and in the beginning they looked a lot alike before Marmalade overtook him in size. I've just noticed that he's built differently than most other cats I've seen. And his hair is a bit longer and fluffier. And I wanted to see if there was any sort of reason why he acts like such a weirdo. :) But he could very well just be a big kitty who likes to walk around trilling to himself while looking for places to cause trouble. :)

Has my kitty gotten Maine Coon written all over as her vet says?

By: Barbara in MA

I adopted Kitty at 9 weeks and she has been the most affectionate, sweet, playful cat I have ever owned.

I have kept her indoors and will probably take her out on a lease in the yard with the warm weather arrives.

She loves me to blow bubbles, chase balls, hiding in her tunnel and under the scatter rugs.

She also loves her cat tree and naps there overlooking the backyard birds.

Hi Barbara,
She really does have Maine Coon written all over her! I find that very interesting, because you'll see in many of our pages that we talk about how the only way to find a purebred Maine Coon kitten is through a responsible breeder.

Since this kitty didn't come from a breeder, I wonder how it is that she looks so much like a Maine Coon? Perhaps a Maine Coon owner had an accidental litter...

However it happened, Kitty is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing her!


by: juliet

She has the Maine Coon look definately and there is something about those mischevious eyes too :) She is very very beautiful, love her well :)

Could Lily be part Maine Coon?

By:Susan in Summerside, PE, Canada

Lily Lily Lily Lily & Lulu

Hi everyone,

I have just adopted two cats, momma cat Lulu and her beautiful baby Lily who is now 9 months old. The momma cat was thrown from a car, and was rescued by a lovely lady. Lulu ended up getting pregnant very soon after being rescued.

I had just recently had to put down my 15 yr old Siamese down. When I was leaving the vet clinic there was a flyer on the door.

There was Lulu and Lily. I knew they were meant to be mine. There is something about Lily, that makes me wonder.

I started looking on line to see what kind of cat she looks like. She has the most beautiful soft fur, and that tail, wow. She has the tufts on her ears and between her toes.

I have always owned cats, but I have never seen such big feet on a cat. When I first saw her I thought she looked like a little lion.

She is great fun always up to something, she also likes to follow us around. She is too funny.

Her momma Lulu has short hair with similar markings and similar coloring. What do you think?

Hi Susan,
Wow! I can hardly believe they are mother and daughter! At just nine months, Lily looks to be bigger than her mom already! And she has beautiful eyes, too.

You have described her very well, and these are excellent pictures. She looks very much like a Maine Coon. She even has the dark lynx-like fur-tipped ears.

I think it is very likely that Lulu got together with a Maine Coon, and Lily is a Maine Coon mix.

Let's see what everyone else says!

I'm so sorry for the loss of your Siamese. It's always a hard thing. I hope these two are bringing lots of smiles to you. Thanks for sharing your beautiful girls,

Lily and Lulu
by: Busters mom

Buster and I are so sorry for your loss of your Siamese. There was divine intervention to match you and Lily and Lulu up. I cannot believe anyone can be so cold hearted to throw a cat from a moving car. But I was also able to rescue one kitten who was thrown into the street in front of me, but too late for the others, heartless mean spirited boys! But absolutely your kitty (can coones be called that other than at birth) has coon in her. Wow, and they dont get full size till about 4-5 years old. They are so tender hearted, love you, greet you, jump on you and never bring out the claws between them toesies. Best wishes.

That is some awesome tail!
Lily sure looks like a Maine Coon.

by: Susan

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all your great comments.

I think she may be!
by: Trisha

Hi Susan,
I recognise that tail, the fur length and patterning plus the ears and feet from my own cat Tabitha (see entry near to yours). The vet is convinced Tabby is part Maine Coon now as her habits and character are also indicative. That photo where Lily is standing with tail up in air, had to do a double take as thought it was my cat (sorry photos of Tabby so so accurate of how she looks in reality)which is darker and bigger somehow - yours are great though! She looks really beautiful and a real treasure in any case.

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