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March 2014 Featured Coonies

Welcome to our March Photo Album! Out with winter, in with lovely Coonies, full of purr-sonality!


By: Evita in Riga, Latvia


Mc Gregor

McGregor McGregor McGregor

Thanks to this handsome guy I absolutely LOVE Maine Coons now, starting from the wild looks and their personality, oh, and they are so smart! :)

Thornplum Tazmaineian Devil


Taz Taz Taz Taz

Taz is home-grown here in Maine from Thornplum cattery.

All about being cute, Taz trills, chirps and is very talkative. He demands attention so I am not surprised when he lands in my lap as I sit at the dinner table.

While Taz eats a raw meat diet supplemented by Royal Canin Maine Coon food, he is a big fan of carrots, kale, broccoli and every once in a while I relent and allow him a baked bean or two.

Taz will be two years old in July. He is large, about 18 pounds, and my only wish is that someone would introduce a line of cat trees built specifically for the Maine Coon breed.

Thor and Thea

By: JoAnna in Epsom Surrey, UK

Thor and Thea

Thor and Thea Thor and Thea Thor and Thea Thor and Thea

I have 2 maine coon kittens, Thor aged almost 6 months and Thea almost 5 months old.

They are from totally different breeders but instantly became besties and are the reason I rush home from work every day.

I love spending time with them. XxX

Blaze from Sweden Blue Eyed Maine Coo

By: Gustav Jansson in Helsingborg Sweden


Blaze Blaze

He is really charming, loves company and to play with Water.

My Girl Mafiatta

By: Brenda Sue Daeges in Omaha Nebraska


about 8 months old

Mafiatta Mafiatta Mafiatta Mafiatta

She is about 10 pounds and close to be a year old.

When I got her she was extremely sick she nearly died from concidia. The breeder was someone who does not even care for the breed all she cares about is the money.

But Mafiatta she a fighter and recovered beautifully and now i am proud to have rescued her she is a joy she fulfill my life and makes me and gave me the honor to have her as my daughter.

Patriotic Graycie

By: Kim Fletter in Ball Ground, GA

In '09 Graycie was abandoned at my rental property weighing 1 lb. and sick. I nursed her back to health. I named her Graycie because she was gray and God had grace on her to revive her health.

She was diagnosed with feline leukemia from birth and lived almost 5 yrs. She was my BFF (best fiend forever). I made a little picture album of her to help with her loss. I love her so much and will NEVER forget her.

Because she was the prettiest cat I've ever seen (I never knew what breed she was until someone told me - not the vet) I made greeting cards of her. I thought it might keep her memory alive. I haven't produced them to sell commercially, just for friends.

I never liked cats before her, but fell in love head over heals! She followed me into every room and would lay nearby until I was ready to go to another room, talking her gutteral sound when I would look at her.

I kissed the top of her head so much that she had a little flat spot between her ears. She helped weave colorful threads into the beautiful tapestry of my life and I am so blessed to have known her.



Little Lucy

Update from July 2012 Purrlin

By: Kay in Central Illinois


Purrlin Purrlin

In July of 2012 I posted that I wasn't sure if my still then kitten was a Maine Coon or had some in him. The vet still thinks he has some in him.

He still doesn't have the big ruff, although there are times he does have a small one. He's still a kitten, carrenning around the house and bellowing at me when I've not paid enough worship time to him. His longest fur has measured at just short of 5 inches and still has the dense undercoat thats all of 1/4 inch.

He loves to hang on the side of the tub when anyone is in it, and as soon as a human gets out, he's in to play in the draining water. I'm going to repost the 5 month pic I shared in 2012 and the comparison pic I took tonight.

The keyboard and desk are the same from then just to give you an idea of his growth.

The Mystery that is Domino

By: Tonya in Oklahoma



Domino Domino Domino Domino

My sister had several outdoor alley cats. One of her solid grey short-hair cats had a litter of black short-hair kittens outside and under the house.

My sister noticed one day when she fed them, that of the black kittens begging for food wasn't black or short-hair. It was a very demanding, loud long-hair tortoise-shell colored kitten. My sister gave this kitten to me.

It became very clear this kitten was not a typical cat; from her initial appearance with bat ears and owl eyes with this huge poofy tail. As her unique personality became apparent, my husband and I jokingly called her our racoon cat.

I had no idea of Maine Coon cats. She has big hairy ears with tufts on top, big paws with long hairs between her toes, big eyes and a wide nose and giant size. Her hair was also unique with short hair on her head and shoulders, a mane, long course hair on her back covering very thick long down-like fur underneath.

Then there was her personality: Loud, talkative and very smart. She loved water, would eat anything (her favorite food is veggies and apples!) So I looked up online "coon cats" and viola! a picture of Domino popped up!

As I read more, the more it seemed that I was reading about my cat. Our theory is that a neighbor's new coon kitten wandered to my sister's home where food was (she LOVES food!) and was mistaken for one of her kittens.

Today, Domino is three years old, and very much an important part of our family~

My Sweet Charly

By: Andrea in San Antonio, TX


Charly Charly Charly

Charly is a 10-year-old Maine Coon mix who has most of the beauty and all the wonderful personality quirks of a purebred Coonie.

We adopted her at 9 weeks when she weighed just under 2 lbs., and had no idea what her breed DNA was. We'd never ever heard of Maine Coons, which is hard to imagine now.

Charly is a little small for a typical female Maine Coon -- about 9.5 lbs. She's getting to be a "senior cat," but definitely not slowing down. She is currently being treated for Feline Triad Syndrome, but is otherwise very healthy and active -- as much as her 4-year-old little "sister" kitty, Billie (another Maine Coon mix).

Charly is curious, vocal, athletic, very playful, and smart. She once found my husband's lost wedding ring after I simply showed her mine (which is identical) and said, "Charly, go find the ring." Ten minutes later, she proudly brought it to me. (Of course, I don't know if she took it in the first place!)

Charly is my sweet "girl," who looks after me and talks to me with chirps and trills. I wish I had a whole house full of Maine Coons, and have vowed that I will never live without one. They are ideal companions!

Billie Bean the Purr Machine

By: Andrea in San Antonio, TX

Billie Bean


Billie Bean Billie Bean Billie Bean Billie Bean

Billie is a 4-year-old Maine Coon "mix," whose coat reflects all the colors of Fall -- golds, reds, and browns. We adopted her from a local Humane Society where she was fostered in a volunteer's home with 10 other kittens.

All she has ever known is the tender, loving touch of humans, which has made her a sweet, gentle kitty and wonderful companion.

Billie does not have all of the physical characteristics of the Maine Coon, but she has some of the best ones -- a gorgeous, thick coat; a huge, fluffy tail; and "snowshoe" paws. She is a big girl -- almost 16 lbs. of playfulness.

She does not "meow" at all, but only makes a little raspy "squeak" sound. When her curiosity gets her unintentionally locked in a closet, she can't call out for help -- so her "big sister" kitty Charly (another Main Coon, but very vocal!) will alert us to Billie's predicament.

Despite her lack of a "voice," Billie has the thundering purr of a jungle cat, which earned her the nickname "Billie Bean the Purr Machine." Whoever abandoned Billie and her littermates lost out on a lot of love, but I'm grateful to the humane society volunteers who fostered her and brought her to us!


By: KAT in Vancouver, BC. Canada


Eva Eva Eva Eva

EVA is a very adventurous & content cat and she is definitely not camara shy, EVA expresses all the great traits of a Maine Coon, and can thrive with the best of them...

Sweets and Dad

By: Paige Small in Fresno CA

This beautiful is Sweets. His fave thing is ice cubes, which he treats like hockey pucks.

He's 10 months old & lives in Fresno CA

Mackie the Diva!

By: Deloris Webb in Carbon Hill, AL


Mackie Mackie Mackie Mackie

Mackie I believe is a mixed breed Maine Coon. Her Mother is Daisy and she was a calico that was a Ferrell cat that I tamed and she won or heart! Mackie has all the traits though of a Maine Coon.

She has the tufts, the long mane, air between her he paws, the big brush of a tail and at 4 years old she still plays like a kitten. She is extremely vocal and demands attention.

She follows me everywhere like a dog and carries her toys everywhere. She is a clown and when she gets too rough all you have to do is tell her how pretty she is and she instantly becomes calm.

She is truly a DIVA! Her markings when she is sitting on the window. Demanding is not the word. She loves to be petted and when you stop she gently bites to remind you not to quit.

LUKE....The cat 'dog'!!!!

By: Sarah Schminke in Iowa


Luke Luke Luke Luke

Luke is a rescue from our humane society. We originally thought him to be a Ragdoll, however, as his weight increased, his length extended and his 'collar' and tail fluffed up along with his toe feathers, we knew he was a Maine Coon! Our Vet confirmed.

We call him a cat "dog' because he does tricks, sits, stays, rolls over, comes when called, uses his 'trill' to gain affection and STAYS BY MY SIDE ALL DAY AND!!!

Luke was best friends with our Golden Retriever, Patch, and when Patch went to heaven a year ago, Luke truly suffered the loss. Patch and Luke did everything were brothers for sure!

We have another rescue cat who is about 18 years old and now that Patch is gone, Luke turns to Jewel to be his 'buddy'...NOT GOING TO HAPPEN...Jewel just looks at him and hisses almost saying, "You are kidding, right? I'm, if we are talking sleeping...I'm in!"

One last thing, Luke 'tolerates' his bath..he used to love it when he bathed with Patch but now as the only 'animal' bather, not quite as happy...but he lets me have my way!

He does seem to get hindquarter mats in his fur as he is too big to groom ALL THE WAY BACK THERE...31 I am constantly brushing, wire comb works well, and at times must apply Virgin olive oil onto mat to work it out.....great tip, works well, but he will be oily for a few days until oil works through skin and fur.


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PAWSitive Passages!

PAWSitive Passages!

Casey - he looks Maine Coon to me!

By: Joanne in Arnold, PA, USA


Casey Casey Casey Casey

My Casey was a shelter kitten when he picked me. I sat on the floor and he sat on my lap.

Now he is 1-½ years and he is a big boy, 18 pounds to be exact. When he meows he sound like a kitten so I call him my "baby kitty".

He loves to play in the sink spigot when it is on. He has a very sweet and gentle disposition. My vet tried to tell me he is over weight but I don't think he is just to look at him.he has big feet and a lot of thick fur and a somewhat bushy tail.

What do you think?

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For March:

Miss Prissy-Priss

By: Robynne Elwood in Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Pretty PrissyClaus

Never have I seen a more feminine, beautiful and loving feline than Prissy.

She loves me like a human would and loves being held upright on my shoulder just like I would hold a baby. I believe Prissy is the perfect creation formed from the union of the most gorgeous Maine Coon and the most beautiful Persian. God brought Prissy to me when He knew I needed unconditional love.

I have had Miss Priss-Priss for 5&1/2 years now and she has soothed my heart and soul and been right at my side through some very difficult times.

Now I know why people want to clone these wonderful gifts. I wanted to share her beautiful Christmas picture.



By: Rush in KL, Malaysia

I want to know is this mix breed Maine Coon? Or is this one of the Maine Coon breed?

Please Help!

By: Nicole in Isle Of Man

I got this kitty a few months ago, she's called Patches.

I got her as my other cat was pining for a friend. But she seems to look very different to other cats I've had. She's obviously a fluffy cat.

She has long hair growing Out of her ears and is very playful. She's about 15-17 weeks old. I just don't know what breed she is.

The house where I got her owned a Maine Coon (ginger) but the lady assured me the father was a white domestic cat like her mother, although he did have a fluffy tail.

Is she a Maine Coon kitten?

By: Lacey in Gresham, WI, USA


Cat Cat Cat Cat

She was a drop off at my farm back in September or October.

She is really layed back and very great with my child, and even my chickens and duck. She was very easy to train to hunt mice.

Missy maybe a little Maine Coon

By: Candy in Dayton, OH


Missy Missy Missy

We got Missy from a friend when she was 3 months old. My friend had bought her for her daughter, but after, discovered her daughter had an allergy.

Where she got Missy, I am not sure. I honestly didn't think to ask. I was just excited I found a kitten that I liked. Right away, I thought she had maine coon physical characteristics. The tuff on the ears, brushy tail like a coon or fox, the sharp gold green eyes, the long silky black coat with the different texture fluffy undercoat, giving her a ticked look throughout her torso. She also has the long "saber tooth" like incisors that come down below her lower jaw. Her overall stature and frame strongly resembled a Maine Coon.

We introduced her to another kitten in our family on Thanksgiving. They were both the same age falling between 3 and 4 months. Missy's size dominated the black domestic short hair male.

I also noticed her lack of fear of water which has developed into a like. When we first brought her home, in the first week, I took her into the shower with me to give her a quick wash and to see how she would tolerate it. She curled up relaxed against my chest and let me put her under the warm stream to wash her, no resistance at all. She seemed to like it. Since, she likes to jump into the bath with my children or myself.

She is very affectionate but independent, she can seem persnickety at times. She can play rough if you let her and she has a stubborn streak. She is very vocal and often times will even "back talk'" when told no to something.

She doesn't like being separated from us and will sit outside our bedroom door at night and meow and howl if we don't let her in. She is comfortable around us but cautious around visitors she doesn't know, not mean though.

I am sure she isn't pure because there are no papers with her and I would think my friend would have mentioned that or even sold her instead of giving her away. I do think that she is a mix. I feel pretty certain actually.

I was wondering about her size. I was thinking that her development had slowed some over the past couple months. I even thought she was too small to be maine coon mix, but we weighed her today at 7 months and she weighs 7 lbs. So, she is bigger than I realized. She has a very healthy appetite, but isn't fat by any means.

I uploaded some photos, I also have a short video clip as well, I could send. It shows her much better than the photos, I think.

Wednesday - the Queen of Apartment C1

By: Jamie in Ithaca, NY, US
Wednesday :)

So yes my kitty's name is Wednesday and I have been wondering about her breed since I got her from my friend who found a litter of kittens in his backyard.

She is rambunctious, curious, and extremely playful. My roommate and I often compare her to a dog since we'll find her running around in what seems to be her imaginary scenarios and sometimes chases her own tail.

She loves attention and jumping around from couch to couch doing what we call "cat parkour." When I went to get her spayed at the local SPCA, the woman there mentioned that she might be a Maine Coon mix.

Everyone always comments on how pretty she looks. I'm proud to call her my kitty.


Dogs best friend! Introducing Prince Blue

By: Cathy in Amsterdam

Blue, our MC/Persian/ginger Tom mix, came to us at 8-weeks on 1.10.13. I was looking for a MC for our FC Retriever who had tried in vain to become friends with our 2 rescue cats. Read more at: Introducing Blue

Sissy Is a Mix, But You Wouldn't Know It...

By: Sally in Bethany, OK USA
Our Sweet Sissy

Sissy is HUGE! She was born one of two, in the litter, from a very beautiful tabby mama.

She was twice the size of her sister, Scruffy. Who favors the coloring of a Maine Coon more, but still has that MC personality! Sissy has giant fangs, a beautiful ruff around her neck, and is very sweet and calm, in nature.

She doesn't snuggle often, but when she does, she wants to be up around my neck. She has a quiet but fun personality, and is very independent. She is pretty much the Queen, around here!

Is Giavanna a Mixed Coon?

By: Eileen B. in Brookfield, WI

She has very long whiskers, larger ears (with the tufts coming out, one ear is bent due to a previous surgery for ear mites that failed)

She is a big cat approximately 13-14 pounds, but very quick and smart! He hair is multi-colored but not fluffy, her tail is long but smooth.

She has this expression on her face, that is hard to describe, almost "grumpy or disapproving". Yet, her nature is very loving and she gets along well with the other cats, never fights! She is the fastest cat I have ever owned, especially with her big size.

She also, has the "M" shape above her eyes that I noticed most other Coons have. What do you think? She does look like some of the pictures in your club, especially the tiger striping of brown, black and red.

She was originally bought at a shelter by my daughter.

(Note from editor: Patti, if you sent a picture, it didn't come through - This happens with large files, meaning high quality photos. There are tips here for editing photos for the web, if you'd like to try again. I was unable to sent you an email.)

Magic Mistoffelees


Magic came from a shelter/rescue kitty.

He is spunky, friendly, and smart. Loves to be at your heels, by your lap, or tearing around the house.

Isn't terrorized by the senior cat who has always been "king" of the household.

"Sweep" my tortie stray, found on-the-lam in2002

By: Gena S. in Asbury Park, NJ,USA

We found this 5 lb. kitten in fall of 2oo2, and one day I tucked in my coat, and brought her home. She was fluffy, and I noted he "rumba pants", fluffed-out tail, low-slung body, chirpy/silent meow.

Now she's 12, weighs about 10 lbs.; vet says she's no MC,too small, but everyone in my bldg. says she's at least partly MC. I just love her: fat, paws w/fur underneath, fluffy tail, chirpy meow and purrs, thick, shaggy/rough coat, "brithches" on back legs, loves to play "bring the mousietoy and get tereats" every morning.

I always had Siamese before, and this little gal has opened to me the whole fascinating world of the "big" cats (MC. Nor.Forest, etc) and I'm hooked. Not good at sending her pix but will try.

Our Feral Cat Resembles Puddy

By: Carol Kean in Cedar Rapids, IA
Feral Cat

If we could trap and tame this gorgeous kitty, we would. Instead, s/he brightens our day with occasional visits at the patio door in search of food (fish, mac-n-cheese, but not cat food, we've learned).

What a tough one, surviving outside this long, historically cold winter!

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