Lizzy Butters - Fat and Happy

By: Alexis R in Los Angeles

We were looking for a friend for my 10lb cat who went by the tried and true name of Mister Meow.

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MM was a handful! He loved to play, meow and most of all use his teeth to play. I was looking for a perfect playmate for MM.

My Meow was a rescue cat, rescued the day they were going to put him down.

I went on looking at possible friends for MM when I came across a picture of an insanely cute cat who is now named Lizzy Butters.

Immediately I emailed the woman who was fostering her to see if this butterball of a cat was available. I went to pick her up and immediately fell in love with her!

She purred in my arms and snuggling this fat little butterball, I knew we chose each other. Upon coming home, usually cats will hide, but not Lizzy!

She went up to two HUGE St.Bernards, meowed hello and then proceeded to explore all the furniture to sit on in the rest of the house.

Mister meow wasn't sure what to make of this new and round intruder- he ran up to her hissing and she just trillled at him showing her soft little belly.

Lizzy has continued to grow in our hearts as has her tummy (she is on a diet, but will forever be a butterball). She is more dog like than cat. She is the pack leader of two very big and wussy Bernards. Lizzy comes when called, hoards hair ties and iPhone chargers.

She is a little mence when she gets into a playful mood (which is always) but she is the cutest!

My husband who swore he "never liked cats" will sing to her and call her over for what he dubbed "fuss time." Lizzy has SO much to say and is a constant chatter box of meows, chirps and other noises.

Our butterball love to run into the kitchen and explore the refrigerator the moment we open it! She also loves to pretend she's a person and sit on a chair at the table while meowing away about her day.

At night we brings her favorite toys into the bedroom (her spider toy and whatever else she is loving at the movement) and will sleep on or heads or tummys.

The best part about her is when we get home, the moment we walk up to the door she is meowing away and immediately flops over to demand belly rubs.

We are so happy with her, she is our little fur baby with just as much personality as lipids. We will forever be a Maine Coon rescue household! As much as I like to think we have helped her by rescuing her, she has helped me so much more.

As a person with PTSD, she is very intuitive and will lay down on me as I start to have severe anxiety.

Upon having flashback nightmares, her snuggles upon waking up and her licking my face is one of the only things that makes me feel calm and safe again. This cat has been the BEST medicine for someone who struggles with PTSD.

I am currently going through the process to train her (she looooves walking on her harness) to be a therapy animal. As she has helped me, I want for her to be able to use her fluff and powers of calming for others that struggle.

Please do yourself a favor and bring home a Maine Coon ASAP! Although, please be advised to make sure to have a lid on the trash can, as our Lizzy loves to dive into the trash for food (piggy).

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