Lucy Goosey

by Debra Roberts
(Reno NV)

Little kitten sounded like a bird:

I work at the Reno NV Veterans clinic and was done for the day, 4 years ago in February and walking to my car in the one story parking ramp.

I thought I heard a bird tweeting. I also saw a coworker standing and looking up into the beams of the garage.

upside down calico cat waving

When I asked her what she was hearing we both heard a tiny little meow.

We could not figure out how, if this was a cat, how it got into the beams of the garage.

I heard my coworker say OH! and when I looked down this tiny little fuzzy, long furry black with calico color kitten approximately 2 months old winding around my ankles, mewing.

This was a very busy garage so I scooped it up immediately looking around to see if there were others but didn't see any other cats or kittens.

She was not dirty, but shivering and mewing continuously. I didn't know what to do and my coworker said she couldn't take it. I already had three cats in a one cat rental house. But I knew I had to take it.

I drove for 10 miles to my house with this kitten on my chest, mewing and shivering all the way.

When I got home my husband gave me a look that I understood immediately, and I said I guess we'll have to take it to the animal shelter. But I would try to find a home with my coworkers first. I heard so many excuses why they couldn't take her.

I was sad to take her in but I knew we couldn't add to the group. When I got home that day my husband said, "well I guess we can wait a little before we give "LUCY GOOSEY" up. Well I knew at that moment she had joined the family.

On inspection my husband said "I think she might be a Maine Coon or maybe part, because of he big paws, long fur, fox tail".

Now that Lucy Goosey is almost 4 years old I don't know if she is full Maine Coon but she has most of the characteristics.

She is the craziest, smartest, biggest cat I have ever had. To this day when she meows she still sounds like a little bird tweeting instead of a regular cat meow.

Tiny meows
by: Carol
I suspect it's characteristic of Coonies that these enormous cats have tiny voices. I had an 18 pound male who would stand in front of the refrigerator and mew for his milk fix! He sounded like a kitten. So glad yours found you.

Chessie, our rescue!
by: Constance
My bf saw a cat at our local restaurant on the water, begging for food. She would go up to every table and people gave her something!

He asked the Owner if the cat was a stray and she said it was dropped off with a couple other kittens. He returned the next week from PA with treats.

He managed to put treats on the ground leading up to his truck seat and she jumped in! After a visit to the vet immediately, she settled in and adores my bf.

When I came along, she would find me in the house and hiss, etc. She even walked on my shoulders and back when I slept!

Some new food and scratch pads, etc., and I am now accepted! She still loves my bf the best because he truly rescued her!

Loved your story - so happy your husband wanted to keep your kitten!

by: Laura
I currently have my second Maine Coon, named Maxwell O'Malley. They both love(d) the cat tree and love to hang like this over the shelf. They are so funny. Love the picture.

Photo Fixed
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation
Hi Debbie,
The pic is fixed- She's right-side-down again! I flipped it, thinking you had uploaded it upside-down!

picture printed wrong way
by: Debbie, Lucy goosey's "mom"
I just need to add that the picture of Lucy Goosey is now actually upside down. That crazy cat is lying upside down under one of her cat tree platforms waving at me when I took the picture

by: Bekah
I love this story! I did the same thing with a little kitten I found in the engine of my friends car!

He was meowing and shivering and had big blue eyes, unfortunately he had been out in the cold too long shortly after he died of a seizure as I was racing to the vet :( but I love to hear stories that end like this, your a great person for keeping her!

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