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March 2015 Featured Coonies

Spring is just around the corner, lets brighten things up with lots of colorful Coonies while we wait! Still haven't added your Coonie picture(s)to the albums? Click here to send them in today!

Kira from France

By: Romain Brassens in Montpellier, France


Kira Kira Kira Kira

Let me introduce you to my Kira, my beautiful maine Coon who just celebrated her 5th anniversary!

I immediately fell in love when i saw her! She is very quiet, a little bit lazy, cuddly and she purrs all the time.

She loves to spend hours without moving watching what happens to the window and cuddle my little dog.

She makes me happy everyday and I'm proud of her.

Kisses from france to all the cat Lover's ! :)

The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat
The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

The Care & Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat: It's hard to describe the love between a Maine Coon and their family. I know you understand! With such special family members often come special, breed-specific questions and concerns. Your loving Maine Coon is very unique, both physically and in purrsonality.

Lion 'Round the House ("Oz")

By: Cami in Atlanta-metro, Georgia, United States


Oz Oz Oz

Oz is a 2-year-old Maine Coon. He loves his human guardians and keeps in step with me as I walk.

He is cuddly, affectionate, and cries if he is locked out of a room. He purrs more than any cat I have ever seen, while eating walking, laying down--all of the time!

He loves other cats and prefers to eat with a buddy. He is 21 lbs., 4 oz. at two years old and is expected to gain a few more pounds by the time he reaches full maturity at age four or five.

Thornplum Baxter

By: Kim in Cumberland, ME


Baxter Baxter Baxter Baxter

Baxter is one year on March 22nd.

This boy has the most beautiful eyes and a sweet disposition complete with purrs, trills and always looking to cuddle up.

Baxter loves to play fetch and actually waits for you to put your hand out so he can return the toy to you for another throw.

He joins his older siblings Taz and Jasmine to make a three Coonie household.

The vet says Baxter still has some growing to do, he weighed 16 pounds at his one year checkup this week.

Meet Khaleesi!

By: Michele Hatchard in Perth, New Brunswick, Canada


Khaleesi Khaleesi Khaleesi

I love my Maine Coon! She is one year old and loves water. I can't. Keep her out of the sink.



By: Natalie in Sandhurst, Berkshire, UK

Samson is absolutely gorgeous, every morning he brings me one of his toy mice and if I don't acknowledge him within 30 seconds he pats me awake so I can play fetch with him.


By: Jeoffrey in France


From France, 4 years

Micro Maine Coon Thomas
(More Telford Tabby than Maine Coon)
but we love him.

By: Jennifer Garwood-Gowers in Worcestershire UK


Thomas Thomas Thomas

We bought Thomas from a breeder in Telford. She also breeds Rag Dolls.

He was the cutest ball of fluff and instantly bonded with him. He loves bossing our 3 black Labradors around and dotes on his 10 year old brother moggie Louis.

We noticed at 15 weeks that he was rather small but kept saying he will grow! At his 6 month castration the vets couldn't wait to look after Thomas and said he was the friendlist and happiest kitten they had ever met but he is smaller than the average cat!!!

Oh well, we love Thomas even though we believe he has more Telford Tabby than Maine Coon in him.

Goose For Dinner

By: Sharon Shore in Omaha Nebraska
Walter and Maisy

Walter and Maisy are almost two and love spending time on the balcony, especially when a big Goose flies overhead.

They share their home with two humans and a Leonberger named Oskar.

They are looking forward to spring and more time on the balcony!

Nick and Jake Our Baby Boys!

By: Kerri Beaulieu in Woodstock GA

Nick and Jake

Nick and Jake Nick and Jake Jake

We adopted our sweet boys almost three months ago and can't remember our lives before they came into it.

Nick and Jake are 4 month old brothers that are so precious and sweet loving. They are full of love unconditionally.

And show you so much affection. It's amazing to see how they want to be by your side and in your lap all the time. We can sit at home and watch them play for hours. Main coons are definately the family loving breed.

Princess Sushi of London UK

By: Adrienne in Teddington, London


Credit card photo

Sushi Sushi Sushi Sushi

Princess Sushi. Most of all a family cat. She is 8 years old, and she loves being around her family and children.

She follows us around most of the time, when she is not sleeping. She is mostly an indoor cat, so we have to watch her weight.

She loves looking at the birds, but just chattering her teeth at them from behind a window. If she can get inside somwhere she will!! whether it be the basket whilst one of the family is bathing! Or into the tumble dryer, so one has to be watchful! Or on to the bridge table before her owners play the game!

But very much most of all she likes lying on the bed with her owners and watching the tv with them, if given a chance she will climb under the covers too! Essentially she is the most loving and adorable cat.


By: Zoe in Rochdale, UK


Moxxi Moxxi Moxxi Moxxi

Our 11 month old Maine Coon Moxxi.

Super fluffy, playful and lots of fun!

Moxxi is often found, not hiding very well, behind curtains and jumping into bags and boxes!

April from Cheshire UK

By: Lindsay Norris in Winsford, Cheshire UK


April April April

April is our first Maine Coon she is a Silver Tabby.

We have really fallen for the breed she is an absolute delight with her chirps and laid back but very playful nature.

Most people in the UK haven't seen a Maine Coon and can't get over the size of her and she's still a baby.


Connie the Maine Coon

By: Lenny in Massachusetts

Constantine (Connie) is our 2 year old handsome boy!!! Lots of energy and a big lovable goof ball.


By: Jamie in Vancouver, Canada


Hunter Hunter

Hunter is our 2 month old, polydactyl Maine Coon. He is always full of surprises and definitely keeps us on our toes! He loves his crinkle bag toy and springs.


Fezzik, My Gentle Giant!

By: Michel in Charleston, SC, USA

My sweet Maine Coon, Fezzik is almost two years old and already 22 lbs.

He is the sweetest cat I have ever owned and so social! He was an anniversary present and my hubby and I decided that once you have a Maine Coon you can't go back to owning a "regular" cat again.

Fezzik is so silly, with his giant body comes the smallest high pitched "mew". Everyone who comes over expects to hear a roar and is always tickled when they hear him. He purrs the instant you pet him (or go near him really).

Our sweetie lives up to his names sake "Fezzik" (the giant from the princess bride), so sweet and big. I love hearing people's reaction to him when they come to our house, always the same, "Whoa, that's a big cat."

Siri, lover of quilts

By: CJ Tinkle in Russellville, AR USA


Siri Siri Siri Siri

I'm an avid quilter, and my kitten Siri loves every quilt in the house!

She can alway be found on one, whether she's napping on them or has built herself a fort and is playing inside, a quilt is where she's to be found.


By: Julie Farnum in Jefferson Township, NJ, USA


Edina Edina Edina Edina

Edina is a 12 year old silver Maine Coon - Champion in CFA - born at the Dotcom Cattery in England and now retired and living it up in NJ.

he plays like a wild girl every day and is very smart and has to help you with everything. She is also a great traveler!


Thor My Little Big Monster

By: France in Quebec City, Canada

He is now 6 1/2 month old, and he is growing so fast.

He is now the size of an adult cat with oversized giant paws! And his little chirping bird voice is a really cute contrast with his big feral face. I love him!

Hemingway "Hemi"

By: Deborah Schroeder in Oklahoma


Hemingway Hemingway Hemingway Hemingway

I have had several cats through the years, but this big fellow is unlike any other cat I've known.

I got him as a kitten without knowing anything about Maine Coon cats or polydactyl. I could tell he was different from day one. My Veterinarian's nurse was the first to mention Maine Coon to me.

She said he definitely has Maine Coon in him but wasn't sure if he is a full blood. He is a large cat in comparison to other older house cats, he is 1 year old. He likes to be right in the middle of anything I am doing. Even dishes or watering the garden he seems fascinated with the running water.

He likes to paw his dry food from the bowl while eating. With wet food he circles his plate several times and sometimes scratches/digs at the floor around the outside of the plate as if trying to cover his food. He has times when he wants to be loved on and brushed and petted although I have to wait for him to come to me... he chooses the time.

Otherwise he is very independent and want to lay in his own space but still wants to be where I am. Unless he is out in the yard where he stalks anything that moves. He usually comes when he's called and then proceeds to tell me what he expects from me, since he came... Food, Lovin' or Brushing.

He goes to the area normally for the activity, He leads me there by heading that direction and stopping and turning around and meowing at me to follow. Like the cat version of Lassie, LOL!

He has the best personality and fits in our family perfectly. He is loved immensely and gives us joy and love in return.

My Long Whiskey Kitty

By: Heather Morrow in Delray Beach,FL USA

I saw this pic of this sweet little face and I knew he was mine. I instantly knew he was a Maine Coon. He was a rescue and I have not owned a cat in almost 5 years.

I was hesitant due to the loss of a former all black male cat and I felt like I would be "replacing" him. This was not the case as soon as I held him there was an inner feeling that I can not explain a void was filled.

I love ALL animals but, a male cat to me is my favorite always has been. I named him Whiskey because of his long white whiskers on his face. He purrs non stop and is very talkative,loving,lap nap cat and loves his belly rubbed.

He is now almost 9 months now and is getting bigger and bigger. He was a resuce but, I believe he rescued ME! Whiskey's Mommy xoxoxo

The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat
The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

The Care & Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat: It's hard to describe the love between a Maine Coon and their family. I know you understand! With such special family members often come special, breed-specific questions and concerns. Your loving Maine Coon is very unique, both physically and in purrsonality.

Dennis the Menace

By: Brenda Garcia in Fresno, CA


So sophisticated isn't he?

Dennis Dennis Dennis Dennis

Meet my gorgeous Dennis who can be a little menace. But he's just so adorable he can get away with anything around here.

Although he may look a little intimidating in some photos, it's all for the camera. Dennis is such a loving,harmless cat. He's definitely a lover not a fighter. He has so much character.

I love how proper and sophisticated he looks when he lays on his belly and sits up half way as to strike a pose and crosses one hand over the other. And always when lays down to rest on the floor he lays on his belly with his legs open as if doing a belly flop. It's really hilarious.

I always say I suppose that's his way of cooling his jets. He also loves to be pampered and being the center of attention. And when he wants attention, and we don't give it, he will do whatever it takes to get it.

From jumping into the dryer as I transfer clothes from the washer, to laying in the middle of the room where he know I'll be entering where I will find him laying on his back with legs wide open and belly exposed looking as if he was run over. lol.... Yes he does and I'll post pictures to prove it :)

We have grown to be so attached Dennis and vise a versa. He brings many smiles to my face and so much love to my heart. Adopting him was something I'll never regret and always treasure.

Doobie taking a break

Doobie Doing What He Does Best!

By: Laurie Gilstrap Stockton, CA

Doobie is the most loving and loyal cat that I have ever had.

I got him at six weeks old and he fit in the palm of my hand.

He is going to be 9 years old on 3-17-15, and has grown into a big handsome cat that I am very proud of.

Not a PUREbred Maine Coon...

By: Debra Zemke in Redding, CA


Nearly grown now at 18 mo. KittyTwo

KittyTwo KittyTwo

And do I really care that she's probably not? KittyTwo shows just as much PURE companionship, PURE joy, and PURE unconditional love as a Maine Coon with a pedigree -- so no I don't give any credence to the fact that her mommacat probably had "the milkman" over for an evening back in the summer of '13. :D

KittyTwo was gifted to me at a time when I desperately needed the love & companionship of a Kitty and she is everything I could've hoped for and has her forever Mommy!

She is as close to a pure Coonie as she can get, the only tell-tale evidence that she's not 100%, is that her ear tufts are missing. :S Every other fun trait is in the package!

Since I first brought her home at 10 wks. people have always commented on her lonnnnng luxurious tail. Then there's her beautiful Mackerel/gray/black/gold Tabby striping, long silky coat, tufts between her toes on large paws...that she uses as "hands."

She has that lovely Coonie "trill voice" and uses it constantly...she always has to have the LAST word! KittyTwo loves to chase a bunch of feathers on the end of line on a fishing pole, endless hours of laughs! She is my constant companion now, lying on the concrete patio while I work in my flower containers.

She frequently brings me her "catch of the day," a mouse who is always still alive and begging for it's freedom, or a blue-bellied lizard, who's "playing dead" very effectively!

She plays with everything with her hands and I think she loves to make me laugh! So, no I sure don't mind that her pedigree is missing...because her LOVE is not--and that's what it's really all about, not bragging rights!! Maine Coons are simply wonderful!

Beau - Top House Cat

All the better to see you with my dear....

Beau continues to thrive, even with the addition of two brothers (neither of which is a Maine Coon). He's above the fray! As they fight he continues to ingratiate himself with the household humans. After all, he knows where the wet food comes from.

At 20+ pounds, Beau is stately and loving. He can carry on a long conversation. We just haven't figured out what language he is speaking. When he's not napping, he follows me around like a puppy, commenting freely on whatever crosses his path.

Moe Grey

Meet Moe Grey

By: Prudence Bailey in Minnesota U.S

Moe Grey was born in April 22 2012 he's 2 year old Maine Coon mix.

He's very friendly sweet loves to greet guests at the door.

He's talkative, plays with his brother and sister - Moe Grey is a gentle loving cat.

Finnegan At Home

By: Catherine & Michael in New York City


Finnegan's first day at home

Finnegan Finnegan Finnegan Finnegan

Finnegan, from a litter of Maine Coons in suburban NJ, is now baby brother to Declan, a rescue cat, and makes his home in NYC.

These first pics of Finnie are from his first few months with all of us at home. He has all the characteristics of a Maine Coon - extremely loyal, very smart, expressive and great with all guests.

We have really enjoyed learning more about the breed and Finnegan continues to entertain us with his quirky antics.

Piper Lynn

By: Jenni Powell in Denver, Colorado

Piper Lynn

Piper Lynn Piper Lynn

Our Piper came to in in December, and was born in October. She is just a ball of goofy beautiful!

My husband and I wondered recently what breed she actually was, the shelter we got her from had her listed as a domestic short hair. As you can see, she simply isn't that.

Her first characteristics that I noticed were her ears and the hair between her toes, and of course, she didn't have short hair. I remember watching Too Cute! on animal planet and seeing the Maine Coon on there, so I thought I'd look the breed up.

So many things about her just made sense after looking up the breed characteristics. She is in a dire need for attention, and a total goof ball, but also majestic.


By: Kelley in Fontana CA


Bullseye Bullseye Bullseye

Bullseye update she is going to be 4 yrs old and still fetches, still talks to us and loves to be spoiled. We love her very much.

Wanted to send new pictures of her it has been a while. Bullseye has a favorite movie it is called, "SELENA" she loves that movie. Yes our big girl watches t.v. Even falls asleep watching t.v.

Bullseye has come a long way since we found her on the side of our house starving to death at 2 weeks old. Since then she has grown into a very healthy girl.

She has her shots, microchip, and has been spayed so no kittens here. We love her very much and since day one we have never let her go and don't intend too. She is our BULLSEYE.

Resistance was futile

By: Marleah in San Jose, CA, USA


Eyes into the soul

Max Max Max

Thanks to our cousin, who's a vet tech, and this site, I just figured out our 2 1/2yo Max is a MC-mix.

We've always marveled about "that tail" and commented that he's not like any cat we've ever owned. He's social, always winding around our legs, wanting to be petted, follows me around the house, greets anyone that walks in the door, and is very chatty.

Mother & litter were rescued when he & his 4 siblings were a few days old. One sister is probably also a MC-mix, the other 3 siblings definitely not.

Max chose me when he was about 5wks old, I had no choice in the matter at all, and the rest is history.

Rescued and Adopted!

By: Dawn Elliott in Carson City, NV


SusieQs not quite sure of the human's way of life,she just sits and watches what I do around the house.

SusieQ SusieQ SusieQ SusieQ

I found my furrdaughter rummaging 6" thru my garbage in broad daylight so I knew she must be starving.


I went back inside and made her a big plate of wet and dry food and a bowl of water. I called catmanducc (a local rescue/ sanctuary for feral/ community cats that are in need of help) and told them about SusieQ and they told me they didn't have any room right then and asked me if I could foster her until they had room, of course I said yes.

Now what do I do! I have 2 senior cats that are set in their ways and probably not interested in a little furry intruder. I snuck her in under my coat (it was in October) and before I even got to the bedroom door mama kitty was clawing up my leg literally trying to get to what ever I had. I could see then it wasn't going to work that way.

I kept her in my room for a few days until she started looking better and then put her out thru the bedroom window. I constructed a weather proof kitty kondo and named it SusieQ's place. Long story short I fell in love with her, catmanducc had her spayed and vaccinations done so we don't have more little feral kitty's running around.

I almost positive that there are 2 siblings of SusieQ's that I haven't had the chance to befriend like I have SusieQ. It took at least 2 months for SusieQ to be completely comfortable with me.

My electric wheelchair used to scare her but now she jumps into my lap and lays down. I'm not going to push taking a ride just yet. I've put 2 chain link fence doors that was left behind by someone in my bedroom door so that all the cats can see, smell and get as close to each other without any one getting hurt until they are ready to play nice with each other.

I have to spend time on both sides of the door as to not show favoritism and and I sit on the floor when they have screaming matches and talk really gentle to them and try to explain that they are brother and sister, to learn to love each other. I've read on your magazine it could take awhile but that's ok.

I love my Maine Coon kitten and hope to adopt more in the future.


By: Lisa Caramanello in Leesburg, FL, USA
laying in the linen closet

Newt is my 6 year old Coonie....I was originally fostering him and fell in love with him right away and wound up adopting him when he was a year old.

He has such an awesome personality!! Very vocal, playful and very persistent when he wants your attention.


By: Joel Sikora in Ruthven, IA USA


Stripey at 4 months

Stripey Stripey

She is about 1 year old. She loves to play and snuggle and enjoys children. Stripey has a best friend Cheetah who has 2 kittens, and she loves to play with them. She has "adopted" a small black calico kitten named Moonlight and is a wonderful mother.

Stripey showed up at my front door one day and it was love at first sight. I've never seen a Maine Coon like Stripey before: small, short legs, but still with fluffy fur and the trademark "M" in her forehead.

Whenever she sees me she will roll on her back as if she was a dog and wants me to rub her tummy. Stripey has her shots, is not declawed, and is soon to be spayed.

She lives in a great big barn with lots of hay to snuggle up in. Her favorite thing to do during the winter is play with rabbits and sleep. In the fall she loves to chase leaves. In the summer she loves chasing bubbles and sunbathing, and in the spring Stripey likes to chase birds.

Stripey loves to be combed and brushed. Once in a while she is treated to some leftovers and is very happy. She will cheer you up when you are sad or have had a bad day. I love her so much and will never give her up. Anybody who doesn't have a Maine Coon should get one, because they have so much love to offer.

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Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For March

Reggie - Maine Coon Mix??

By: Abby in Taylorsville, NC


Reggie Reggie

Reggie showed up at parents house a couple of months ago. We tried for over a week to find him a home.

I couldn't stand the thoughts of him going to a shelter. (I feared the worst outcome.) Reggie so far has been like no other cat I have ever owned. Very loving and does mind my three dogs at all.

I'm Pretty Sure He's A Maine Coon Mix!

By: Britt in Oklahoma
He Is On The Left

I got him as a kitten for $20 from an owner whose cat had a litter of kittens. He was the only long haired one.

He has an M on his forehead. Tuffed toes and ears. He isn't very vocal but occasionally chirps and trills and has an odd sounding muffled meow he hardly uses. He is playful and also very lovable.

He loves trying to eat our people food and when he wants to cuddle he tries sleeping on my face! He is about 4 months younger than my female tabbi tortie cat but already as big!

The Adventures of Wendell

By: Belinda in Savannah, GA


Wendell Wendell Wendell Wendell

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in mid-October 2013, we acquired a new kitten. Not intentionally mind you, it was more that he acquired us.

During a cookout this little 4 to 5 week old kitten just strolled right into the party, rubbing up against the legs of a guest. He had absolutely no fear of humans.

Our guest brought the little bundle of fur to me in the kitchen to be fed. The poor little thing had obviously been alone for a day or two, and he was pretty hungry.

So a couple of hours later, with full tummy, a warm towel, and toy to snuggle, he went to sleep in our closet. Having two adult cats already, I didn't trust leaving him out in the general population.

The next day he and his new belongings moved into the garage. Now, I use the term garage loosely as this is actually the Man Cave and is fully carpeted with a large screen TV, surround sound, recliners, and such.

Thinking such a small kitten couldn't have wandered far from home, I walked the neighborhood going from door to door, and no one was missing a kitten or had knowledge of a feral female cat in the area.

The plan at that point was to find a home for the little fellow, but the garage was a pretty nice set up for him, even though he would be alone while we were at work. I had no luck with finding him a home and I refused to take him in to the local pet store for adoption. This caused a bit of discord in our home, but after a week - when he was given his name - I knew we were keeping him.

Wendell is very different both in appearance and in temperament than our two other cats (Spooky and Tassie), both of which are rescues.

Spooky is our older male cat who can be affectionate, but isn't really all that concerned with what his people are doing. Tassie was somewhat traumatized as a kitten before we found her. She will sit in my lap from time to time but mostly is content to keep to herself and go into hiding at the least bit of unusual noise.

Wendell, on the other hand, is right in the middle of pretty much everything. He can be a little skittish with strangers at first. He is almost a year and a half old and weighs 15 pounds, and seems to be growing still.

The first thing I noticed about him as a kitten was the size of his feet, they were as large as the feet of our full sized cats, and the length of his whiskers. He loves to play. If we are upstairs in our bonus room he will bring his ball upstairs and drop it, expecting it to be thrown. If we are busy he will take the ball to the top of the stairs, drop it, and chase it down. He is very intelligent and can figure out cat "toys" that dumbfound the other two.

He is fascinated by our printer and I swear he is going to figure out how to turn it on and off before much longer. He is not a lap cat, but will sit right beside me. He sits on the bathroom counter while I get ready for work. He wants to be involved in everything.

He sleeps with me every night and when he crawls up on my chest, usually around 3 a.m., he always touches my face with his paw. He won't go to sleep unless he is touching me. I know we will never know with certainty is he is part Maine Coon, but is there a possibility that he might be a mix?



Frankie Frankie Frankie Frankie

9 months old shares MCC characteristics, both physical and behavioral.

Mane, feathered tail, rectangular body. Alpha male, dominated my 12 year old tortoise shell from the start, now rules the house.

Very affectionate, sleeps with me at night.



Gomez Gomez

Gomez is very friendly and curious! When someone rings the doorbell, he has to go check it!

He also comes to the door to welcome us! Even if he's a very large boy, he has a little girl meow! He's a very special and sweet cat!

Harley and Jack My Talkative And Mischievous Boys

By: Danielle in Tacoma

Harley and Jack

Harley and Jack Harley Harley Jack

I adopted Harley at 9 mos old, he already weighed 10 pounds but looked very thin. Harley is 11 mos now and 13 pounds.

I have another cat Jack that the vet recognized as a Maine Coon mix he is 15 lbs at almost 2 yrs old and very much a talker!

I wanted a playmate for him that was close to his size, and personality, so I searched for months for a Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix. That's when I found Harley he is the most quirky kitty, he opens cabinets for Jack , he meows constantly like he is carrying on full conversations with me.

At 3 am every morning he comes running into my room meowing and walks all over me bumping his head into my chin. He doesn't like to be held, but is happy to sit on my chest or lay across me as long as I don't put him there.

His meow is loud and although very similar to Jacks it's very different from other cats I've owned.

My house is very loud with both my very vocal boys talking all the time! I've been told that Jack is a Maine Coon mix but Harley appears more like a full Maine Coon to me, his owner relinquished him due to a divorce and claimed he was a Maine Coon, does he look full Maine Coon to you?

Jack is the one eyed tuxedo and Harley is the tabby.


By: Paul Garner


Aramis Aramis Aramis

Aramis is approximately 9 months old and has a ferocious appetite and big paws.

The lady i got him from reckons his dad was a Maine Coon which would explain a lot I will send some pictures so you can give me your opinion.

Maine Coon or Maine Coon Mix?

By: April Loney in Pensacola FL


Tesla smiles for the camera.

Tesla Tesla Tesla

Tesla is an 18 month old male. I found him when he was 7 weeks old. He is very rambunctious and playful.

He spends hours in the windows of my home "chattering" when he sees birds and squirrels playing on the trees and bushes right outside.

He is very mischievous, and will take smaller objects that he can carry in his mouth, and "hide" them in designated spots in the home. He is also an excellent hunter, and any bug that manages to slip into the house doesn't stand a chance. He will catch them and carry them around the house meowing.

He has beautiful long fur, with extremely long tufts of white fur between his paws, and a glorious "mane" around his neck. Although he is over a year old, he has a very soft and high pitched meow, and only meows when he is in need of food or water.


By: Amanda Aliano in Arizona

We adopted our new cat (Jewfasa) 2 days ago from the Humane Society.

They said he was a Maine Coon mix but I'm still curious. He shows signs and characteristics of a maine coon, but not entirely. So far he had the "M" on his forehead, ear hair, no ear tufts, long fluffy hair, and very vocal.

We love him so much! He doesn't like his belly rubbed or touched and so far isn't the most social cat. He enjoys dark quiet places, and loves to be awake at night.


By: Rachel Coria in Holland, Michigan

My husband and I chose this handsome man from among his brothers and sisters a little later than most people pick out a kitten since we wanted to wait for their personalities to bud. (We didn't want to get stuck with a demon) :D

The mother belongs to friends of ours who rescued her from the street, and had no idea she was already pregnant with five! She is a beautifully colored long-hair, but a bit on the small side.

The day we went to choose a kitten, we had no idea that he would end up choosing us! The future Apollos jumped up on the couch beside my husband, and locked eyes with him...and wouldn't look away. Everytime my husband would move, Apollos would follow him, while the rest of the kittens seemed oblivious to our presence! So obviously that made up our mind, and Apollos became part of our family.

...And he grew, and grew, still growing almost 2 years later! The last time we took him to the vet, he weighed in at 17 lbs, and the vet said that he's not fat, he's just...big! Physically, he resembles a coon: varying coat lengths and colors, mainly a tabby look.

Straight medium nose, small tufts on his ears (not as prominent as a coon), Big feet with tufts of hair on the bottom, and that stare...I think he could win a staring contest with a gold fish!

His personality is one of a kind. He has the obvious traits of a coon: obsession with water, he is extremely affectionate, and requires Lots of attention. He purrs almost constantly, and sounds like a small motor.

Other funny behaviors: he hides toys/paper scraps in my husband's shoes, he is obsessed with a particular toy, and drags it around as if he considers it prey. He must be by the baby at all times even if it means getting clobbered on the head, or losing a whisker or two. When the baby wakes up at night crying, I often find Apollos camping outside his closed bedroom door almost as if he is either standing guard or senses that something is wrong. I thought only dogs did that.

Another dog-like trait that I haven't seen in any other cat that I have ever owned is that Apollos comes when called. It doesn't matter if he is busy getting into something he shouldn't or sound asleep. He immediately comes when he hears his name! A less desirable trait is that he has learned to open drawers and cabinets :( But that must mean he's smart.

My husband was a hard-core dog person. He even went so far as to say that he hated cats...But ever since Apollos chose him as his person, he has completely fallen in love with this magnificent feline.

(Note from editor: Rachel, your pictures didn't come through - This happens when they are large files, meaning high quality photos. There are tips here for editing photos for the web, if you'd like to try again. Without an email address, I was unable to contact you.)

Is Anna a Maine Coon Mix?

By: Nicole in Warren, Michigan

I adopted Anna from a vet office my friend worked at in 2005. They recieved her from a couple who found her in a field as a kitten.

My friend believes she is a Maine Coon Mix. She's about 9 or 10 years old now. I've kept her indoors since I got her. She's so lovable and vocal..follows me all over the house and makes the most unique sounds as if she is communicating with me.

When I first got her, I couldn't believe how much she acted like a dog. She's very smart and knows her name..if I call her she comes from wherever she's at.

She loves to be held and sleeps as close to me as she can get. She's always purring and playing. She can entertain herself throwing a toy mouse around. She can be very loud at times, but most times she is very light on her feet.

Do you think Anna has some Maine Coon in her? Any idea of what other breeds she could be mixed with? This all started because I was trying to figure out a general life span, and I came to see how much it varies by breed. Any input is greatly appreciated!

(Note from editor: Nicole, your pictures didn't come through - This happens when they are large files, meaning high quality photos. There are tips here for editing photos for the web, if you'd like to try again. Without an email address, I was unable to contact you.)

PAWSitive Passages!

PAWSitive Passages!


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