Kit Kat

by Bettina Kropp
(Eugene, OR)

Taz - the only solid she had

Taz - the only solid she had

Tries to act more dignified than the boys but then can't resist playing - chasing other cats, or toys. Cuddle bug - vocal telling you what she wants - particular food or treat or it's time for bed or play with me....NOW! Sounds like she is trying to say "Hello".

She was a stray/feral and had a litter in our woodpile in fall of 2008. She only weighed about 5 pounds after having 5 kittens. We took her in. After weaning her kittens - all but one were adopted with the help of a local rescue - we took TAZ back - she decided to stay. She came to us with short hair but as time went on it became
long and fluffy. She is a beautiful cat and we love her bunches.

TAZ is now probably equivalent to a preteen/teen - full of attitude and moody but fun. He thinks he needs to rebel against any ideas that aren't his alone. Sleeping or laying about and then running full out barely stopping before crashing into things. His fur seems to be getting longer too - he is two so who knows.

It's so funny I like animals but always thought of myself as a dog person until she came to my back door crying for food and trusting us enough after awhile to show us where her kittens were for us to help her. My fiance would lay on the floor at the sliding glass door and talk to her until she felt safe enough to come in. Then of course it wasn't long before she picked out a place she wanted for her kittens (the closet in the spare room) Now I don't know what I would do without my three babies.

We have a Lynx point Siamese (at least that's what I was told and fits other pictures I have seen) that came to our door too. Someone moved and left him behind and my other cats cried to have him let in. Herbie thinks he is a jack of all trades and has to be in the middle of everything. When on computer, fixing dinner, getting their food, taking something apart - loves the garage and investigating everything there. Very affectionate.

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Nov 18, 2010
A Good Mommy!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Bettina,

Kit Kat is a lovely girl! She has a lovely little boy, too.

Your story is terrific. I love the image of your fiance by the door, and Kit Kat finally trusting you guys with her babies. You gave them the best possible gift by getting them homes for life!

She has a neck ruff and some small lynx-tips on her ears, so who knows? There could be some Maine Coon in there!

Thanks for sharing your kitties and you story with us...


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