Maine Coon Photo Contest Entries

by Sharon Cousins Giannatto
(Brooklin, ME, USA)

Marley, Brown Mackerel

Marley, Brown Mackerel

I can't choose just one so submitting one of each of my three boys. Coons are such an amazing breed and these boys are no exception. The photos were taken by my niece, Clara.

by: Anonymous

Top cat!

by: Mary

Your boys are amazing! So glad you shared all three - very striking! What a beautiful family!

by: Anonymous


Your Maine Coon Family
by: Pat in Florida

Your 3 boys are beautiful cats (or should that be handsome?). How wonderful to have 3 Maine Coons! They look content and well cared for.
Congratulations on your family!

Sweet Bella

by Holly
(Boston, MA)

bella classic tabby brown maine coon cat

Just hanging around in the loft at camp! Looking as sweet as I can be!

I think Bob wants a GF
by: Bob's parents

I showed Bob this picture, and he actually sat there looking at it for a little while.

Beautiful cat!!
by: Anonymous

She is so cute. Great picture!!

Sweet Bella
by: Anonymous
She is adorable . . . I hope you win.

by: GinniP

Holly is so cute...very much like my Lola when she was a kitten. I love the way Coonies are so expressive with their feet!!

by: Judy

Hi Holly, I smiled as soon as I saw Bella. She looks absolutely adorable and just a little mischievious too. Wow!

by: Anonymous

She is beautiful! What a face!

Fluffy's Halloween Costume

by Tony Verdes
(Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)

Fluffy's Halloween Costume

Fluffy is looking forward to welcome the Trick-Or-Treaters this year.

fluffy,fluffy bond!
by: Anonymous

beautiful maine coon,so fluff,so gentle,so taft!

by: Frances

TREAT! deffinatly.

Trick or treat
by: Helen

Yes, I bet he hopes the first one at the door is a mouse. What a treat!!!! Hehehehehe

by: Dale

Very cute!!!

Sleepy Dorian...

by Billy
(Bandung, West Java, Indonesia)

dorain the maine coon kitten

Dorian my 11 weeks boy, after so much playing with other cat...he always fall asleep under my desk... :)

sleepy dorian
by: theresa

When I clicked on the coon site and your boy pic poped up I said wow! I could not believe my eyes seeing your cat's pic; he is such a beautiful cat and very sweet looking.

Sunday Morning

by Holly
(Boston, MA)

bruno classic tabby brown maine coon cat

King Bruno

Here I am. King Bruno having coffee and reading the paper with my mom on Sunday Morning!

Magnificent Boy!
by: Sharon

They just LOVE to read the paper, and type on the keyboard, and chase the cursor, and lounge on the office equipment and push you out of bed and ....

He is reading the sale ads OMG
by: Kooch


Captain Hook

by Kathy Boyd
(Dover NH)

captain hook brown maine coon cat

This big boy loves to relax and hang out with the family. He will follow you from room to room to see what's happening. He is great company.

Captain Hook
by: Betsy Stevens

Such gorgeous eyes!

Thanks for sharing!!!
by: Laura

Captain Hook is sooo gorgeous!!! Just like my dear old Sammy that ran away when I moved....miss him soo!

Cat's are man's and women's best friends
by: Kathy Boyd.

Thank you Pat.I have truly enjoyed Captain Hook. He is 2/1/2 years old now and continues to amaze me daily. He seems to be in tune with our moods and acts very much like a dog. Who ever said that a dog was man's best friend, I think it's cats.

Captain Hook
by: Pat in Ocala

You have a handsome cat! I know what great companions the Maine Coons are. I'm sure your family loves him.

Just Dreaming...

by C Guzik
(Fort Wayne IN)

murphy brown maine coon cat

Murphy was sitting by the window looking out and he was so calm and composed that it made a great photo shot.

Awesome picture!
by: Anonymous

He is a beautiful cat.

Great Shot!
by: Jessy

Like everything about it, the poetic mood, the stripes, and the surface he's lying on.

by: Bezzer Buzzer

Hey, man, I like your stripes and ringed tail. You got it going on!

Congocoon's Eclipse And Congocoon's African Moon

by Jenni
(Fayetteville, TN, Lincoln)

two retired maine coon cats

Newly adopted Maine Coons with stunning personalities!!

Coon Cat Envy
by: Helen

Jenni, I went to the Congocoon website and was thrilled with the wild look of Mitzi's cats. Those big square whisker pads and big well lynxed ears are awesome. I would love to have one, but alas, I'm on a fixed income now that I'm retired and live in Texas, too far away for her to consider me for an adoption of a retired breeder.

My Bezzer Buzzer's sire is a Grand Champion and Bez is a show quality 21 pound red classic, but I had no desire to show cats, I just wanted a nice one. He is very affectionate and lays next to my shoulder with his paw on my arm when we curl up in bed and watch TV.

Aren't we lucky to have such beautiful coonies?

by: Jenni

Thanks Helen, I recently adopted them about 3 weeks ago. They are absolutely amazing, and have such stunning personalities! I wouldn't trade them for the world. I love Maine Coons and I am still excited as the day I got them each time I see them. I was soooo lucky to get two of Mitzi's cat's (CongoCoon's)!!

Eclipse of the Moon
by: Helen

Eclipse and Moon are both outstanding cats. I'm a fan of classic tabbies, so Moon caught my eye. Both are high quality and you can expect years of enjoyment from both.


by Baerbel Schmitz
(Sierra Madre, CA, US)

young purebred maine coon

Bentley is not impressed with his Halloween Mouse Hat at all!

Bentley is our very sweet 11 month old Maine Coon that surely put a smile back on our faces after we lost our 17 year old Main Coon mix Chase.

We never thought that we could fall so easily in love again. Bentley stole our hearts.

Wrong hat
by: Shannon

Bentley is wearing Spikes hat.

by: Renee

I think that Bentley Has Leslie's Eyes!


by Frances
(Suffolk England)

oscar silver maine coon cat

This will be my 2nd fall. I was too small to appreciate the last one, but I do like the wet, windy weather as Mum has to dry me with my own towel.


by Betsy Stevens
(Rochester, NH)

rocco black maine coon cat

Rocco thinks he's hiding in his tunnel - it's a great place to watch his family without being seen!

Rock On Rocco
by: Kathy Boyd

What a handsome boy. he really has grown.I'm so glad that we adopted brothers.


by Renee
(Ridgely, MD)

fiona the maine coon with witch's hat

Fiona our Princess

Fiona is our little Princess, so she is dressed the part for Halloween!

She also acts the part and loves to be served and doted on.

Fiona is just over a year old and has been with us for 6 months.

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