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March 2013 Maine Coon Cat Pictures

Welcome to the March Photo Album of Maine Coon Cat pictures! It's almost spring, I'm sure all these Coonies are ready for that!



By: Jeoffrey in France

2 years old, a french Maine Coon, very proud of him. (sorry for my English)


Laura: Gorgeous cat! And your English is perfect!

Chantal (Australia): Il est magnifique!

Here's Surfer Dude!

By: Meryl in Cary, NC

Surfer Dude

Surfer Dude Surfer Dude Surfer Dude Surfer Dude

Surfer Dude is a purebred Maine Coon who was "shown" by his breeder as a kitten and disqualified for having a "locket", in other words, a small piece of white fur on his ruff.

Surfer Dude

The comments were that he could have been a grand champion except for that imperfection. Can you imagine a cat this beautiful not being completely perfect in every way possible? Well, the breeder was the vet of my beloved 20-year old cat who had died 6 months before and she thought I'd be a great kitty mom for Dude. So our special relationship was born.

Dude is going to be 12 in a few weeks. He has some arthritis and has had his thyroid irradiated, but is otherwise in good health. He is the best companion, a big playful goofball, and very intelligent. A classic Maine Coon personality.

He follows me all around the house, will curl up on my lap especially in the winter, and plays fetch. He will also sit up and beg on command.

I love my boy, he brings so much joy into my life! I live to serve his royal highness. :-)


Pat in Ocala: I loved your story about this beautiful cat. You are both fortunate to have each other. And, Dude IS perfect!


By: Rachel in New Zealand


Handsome boy!

Dave Dave

Dave is a 2yr old Silver tabby Maine Coon who is the gentlest boy ever and loves his cuddles! :-)


Jan Kraft: Dave is just about everything I could dream for in a MC.

Hallie: He is absolutely gorgeous! His paws are massive. How much does he weigh?

Liam the Lion Hearted

By: Jane in Montreal, Quebec


Liam at 10 weeks

Liam Liam Liam Liam

Liam is a 5 year old ginger Maine Coon and thinks he is our third Chesapeake Retriever. When the door bell rings and the dogs Cedric and Patricia run to greet visitors, Liam runs between them.

When the dogs get a treat Liam insists on one too. He has many different cat calls, all for various situations. He loves all children and once sat quietly amongst 13, 4 years old, during a birthday party.

He has an enclosure in the backyard that is 12 by 15 feet, with a net roof, tree and igloo shelter, which he enjoys immensely in the warm months.

He is a creature of habit and every evening at the same time sits on his Dads chest and then moves onto my legs, where he does his wash. If you touch him with hand cream on, he will re-wash.

He also trims his own claws. I have asked many other cat owners if their cats bite their nails, and have had only one positive response.

He is our first Coonie, but my uncle has had Maines for 35 years, and that is where I developed my love of them. He also likes to take walks with his dogs, and is very proud of his orange leash and harness. Liam the social lion!

Meet Tigger

By: Ruby in Panama City, FL. USA


Tigger Tigger Tigger Tigger

Tigger is a 6 year old Maine, that is loved greatly by his family and friends. His best friend is "his dog sister".



By: Regina in Brooklyn, NYC

Pucci is our very much adoerd 5 year old Maine Coon-38lbs. of lovin'!


Pucci loves to play with paper and tubes-


Milana Hames: What does he eat? Were his parents this large?

Kathryn Mangaard: I LOVE this cat <3

Maida Feingold: Isn't 38 lbs. somewhat overweight for even a coonie? Shoudnt he or she be losing some of that weight. My Coon is 20 lbs. and my vet wants him to lose 5.

Barb: What a big gorgeous boy!!! what big paws you have!!

Meet Grim, our little Aussie Maine Coon!

By: Chantal Carter in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Grim Grim Grim Grim

Grim is a Blue Tabby Maine Coon kitten, just 14 weeks old - we've owned him for a month now and you can see how much he has grown since we brought him home by just looking at these pictures!

We called him Grim in honour of his Viking heritage as the name was very popular in the 800s and he certainly has a fantastic gung-ho personality to match it.

There aren't many Maine Coons here in Australia like in the US and if anyone loves them as much as my family does, they have to purchase them from registered breeders for approx $850 (desexed male) and approx $750 (desexed female)!

Grim is our very special little guy who means everything to us!


Rachel: Hi Chantal, I was just wondering which breeder you got your Coon from? I'm in Brisbane too, and we went to Ghostgum Maine Coons, out past Beaudesert. I was just wondering about more local breeders as a reference for some friends, as it's a bit of a hike!

Laura: I am in the USA and purchased my cat in Florida. She cost $950 and I was required to neuter her. They are expensive everywhere. Plus I had to travel by air plane to go pick her up. Total price was around $1500.00

Donna: So much like my Emmie. She's a big girl now...2 years old. Still thinks she's a kitten! Wow, does she like to play!

Cheri: I'm in Australia and didn't find it easy getting my hands on a MC. We didn't give up and now we have 2 beauties, Wizard and Rumeur, both from a breeder. Worth every dollar. We enjoy them so much! They are very special cats!

Mary owner of Meng-Noosh: Yes, your cat is much like ours. We were fortunate when we saw our feline friend in a shelter and surrendered by his owner. He was scruffy, dingy, stained and still held his head up with dignity.

Pam Meyer: He is gorgeous--what a handsome hunk of a cat he is!

Chantal Carter: Rachel - sorry for getting back to you so late but I didn't think Grim was listed! We bought him from Royalekatz at Park Ridge (3297 1002). Sharon is a wonderful, caring breeder who takes care iof everything and then some! Cheers, Chantal :D

Barb: May he grow happily and healthily into those big paws he has!

A Fresh Take

By: Tracey Armintor in Houston, Texas, USA


Fresh enjoying an afternoon on the patio

Fresh Fresh Fresh Fresh

Fresh, yes that is his name, has been a member of my four legged family since November 2012.

One of my dear friends asked if I could take him in, knowing he would be going to a loving home. She was unable to keep him in her condo.

Fresh is actually her daughter's cat. She had promised her daughter that when she got a teaching job she would get her a kitten. She got a job and her daughter picked our Fresh, that is the name her daughter gave him.

I am keeping the name Fresh in case my friend and her daughter are able to take Fresh back. I have a nickname for him, BB, it stands for Big Boy. I have come to love this gentle boy, as I knew I would, it will break my heart if and when he goes back.

Fresh is quite the character, as my friend says, "When they made Fresh, they broke the mold."

Even though there are two bowls of water, he loves to drink the water out of Ferrari's bowl, Ferrari being my Beta fish. I haven't found much that he doesn't like, in fact the other day I was eating humus, and he was right there trying to get into it, I put a little on my finger and he licked it off.

He also likes peanut butter, I will have a spoon of it and he will take his paw and try to pull my hand into him. He loves to get into drawers, whether be the dresser drawer or the the drawer in the bathroom counter as you will see in the pictures.

Fresh is quite the scavenger, you cannot leave anything on the kitchen counter or leave the pantry door ajar, otherwise he tears open packages of things and gives it a taste test. He is a very laid back and loving cat, he loves to sleep on the pillow next to me or cuddle up next to my chest. He LOVES to make biscuits, that is what I call it when he kneads on the blanket.

I had always wanted a Maine Coon, and of course jumped at the chance when my friend asked if I could take Fresh in. Now, I will always have one running about the house. They are such a wonderful breed.


Barb: What a regal and majestic cat!!


By: Diane

I so enjoy reading all the articles and looking at all the pictures of Maine Coons! Your web page is so helpful and informative.

My mom's Maine Coon Kammie is sure entertaining and has quite the personality. I don't hear her purr much when I am there, but mom says she purrs loud in the morning and kneeds my mom's head when she wants mom to get up and feed her.

She is one playful kitty for sure. She will be turning 2 years old in April and still is very kitten like.

Her favorite thing to do is play fetch, which she taught herself to do. She will fetch for an hour if you would let her. Her favorite toy is a feather on a stick, which she immediately goes for the minute I walk through the door!


Instead of a lot of meowing and howling, she pretty much has a coo like a pigeon. When she does meow, the tongue always comes out! Cutest thing I have ever seen a cat do.

I just love the Maine Coon, and hopefully very soon I will be adopting two for myself. I plan on one in the orange and white color, and a Silver Tabby. Want to get them in a pair, that way they can play together.

There is always someone at home, so being alone wouldn't happen too often. I have attached a picture of Kammie, so you can have a look at another beautiful Maine Coon. I did drive all the way from Mass. to Maine to pick her up, so she is a Maine Coon from Maine! LOL!

Thanks for your continued devotion to these awesome cats!

Miss Persia in her St. Patrick's Day Hat

By: Tina in Central Point, OR
Miss Persia

This is Miss Persia. She came to me in July 2008. I had just lost my Maine Coon Regis and I was so so sad. Regis was my best friend and I was so lonely. I decided one day to just go to the pound and look at the kitties and maybe hold them.

Then there was this Maine Coon with the white tear drop on her nose. They said that she was about two years old and she had been spayed but they couldn't take care of her anymore.

I asked to hold her and she put her head under my arm. I took her home that day. I didn't know if I could love again but I fell in love with her. They told me she was quiet and timid but she is the most talkative kitty I know.

She even sings with me and she loves to cuddle and play and she is on a harness in the yard and we sit and watch birds and butterflies.

I will always miss my Regis, but I am so glad that Miss Persia and I are together. I do love her so much. She is quite the kitty.


Jodie: There are so many in need of homes, thank you for adopting again.

Jeronimo at 9 months

By: Anna Reed in Athens Greece

Our boy is growing but likely not one of those BIG Maine Coons (he is about 10 lbs) but we are crazy for him..

Although he didn't like it much we tried to give him some Mardi Gras fever... Didn't work he jumped, turned, ran and rubbed till he got if all off.


Janet: Sweety, our MC, only weighed 10 lbs at a year but kept growing for two more years and is now much larger and 14 lbs!

Sam likes to bird watch

By: Kellie in Jasper, AL

This is Sam. He is about 8 months old and love to go outside with us. I caught him trying to do a little bird watching yesterday :)

He is the most lovable and affectionate cat we have ever had. He is more like a dog than a cat as he follows us everywhere, loves the pond, and loves to play fetch.

Brutus Maximus

By: Ruth from Newcastle upon Tyne

Brutus Maximus


Brutus Maximus Brutus Maximus Brutus Maximus Brutus Maximus

Our Maine coon is called Brutus he is 15months old, he's cheeky, funny, naughty and above all else he's a much loved part of our family :)


Jane Marcuse: Brutus is magnificient. He reminds me of our Liam, who is also amongst the March cats..

Nicky: Gorgeous and with a great name!

Jo: What a kingly pose!!!

Marie: Wow! Gorgeous redhead!

Alfie and Poppy 1yr on!

By: Denise Hipson in Glasgow , Scotland

Alfie and Poppy

Alfie and Poppy Alfie Poppy

Our Babies both not long turned 1yr.

(Note from editor: See Poppy and Alfie as kittens in our October Album!)

Our Little Jack

hanging out

Jack as we call him is a 7yr old male who was shown as a kitten by his breeder.

Skiddish when we got him, he has become the dominant male of all 3 of our boys, very loving and social his breeder can not believe his turn around.

Jack has some allergies, he can't have corn or any glutens and we have to keep flea meds on him cause of his flea allergy. He is the sweetest boy.

Meet Sammy!

By: Emily in Nashua NH

Sammy is a beautiful 12 year old boy who was recently adopted into a new loving home.

He loves cuddling and having his belly rubbed. He is almost completely blind but that doesn't stop him from being extra lovable and playful.

He follows his owner, Emily around everywhere she goes. Sammy enjoys soaking up the sun, listening to the birds chirp, and simply enjoying the fresh air.


Karen Civitella: such a beautiful cat!

Princess Sophie Of Holly Point

By: Magda Mae Bowman in Freeport, FL

Sophie will be 1 year old April 9th, weighs 12 lbs and has brought more joy into our home than we thought possible. She's a pure bred Maine Coon with GC Rivio as the sire from ICOON Cats in Youngstown, FL. I can't say enough good things about the breeder, Lisa.

Loki (God of Mischief in the Scandinavian mythological story of brothers, Prince Loki & Prince Thor) and is Sophie's half brother, also from Rovio, will be at home with us on March 25. He is black and white so we'll have a variety of color.

I love reading about all the cats and their owner's stories as well as looking at the pictures. I've picked up some good points that I've put to use as well.
Magda Mae Bowman

Love and Purrs

By: Dawn in Texas

Our 18 week old Maine Coon, Simba. Full of love and purrs!


Debra Zemke: Absolutely beautiful little girl!

Here's Pepito from Rome, Italy!

By: Giovanni Loria in Rome, Italy


Pepito Pepito Pepito Pepito

To tell you the truth, I don't know if it's a pure 100% Maine coon... what I can tell for sure he's a funny cat, always happy and looking for food and caresses, in no particular order!


By: Donna in Georgia

Peaches is very playful and loving. She loves to keep a check on me and never leaves my side.

I have just adopted her from the resuce center and I am enjoying each discovery.

I know this is the start of a wonderful relationship.


Nancy Hemsworth: I think she is simply Purrrfect......

Apollo updates

By: Melissa in Illinois


Last time in the sink, too big now

Apollo Apollo Apollo

Apollo is now 17 months old & about 15lbs....he's my constant buddy and quite the entertainer!


Karen Civitella: such a beautiful cat!


By: Renee in Massachusetts


Laci Laci Laci Laci

This is our beautiful Laci. She is the second Maine coon to enter our lives.

The first was an older cat that we took in when her owner died and the family could not keep her. Grace setteled in nicely and became the most loving cat,sleeping with us and kissing obsessivly. When she passed only a year later we knew when the time was right we would be getting another Coon.

We would not have found laci if we hadn't fallen so in love with the personality our first Coonie. We wanted to rescue a cat, knowing there are so many in shelters, but didn't know if we would find a coon. When I saw Laci's face on the shelters website, I fell in love and had to meet her.

Although a bit shy at first she now follows us around telling us it is time to play, and never lets us forget to feed her. She loves to play hide and seek and run around the house as if she is being chased, usually at bed time. We are so glad to have found this wonderful breed and laci has grace to thank for finding her forever home.

Meet Jake AKA Catzilla!

By: Debra Roper in Austin, TX


Jake Jake

Jake was 10 months old when we adopted him from a local rescue.

He was so cute and small...5 years later he's 17 lbs.of Maine Coon love! He has the smallest voice in the biggest body.

He is very sweet and sensitive but doesn't like to be groomed at all. The reason "catzilla" is his nickname is because when he slowly walks away from you, he sort of swaggers and swishes his tail like godzilla.

He's not very athletic, running and jumping are not his thing so when he does it we are surprised and amused. My sons suggested we rename him Garfield since he's so big, but Jake fits just fine!

Our two beauties

By: Tom & Louise Woessner in Shakopee Minnesota

Cuddling on our bed

We rescued Tinkerbell in Feb 2011 when she was 4 and a half. She is very affectionate and rolls over a lot for tummy rubs.

She follows me constantly when I'm home and chatters. The vet said she is the smallest mc he has seen. Then last October we rescued our butterscotch Aslan who, poor baby, was totally declawed.

Our Tinker has all her claws and has let Aslan know she is the princess and owns me. It took a while but they are now good buds and he is twice her size

Sheba Kuzma My baby girl!

By: Ruby in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, Okaloosa

Sheba Kuzma

Sheba Kuzma Sheba Kuzma Sheba Kuzma

She's new to the family (a gift). The kids the the area she was before tried to hurt her very badly so she was given to us so she would have a good home.

She's the sweetest, funniest, fluffiest cat I have ever had and I love her so much, even my husbands fallen in love with her.

Mr. Baggins

By: Linda Ramey in Prosperity PA

Mr. Baggins

Mr. Baggins Mr. Baggins

We rescued Mr. Baggins from Washington County Humane Society. I am sending a picture when we first got him and also one just taken. He weighs around 13 pounds and is now around 2 years old.

We live in the country and he goes out with me and helps me do everything. If I am planting a tree or the garden; he checks the hole and all seed packets...etc. Takes a drink from the water and runs to the outdoor swing if I ask him if he wants to swing.

He comes to bed with me and stays until I am about asleep. If I am alone in the bed, he stays all night , otherwise he sleeps on the dresser or on the floor by the bed. My husband and I are 70 and he really fills my day.

We are just wondering if he could be part Maine Coon. He loves to eat and seems always hungary....He likes to play with dripping water in the tub or sink.

He is not shy and is always waiting by the door for us when we come home from a shopping trip. He loves riding in the car and we take him with us when we visit our children. As you can see, he was solid black when we got him but is now smoke colored under his neck and belly.

Dudley (still a kitten at heart)

By: Cheryl in Stratford, NJ


I'm too sexy

Dudley Dudley Dudley

Dudley came to use from The Animal Orphanage of Voorhees in 2011. At the time he was in the infirmary getting well enough to be adopted. He captured our hearts, and my two sons and I continued to visit him until he came to our forever home.

He was approximately 1 1/2 years old when we got him. His muscles had been atrophied from being in a kennel cage, but with lots of loven he grew into a lovable ball of gray fluff.

He is forever playful and will give cute poses when he wants your attention. His sister Roxy a stray from the Pitman Animal Hospital, though half his size is still Queen of the home. "Our house is a very, very, very, fine house with two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard....."


Karen Civitella: what a beauty!! luv it!

Mango Pepper

Mango Pepper

By: PJ LaCross in Fort Wayne IN

She is a dog is a cat's fur! Peek a Boo and Tag are 2 of her favorite pastimes!


Anonymous: beautiful


By: Janet D

This is Rocket. We found her back in '07 living in a hole in the ground between our house and the neighbour's.

She was declawed and fixed and vet said someone must of turned her out. He thought she was about 1-1 1/2 years old. We were never cat people always dogs. Never hear of Maine coons until recently and I think Rocket is a Tuxedo Maine Coon.

She is 18lbs. Has all the traits -lions mane, hairy ears and feet and OH that tail. Would not give her away for the world. Just lover her to death


Debra Zemke: Gorgeous Lady!

Hilary (Catslave) Vivian

By: Hilary Vivian in Devon, England


Dash the Flash

Dash Dash

Not sure if my boy Dashel is a Maine Coon, but we think his Daddy must have been!

He's a big boy, fluffy, funny, loving and spiky in equal measure, which is why I called him Dashel - we live in Devon, England, and Dashel is the Devon dialect name for a thistle... Dashel was born on a farm near Exeter, in a corn bin in a barn, to a lovely dark tabby Mum.

He has the Maine Coon special tail, giant paws, and curly "earwings"; he chirrups to himself, he loves to drink from the bathtaps, he's greedy, he's lazy - but hyperactive when he's not asleep.

Dashel is very affectionate - on his own selective terms - and is a GREAT purrer. He's also playful; loves nothing better than to be tickled with a seagull feather, and then to chase it.

Another favourite pastime is to leap on my tabby boy Mark, usually when he's taking a nap...and, almost forgot, Dashel is a keen birdwatcher... Greetings to all you lovely cats and your catslaves... XXX

Missy Lil

By: Ann

Missy Lil

Missy Lil Missy Lil

Her name if Missy Lil or aka Little girl. I got her from a feed store in Laytonville, CA. She has a brother, atleast that is what they told me. He is short hair, also black & white.

Our Mr. Peaches

5 year old gentle giant Mr. Peaches, is afraid of the birds that fly past the windows, but we can not keep him off the window sills.

He tips the scales between 23 and 25 pounds, but thinks he's little kitten. He loves to play in the water and spends lots of time plaing in his water dish.

He's a very vocal boy and seems to ask permission before he enters a room or jumps on the bed. He is very special to our family and we love him very much!

(Note from editor: Hi your pictures didn't come through - This happens when they are large files, meaning high quality photos. There are tips here for editing photos for the web, if you'd like to try again. I was unable to sent you an email.)


By: Sandy Sharp in Lafayette, Indiana


Benny Benny Benny

He was a stray I got from a friend. Got him home and as he got bigger another friend thought he looked like a Maine Coon.

He is a lot of fun and such a beautiful cat.


Sandra Elliott: He looks like my Marco who has a similar story. He was listed as a stray at the shelter. He had short dark hair and was a little skinny. In the first six months with me he gained six pounds and his short fur grew out to be 4 inches long and now he clearly looks like Benny and sure looks and acts like a Maine Coon!


This is Fluffy

He is 1 year old and the most charming, crazy talkative kitty I've ever known!!

Hemi the Lovebug!

By: Kelly in Loganville, GA, USA


Hemi Hemi Hemi Hemi

Hemi is the sweetest boy ever. He is 2 years old. He adopted me when he was 6 weeks old and I have been head over heals in love ever since.

My son named him Hemi because he purrs so incredibly loud. When he was a baby he would snuggle up under my chin and PURR PURR PURR. He doesn't fit under my chin anymore but he still loves to cuddle.

He sleeps snuggled right up against me or curled up on my pillow next to my head. Hemi loves to play with the laser dot but his favorite toy is his crinkle balls. He will chase them around for hours.

He lounges at the very top of his cat tree soaking up the sun or under any available blanket. He is my JOY!!!!!


By: Dominika in Sosnowiec, Polska


Dollar Dollar Dollar

Dollar now I'm 3 months and 19 days;)
I like very slack and have fun with my parents balls and other toys.


adnamA: If Dollar is only a few months and is that long, he just may grow to compete for the longest cat :) My Carly is working on that as well :)

What An Awesome Creature!!!!

By: Cassie in Lakeland, FL

Killian is a rescue. He may not be a full blooded Maine Coon but he has all the characteristics and the best personality EVER!!!!

He loves to lay in the sink and plays a very rousing game of hide-an-seek whenever possible. He will even chirp at you from around the corner when he sneaks up on you as if to say "I gotcha!!"

We love him soooooo much!!!


By: Liza in Ruby, SC


Karma Karma

Karma is my beautiful little girl. She is the sweetest baby ever and she loves to sleep cuddled up to me at night, mostly on my head! She loves giving love and affection!


By: Gwendolyn Blake

My 2 year old Pookey Roby-Blake. We adopted him on April 21st of 2011 from The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago...

He is our 'only child' and a wonderful bundle of joy. This week it seems like he has a lot to talk about at 3am in the mornings...

I listen and go back to sleep with him curled up in my arms... he talks nonstop which I enjoy and he likes for you to sing lullabys to him...

His favorite room is the living room, that's where he reads the newspaper and is close to the window where he can keep a close eye on the birds!

Maizey, aka thunder hoof. It sounds like thunder when she runs through the house.

By: Debra Radin in Piggott, Arkansas

Maizey has been with us for a couple of months now. We are all still in the getting to know you phase.

The previous owner's girlfriend want to put Maizey down, if we hadn't taken her. She called her a "vicious" cat. She's had her moments when she's gotten a hold of me, but as soon as she hears the word "No," she starts loving on me. I don't think she was socialized very well as a kitten. She's very loving one moment and very mischevious the next, but I wouldn't take anything for her.

Peanut almost one

By: Andy in Mohnton, PA


Peanut Peanut Peanut

Couldn't wait to submit these pics of my little girl Peanut.

Lost her for two hours the other day. Later, found her in the linen closet. Very content . Not traumatized at all.

Birthday pics coming next month.

Miss Kitty - Queen of Her Domain

By: Nancy in Alabama

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty Miss Kitty Miss Kitty Miss Kitty

My Miss Kitty was a rescue from our Vet who said someone left her in a bag at his doorstep.

She was about three or four weeks old and very sickly. She had a sinus infection and an ear infection. We treated her for those problems and she then developed an upper respiratory infection!

So for about three or four months I held her nearly all the time. She let me give her medications (three rounds of antibiotics) and seemed to just want to be held and comforted. I did not discover that she was a Maine Coon until I saw a picture on a website about cats. And there was my Miss Kitty's picture!

This gorgeous fluffy, large, beautiful Maine Coon cat that could have been Miss Kitty's twin!!! That's when I began to think she may be a "coonie"! Since she is a rescue, I doubt she is a full-blooded Maine Coon, but I know for sure she has to be mostly Coonie!! She weighs around 10 to 12 pounds and most of it is fur.

She has a huge long fluffy tail with slight rings around it, fluffy tufted paws, very long whiskers, and fluffy ears. I had read about an "M" marking on the tops of coonies' heads and Miss Kitty has an orange mark resembling the "M"!

I don't know of any truth to that but she does have a mark. Anyway, my sweet cat is such a joy and a pleasure to be around! She is more lap cat than anything. She does like to play and will beg for a "treat" all during the day. She's my sidekick for sure!!!

Buster (after 5 names, he responded to Buster)

By: Mary Guenther in Sodus, NY

Buster 2012

Buster was adopted from an organic farm. There were 3 litters of kittens, mostly barn cats but definitely some Maine Coon mixed in, he was the first kitten I saw, parked at the empty food dish.

We also adopted a small barn cat, Piewacket, who is a little gray and white domestic short hair. They used to cuddle all the time. They each chose which of us they wanted to "belong" to. Buster chose me and Pie chose my significant other. He rarely leaves my side when I am home, follows me all over and sleeps next to me all night.

Buster weighs in at 25 lbs and takes up my entire desk when he is allowed on it. He is not terribly vocal but definitely lets you know when he wants something.

The cats are both almost 7 years old and still act like kittens.

Buster has made me and most of my friends fall in love with Maine Coon cats.


Alex: Very cute, male version of our Zim!

Lynda White: He looks just like my Tater!

Janis Maxymof: Wow our Coonie finally responded to Cowboy, rhymes with good boy. So Cowboy it is.

Arlene M. Baladi: Buster looks like a real glad you have him!

Little Sammi

By: Elisabeth in Vienna, Austria

I introduced Pepi to y'all last October. While he feels very much at home with my family, he was more than displeased when we he had spend nights on his own during our recent 5-day absence.

As a responsible cat mom I immediately contacted my vet, who suggested we add another cat to our household. And so it came that Sammi, a polydactyl pure-bred Coonie lady, came to our house.

I am delighted to report that she and Pepi get along just fine and hopefully my family and I will be able to enjoy future vacations without having to worry about Pepi's happiness.

King of his Castle

By: Beth Smay in Windfall, Indiana

This is "Sunny" and he is the King in our home!

Sunny is a 4 year old Maine Coon that my husband found for me after the death of my 1st Maine Coon.

He is nothing like my 1st one, Cubby, but has a most entertaining personality. Love this breed!!!


Sunny, my 4 year-old male, demonstrating that not only humans enjoy relaxing in the Lazy Boy!



By: Michelle in PA

Shea is 2 yrs old and such a sweetheart.

He enjoys sleeping in clothes baskets (clean or dirty) and he loves marshmallows every now and then.

He enjoys a bath once a month and loves to watch the movie Hop and the occasional cartoon.


Ann: I have a brown-patched tabby Coonie and she crosses her paw like your cat.

Laura: Thats my daughters' name- I also have a Silver Coon named Lokie. Your Shea is so handsome!

Vivien Gurrera: Hi! I live in Maryland ! South of Lancaster. Please tell me how you acquired your Coonie?

Michelle: To answer Vivien Gurrera's question...I got Shea from a local breeder in my county. My mom seen the ad in the local paper and she called, went to see the kittens and brought my little boy home that same day.

Beebes and Duffer

By: Loretta Malin
Beebes and Duffer

I had never seen a Maine Coon Cat before Duffer walked down my driveway. I was sure he must be "someones" cat. He was a huge longhaired lovable lug!

I asked around the neighborhood and was told he was a stray and traveled from house to house looking for meals. I learned he had lived with an elderly lady who had passed away that lived down the road from us.

Out of all the neighbors Duffer visited everyday...he picked us to be his people! We had the vet come to the house to check him over and she estimated he was somewhere around 17 years old.

A few days after Duffer decided to stay with us, he came down the driveway followed by a beautiful black and white lady.

She was afraid of everything and everyone. It took her a few weeks before she would consider getting close to anyone except Duffer. We called them our old married couple because they were together always. Duffer and Beebes were the definition of absolute love.

Duffer went to the Rainbow Bridge 2 years ago at the tender age of 22. We still have Beebes with us. They say cats have short memories......but Beebes mourned the loss of the love of her life for quite a while.

We learned a lot about life and love from "our old married couple" and will be forever grateful they picked us to be their people.


Arlene: This story and the beautiful pics melt my <3

D Morris: Wow what a story. Cats can tell you so much without saying a word.


By: Catherine in London, UK


Tilly Tilly Tilly

Tilly is almost 4mths old but has become such a big part of our lives! She loves lying in the sun and cuddling!

She is very mischievous though and loves chasing our feet and chewing on everything!

Yoda - started small and now keeps getting bigger!

By: Kelsey in Knoxville, TN


baby Yoda - 8 weeks, 2 pounds

Yoda Yoda Yoda Yoda

I got Yoda from the local shelter, and he was two pounds and sneezing. I know that they euthanize cats if they are sick because they don't want it to spread.

So between his funny personality, hair protruding out of his ears, and my fear he wouldn't last - he came home with me! After recovering from an upper respiratory infection, he began rapidly growing.

Now he is 8 months old and weighs 11 pounds and is quite the character in all of his fluffy majesty and tufty big feet.

I can play fetch with him and take him on walks (without a leash!).

Quite the rascal and clown, but he is my "little boy". He is kind of shy, because he doesn't interact with a lot of people, but it doesn't take long for him to be crawling all over people.

He also likes to attempt to play with my tortoiseshell cat - talk about completely opposite personalities! Love both of them, and despite all the fur, I don't ever regret getting him!


Jennifer C: What a beauty! Love his mane and shading!

Gina in California: What a cool-looking Coonie! They come in virtually every color, but I've never seen quite this color pattern! I was wondering why you named him Yoda--until I zoomed in on his kitten picture and saw those ears. Priceless!

Donna: He is so handsome. You are a lucky lady. Miss my Maine Coon cat "Guicho", gone for a year now :(

Sandy Trulson: He is absolutely gorgeous, I am so glad you got him! Thank you for giving him such a great life!!

My Gizmo

By: Donna in Lincoln Park MI

I adopted Gizmo and the Detroit Humane Society, I immediatley fell in love with the picture of him online.

I called and told them I would be down to look at him and he was a sweet and silly as he looked in his photo. He was 8 weeks old at the time we adopted him and looked like a normal domestic kitten. but he was very diffrent, his personality is the best.

I noticed he was getting bigger then any cat I've ever owned and my daughter told me he looked like a Maine Coon. She is studying to be a vet tech so she's seen a lot of breeds. The more I read up on this breed theres no doubt he has to be mixed with Maine Coon or a full Maine Coon.

He will be one april 20th or right around there and he measures from his nose to the tip of the tail at 36 1/2 inches, he's a big lovable boy!



By: Carwen in Redruth, Cornwall UK

Our Maine Coon is a beautiful boy, he is 3 years old and been with us for 2 weeks. We live in Cornwall UK.

Kingsley the Welsh King

By: Emily in Swansea Wales


Kingsley Kingsley Kingsley Kingsley

Here is our beautiful cheeky man Kingsly. Hes 2years old, and we believe he is a Maine Coon.

He loves going outside and sitting on the shed looking down at his minions. He loves tormenting our kitten Pandora (1/2 Rag Doll).

He's really chatty, with rmawrr for hello, rawr rawr for wake up im hungry. mep mep for hurry up with my food or if there are birds around. He also makes grubles when hes not wanting to be disturbed. meaaaaaawup is a hello for him too!

We love him loads and he loves a fuss, such a beautiful funny cat.
Emily & Bob Swansea

She sees a lot of birds


By: Allison & Tony in Indiana

Our Miss Puff is bird watching after a big snow. She is almost 2 years old and growing, alot! We love her very much and she loves us right back.

Our Zim!

By: Alex and Annie in Maine


Zim Zim

Very timid shelter kitty who was abandoned, so we rescued her! Very similar to your March submission, Buster!


Mary Guenther: What a beautiful baby! So much like my baby, Buster!

Baby Beau

By: Roberta in Victoria, BC

This is Beau as a baby. We know his Mom was a seal-point Siamese, tiny , sleek and lithe.

Beau is a different story. The vet is certain his father was Maine Coon. He's got the toe and ear tufts, silky fur that doesn't tangle, a chirpy cry and weighs 20 pounds.

He's the friendliest guy ever and loves to fetch, cuddle and snooze.


Judi Kemp: This has to be the best mix possible! It combines my 2 most favorite cat breeds!!! A beautiful kitty!

Debra Z: He is absolutely beautiful--resembles a Ragdoll Cat--but the tufts between his toes would indicate Maine Coon.

Bob the Cat

By: Adrienne in Chandler, AZ


Bob Bob Bob Bob

Bob came to our office to help with the mouse population and we are all thrilled each & every day when we come in to work to be greeted by such a handsome boy.

He makes us laugh every day and is quite vocal when he wants something. As you can see from the pics he likes to lay around on our desks and be the center of our attention.

We love having him as part of our family


Andrew: How's the mouse population now with Bob at work?

Candace: He looks so much like my cat Frank, it's scary!

Moysha: I think I am Bob's twin sister! Any idea if he is Jewish?


By: Karen in Old Saybrook CT


Jazzy Jazzy

Jazzy (Jasper) is 9 months old. We adopted him from a wonderful shelter Compassion for Cats New London County, CT. I have had cats my enitre life, but he is my first Maine Coon.

We are so attached to him. He is so fun loving and goofy! Jazzy loves to play fetch and play with water. He also loves boa feathers. His favorite toy is one of my daughter's doll's dresses with boa trim.

Jazzy follows me everywhere in the house. I can't imagine life without him. I am totally hooked on Maine Coons now!

Charlie...Master of the house

By: Vicki Keisel in Rock Hill, SC


Charlie Charlie

He was a stray and we fell in love with him. He is vocal and lets us know what he wants.

He is very handsome and so smart. Our friends call him cat/dog because I have taught him tricks. He will roll over, sit when told, lay down and will give high five. He is my heart.

Mr Foofpants

By: Ashley Rae in Seattle, WA, USA


Loki when he was 2 months old.

Loki Loki Loki Loki

My Maine Coon is named Loki and I often call him Mr foofpants, he has been a michievious mew since he was a little kitten. He loves other cats and he is friendly to people too but sometimes he doesn't know his own strength or size, haha.

He was born in May 2009 and he is strictly an indoor kitty because the last time he got out he decided to climb the neighbors chimney and we had to get help getting him down.

He is a very playful kitty, don't leave your clean laundry lying around in your laundry basket because he will jump in any box or basket the second he gets a chance. He also likes to talk on occasion and has the cutest meow. Although he is quite playful he does have a strong personality and a temper at times. He will battle you if you tickle or touch his furry toes or when you try to brush him, with paws the size of 50 cent pieces and 15 pounds of fury I try to avoid provoking him, hahaha.

Loki my little mew of mischief is very photogenic, he loves to pose for photos and he loves the attention. He has a beautiful face, expressive bright green eyes and occasionally I catch him doing something silly.


Adam: Wow, he looks like my Cat Lilly she was born in 2009 they look like twins handsome kitty you have maine coons are great cats.


By: Judith in Lakebay, WA, USA


Peaches Peaches Peaches Peaches

My son and I adopted Peaches when she was about 18 months. Her owner at the time couldn't keep any of the many animals she had as she was having to move from a large rural area into town.

I offered to take Peaches and was never sorry. Peaches loved to cuddle with everyone - other cats as well as myself and my son. My son Jason has AS (Asperger Syndrome) which is a high functioning form of autism.

Peaches love to snuggle with him when he was laying on the bed on his tummy playing his video game, always being careful to not get in the way of his game.

It broke our heart when the doctor recommended we get a new home for Peaches as her long fur was contributing to my son's asthma problems. Peaches and one of the other kitties loved to play "chase me" up and down the hallway. Peaches is half Maine Coon and half Persian.

Cookie Monster (aka Cookie)

By: Judith in Lakebay, WA, USA


Cookie Cookie Cookie

My son and I adopted Cookie (aka Cookie Monster) when she was about 3 years old. Her owner at the time couldn't keep any of the many animals she had as she was having to move from a large rural area into town. I offered to take Cookie and was never sorry.

Cookie loved to sit next to me on my hospital bed while I did stuff on the computer. Her other place to be was on top of the pillow I used behind my back.

Cookie loved to be around people but wasn't a lot of a cat to let you pick her up most of the time. It broke our heart when the doctor recommended we get a new home for Cookie as her long fur was contributing to my son's asthma problems. Cookie is a tuxedo Maine Coon.

Happy Birthday Jasper <3 02/29/2012

By: Tara Young in Ottawa, Ont


Jasper <3

Jasper Jasper


By: Maddie in Staffordshire, UK


Four Months Old.

Atilla Atilla

Atilla (A.K.A Tills, Tilly, TillyBean, Tillbo Baggins) is the sweetest and most gentle boy, except when he's trying to steal the roast chicken off your plate.

He loves being around people, seeing what we're up to around the house, and helping out if he can. He has such a big purr and an even bigger personality to back it up!

We have found him to be a clever kitty, and really easy to train, he will happily sit, give paw, and roll over on command.

He loves playing hide-and-seek, curling up on his fluffly blanket, and splashing in his water bowl. The whole family spoils him rotten!


By: Patricia Pedroia


Chichi In A Box

Chicharoni Chicharoni

Chicharoni is no ordinary cat. I got him when he was 5 weeks old and now he is 10 years old. He is Maine Coon and Siamese mix. He sits on command, follows me everywhere I go. Very talkative and extremely energetic and loves to snuggle.


Lawana: He looks like my Charlie only Charlie has a bigger ruff around his neck. I don't know if he's part Coon or Ragdoll. He has tufts between the toes but his fur mats. He's a loving cat.

Carmella (Baby's)

By: Randall Thompson in Tennessee, USA

My name is Carmella and am a Main Coon mix. I live in Tennessee. My dad has a woodworking shop and in the winter I sit on a stool and watch him do his thing.

I won't hold still for a photo but finally gave in after 8 yrs. We live together in my home and am very jealous and protective of him. I sleep inside with him at night and roam my property durring the day.

I hope with my beauty I wind up being a featured Coonie, but if not I can say I am still the Coonie of my domain.

Baron Von Fuzzy Pants aka Tater

By: Lynda White in Madison, Indiana


Tater Tater Tater Tater

Tater was found in the local college parking lot when he was only about 5-6 weeks old. He has been a most welcome addition to our family, and we love him dearly.

He loves to play, and he especially loves to play hide and go seek. His favorite food is seafood, but that is really no surprise. He is 18 months old now and still growing, and so is our love for him.


Arlene M. Baladi: I am in love with your Coonie, he is SO adorable!

My Cat Riley

By: Dino in Riverside, California

I adopted Riley at the humane society in Riverside, California. That first time, I saw that he looked very different to the other cats there.

He's very dog-like; he follows me everywhere, and he loves meeting people. He was classified as a "domestic medium-haired" cat. I think he might have some Maine Coon. Either way, he's my buddy!


By: GG in Washington
Mischief just chillin'

Mischief loves everyone and everything, he doesn't care who you are he just wants your attention.

I know that is one of the many character traits of the Maine Coon breed. Mischief is diabetic, so he has to have insulin shots twice a day.

Luckily he is very good for them, he hardly even flinches. Because of him being diabetic he lives in my room, he doesn't mind though he is spoiled rotten like he has a cat tree to see out the window, lots of toys, a recliner (small), lots of toys, and I even have a sign on my door that says " A spoiled rotten cat lives here".

I get him toys for every holiday. His birthday is coming up and I have hidden his presents so he doesn't find out what it is. His birthday is April 7th, he will turn 14 this year.


GG: back to you Debra lucky for you you have a young interactive friend, however diabeties does run in Maine Coons, my mom is a vet hospital manager and she rarely sees diabetes in cats if you are really worried about it though talk to your vet and they can give you a glucose monitor or just take a test for you they will give the best they can do for your cat (I know my mom does) :)

Jeff: Very pretty and special kitty!

Debra: GG, He is so lucky to have an owner like you. Not many people would take the time to learn how to give themselves insulin shots, let alone a cat. Do you know if diabetes runs in Maine Coons? I have a 4 yrold female and I worry about that.



He loves to sleep inside bags


Kelley J: Too cute ... he wants kissums!!

Brian Petersen: Omg!! This cat looks exactly like my baby Maine Coon! It's good to know what she'll look like when she's older!

Introducing; Copper !!

By: Ken B. in Atlanta,GA. USA


Copper Copper Copper Copper

Copper very much disliked the cage they kept him in and somehow fearful his days were numbered.


When I found out Copper would get put down with a needle within 48 hours and seeing how scared he was, I knew then he had to come home with me.

Copper was adopted in March 2000 from Daytona Beach, FL. at the Volusia County Animal Shelter. His first visit to the vet informed me Copper was 3 years old and 13 lbs. Copper and I both have been through many of life's challenges including food and lack of stable housing, including a very close call during the road trip from South FL. to GA.

He is currently in foster care with my only family in metro-Atlanta. Copper is now 14.6 lbs. and 16 in human years and doing OK living in a stable environment and is able to go outside mostly in the daytime when he wants to. Due to my limited physical ability. I only visit Copper 1-2X's per month.


Laura: Thank you for rescuing this sweetie! He's precious!

Mr. Fluffy (black and white) and Priscilla

Fluffy & Priscilla

We had just lost our cat of 19 years and and friends cat had just had kittens so we took one.

It was a brown colored ball of fur-- she had turned into a beautiful cat. Very demanding, beautiful mane and huge feet. She weighs about 16 pounds and 8 years old.

The people we got her from thinks the father might have been part Maine Coon. Doesn't like to be held but will sit beside you on the couch.

This Is Inuyasha

By: Ann Wilhoite in Anderson, IN

He's is a Maine Coon mix - very high spirited and often lazy as well.

We had him since he was a baby and own his mom but she doesn't have any Maine Coon in her.

We think he got the Maine Coon part from his dad.

I Really Miss My Little Buddy

By: John in W.PA

I live in W. PA and there are at least a dozen stray cats on my block. I started putting bowls of food on my back porch and several of them would come to eat from time to time but there were two that sort of hung out together under the porch of an abandoned house next door.

One is a black male cat and the other was a female grey and white Maine Coon cat.

After a while the grey cat made friends with my boxer Lilly and I'd let her in the house and she's jump up on my lap and start patting my stomach with her front paws and laying there waiting for me to pet her and every time I'd come home she's come over and greet me.

As I used to pet her I'd notice scratches, scrapes and bites all over her all the time. I tried to keep her inside for her own protection but she always wanted to go outside. Unfortunately she eventually got hit by a car and I wrapped her up and burried her in my back yard.

I've never really been a cat person allthough over the years we've had several cats but that stray Maine Coon cat was the nicest sweetest animal I've ever had the pleasure to meet and I miss her every day.

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Misc. Comments:

C. Lewis:
Re: The third cutest of your site's photos: with a spot on his nose:
Do you have more photos of this cute boy?
Reply: Hi there, yes we do! I think you are referring to Chester, the third Coonie in the row at the top of the page (in the header image). Chester is one of the cats who has his own page. This is something we do for long submissions with lots of text, updates, and photos all about one cat or family. You can see more of him here: Chester's Page.

Jeanna Burdette: Regarding the Maine Coon Breed: Do they have or is there Maine Coon manx or Bobtail cats in this breed?

PAWSitive Passages!

PAWSitive Passages!

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For March:

Is "Dishes" a Maine Coon?

By: Jessica Edelman in Denver, CO


Dishes Dishes Dishes Dishes

We found "Dishes" as a 3 month old kitten outside of our house in Early May. We began to notice the little things he would do around our home.

First, he loved being near the water. He actually taught himself how to flush the toilet so the water would flow. He would use the side of the bathtub to scale the edge while in the water, he has even taken showers with us.

We started realizing how smart he was when he started rolling over, sitting, laying down, and staying in place on command.

He also has an addiction to baby socks. He will gentley steal them from her feet and get into anything and everything that he can to get them. He would rather play with those than anything else.

He also recently starting running at strangers. When anyone new comes into our house, he instantly runs at their feet, otherwise, he couldn't care less.

The next thing we noticed is that he is extremely particular with his water. If it has been sitting out longer than a day or isn't filtered, he will not drink it.

Lastly, his favorite game is tag. He will chase anyone through the house back and forth for fun. Once he is tagged, he will chase you; once you are tagged, you will chase him.

There are many other things he does on a constant basis, there is never any prediction involving Dishes the 1 and a half year old cat.


Cathleen: Absolutely!!! This sounds EXACTLY like our almost one year old Maine Coon, Figaro. We also found him outside at 3 weeks old & he's our third cat. It'd be impossible to name all of the clever/insane/hilarious things he does on a daily basis, but one thing is for sure-he loves water!

Fluffy- In Vermont

By: Jolene Snelling in Bethel, Vermont
Am I part Maine Coon

We got Fluffy back in October of 2012 for my youngest son's birthday . Wondering if she is part Maine Coon.

Very Fluffy tail, hair under paws, long whiskers, fluffy ears, and tuft /fluffy around neck. She is very lovable.

Greets us at the door, and if she hears someone pull in, she has to look out the window (much like our dogs lol).

She loves to climb up and sit on your shoulders & try's to lay across them. She's very playful and tries to drink out of your water glass.

She loves to play in her water dish, but not to keen on Bath time. What do you think?

Meet Tiger!!!

By: Tami Pottenger in Cincinnati, Ohio USA


Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger

Tiger came to us as a kitten 3 years ago. A friend had a pregnant cat appear on her front porch just a few days before delivering her 6 baby kittens.


I knew nothing about cats, but my daughter wanted an "orange one with stripes!!!" Tiger stood out from the rest!!! His fur was much more fluffy, his facial structure, and the little tusks of hair at the tips of his ears.

His behavior was so crazy and fun it caused me to start researching cats behavior. This is how I found an article on Maine Coon cats and it described him perfectly! When we have visitors, he greets them before our dog can make it the front door!

My kids were 5 and 2 when we got him and he has chosen to lay down right in the middle of their playing and chaos. He has to be right with us at all times. He is very vocal and speaks to me every morning and greets me when I come home.

He is an indoor cat, but like any cat, loves all the big windows in the house!!!

My husband is not fond of cats....until Tiger came!!! He says he loves Tiger so much because he acts more like a dog than a cat. He is very playful, loves to be in our company, very smart, and just great to have.

We have always wondered what kind of mix he is. We are suspecting Maine Coon and we want to get a second cat, but this time a full breed. Tiger is absolutely amazing!!!!

I would love to hear opinions and thoughts if Tiger could be a Maine Coon mix. He has all of the characteristics and personality traits. He is simply an amazing, loving cat!

Is My Bunnee a Coon?

By: Laurie in Linn Creek, MO



Bunnee Bunnee Bunnee

She fetches, she's quirky, and def a one person kitty! She'll spill her water before drinking it 'day old'!

Eats pork and beans, but no other table food! She loves to sit in the window and chirp at the neighborhood kitties!!


Laurie Bunnee's Mommy: I have a couple of questions for anyone who can relate or help! Bunnee has had a habit of 'nipping' at us since she was a tiny kitten. It used to be cute, but we knew it was going to be a problem as she grew, so we attempted to curb this 'love-biting'. We used a spray bottle and tried using some of the tactics learned while watching "My Cat From Hell" on Animal Planet, such as using a low, commanding voice. Now that she is over a year old her bites have become painful. She even bit my head the other day---HARD! There is usually no warning and I can't figure this out. Sometimes I'll just be petting her and she'll even be purring. There are other times she will do it when we are playing and I figure that is her way of saying "I'm done now", so I don't want to punish her. What should I do? Thanks! And still wondering if she is a Maine Coon Mix.

Lily's Mom: I certainly think your Bunnee is a Maine Coon. She looks so much like my female MC it's funny. Lily doesn't have the behavioral issues you mentioned, but I have been around another cat with similar tendencies. I would recommend you speak with your vet for some ideas on behavior modification. Hang in there!

Seamus (a.k.a. Moose)

By: Tina in South Central Kansas
Seamus sleeping on my pillow

Seamus, pronounced Shaymus, is an Irish name. My son named him that because he is a Ginger and Seamus is a masculine Irish name.

Often we call him Moose because he is a large beautiful kitty. We love him dearly. We think he may part Maine Coon. He was found at a shelter in a town not far from my home. When we first met him we took him out of the cage at the shelter.

I was amazed how he went around the room checking everything and everyone out. Wanted to play and wasn't afraid of anything. He immediately started playing with my son and myself and then he bit me (playfully, of course). I told myself, "This cat is special".

So we adopted him. I paid $15.00 to get him out of kitty-hock. I just don't understand how anyone could be so stupid, to let him roam the streets, not care about him and he ended up in a shelter. One person's trash is another person's treasure. And a treasure he is!


By: Anita in San Diego, CA


Sonny Sonny Sonny Sonny

I adopted Sonny from a foster mom, who didn't know anything about his background. He was in a litter of just 2 kittens (that we know of) that the foster mom had taken in when the elderly lady's cat down the street had kittens and she was going to take them to a shelter.

His sister was almost all white, with cream points, and not as fluffy as he was. He was this little scruffy looking orange and white fluff ball, with giant yellow-green eyes.

At one point he weighed in at 23 lbs, then the vet told me to put him on a diet. Now he weighs a healthy 17 lbs. He has white ear tufts, and loooong whiskers. He has a thick white ruff of hair around his neck like a lion's mane.

His toe hairs as I like to call them, are almost 2 inches long sticking out from his feet. His coat has gotten darker as he's gotten older (he's 5 now) and is long orange hair on top with a fluffy white undercoat. He also has a giant fluffy tail.

His personality is amazing, people who say they "don't like cats" often say "but I like Sonny." He may take a while to warm up to someone enough to sit on their lap, but he is always in the mix. When I have people over he often sits in the empty chair as if he is part of the circle of friends, part of the group and conversation.

He never hides. He is quite goofy, often laying stretched out in crazy positions only to look at you and say "what?!" He also makes this funny "Meh!" sound when he wants something that my boyfriend calls "barking" since it's so un-catlike.

I've often suspected he is part Maine Coon, what do you think?


By: Beth in Windfall, Indiana

This is Festus, a 5 month-old male mix. We brought him home from a local shelter as a companion for our Maine Coon, Sunny.

Shelter thought he was a mix, as we wanted a bigger cat that could stand-up to Sunny.

They are best friends, though Sunny remains the dominant male. Festus is a great addition to our family!


By: Sharla Bowling in Okemah, Oklahoma


Domino Domino Domino Domino

We adopted Domino about 3 years ago from a local shelter. He is really large and we get comments from visitors about his size. He has the extra paws and very long fluffy tail.

He also has the lion fur around his neck. He does trill or talk most of the time and likes to be held like a baby by me (mom) in the mornings and after a nap. He sometimes drools. He actually drooled alot while being loved when we first got him but not anymore.

He lays upside down and kicks his belly alot especially when he wants to play.

Do you think he might be a Maine Coon?

Napoleon and her brother Lafayette

By: Bella Lacazotte in Copperopolis, CA, USA

Napoleon and Lafayette

Napoleon's paw in my hand.

Napoleon and Lafayette Napoleon and Lafayette Napoleon and Lafayette

Napoleon and Lafayette were found wondering, alone, in a backyard of a neighbor. The neighbor saw the mother before and after she got her kittens then she diseppeared. I didn't think anything special about them when I rescued them. But, my firends were joking about their size and the fact that they had ears looking like bobcat's ears.

At 9 months, they both were weighing 12lbs and looked huge in comparaison of my two other cats (a 12 lbs 7 years old female and a 3 years old female).

Their paws are very big with hair between their toes, huge long fluffy tail and long silky hair. They follow us everywhere, talk to us, cuddle a lot and act like they are dogs (we called them our "cadog").

They love the entire family, including, dogs (sleeping between our 210lbs mastiff and our Aussie), horses and other cats.

After having people kidding us about our large babies and their ears lynx like, I decided to look what kind of cats they could have been mixed with and I came accross the Maine Coon with which they are shring a lot of characteristics.


Scrollwork California

Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie

He hung around our porch all summer until one day I discovered he was bleeding from the chest. Emergency surgery! Vet said it was likely a BB gun.

I promised to adopt him and keep him indoors. We bonded over antibiotics and drainage tube flushing. He's slept with us most nights for the past eight years. Every time someone sees him for the first time they blurt out, "That's a mountain lion."

He is such a quiet, undemanding fellow. He doesn't like to sit on laps, but loves to be petted. He barely tolerates our grandsons when they visit because they make loud noises. He seems to recognize the words, "deck" and "treat."

He finds small spaces to tuck himself into, instantly cozifying it by his very presence. It's great therapy to watch him sleep contentedly or listen to his purr when you stroke him. I was never into dolls growing up, but Charlie's my live baby doll and he sure needs a lot of brushing!

He comes to greet us at the door when we come home. I had to laugh when I read that Maine Coons are the Golden Retriever of the feline world.


Bob Cypher / Hancock, NH: Charlie appears to have all the necessary characteristics of a Maine Coon. We have two "giant" coons, a brother & sister. At 7 years old, they both wiegh in over 20 Lbs. each. They are obsessed with water, you can't take a shower without them opening the door and watching you & the water. When you get out of the shower, they jump into the wet base & languish in the puddles. Charlies facial features look very "Maine Coon". Very loving cat, always wants to be near you and follows you around the house. They actually think they are dogs. Good luck with Charlie, he is going to triple his wieght! Bob


By: Klarissa in Independence, MO, USA


Cleo Cleo

My cat Cleo was born a barn cat. We rescued (from what could have been a tragic death from the highway) her when she was just weaned from her mother.

She had/has unusually large paws, body, and her tail, whiskers, and paw tufts are freakishly long. Haha she's a VERY outgoing cat well she thinks she is a large dog...

Though she seems like the sweetest cat she still lets her feral roots come out time to time. It wasn't till just recently I noticed she looked a lot like my first cat who was a Maine Coon. Please help..

Cosmo- My loving boy!

By: Christina Jennings in Phillip Island

My darling boy is so loving but has his own personality. He waits at 9:30pm on the dot for me to come home from work, and cries until I do (my son told me this).

He sleeps with me and wants cuddles very cheeky.. and is so fussy with his food ! He's my baby boy.


But one question remains for me... Is he Maine Coon or a Mix ? Please help... :)

Note from editor: Hi Christina, I'm not able to post the 3rd pic you submitted, the popular online photo of the big ginger cat (due to internet copyright and plagiarism regulations).


Geraldine: I guess he is, he has tips on his ears and he doesnt like to be alone. Maine Coons are very social and need a friend in the house (this can also be a dog or an other cat) when their boss is away.

Sylvia: He is Beautiful! He looks like a Maine Coon..especially how furry he is on his back:) I have 2 Maine Coon brothers He could be a mix but either way He is Awesome!!!.

Christina Jennings: That's fine, thank you for sharing my boys picture. And thank you for your advice.

Sebastian - Maine Coon or Mix?

By: Christa in NC


Sebastian Sebastian Sebastian Sebastian

This is Sebastian. He is just over 1 year old and around 14 pounds.

He makes my poor little 6 pound Yorkie look so tiny. I adopted him from the shelter when my all black kitty Pluto had to be put down. They and the vet also said he is a Maine Coon, but I'm not too sure. He has a big fluffy tail, very fluffy all over, and tuffs of fur in between his toes.

His meow honestly sounds like he is trying to talk to me. He also chips. HE is very vocal and will let you know when he needs more food or needs out of the room the use the litter box.

He is a very loving cat. He always has to be right beside me where ever I am and when I'm not there, he followes around the rest of my family.


Robin: Christa he sure looks pure Maine Coon to me and seems to match the personality.

Could Dozer be a MCC?

By: Beth in San Diego


Dozer Dozer Dozer Dozer

Bull Dozer, "Dozer" for short, is a kitten we adopted from our local animal shelter.

He was turned into the shelter as a stray. At his first visit the vet said she thought he was six-months-old. He weighed 9 lbs. I was told he'll be "huge".

Is it possible he's a MCC?


Tina Natalello: Dozer is definitely Maine Coon, I have one just like him, could even be his twin!

Leopold Rescued from a Gas Station

By: Summer in Marion, Indiana


The day after I found him

Leopold Leopold Leopold Leopold

The biggest cat and most loving cat that I have ever owned.

I honestly can't figure out why someone would dump him. I guess it was fate. We have had him about a year. He lays in goofy positions all over the house.

When he wants to be with you he must be in your face and he prefers to touch your face if you'll let him. He's my big loving goof ball.

Miss Courtney

By: Irene Gulla in The Villages, FL

Miss Courtney

All rolled up

Miss Courtney Miss Courtney

She was from a rescue organization and I was told she was part Siamese.

When I brought her to the vets for a checkup, she said she sees Coon in her. She was a very small cat only 6 lbs at 1 year old but look at her now. A beauty.

The only problem with her is when I play with her, she scratches and some times bites. I have scars all over me. I'm tempted to return her to the shelter but I'm hoping she will stop the biting.


Marian Goepfert: Hi! She is very pretty. The coloring is unique and not what you would see on a Maine Coon, but I bet she has some in her. As for play time. I only use toys - never my hands or body parts. I give my MC's kickers, mice and for interactive play time I use feathers on a stick (they look like fishing poles) the cats go crazy and I don't get injured! They can chew, scratch and bite like they are suppose to do all they like. Good Luck!

Linda: I was watching Animal Planet your cat from hell with Jackson Galaxy he just had a segment on a Maine Coon cat doing the same thing it just ran this sat 3/16/13 he said to be sure not to over excite them close to bedtime and to wear them out earlier in the day some don't like to have you put your had over their head I don't know if i'm saying this correcting but maybe you can find out a way to see it he is very good he gives you good ideas the show comes on on saturdays the name is your cat from hell but it is good things to help you I hope I made some sense for you :)

Is she a Maine Coon?

By: Lachelle in Taft, CA
Mrs Norris

This is Mrs. Norris. I got her from a shelter.

Both the shelter and vet I had her fixed at said she was Maine Coon but she is much smaller than I anticipated but has all of the tell tell traits. Is she or is she not a Maine Coon?

Mrs Norris

She has the "M" on her forehead, large poofy tail, tuffs in ears and between the toes, extra long whiskers, full furry face and large eyes.

But she is quite small (smaller than my adult short hair) the shelter thought she was 5 months but vet said she was 5 years.

I am confused at her lack of size but all other traits and characteristics match. please help me identify if she is in fact a Maine Coon. thanks!!!


By: K. Dunn in Burke, VA USA
L.C. 4yrs old

L.C. originally stood for Little Cat ;) She is over weight (16lbs) and on a diet.

We thought she was a Brown Classic Tabby, but some family and friends tell us that she looks to be part Maine Coon.

The run down for this is...small but noticeable ear tufts, very fluffy tail, thick mane around her face and neck, and a lot of hair under her feet that not only sticks out from under but causes her to slip when she lands.

Her hair is multi-layered and matts so we have taken to getting her a lion cut. L.C. is larger than our last cat, but we don't think she is abnormally large and do not know how to measure a cat.

Not being familiar with either type of cat we just can't decide on what she is.


Jennifer C.: I think she could be but I'm no expert! We rescued one that I think is at least part Maine and his fur matts. I got a brush thinking that it was worth a try but doubtful that he'd put up with being brushed. He is unlike any other cat I've ever had and he LOVES being brushed. Now we've avoided the hair cuts for quite a while!

Patty: L.C looks like a mix, one main thing about a Maine Coon is a square or boxed muzzle very noticeable.

Chance -- one lucky cat

By: Miki in Georgia


Chance Chance Chance

We found Chance in a storm drain under the curb on a deserted street in a yet to be built development in semi-rural Georgia.

My husband and I were taking a walk down the empty woods-lined street when we heard a pitiful yowling. It sounded close by and it sounded like a cat in trouble.

We looked in the woods. We didn't see anything. We walked a bit further down the street and the crying and yowling got louder. There was a storm drain just in front of us. I bent down and listened, and sure enough the sounds were coming from under the grate in the drain.

I bent down looked into the drain and saw only black water. The cat cried again. I needed to get a better look so I kneeled down as close as I could get to the opening in the curb and there he was. The tinniest kitten ever, standing on a recessed pipe. I told my husband.

He got down on the ground and tried to get his arm in the curb opening but it was too small for his upper arm. I got on the ground stretched my arm as far as it could go into the drain. I couldn't even touch the water.

As I was removing my arm the kitten took a flying leap toward my hand and ended up in the water! I couldn't reach him! His tiny head was just above the water he started to paddle and paddle and made it to the recessed pipe.

The pipe was about an inch above the waterline. The kitten dragged himself onto the pipe. I need something to reach him with. I was wearing a baseball hat. I decided to see if I could reach him with the hat.

I put my hand through the space where the hat and the adjustable band connect. Then I got back on the ground, put my arm with the hat over my hand into the drain. I flung the hat onto the pipe and thought, either his little catty angels will guide him into the hat or he will run down the pipe. He walked into the hat.

He used to fit into the palm of my hand and now he stretches from over my sholder to below my waist when I pick him up. He chirps and fetches pens and has to follow us around and "help" us do everything. He's not a giant, but he is larger than any other cat I've ever had.

After we found him someone said a neighbors female Maine Coon escaped. Who knows?

To us he is purrfect. And lucky to get a second Chance.


Mary Grace: You two have to be the most sweetest kind hearted people in the world. This story touches my heart. Chance is one lucky cat to have you two. In return, I'm completely positive that he will show his love and gratitude. Maine Coons are the most gracious, sweetest, kind, loving cats, and they always show their appreciation.

Marg: I am so glad you two found this beautiful cat. He took a chance and came up trumps. :-)

Linda: He is a lucky cat to find 2 loving people to take him in and love him he is a nice looking boy thank you for helping him :)


By: Nick in Milwaukee, WI
Frosty - Maine Coon?

We got Frosty from a shelter this last summer. She was labeled as a possible Maine Coon mix. As soon as she came home with us, she did not hide, like I would expect of a new cat.

She instantaneously made herself part of the family, and is a constant snuggle bug. She likes going into the shower when we are done and much prefers drinking water straight from the sink rather than from a bowl.

It's really hard to tell if she is Maine Coon because she is completely black, but she does have the ruff around her neck, big paws with tufts of fur between her toes, is quite talkative and slightly larger than the normal cat.


Patty: Frosty looks like a possible mix, Maine Coons do come in black, her jaw line is to tapered. Maine Coons have a squared muzzle which is very noticeable. She is a beauty!

Debbie: Your girl definitely looks like a Maine Coon. What a beautiful girl!

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Is she or isn't she????

By: Dan in Greenwood


Kat Kat Kat Kat

I adopted Kat from a lady that rescues cats & kittens that are in need of help.

Kat was 10 months old when I got her, that was a week ago it took about 3 days for her come out of her shell, but now she runs the place, could someone please tell me if she has any Maine Coon in her, I think she does, what do you think????


Jessy: Actually, she looks like a Turkish (Kurdish, Armenian) Van.

Tanja: I think, it is a TurkishVan in her - maybe mixed with Coonie ;)


By: Irene Gulla in The Villages, FL


Mystery Mystery

We got her from a shelter and they told us she was a mix siamese. She looks a lot like a Maine coon cat with blue eyes. Am I right?


Julie Waddington: I have a Coonie mix that has blue eyes. Her mother was a feral tuxedo and her father unknown. Coon must be in her ancestry somewhere.

Is Bizou a Maine Coon Mix?

By: Manuela in Black Mountain, NC, USA


First day Bizou arrived as a stray.

Bizou Bizou Bizou Bizou

Bizou is a stray that chose us in September 2012. She looked pretty young, about 6 months is our guess.

She looked more tabby than Maine Coon from the shoulders up, but shaggy from the shoulders down.

5 months later she doesn't look the same at all. Big ruff now and much bushier tail!


Debra Z: She definitely looks like Maine Coon to me--she looks exactly like my Miss Kitty! Gorgeous!!


By: laura in NC


Squeaky Squeaky

We found this cat as a kitten (about 5 weeks old) in a drain hole. We have no idea of his history. He is now about 6-7 months old and we are wondering if maybe he doesn't have some Maine Coon in him.

He beats down the door to the bathroom if someone takes a shower without him in the room- he likes to play in the water. His name is Squeaky. He is named because of his squeaky little voice he had as a kitten- that he still has. His feet are HUGE. He loves to be with us. He is super inquisitive. He comes when called just like a dog.

So what do you experienced Maine Coon owners think? Does he sound and look like a Maine Coon mix?


Diane: He looks like a Maine Coon. Thank you for saving him.


Ryback at 5 months old

This is my kitten Ryback I think he has or is Maine Coon?

By: Don Churchill Jr. in St. John's Newfoundland Canada

This is my kitten Ryback I think he has or is Maine Coon?


Kimberly: Yes, he's definietly a Maine Coon it shows in his tail maine coons have a raccoon looking tail, and he has a lot of fur. Maine Coons are built for the snow.

Michelle: I think he looks like at least has Maine Coon in him.

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