by Ripley
(Austin, TX)

Luna portrait

Luna portrait

About two months ago, we lost my son's first pet -- an orange and white 1-year-old Maine Coon Mix - to a terrible disease (FIP). We were still grieving when my son started randomly talking about a black and white cat.

I had updated my local rescue contacts on our situation and asked them to watch for a Maine Coon Mix. I was told that they saw one maybe every six months, so we settled in to wait.

Not even a week later I received an email from one of the ladies; a Maine Coon Mix had shown up at her door. The kitty was a little black and white female! She was dirty, unspayed and without a microchip.

We meet her more than a month ago, but we were hesitant to bring a new cat home so soon. We checked and re-checked every factor, fretted, and then decided to bring her home following her spay. My hubby, son and I put our heads together and came up with the name Luna Twilight Miyu.

That was nearly three weeks ago. Since then, Luna has been thoroughly charming everyone, even my "I'm not a cat person" husband.

Physically, she has the shaggy coat, tufted paws and ears, and plumed tail, though not the ruff (at least not yet). The vet estimated that she is between 9 and 12 months old.

She is only about 8 pounds now, but she still needs to grow into her ears and paws. I have a hard time doing her eyes justice in photos, particularly with their dark setting. They are a stunning, clear green in the middle with gold around the outside.

Her soft, chirpy meow is absolutely charming. She loves to talk to us, greets everyone, and follows me around the house. She enjoys inserting herself between people on the couch, purring away.

She plays with everything, including the cat water fountain. She is fascinated with water and can often be seen with water droplets beaded on her face and paws. She even tries to join me in the shower!

Though she is eager to please (and already responds to her name and the "come" command), she also has a little fire in her so that it is hard to tell her no, even for my 15yo "King-of-the-house" kitty. She doesn't even flinch at my 4.5yo's rambunctious play; she would rather join in.

Luna regularly makes us laugh with her mischief. Some mornings she pounces at her shadow in the darkened house.

She dismantled a silk lei and scattered the petals across the living room. She made her own spot on the bookshelf by pawing things out of the way until I helped her move them.

Luna has a very special sense; she responds to people in distress. When my son stubbed his toe, she sat with him and refused to budge until he calmed down. When I had a migraine, she curled up with me. She tried to respond to my distressed newborn nephew, until his parents whisked him away.

Luna Twilight Miyu seems ready to live up to her impressive name and be a truly special companion. We hope that we get to enjoy her for the next 20-odd years! I don't think she is pure-blooded Maine Coon, but she is true to the traits, which is what really matters.

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Quite cute NEW
by: Andy

A nice mix. A cutie. All the best to you and your new feline friend.

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