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Welcome to our gallery of Maybe-Maine Coon cat photos. These pictures, sent in by our visitors, are of cats that might be Maine Coons. What do you think?

These cats, and quite a few kittens have been submitted to our "Do you think you have a Maine Coon?" section.

These are our archived photos from 2010 and 2011. More recent submissions are located within our monthly Photo Albums, which are all found on our main photo page (link at top of page).

Whenever a visitor sends in a picture of their Maine Coon Cat, Maine Coon Mix, Maine Coon Kitten or "maybe Maine Coon" we'll update the galleries and add the new photos!

So come on in and see the pictures sent in by other cat lovers. Have fun!

Dinah-Our baby from a very busy intersection!

By: Tracey in Cincinnati, Ohio


Dinah Dinah Dinah

This is Dinah who we retrieved from a VERY busy intersection!

I have had many, many cats and she is one who is IMPOSSIBLE not to fall in love with! She had not been abandoned long as she was is pretty good shape for being so young. Within 24 hours she was running the house with her cuteness!

I realize she is a kitten and it is hard to tell at this stage but of course we are wondering if she is a Coon or Coon Mix. The one thing we all noticed is the tufts on her ears, and between her toes, she also seems to have a mane. Her fur seems very different, super soft with no real shedding.

Anyhow, I'm submitting pictures to see what you think.
Thank You.

Cute kitten!
by: Anonymous

What a cutie! It's nice to hear that you rescued her.

Gorgeous!!! by: Maine Coon Cat Nation
Wow Tracey!
What a story! How on Earth could anyone have let that beauty near an intersection, much less abandoned her? She's incredibly adorable. I can see why you are in love with her.

She is just stunning. I can definitely see why you are wondering. She does look suspiciously like a Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix!

Those ear tufts are very noticeable. If she has fur between her toes, and a shaggy coat with a mane coming in, she'll look more Coon-like as she grows.She happens to have some really striking markings, too.

I'd say you have a high likely-hood of Dinah developing into a lovely Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix!

I'm thinking it's more likely that she's a mix, though. If she were a purebred kitten she would only have been lost by accident, not abandoned.

Thanks for sharing Dinah! She's awesome! Maybe you can update us as she grows?

Miss Leia - 2 Months Going on 20

By: Christina in Ohio

We just adopted Leia about 3 weeks ago. I have had cats before but have never seen a cat act the way she does. I joke everyday that she isn't a cat :)

Leia likes to play all day long - she loves fetch! If we are sleeping she will make sure she puts her little toy under our body or pillow so we remember to play when we get up. She wakes us up at 6, 8 and 10 am faithfully each day. She loves cell phones, pens and chewing on everything (this i believe is a kitten thing).

Leia loves attention and loves to talk - i am trying to figure out what she is. I was told a long haired cat/tabby but a lot of these photos look like her:)

by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Christina,
Oh, my, what an adorable kitten! Sounds like you are having a blast with her.

She's very young, you'll have to see how her fur comes in if you think she's part Coon. She does have big furry ears and a dog-like personality. So it's possible!

When you don't know the parents, and a kitten is young it's hard to tell. She could be part-Coon, a Coon look-alike, or just a pretty Tabby Cat! Time will tell.

Keep us updated as she grows. Thanks for sharing and have fun with Leia!

Muffins The Kitten

By: Lynn White in Bemidji, MN

From what I see, she might be part Maine Coon, I just don't know. her personality is fun loving, she isn't shy at all and she is what this article explains.

I don't know .... she isn't very fluffy yet though, she's still just a little kitten. Do you mind telling me if she is? Because I got her from a home that couldn't keep her, they didn't tell me what kind of cat she was when I picked her up. :D

Beautiful Kitten
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation
Hi Lynn,
Wow, what a great photo! Muffins is surely a gorgeous kitten! She has stunning Silver Tabby markings. And that brings up a great subject:

See the dark lines on her forehead? You'll sometimes hear people say that if you see the letter "M" on the forehead, it's an M for Maine Coon & means that they are a Coon.

Well, that would be an easy explanation, but unfortunately those are just pretty Tabby markings that could be found on any Tabby Cat.

I can say she does look a bit fluffy, like many Coon or Coon mixes do at that age. Her ears are large and furry, and she has long whiskers, and a nice straight, long nose.

All those things do add up to a kitten with a strong physical resemblance to a Maine Coon!

If you have any way to cantact the past owners, I would do that if I were you! See if they know about Muffins parents. That's the only way to really know for sure. Without knowing, we can just make educated guesses! I'd love to be able to tell you without a doubt, but there's always a bit of guessing in a situation like this!

If not, you certainly have a beautiful kitten who might have some Coon in her! You can make the executive decision as to how to introduce her in the future, based on her personality and appearance!

Enjoy your lovely lady,


By: Allie


Jinpo Jinpo Jinpo

This is my cat Jinpo (I think he is a mix but mainly Maine Coon). He got the name when he was a kitten for he was so fluffy that he looked bigger than he was and he had some trouble learning how to go up and down stairs.

He reminded us of Jinpo in the movie Mulan, who was big but gentle and afraid to cross the water.

Well Jinpo is 2 years old. The first pic I just took and the other 2 pics is when he was younger.

As you can see he is very fluffy especially under his belly, hind legs and tail. He does have hair coming out of his ears but no tufts on the tips but he does have the toe tufts.

He is very affectionate but does like his alone time. He has a daily schedule where he plays with everyone then goes to take a nap where nobody is around. He is very silly when he plays its like he's still a kitten. He LOVES nerf balls since he can chase it and pick it up in his mouth. He has a very expressional face you know what he likes, dislikes or what he wants just by looking at his face. He wasn't very vocal when he was younger but now he makes chirps when he wants something or is playing. When he's upset and can't find you he HOWLS, very loud. Also on your website where you said that Maine Coons greet you at home, ever since Jinpo was a kitten every time I came home from work he run to the door and when I moved to college away from the family he started to cry when I just put the key in the door. (Now live with my boyfriend, his mom and brother and he's very happy.) I can go on and on lol.

In the one pic with the bunny ears shows how calm he is and how he accepts any form of attention. I love my baby Jinpo and I've been watching cats 101 and got curious in what breed he was since he's very different from any cat I have owned.

Hi Allie!
These are nice pictures, thanks for sharing Jinpo with us! He really is pretty. It's so hard to tell by looking at a picture sometimes. A full Maine Coon will have a longer, straighter nose. But the best clues you give are about his personality. His big-but-gentle nature fits, and the way you mentioned that he is vocal, expressive, and interactive also fits the bill.

When you said he's different from any cat you've owned you really said a lot. Owners of Maine Coons will notice that. Maine Coons are not like other cats!

So, I would have to say that although he is fluffy, he doesn't have any physical trademarks. Of course we'll never know for sure, but based on your description it's very possible he's a mix!

Shorter Coat Coon?

By: Amy in Texas
Part Coon?

My kitten is only 9 weeks old and she has short fur, so I was wondering if there are any part Coons with shorter coats.

Her fur feels thick and she has small tufts of fur on top of her ears and the typical Maine Coon M on her forehead. (although you can't tell that by the picture because she lost some of her fur on her forehead when she was a baby.)

She is unbelievably inquisitive and quite the climber and jumper! She clings to me like glue and follows me all over the house. She makes the cutest noise when she is hungry, it's not a meow, it's more like a squeak or "eh" sound.

I just feel like she may have some coon in her but am not sure. Regardless of whether she is or isn't coon I love her madly! Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Maisey (My Shorter Hair Coon)
by: Anonymous
Hi Amy i have a short haired Maine Coon x that looked just like your'e kitten when she was a baby (her mother was a Maine Coon, & her father a short haired moggy)Maisey has beautiful ginger & white markings and at 16mths still has a very long tail & big ears, she is a fantastic climber reaching the top of very tall trees in seconds,i wouldn't say she meows, it's more like a chirping sound,so yes i would say that you have a Shorter Coat Coone............ :)

Is it a Coon Kitten?
by: Anonymous
Some Maine Coons look normal when young. When I got my Maine Coon from the SPCA, he was only one year old. He was short and stocky, had no neck (plumb-shaped) and his fur looked like he fell down a chimney. Also, he sounded like a pigeon when he purred.

I didn't realize he was a Maine Coon. When he matured arounf five, he was fuzzy like you can't imagine.

You'll know if your kitten has any coon in her, she;ll be very friendly and begin following anybody around that enters your home.

Cutie Pie!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation
Hi Amy,
Your kitten is a doll! It's just so hard to say at this age whether she might have some Coon in her. Do you know the parents at all? What do her littermates look like?

When her fur comes in, that will give you a clue. If she's a Coon mix, it should be at least a little bit shaggy, not smooth and short.

She does have HUGE ears, and big eyes, so who knows? As for the "M" on the forehead, it's a common thought that it is an M for Maine Coon, but that is just Tabby striping. Any tabby cat can have stripes that look like an M. And, lots of Maine Coons don't.

You'll know more as she grows, good luck and have fun!


My kittens look like the kittens above but how do i know they are all Maine Coon?

By: Jan in USA

I adopted 2 little kittens that look very similar to the photos above.

How do i know for sure they are Maine Coons 100% of just partial when they were adopted as strays?

How long does it take until they are full grown? Are they easy or hard to take care of as full grown cats?

What a cawink-a-dink
by: Girly52

Very funny i adopted 2 kittens how look just like that too. but i dont know what they are either

so cute
by: Anonymous

He is so cute i had a cat that look just like him/her

Cute Kitten
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Jan,
What a cute kitten! You bring up a really good question, and this is the perfect time to really address this...

The thing to remember is that since Maine Coons developed in nature, they have many similarities to lots of other cats. (The Siamese or Persian for instance cannot be mistaken for any other breed.)

In nearly all cases of kittens of any breed, if they are 100% of that breed, then they will have come from 2 parents of the same breed who are registered. In other words, they were intentionally bred by a breeder, who is now showing or selling them. In purebred cats, that's the way it almost always is.

Many folks end up with a Maine Coon Cat through rescue because the previous owners were unfortunately unable or unwilling to keep them. In those cases, when the pedigree is lost, it is still clear to see that the cat is Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix.

With kittens, they would be either bought through a breeder (this is the case with any purebred cat) or they could be a mix.

There are those rare Maine Coons who didn't get neutered or spayed, (as they should have!) and end up with an unplanned litter. Almost always these are mixed-breed kittens with many of the same characteristics of Coons.

This is a good time for me to reiterate something that's already been written, but it's so important: Maine Coon Cat Breeders, and breeders of all types, insist that the potential new owners of their kittens get the kitten spayed/neutered. The owners who fall short on this are the ones responsible for the unwanted kittens who end up in shelters or rescue groups. Maine Coon kittens should only be available from responsible, experienced breeders who know what they're doing.

OK, back to mixed-breed kittens! They are usually big, fluffy and beautiful. In your case, time will tell! Maine Coons are slow to reach full maturity, but they still reach a good size within a year.

If they are part Coon, your kittens will be shaggy, fluffy, and probably big. They might have big feet, distinctive voices, they'll be friendly, affectionate, and maybe like the water.

This is a very general run-down of traits, thought. They could have just a few or lots of them. Mostly the shaggy coat, and a ruff around the neck will be tell-tale.

So, those are the things to look for! Have fun with your new little ones!

Is My Cat Part Maine Coon?

By: LeeAnna in New York


Stella Stella Stella Stella

Hey Everyone!!!

I recently rescued an adorable cat when she was around 6 months old when I was on a business trip to Pennsylvania. She was out roaming around the hotel on a major 8 landed highway and I really feared for her life.

She was way underweight, full of fleas and full of worms. So it was apparent to me that she had to of been just dumped on the side of the road. So being a huge animal lover, I couldn't let her stay there, so I brought her back on a 5 in a half hour car ride back to New York where I have had her for 5 months now and I named her Stella!!.

She is the sweetest cat and has been an amazing friend to have to get me through my fiance being in Iraq.

She is so playful, loveable, affectionate and loves my huge Saint Bernard Jericho! I couldn't ask for a more amazing cat, and she is always there to see me when I get home, to sleep with me, to cuddle, and to just be there to talk to.

She's like a little person with a huge personality! So I was curious to see if she was part Maine Coon. My uncle thinks she is, because she has this gorgeous tail! beautiful colors, and you can look into her eyes forever! So tell me what you think!

Thanks Guys!

I would say yes
by: Leslee

What a lucky girl Stella is, to have found a beautiful cat-mom like you...fate works in strange and wonderful ways! Stella has the personality of a coon, from your description. That mackarel-tabby shaggy coat, big feet and her ringed tail are coon for sure! I'm so very glad you found each other.
Trills and purrs, Leslee

by: Leeanna

Thank youu!!! Yah she had a huge personality!! And her body is starting to catch up! She's almost a year old and already weighs 13 lbs!! But she is sweet and so lovable! My Fiance hated cats but Stella changed him! He loves her and has come around! Lol I am soo glad I found her and I feel very lucky and blessed. Her personality fits me so much! When im running around crazy, she is too. When im laying around relaxed she is too! Haha But thanks for your feedback!!!!!

I'd say yes
by: Brian

I'd have to say looking at Stella she certainly ahs some Maine Coon in her. I have 3 Maine Coons and she looks a little like Sammy. The tail, the coat and the paws. You were meant to stay at that hotel and find each other. She is a lucky kitten to have you and you her. I rescued a 3 legged domestic long hair and I can feel the love and thanks everytime he sees me. I hope you have many long years together. Best of luck!

Awesome story!
by: Melanie

I hear about cruelty of animals on the news, it is sooo refreshing to here people who rescue animals from an otherwise horrbile exsistence. Why people would do that is beyond me!! I have a 1 1/2 year old cat named Athena and she was going to be sent to the ASPCA if no one found her a home. The thought of this wonderfully adorable cat..don't even want to finish the sentence. She was left outside a pet store late at night and they didn't have the room. I went in there one day just to look around and they had her in a little box and said "free". Even if I had to pay for her I would have. She is the sweetest thing in my life and I love how she greets me at the door.I wish I had a recent pic of her as her vet said that she has some Maine Coon in her.

Boots, Maine Coon?

By: Kerri Walker in (Des Moines, IA


Boots Boots Boots

We found a little kitty last fall wandering around our back yard. He was skinny, almost starved, and for some unknown reason someone had shaved a stripe down his back. Like a reverse mowhawk.

He was chasing and trying to eat anything he could, bugs, birds etc. The only thing he was successful in devouring was the leaves that he caught.

He came up to us and meowed and meowed. My husband and I felt so sorry for him that we went inside and got him some wet dog food and a small saucer of water. He ran to it, ate and drank it all, in seconds.

He was cold and shivering, poor little thing. He was hiding under our lawn chairs, when we would get up he would follow us around.

Well, it was getting cooler at night and I was sitting there looking at the poor little thing, and my Husband just looked at me, smiled and said, "OK, we can bring him in for now."

We took him in and he was happy as could be, he loved our dogs, cuddled right up to them. We checked around the neighborhood, but no one seamed to know where he came from, so we decided to keep him.

Well this kitty had an apatite unlike any other kitty we have ever seen. We would control his portions, but if you gave it to him, he would eat it, all of it, what ever it was.

He (Boots)would eat it, even if you didn't give it to him, all you had to do was drop something and he was right there. I swear he thought he was a dog,he ate fruit, veggies (he ate an entire cob of corn, right off the cob) Dog food, and of coarse Cat food.

I went to the local pet store and bought him a leash and harness. The lady at the counter said "Awh, what kind of little puppy do you have?" I smiled and told her that it was for our new kitty.

We camp, a lot, and never leave our animals at home, they go with us. I wanted to make sure I could keep Boots safe and didn't get into any trouble when we were outside the camper.

The cashier just looked at me like I was crazy. "You are going to try to put a leash on a cat? Um, OK, let me know how that turns out. But I am telling you now, that I wouldn't waste my money on this, it isn't gonna work."

I thanked her for her opinion, assured her it would be fine, bought the items and was on my way.

When I got home, I showed my husband and explained why I had purchased them, all the while getting the same blank stare I received from the nice lady at the pet store.

Boots came running up to greet me and I bent down and slipped it on him. He was confused and for a moment so were my husband and I.

Boots walked around on his front legs, dragging his back legs behind him. He almost looked like he was paralyzed from the waist down.

I quickly bent down to take it off, thinking it must have been way too tight. I felt so bad, thinking I had hurt him. But then Boots came over to me, sniffing and pawing at the harness and leash.

I made the harness as big as it would go, and put it back on him, I could slide my whole hand between he and it, so I was sure it wasn't tight at all.

He walked around crazy for a while longer, just a minute or two, then gradually started getting used to it. In no time, he was walking just fine and even understanding the small tugs I was using to try to lead him the direction I wanted to go.

The next day we went camping, 2 dogs and 1 kitty in tow. All leashed. We got to the camp grounds, unloaded the animals, hooked each leash to a different tree, got them all food, water, and toys to give them something to do while we set up camp.

We are used to comments, compliments, and stares because of our big beautiful Mutts, they are both over 100 pounds. But this day, most of the eyes were on little Boots. No one could believe that a kitty was walking and behaving on a leash. They asked how we did it, I just said "He thinks he is a dog."

We went fishing and he would play around in the weeds next to us. Hunting anything he could, for fun now rather than self preservation. He would come over to see what we were up to (he had a 20ft leash), sit and stare in the water. It seamed to fascinate him. And oh boy was he in heaven when we caught a fish. We didn't give it to him, but he tried his hardest to get one.

One lady asked if he was a Maine Coon. I had never heard of a Maine Coon, so have been doing a little digging.

Boots grew and grew, and is still growing. He has hair between his toes, coming out of his ears, a huge bushy tail, and the most amazing "Maine" I have ever seen. He looks like a miniature lion in the face.

I am thinking he just might be. What do you think?

I know this was rather long winded, sorry about that, lol.

Best Regards,
Kerri Walker

Hi Kerri,
What a wonderful story! I enjoyed every minute of it! Well, he sure does look and act like a Maine Coon! Let's see what others say, too.

Thank you so much for sharing him,

by: Theresa

He certainly does look and act like a MC! My Logan doesn't "like" the leash but certainly will use it if we need it. And yes MC's tend to be more like a dog than a cat. I love your story and you have a beautiful kitty!

by: juliet

Hi, no matter what Boots is - he IS adorable and you make each other happy. He does have a Maine Coon look to him, a big "mane" and those gorgeous whisker pads which I adore....I am so glad he found you, enjoy being with this lovely kitty.. have tried a harness on my tortie & white girl (not M Coon) and she is fine with it, my big M Coon girl Mariella was NOT impressed - luckily they have a garden enclosure but Kali (my tortie) can come out on her harness with a very long leash when I garden. Mariella may be beautiful but she isn't the brightest spark ....(oooh did I say that about my girl) xxx

by: Kerri Walker

Thanks Guys! One thing I hadn't noticed, because we see him every day, it how big he has gotten. He isn't even a year old yet and he is about 10 pounds! He isn't fat, just big. I hear they don't get to their full size and weight until they are 3-5 years old. Is that right? I am assuming that they slow down on growing though, lol. If not, he is gonna be one big boy! lol.

Truly amazing
by: Angela

What a lovely tale to tell....he looks just like our cat George only George appears to be more red in colour. Enjoy him...

I would like 2 know if my cat is Maine Coon

By: Nicole Boren in Springfield MA

Nicole's Cat

Nicole's Cat Nicole's Cat Nicole's Cat Nicole's Cat

My kitten is 6months old and 10lbs and 24inch long. We just got him.

He acts like a Maine Coon just would like 2 now if he is.

Hi Nicole,
He is a darling, and a big boy, too! Look at those paws!

I think it's possible that he's a Maine Coon mix, based on a couple of things. At six months old, I would not think a purebred Maine Coon would have been taken to a shelter.

He would have been born at a breeders home, and sold to new owners. Purebred kittens are valuable.

Also, he has a very pretty medium coat. It would look a bit different if he were full. He would have some ear tufts too.

What is his name? He's a doll,
Thanks for sharing him,

WOW :)
by: Kim Sweet

I'd say the same, a mix but maybe a Heavy side of maine Coon ;) Enjoy and have fun, he looks like he will be a big guy. I have a Purebread about the same age, born Aug 31, and he is about 12 lbs or so. I have not had him on the scale in a few so not sure. Gotta love those BIG guys :)

Coon/Siamese Mix?

When I got her

Her name is Kaylee she is 2 years old (the picture is from when I got her) I was told by the couple I got her from that she was a Maine Coon / Siamese mix.

She is playful and very protective of me. She has double paws. She likes to be the center of attention but does not like to be touched (every once in awhile its okay)

She's a cutie-pie! I think most of us, myself included would look at her and see a DSH (domestic short-hair). But, she does have a narrow face similar to a Siamese. I would think even a half-Maine Coon would probably have some little ear tufts. Though there are no rules! She does have a big tail!

Most Maine Coon cats are not polydactyls. A few are, but most polydactyl cats nowadays are not Maine Coons. There's a bit more about it on our Maine Coon FAQs page. So, being double pawed used to be a Maine Coon indicator, but it's not anymore.

Also, not wanting to be touched is not a Maine Coon trait. Even Siamese cats are fond of being petted. So I don't think that quirk of hers is breed related. Perhaps it's just a quirk of hers.

That said, you got Kaylee from people who seemed to know her parents! And, it's quite possible that a Siamese/Maine Coon mix would look just like she does! So if that's what her previous owners said, yes, it's entirely possible!

Thanks for sharing her!

Snowshoe's Mom think He's a Maine Coon

By: Cat W. in Louisville, KY

Snowshoe is a 10 lb. ball of energy and fur. He is a 15-month-old, brown striped tabby complete with ear and toe tufts, a giant fluffy ringed tail, a handsome lion's mane and the telltale "M" on his forehead.

When he's walking away he looks like he is wearing knickers. He's very playful and chases anything that moves. He's also very sweet and patient with us.

He doesn't appear to have a mean bone in his body. He's a talker although he doesn't really "meow", he does have lots of other sounds.

He knows his name and comes when he's called. He's very smart and appears to do things just to amuse us like hanging on his cat tree like a monkey.

The shelter said that he was a Maine Coon mix...take a look at his pic, what do you think?

Hi Cat,
I agree with the shelter, he looks and acts very much like a Maine Coon mix!

You've described him so well, I feel like I know him!

Thanks for sharing him,

by: Kim Sweet

or should I say handsome ;) He is definatly a mix of a Maine Coon. He reminds me of my King Lewie (profile here). Enjoy !! :)

I agree
by: Clare

he is gorgeous..looks a lot like my Sophie

Snowshoe's Mom
by: Cat W.

Snowshoe has owned us for almost a year. He is the sweetest big, furry baby ever. I couldn't believe someone would give him up but I'm so glad they did. Thank you for allowing me to share him with you.

Just like your Snowshoe!
by: Maggie

I am in the UK and was browsing pics of Maine Coon cats when I came upon your beautiful picture of Snowshoe.....and here is my Rupert. I had to write and show you my cat who is so alike. I rescued him and his sister Phoebe 13 years ago in the UK. Sadly Phoebe had to be put to sleep 5 years ago but Ropert is fighting fit. He is so lovely and friendly and the most loving affectionate cat you could ever meet. He lives with my two other cats who were rescued at the same time as Rupert and Phoebe.

He has all the Maine Coon attributes so I am sure he also is a MC mix.
ps... not sure how to upload picture?

I would love to see pics of Rupert
by: Cat W.

Before Snoeshoe adopted us, I read everything I could find about Maine Coons. I've never been owned by a long-haired kitty and it has been challenging. He's wonderful and sweet and beautiful. Yesterday was his birthday and we're happy he adopted us. I hope you can post pictures of Rupert and his "cousins". I love kitties.

Are both my boys Maine Coon mixes?

By: Kelly in Yakima WA USA

Mooky & Zulio

Mooky & Zulio

Mooky & Zulio Mooky Zulio Two Tangled Cats

One of my cats, Mooky, has gorgeous golden eyes, a dark, mottled shaggy coat, tufts of long hair in between his toe pads, & lynx like tufts on the tip of his ear.

He has a very high, squeaky meow but doesn't talk alot. He's very timid & follows me around like a dog.

My other boy, Zulio, is more grey/brown/tabby markings with some beautiful green eyes. He has a much fuller tail than my other cat and he's very much a people cat.

He also follows me like a dog & tends to flop down right in front of you to get some loving. He does the tweet meows.

Could My Pepper Cat Be A Maine Coon, Maybe ???

By: Holly Snyder in Glasgow KY

Our cat Pepper was a barn kitty, along with her 2 sisters and I took them all in.

I was able to find a home for the two little ones and we've kept our pepper cat for nearly a year now.

She is calm, loyal, non hyper and likes to hang around the house being lazy. Pepper is one excellent smart kitty. I think she is the most different of any cat we've had, much smarter and way less trouble.


I do find she tends to do her own thing and is not as social as I'd like but over all she is one excellent family member.

I'd love to know if she has Maine Coon in her, just to see what people think. I will enjoy hearing what people think of our beautiful pepper cat.

Is my cat part Maine Coon?

By: Kathryn in Australia

Hey there! The kitty in the picture is Rascall. He's one year old and growing still.

We saved him from getting put down here in Australia (Maine Coons aren't well known around these parts) when he was small.

What interested me about him was he was a very floppy cat, he used to follow me around a lot as a kitten. He eats and drinks from his paws which is strange. He hugs my arm if I pick him up and cuddle him.

He's a vocal cat when he wants to be if I have closed my door and he wants in he'll whine at the door until I let him in. Doesn't like when I'm away for more then a day.

Greets my mom when she walks through the door after work. I don't know why but if you pat him on the head he rolls over. Rascall also likes acting like a crazy cat often playing hide and seek with me.

I was trying to find out his breed mixture but all signs looks like hes a Maine Coon. I was wondering if you could tell me if he is part or a Maine Coon.

P.S: this photo was taken when he was four months old. He doesn't sit still long enough for me to take a photo anymore haha.


I can see.....
by: Jessica

I can see why you think you have some Maine Coon there, look at that tail!

Boy, he acts just like my big red MCC. He was a lucky find.

Would Like To Know If Bear Is Maine Coon Mix

By: Nicole in Springfield MA

Got Bear from a friend who said she thinks he is a Maine Coon mix.


I just adopted a part MC male, who looks a lot like Bear!

Could Be:
I agree that the head kinda looks it.

He is adorable
by: Angela T:

Oh my, what a handsome looking fella...Please post more photos.

hi is only 9months
by: Nicole

He is only 9months and 13lbs and head to tail 32inch

by: Helen

Bear's head is very MC in type. The coat isn't. Nevertheless, he is a handsome fellow. I love blue cats.

My Maine Coon Nemo (Austin, TX)

By: Wendi

My cat Nemo was a rescue 10 years ago. He's been my constant companion as long as I've had him, loves everyone and everything.

He's sort of quiet, if he wants anything he'll just kind of hang out near you and make little chirpy grumbles.

Miss Kitty

By: Melissa Drennan
(Crawford, Colorado, USA)

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty Miss Kitty Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty was waiting for us one day when we came home and adopted us. We really had no choice in the matter. She came in the house and immediately took over. I'm pretty sure she's at least part Maine Coon.

She has a dog-like personality and will follow me from room to room. She is very affectionate and loves to have her belly rubbed.

Miss Kitty is our alarm cat and every morning she makes sure that my husband and I wake our daughters up for school. She chirps at us and purrs easily.

Miss Kitty spends a lot of time paying attention to each of my daughters as well as my husband and myself. Nobody goes for very long without Miss Kitty checking up on them and nobody can do anything without her being right there. She is an amazing cat and we love her very much.

As far as physical characteristics goes, she doesn't have the tip of the ear tufts, but she has very fuzzy ears and large tufts of fur poking out between her toes. She's got a very thick ruff and fur so thick you could lose small children in it.

She lost part of her tail prior to her adopting us, but the few inches she does have is super poofy and was probably very beautiful before she lost it. Bathing her is very difficult as the water runs right off of her unless I massage it in. She also has fairly long whiskers and an M on her forehead.

Look alikes
by: Su

Miss Kitty looks just like my Sweetie, and sounds like a very similar personality!

Miss Kitty
by: Theresa

I see Maine coon in her. She is adorable and smart. Comparing my Maine Coon to my regular cats I see that main coon cats are very smart; a little to smart. :-) my guy wakes up to my alarm clock and gives me always 10 extra minutes before he wakes me up.

He is only 11 lbs, but has a lot of strength to him when he walks on you then he comes very close to my face and yells loud until I wake up. Thank goodness for my guy when I do the morning shift and than need to go back to work for the over nite shift because without him waking me up I would of been fired.

When he sees that I am awake he is satisfied and wil go back to sleep at the end of the bed. He is a rescue cat and he can be bosy and bullish, but he is still great.

My Baby Boy

By: Laura Gumbel
(Cambridge, Illinois,USA)


Miss Kitty Miss Kitty Miss Kitty Miss Kitty

A stray had kittens on my neighbors porch and of course I adopted my Custard.

The first thing that threw me for a loop is how he loves baths! I would come home from work and he would be sitting in the sink waiting for a bath! And........he climbed the walls. Literally. He would grab either side of my divider wall and literally climb it to the ceiling.

He loves to play but is so smart, he figured out the red laser toy out immediately and refused to play. His intelligence is keen, almost frightening really. I've seen him get up on his back legs and try to open doors with his paws! If they weren't furry, he'd open those doors! LOL He gets up on a chair at dinner and expect me to set him a place at the table and he even trys his paw at web surfing!

He also sits in the window chattering to the birds. I've had cats my whole life and I've never heard any cat try talking to the birds. Its almost as if he's trying to imitate them.

He loves to be around people and insists on being in any room that I'm in but any cuddling is definitely when HE is in the mood - not me. LOL

And finally.....his size. His upper body strength is incredible! (all that wall climbing) and I can almost see him walking with a muscular bull dog swagger! LOL His paws are huge and of course he is fluffy...fluffy...fluffy.

I won't be disappointed if he's not part Main Coon because he will always be my baby but if he is, I want to make sure he is getting the proper care for his temperment.

Thank you!

Is Jax A Maine Coon Or Just A Big Boy?

By: Julie
(Elk Grove, CA)


Jax Jax Jax

I think my kitten Jax may be Main Coon mix.

Jax is 10 months old and already weighs 12 pounds. Jax has a lot of the traits and characteristics of a Maine Coon.

Jax has a thick mane around his neck, fluffy tail and tufts between the toes and on his ears.

Jax loves to play in water and often jumps in the shower with me. Jax plays/rough houses with my Chihuahua, fetches, sleeps under the covers and acts like he is a dog.

Jax makes a chirping and "trill" sound and howls loudly when he wants something. Jax is an amazing cat and a huge part of my life, so it really doesn't matter what breed he is.

Half coon
by: charbel

He is definitely half Maine Coon

Worm Test
The final test for determining whether he is a Maine Coon - does he eat worms? If so, there's no doubt, he's a Maine Coon!

Good One by: Jax's Mommy
FYI - The comment about the worms is an inside joke with a co-worker. Although, Jax would probably eat worms if he could. :-)

Your co-worker must be super funny and great to work with!

Domestic Long Hair
sorry to hurt your feelings but you have a domestic long hair cat. I had a cat who looks just like him and he has not a iota of Maine Coon in him normal domestic cats can get up to 12 pound or more easily. We had a domestic short hair get up to 15 lbs. And he was slender.

So.....I Am Almost Sure They Are Maine Coon Mixes

By: Stacy
Yaya and Gumbeaux

Our cats, YaYa and Gumbeaux are very playful. It's been a very long time since we have had a kitten, so it's a blast to see these two play.

We are so happy that we adopted the two of them. We have always been a single cat family, but couldn't bear the thought of the two of them being separated, so we took them both home.

by: Katie- Jacksonville FL

That was nice of you to taken them both, they are just adorable! It looks like they do have some in them!

You'll be glad you did.....
I adopted my two sibling female Maine coon kitties for the same reason. Now, I couldn't imagine what life would have been like with only one of them. They are such a joy and never ending entertainment, still at almost 5 years old.

Maine Coon?

By: Deborah Hatch
(Windsor, ME)

Precious a beautiful, inquisitive, intelligent cat. She loves to use her paws to get into to things such as cupboards, closets, ect.

She enjoys playing in water with her paws and loves to be combed while the faucet is running. She is very much a people cat and follows me room to room watching me. She likes to be close by.

She stands on her hind legs and taps me with her paw when she wants treats or attention. She is very vocal and makes a chirping or trill sound.

She is very loving and gives kisses on my forehead. She is also very playful. I adopted her from the shelter @ 8 wks. old and she is now 5 yrs.

She had 2 brothers that looked exactly like her in the cage. I have always wondered and felt that she is a purebreed if not a mixed. She has all the markings including her long tufts of fur on ears and paws as well as a mane.


By: Sharon


Stoic Mischa

Mischa Mischa Mischa

This is Mischa....I am not sure if she is part Maine Coon but she sure looks like the pictures here!

She is a shelter rescue and the love of my life. She follows me everywhere I go; cries for me if she can't see me and allows me to baby her when SHE wants me too!

She is so playful and sweet tempered. She has such personality! She isn't as big as the sizes mentioned here, so that is why I would like to see if you think she may be partially Maine Coon.


Meet Snuffleupagus, A Maine Coon Mix Or Just A Giant Pussy Cat?

By: Jackie
(New Zealand)


Snuffleupagus Snuffleupagus Lily Lily

Snuffleupagus, Mr Snuffles, Snuffy, Nuffer or Nuf Nuf appeared in our garden about four years ago. He used to visit regularly but rarely stayed for more than a day sleeping under a tree in the sun and disappearing (presumably to go home) at night fall. Over time his visits became longer and now he has taken up full time residence with us.

He is a very affectionate cat, who loves to lie down on the kitchen floor, I have lost count of the times I have tripped over him. He has a magnificent coat and he is without a doubt the biggest cat I have ever seen, he is so heavy I need two arms to pick him up!

Over the last ten years we have attracted several stray cats (and kittens) and Snuffy makes number nine! One of these nine cats is a sweet gentle girl we have called Lily.

She is by no means the big cat that Snuffy is but she has some Maine Coon traits like the fluffy tail which is always in the air, the pantaloon look from behind and a very distinctive miaow which comes in two parts. A short miaow followed by a longer miaow, which sounds a bit like meow-meeeooow, repeated several times. It's very funny, she certainly likes you to know she is around!

And although I can't know this for sure there is a strong possibility that Snuffy is her father!

What do you think?

Totally a Coon
by: TA

I'm thinking that's a Maine Coon. I've never heard another cat create the trilling "mew-mrrrreeeewww" sound. Not to mention the size alone and profile of the bone structure in his face. Beautiful.

Could Be Mine
Lily looks like a sibling to my registered MCC, who was just here a moment ago, helping me type.

And to see another wanna-be Maine Coon, check out Simon's Cat on You Tube. Typical MC behavior, especially around the computer or "Fly Guy".

Best cats EVER!

A Wanderer....
by: Jackie

Does anyone know if Maine Coons are prone to wandering?

Our beautiful Lily girl disappears for a 4 or 5 day stretch on a regular basis. In fact she has just returned this morning from one of her jaunts, she was at the top of the stairs when I pulled up in my car and you should have heard her, meowing her funny little meow like there was no tomorrow!

The first time she went I was worried sick and walked the streets looking for her (fearing the worst) but she always comes back.

I think maybe she has another family somewhere in the neighborhood who is probably equally as puzzled as I am as to where she disappears to!

Any thoughts or similar experiences?

Is Our Baby A Maine Coon?

By: Louise
(Hackettstown, NJ)

He was a rescue kitten that was dumped in the cold of winter. We never met his parents. He has the huge tail, gentle personality, extra-tuffs of fur between his toes, the maine, and signature M on his forehead.

Beautiful :)
by: Samantha

Your Baby is beautiful :)

When I was reading up on Maine Coons a while ago I came across an article which stated the common Physical and behavioural traits of Maine Coons (I may have even read it on this site).

The summary of the article was "if your cat looks like a Maine Coon and behaves like a Maine Coon, chances are you have a Maine Coon if not a Maine Coon mix".

I can tell your boy will bring you a lot of happiness enjoy your time with him he is just beautiful.


By: Jerricka


Looking right at you

Lamalas Lamalas

I think he might be a Maine Coon mix.

He is super friendly, does not even play with claws, can be very goofy at times, he turns upside down to show his belly, and turns his head upside down. very loving, loves just having you in the same room as him.

He is super demanding of attention, he will push his head against you tell you give him lots of attention. He talks when its time to eat and when he is putting you to bed.

He loves to sleep right next to you, even puts his arm on you leg. he push his head against you and push you with his paw to wake you up in the morning. he has a super bushy tail, thick and shaggy hair and purrs very loudly.

by: Helen Hall

He sure has the characteristics of a Maine Coon cat. They are very friendly and love to be in the same room with you. And they do have a real bushy tail. I have one and I have never gotten so attached to any cat I ever had in the past. A Maine Coon cat is just the greatest pet a person could have. Enjoy your new pet.

looks like a Maine Coon
by: Dee

Your cat looks exactly like mine. I got Chester from rescue and was told her was about 4 years old and a lady had him that went up north to a retirement home and they didn't allow cats.

Mine is very loving and likes to be around me all the time, but he does have a tendancy to bite. Actually, I was sitting in a chair and lunged at me and had I not been fast and looking he would have gotten me good. He looked like he was after his prey. I sometimes think he was abused as he watches me hands all the time when I get to close to him. When he was put in rescue the collar was so tight around his neck they had to cut most of his fur to try and get the collar off. His neck was so skinny it was pitiful. I dont know if he is pedigree or not but Chester sure looks like the ones I have seen and has most of the traits. The biting is my main concern. He was declawed and neuerted when I got him.

Wondering If My Baby Is A Maine Coon

By: Madelyn
(New Brighton, Pa USA)


Stoney in the dog bowl

Stoney Stoney Stoney

His tail simply amazes me! So much it made me do some research and this is where it brought me.

Can you assist please.

Thank you

Beautiful Kitty
by: Rose from Pgh

What a beautiful baby! Sure has the face, tuffs of hair on the ears and bushy tail. Does he have fur between his toes? Do alot of talking? Specifically, make a trilling sound as he roams through the house?I have a 6 mo. old Maine Coon mix,and love his unique personality...Either way, I know you will enjoy your sweetie!

Looks Like One to Me!
by: Cathy

My Maine Coon kitten is very similar to yours but is gray, orange n white. Tuffs of hair in the ears n toes, long whiskers n loves water! Nice soft fur too! Mine is so smart-at 4 months, she's learned to fetch! Maine Coons have such great personalities and are so smart! Mine talks but it sounds like a chirp. Enjoy your beautiful kitty!

He's a star!
by: Deb

He definitely looks like he has some MC in him. Tufts in ears, toes, long body and tail (from what I can see). He is adorable!

Thank you
Thank you all for the wonderful comments!

He does have small tuffs in his toes, and he is very vocal, he is very playful and gets along with my other pets.

I named him Stoney because when I found him he was all of 2 or 3 wks old and he was stuck under a large rock, I bottle fed him and fell right in love with the little guy.

I don't care what breed he is no matter what he has my heart.

by: Sanya

Oh what an adorable little kitty! :-)

A lot of Coon here
by: Ariel

Stony looks like he has a lot of MC in him. You found him under rock!!! Sigh! People have found MCC on roads, footpaths,forests,refuges and now under a rock in the USA. Amazing to find your prestigeous native cat in these places.I think I need to visit and stroll your streets. ;D Stony obviously "fell on his feet" to have you as his mum. Congrats on finding (saving)this American treasure, your precious bundle of "liquid silk".

Does My Kitty Have Some Coon In Her?

By: Katy


It's her most recent picture (6 months)

Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty

I found her on a supermarket parking lot and few days later I realized that she has long hair round her head and neck.

Pretty long on her belly and body but shorter on her shoulders. The fur round her neck It's soft and rather not shiny. Some fur on her tail and body are silky, but on her tummy it's softer and curlier.

The fur round her neck still much like her baby fur, it has not grown long (but fur on her neck and tail are longest when she was a baby, the tail has grown longer and thicker now).

If the fur on her tail grows like that, most likely she will have long shaggy fur round her neck and face but it's not grown yet.

She greets people when they arrive and greets me in the morning when she's not sleeping with me. She knows her name well and often come when I call her, she's a bit weird cause she often goes to wet places only to watch moving water and got her paws all wet


She rarely meows though except if she wants something badly.

And she plays a bit rough and often jumps only to get people hands (maybe she's playing or pretending to hunt something :P)

Is she part of a MCC or just persian or angora mix?

Is He A Maine Coon...I Think So

By: Jennifer MacKenzie
(Burlington, Vermont. USA)
Black Kitten

He talks a lot! Chatters, plays and loves water!

by: Sanya

Oh how precious! Such a lil cutie. :-) Looks exactly like my Tali. :-)

Pat in Ocala
I don't know if he is Maine Coon, as he is very young - but that doesn't matter. He is a beautiful baby!

In any case
He's a cutie!

If My Baby Is A Coonie
ty guys

Do You Think Our Adoptee Might Have Some Maine Coon In Her?

By: Olivia


Aiko Aiko Aiko Aiko

We recently adopted this young female cat (named Aiko, tentatively) from our neighbors, as they have to move away soon.

We didn't really have much chance to discuss her background with them because she came to us as a runaway/escapee and a brief phone conversation cleared up the adoption issues.

I'm no cat expert, but when I first saw that tail, I thought that she must be at least part Maine Coon. I've also read that Maine Coons are unusually interested in water compared to other cats, and Aiko has a certain appreciation for our bathrooms. She climbs in the bathtub and sinks, and absolutely loves staring into the toilet. What do you think?

P.S. If after viewing the pictures, you happen to think you have a good name for her, do tell. I picked Aiko (Japanese for "beloved little one"), but my dad doesn't think it suits her, so I said if we could find something better, I'd rename her.


Oh she's a sweetie.
by: Georgette

Does she walk with her tail in the air? Does it look like she's wearing pantaloons? Does she have big paws with tufts of fur between the toes? Does she have a sweet little meow or even make little chirpy sounds?

You might consider Megumi for a name. It means "blessing".

by: Jessy

Or the Japanese eqivalent.

Maine Coon
by: John

I have a black tabby Maine Coon, his name is Tigger. He is about 2 yrs old and now a big size cat. he loves to fetch bottle lids, loves to be around where ever water is. He makes funny sounds and loves to follow you around the house, and loves to mark you.

Love her!
by: Laurel

Oh, I love her and she reminds me of my sweet kittie that I just discovered this evening might be part coon - he loves to play with water from the tap too, forgot to mention that in my blurb. Those cushy paws, poofy tail and sweet expression look Coon-like to me! So glad you rescued this lovely girl.

Not Quite Twins, Littermate With Just One MCC Mix

By: Doris
(San Francisco, CA)
Mocha and Java

Mocha (the long-haired boy) and Java are from the same litter. Their mom cat was a friend's new rescue kitty who got out for 2 days before being spayed.

The kittens were adopted by my best friend and came to me when my friend had to move.

Mocha has the long hair, undercoat, ruff, fur between the toes, but no tips on his ears. He doesn't chirp, but does follow me around the house and is an aggressive lap cat. He is just 13 lbs, despite being an armload. He feels like all bone and fur.

Java, the short-hair, has the MCC body-type (broad, thick, and strong with huge feet) and the undercoat, but none of the other physical characteristics. He's 15lbs and all muscle. They both seem to have finally stopped growing at 5yrs old.

Both of them love to play in the water. I had to get a fountain for them, since Java would stand with both feet in the big water bowl and "swim" all the water out. Then he would drag the bowl across the living room with his paw and complain loudly about there being no water.

This is my second pair of part MCC mix littermates. We lost Butch (red tipped tabby) at 18yo and Squeaky at 14. They were part MCC, part Abyssinian and beautiful. They both chirped and chatted constantly. And they loved to play in the water. Squeaky (blue and cream torbie) drank with her paw, rather than from the bowl.

Both of them had heavy, long undercoats under Aby-type brindled fur. Butch had a bit of a ruff and they were both large, broad chested, and muscular. The vet called it at the first visit. They were kittens of the unrestrained and unspayed cat next door.


Capone The Coon?

By: Bonnie

Bonnie has sent in a lovely page all about Capone. Capone's page is long enough to stand on it's own, so visit this link to meet Capone!

Is Rosetta a Maine Coon Mix?

By: Ann
(Washington State)

We adopted Rosie from a wonderful cat rescue group called Purrfect Pals in Washington State.

She and her litter mates were borne to a feral mama who later abandoned them and they were bottle fed and socialized by a foster family.

When she was about 9 weeks old, we were very fortunate to become her forever home. Rosie is now 5+ months old, over six pounds, and has many of the characteristics of a Maine Coon. She has little ear tufts, ear furnishings, large paws with fur tufts between the toes, and a tiny little meow sound that I've heard less than a half dozen times.

We were told she is a medium hair torbie (tortoise shell/tabby), but whatever she is, she has a wonder full personality. "Rosie Toes" (she has mostly black toe pads, but a few pink ones) loves to be in the middle of everything and is very curious, playful, and loving. In fact, she's playing with a piece of paper on my desk as I type this message!

She has become a close companion of our 3 year old tuxedo, Ziggy, who is a more reserved gal.

So what do you think? Maine Coon Mix?


Maine Coon
by: Babbs

Hi, She sure looks like a mix, but it looks more Maine Coon to me.
Babbs in Maine

Maine Coon mix
by: Gail (Quincy, MA, USA)

She may very well be a tortie/tabby; however, she definitely looks like she's got some Maine Coon in her. As she gets older, I'd be willing to bet she behaves like a dog and will have chirps and trills besides the little mews.

Let us know how things progress as time goes on. She's a real beauty!


Is My Cat Coon Or Part Coon?

By: Blaine M.

Happy Poof:

I received this kitten from a friend with several cats.

I'm unsure about his parents. he has tufts of hair in his ears and small tufts in between his toes. he also has very long whiskers.

I saw a picture on your web page that looked alot like him.


Sure Is Cute,
by: Jessy

Whatever his origins.

This Is My Sweety Gus

By: Lisa Jo

I have had my sweet baby Gus since he was just a tiny baby, wich has been about 8 years ago.

From the time he first came into my life to the present I have loved him so dearly, I call him fat baby Gus, but of course he's not "fat" he's just big. I have always wondered if he is a Maine Coon mix?


My daughter was the one who brought him home when she was in 12the grade. She got him from a friend who's cat had kittens. The momma cat looked like a smaller Maine Coon but the owners wernt sure if she was. And I don't know anything about the daddy cat.

But I fell in love with Gus at first site from the very first day he was attatched to me at the hip. LOL

He's such a clown, when I make the bed in the morning he's gotta be right there jumping on the covers or diving in between the sheets and messing them all up.

He's pretty much always by my side, where ever I go he follows. when he's had enough playing around he pats me on the arm with his paw for which then I pick him up turn him over and hold him like a baby in the crook of my arm. And stretches out, goes to sleep and even snores.

He wieghs over 12 pounds, He's got the tufts in his toes, he's a big solid bodied cat, he has a wide chest and big amazing eyes, and his tail is fluffy. He has a real personality more than any other cat I have ever had. He has the ruff around his neck and a thick under coat.

The only thing I don't know is what exactally you would call his coat coloring?


He is beautiful...I think he is definately a Coon mix. I just got 2 maine Coon kitties myself. Go on petteycats on your computer. One of this breeder's females looks just like Gus!!

by: Kelle

He's a beautiful cat, love that most of the pics are of him relaxing, that's what my Coon mix does best as well!

by: Kelle

I would call him a tabby for coloring, and he's definitely got Maine Coon looks and traits.

by: Lisa Jo

Thank You for all the nice comments and help, I am very greatfull! and Gus thanks you all too.

This cat has got to be a Maine Coon mix at the very least.

By: Marti Baillie
(Houston, Texas)

Saw an ad in the local paper offering up kittens for $25.00 from a private owner. When I called to ask what they looked like, she told me to look at a picture of a Maine Coon cat. Just so happened that my daughter had a Maine Coon for many years, and we all just adored him. He passed away last year. So when I found out that it was a Maine Coon cat I was calling about, my husband and I just had to leave right away to go see him.

There was a tiny female and a male cat for sale. The male promptly hid under the bed and would not come out. I almost gave in and took the female, but my husband finally got the little cat out from under the bed. I took one look at the male and it was love at first sight. James promptly named him Outlaw, I coughed up the $25.00 and off we went.

Outlaw is such a delight. He has the big ears with the tufts, and he is already the most social cat I have ever had, and I have several cats. He sleeps with us and follows us everywhere, unlike the other cats who were quite independent.

I am sure he is at least part Maine Coon. We love him, and although we were told he was seven weeks old when we got him I doubt it. We have had him over a month, and we just took these pictures today. As you can see he is really small.

We love our Outlaw no matter what. What do you think about this kitten? Would love to get your opinion. Thanks... Marti and James. (and Outlaw)

Lola the Maine Coon... Maybe?!?!

By: Elizabeth
(Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Lola is my kitten that I rescued from the west side of Michigan. She is about 4.5 months old now.

I first was asked by my vet if she was part Maine Coon and I had never even heard of this type of cat (since Lola is my first kitten). After doing some research I can't help but think that she is a Maine Coon.

Her tail is extremely long in comparison to her body size. she plays fetch more than my golden retriever (literally), she loves to talk to me (little noises that she makes with out moving her mouth but they are not meows), and she loves to be right next to me.

She does love people however she does also like to bite when she feels like it, I'm not sure if it's just because she is a kitten or if she will grow out of it, hopefully.

Please let me know what you think, I'm dying to know!!


by: Jessy

She's cute! Certainly DLH or DMH, not necessarily Maine Coon.


By: Vicky
(Wales, UK)

My little Lady Penelope:

Penny came to me as her elderly owner could no longer look after her and desperately wanted a home for her where she could go outside and explore (not possible where she lived due to the main road).

She was 10 months old when I adopted her, and she soon settled in with my other two moggies.

I soon noticed many differences between her and the others, she seemed to have behaviours more akin to a dog than a cat, she loves to play fetch, used to steal socks, and loves drinking from the tap.

She has many small soft toys that she will carry around in her mouth whilst meowing to find you so that she can give the toy to you.

She loves sunbathing, and can often be found lying on the grass flat on her back with all 4 paws in the air. She can be very loving, however she has a bit of a temper on her if she doesn't get her own way!

She is a beautiful cat, and I have often thought she may have some Coon in her, although she is quite a small cat.


Is she named after...
Penelope of the Pepe le Pew cartoons?

A lovely cat
by: Diane

She's beautiful! And she sounds a lot like our cat Jimmie. He plays fetch and steals socks too.

by: Helen

Penelope is the perfect name for this delightful feline. She looks so full of mischief and her shock of white whiskers sets her face off wonderfully. Too cute for words!

Lady Penelope
by: Vicky

She actually already had the name when I adopted her, and I thought it suited her so decided to keep it. She is a little cutie (but then I am biased I guess) and the photo does not do the whiskers justice ! I was doing some gardening yesterday, and she kept bringing her teddies out for me, no matter how many times I put them back in the house - turn around and there's another one there.


By: Bonnie
(San Angelo, TX USA)

Bucko and his sister Dollie (no Maine Coon features) have lived with my mother for the past 14 years.

They began life as barn kitties. Their mother mysteriously arrived on a rural Menard County, Texas ranch, moved into the barn and proceeded to populate the ranch with cats.

Bucko and Dollie are house cats and both are very loving. Bucko is a big, long haired cat. He is very stately and never gets too excited about anything.

According to him, there is no place in the house that is off limits and you can find him anywhere, although he has a definite preference for baskets, boxes, and bowls (large ones).

We had a big scare recently when a house sitter let him out of the house. He disappeared for 7 days and we feared he was gone. Fortunately, he came home safe and sound, although a tad grumpy. The entire family celebrated his return.

Bucko seems to fit many of the listed characteristics of Maine Coon cats. My mom and I are curious as to what the experts think. Is Bucko a Maine Coon?


Bucko is a lot of Maine Coon
by: Rose

That boy could be a poster child. The feetsies with tufts, that tail, the hair, the face yep hes got the best of coon in him.

He Sure Fits the Bill
But how come his sister shows no signs of it?


Sweet Audrey

By: Leslie

Sweet Audrey was one of our earlier submissions to our "Maybe Maine Coon" section. There are more pictures and more to learn about Audrey on her page, so click this link to meet Audrey!

How I became a foster parent

By: Melody
(Ashburn, VA USA)

My Foster Kitten Gato:

I rescued a kitten. All of the Animal Shelters in my area are filled to capacity; spilling over to non-profit cat rescue organizations which in turn has caused an overflow of cats and kittens for them as well.

Because cat rescue organizations are "no kill facilities" who rescue days old kittens, cats in their senior years, cats who need medical attention and cats with special needs, all for non-profit.

This has lead to the cat rescue organizations dire need of people willing to foster cats & kittens until they are adopted, cats being able to stretch out, that have been in cages waiting for adoption, not to mention donations for food, medical supplies and volunteers aiding the cause.

With no thought required, I became a foster parent, which ironically has become a stepping stone which gave me hope and restored the total absence of laughter to my life. Which is the world's best medicine and even I can afford it!

I think my kitten may be a Maine Coon mix because the cat rescue organization labeled him as such. As his appearance goes, he has ears to grow into a tail that precedes him and the paws of an adult.

He will be sound asleep on top of my pillow, when I go to get a drink in the middle of the night and to my surprise he is beside me looking in the fridge. I have trained him to come when called, if he is a no show, I look behind the last door I closed (closet, laundry room, pantry, etc.) because he is my shadow.

He is always willing to help clean out his litter box, make the bed, makes sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink and likes to supervise my cleaning techniques by standing on my back and watching over my shoulder.

He has never hissed at me even when I have to clean his tender ears, he just cries and when it's all over he clings to my neck. Of course he also thinks he is a dog because I have trained him to fetch, with the exception that he has never jumped onto my lap.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it because in the end I don't care what breed he is; I will love him just the same.



by: Susan

They have a way of stealing your heart and rightening your life, don't they? It sounds like you both were rescued! Enjoy!

Cute kitten
by: Helen
What a pretty little kitten! I have a red MCC and a blue short haired cat. My MCC loves me, but my DSH is my lover. HaHaHa He shots me "love darts" staring right into my face. I bet your kitty does too.

Abandoned Cat


This is Penny. She was recently found wandering around Virginia.

The vet guessed that she is 6months-1.5 years old. The woman I get her from found her in an area where the neighbors were going to shoot her because she kept trying to go into their houses and was always on their porches.

She's very friendly with people and very comfortable (though a little nervous about my apartment.) This paired with the fact that she was already spayed when they found her make me sure that she was in a loving home before escaping.

*By the way the woman checked to make sure that she wasn't microchiped, didn't have a tag, and that nobody in the area knew her. She was definitely going to be shot. So it wasn't like she stole somebody's kitty*

What do you think? Maine Coon? Maine Coon Mix?



Rescue of Abandoned Cat
by: Anonymous
Bastet the cat goddess blesses you for saving this wonderful cat.

Pretty kitty
Please have your vet check very low down the back for a chip. My buster's chip is on his butt. Shes a sweetheart, glad you took her in to love her. Giver her time, she will steal your heart away

I can't believe those neighbors!
by: Jessy
What kind of people are those? All the cat was doing was trying to find a home or a handout! I would move away from them fast.

Lovely Main Coon
by: Karesme
She looks just like my Main Coon, Mr. Whiskers. Hope you take her home and take care of her. This are the most lovely cats ever.

by: Sarah Beth
She didn't have a chip, they checked. But she does have one now. And I don't live by them, the woman who saved her was on vacation out there.

She's very happy in her new home where she's getting oh so spoiled.

Lovely girl!
by: Aurelia
She is the image of our Maya...adopted from local shelter last year . So happy she found a loving new home.


Just By Chance, My Pookie

By: Marie

Marie has shared Pookie's rescue story, and a lot of fun details about Pookie. So visit Pookie's Page and get to know him!

I Think My Cat Might Be A Maine Coon Mix... What Do You Think?

By: Jennifer

We found Ziggy dodging cars 12 years ago, so we don't know his heritage.

We've always thought he had some Maine Coon in him. Some strangers that have seen him have asked if he was a Maine Coon.

What I think makes him a Maine Coon Mix:
The different lengths of his fur.
The fur on his spine is different texture, shiny to the frizzy yet soft and unmatted fur on the rest of his body.
His bushy tail and belly fur verses his body fur which is shorter.
He has always been a big cat (probably overweight now) 15lbs now.
He has many different meows, distinctive one is his little rolling chirp he makes. He makes this whenever, but a lot more if you touch him and it startles him a little or he chirps to himself when he is cleaning himself.
He is rather intelligent compared to other cats we have had. He loves to play , even at 12 he is a sucker for his little balls and feather toys.

Some things I know could be just his personality, but what do you think?


The pics are of him from a couple months, a year, to 7 yrs.


Harley - The Non-Stop Purring Silver And White Tabby

By: Sarah C.
(Hot Springs, AR)

Harley found us at a local Petco adoption day and was quite nervous with all the barking dogs around. When my husband picked him up, Harley just snuggled right in the crook of his arm and started purring. I knew he would be a long-haired cat but I had NO idea, lol. I've almost positive he has coon in him.

The owner sold him to us for $10, all shots included. He was "defective" as some who kept passing him up said. His mother was feral and had 2 kinks in her tail and he inhertited the kins as well. Now that his tail is all fluffed out, you can't really tell and I personally love his little flag.

He's very loving, never stops purring (which is how he got the name, sounded like a Harley Davidson), has ear tufts, has a mane, has fur tufts on his feet. In our tiled kitchen he can't keep his feet in one spot because of the fur, he just keeps sliding even while sitting. He's 3 years old and already a hefty 23 pounds and very long. LOVES to lay on his back and will hold a conversation with you.

Does this sound familiar?


Yep, he has Coon in him
by: Gail (Quincy, MA, USA)

Judging by your description & photos, I would venture to say he's a Coon mix.

Thank you for not believing he was 'defective' from those pinheads at PetCo. They are NOT cat experts - only clerks who work in a pet supply store, who buy animals from puppy and kitty mills. That's why I get so annoyed when people buy from pet stores. I know it's primarily from ignorance, but working at a no-kill shelter, you would be AMAZED at the quality of animals we have either surrendered to us, or even dumped outside the shelter door for us to find when we come in.

What a great name Harley is and so fitting! Enjoy your wonderful boy. He's quite the character and will give you and your family years of enjoyment and love.

by: Helen
What a big, grand cat you have. If you hadn't included the story and I were only looking at the pictures I'd say, "What a beautiful MCC." Sure looks like one to me. I love cats with big buzzing machines inside their hearts!

That's some good-looking cat!
by: Jessy
Who cares if he has a kink or two in his tail? You're not showing or breeding him. He's handsome and healthy.

Gary The Cat

By: Billie

Gary came from a shelter when he was about 8 weeks old. We picked him because he was the most rambunctious. He grew quickly, and he acted much like a canine.

Having been made part of our family, Gary learned from our Mastiff mix and Boxer how to act. We attribute part of his doglike characteristics to these daily interactions.

Gary loves water, isn't scared of much (i.e. vacuum cleaner), loves to play hide n seek, can "sit" "come" "stay" "down" and more.

Not a lap cat, he does like to be in the same room with a person at all times. As long as he can see and hear you, you're close enough.

Gary likes to go for walks on his leash, as he is an indoor cat. He waits in the window and runs to the front door when someone gets home.

He's got the tufts between his toes and the "M" on his forehead...making him absolutely majestic!


Gary is a honey!
by: Ariel
I think another trait of the MC is still a historical passion for the "local talent" if they are able to be a Romeo. I look at Gary's sweet face and ears and tail and I think a MC tom has been a'courting!;D

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