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June 2014 Featured Coonies

Meet our Featured Coonies for June 2014!


By: Sandrina Kisjes in Steenwijk, Netherlands


Diablo Diablo

Meet Diablo, a 2.5 years old Maine Coon :) He is my best friend and is always happy to see me coming home!

Jasmine aka The Diva

By: Kathleen in Helena, AL
Jasmine in a Diva moment!

We adopted Jasmine when she retired from her busy career as a professional Mommy at a cattery in the northern part of our state.

At first, she was frightened and seemed a bit lost. She was just what I and the two other kitties who allow me to serve them needed.

Six months earlier the little Queen of our household crossed the Rainbow Bridge far too soon. Her passing was difficult for all of us.

Then Jasmine walked into our lives and building a relationship with her helped to ease the ache in our hearts. Slowly but surely, Jasmine hit her stride as part of our family and has definitely become our beloved Diva. And there's no question about who rules the roost!

Jasmine is our first Coonie and living with her for the past year makes me truly understand the popularity of the Maine Coon breed.

I and her adopted brother and sister kitties adore her.

Isn't he HOT?!

By: Samantha in E. Freetown, MA


Moose Moose Moose Moose

Our Moose is a brown classic tabby with white and has the most striking markings I've ever seen on a Maine Coon.

He is definitely a sight to be seen. His personality is amazing! He is super affectionate, fiesty at times, and a bit mischevious!

He absolutely loves climbing in my (safe) house plants, much to my dismay.

He is starting to like the water, jumping in my tub each morning until I turn the water on so he can get his tail wet.

Night times, he can be found sleeping soundly between me and my husband, or on my head on my pillow. What's his is his, and what's mine is his!

He would rather play with a crumpled up piece of paper than any of his toys, and would rather be on the counter than on the floor!

He's only about 6 months old and is already the size of a "regular" house cat. His red-and-white daddy was a whopping 20lbs at his 1-year check-up, so I'm sure my little fur-baby is well on his way to that mark!

We are totally in love with our new addition!


By: Angelica van Bekkum in Europe, Netherlands, Limburg, Heerlen


Rushil 7 weeks old

Rushil Rushil Rushil Rushil

When I saw Rushil, it was love at first sight. He was only 4 weeks old then.

From that day on, I went to see him every week. Finaly after 10 weeks of driving, I could take Rushil with me.

Spudmeister AKA Spud

By: D. Myers in Devon UK

Spud is very much a mummy's boy, he is not affectionate with just anyone.

Not keen on going outside, he's measures 95cm from nose to tail.

He's only 16 months old and very heavy, loves water and loves baths!

Fifi and Annie My Loves!

Fifi and Annie

I love love these girls.. they have stuck with me thru all of lifes challenges I can't imagine life without them..

My dad who passed away in 2007 loved my girls and they loved him! They are the sweetest cats ever!!!

I am blessed to have these fur babies in my life!

Maximus Von Diesel... the sequel.
My favorite place.

By: Ludo in Belgium


Maximus Maximus Maximus Maximus

Hello to all Coon lovers,
I just wanted to thank all of you for the lovely reactions to my former post. Also my 3 servants liked it a lot.

Now I am back with a little update on my situation and daily struggels of my catlife.

One of my favorite places in the house is the open staircase; from up here I can observe the entire house. It is also a good spot to keep an eye on everything going on in and arround the house. This is very very very... important to me as i absolutely have to be a part of anything going on.

The only thing I wont have anything to do with... is the vacuum cleaner, to noisy for my royal taste.

The other good thing about the stairs is that no one gets by me, no one going up or down gets past without me fooling arround and drawing the attention, i just looooove attention, need it, crave it ...

My servants took a few pictures of me posing and goofing arround on the stairs, I think they will add them to this post.

Have to go now... something is happening in bathroom and as I really love water you have to understand i can not afford not to be there.
See you later Cooners...


By: Jennifer C in Goshen Indiana USA


Mooski watching birds on the laptop

Mooshki Mooshki Mooshki Mooshki

I got Mooshki about 3 years ago.

I wasn't sure what kind of cat he was until I researched. He was a rescue kitten so I did not know much about his parentage except that he was orphaned at a week old when his mommy got ran over.

I got him when he was 6 weeks old, he was a bounding little ball of fur and energy. He has been a joy since I got him, he is still growing and is about 20+ lbs and very large.

He loves to lay on his back and when he has his toys he likes to stomp on them with his hind legs before he tosses it up in the air and catches them.

He has been such a joy in my life and he is always waiting for me at the door when I come home from work. Wasn't until I had him neutered that the vet told me that I had a beautiful Maine Coon.


By: Robert Farr in Port Ludlow Washington USA

Blackie was a member of a feral family of cats we took in a few years ago.

He looked like our other cat Diesel when she was a kitten. So we knew he was going to be big.

Well he grew up into a large all black cat with a silver V from arm pit to arm pit. He also has silver hair between his toes and around his pads.

This is good, since he now is the one that gets me up at 4am each day. Diesel taught him well.

He isn't 100% Maine Coon but, he is close.



By: Steve Welling in Ontario, Canada

Willow is a 5 yr od male who doesnt talk at all or purr for some reason.

He was a recued cat abt to be put down. We just love this big cat.f


By: Susan McBryde in Madison, WI


Pepper Pepper Pepper

Pepper is a sassy Maine Coon who is always up to trouble!

She rules our Persian and two dogs even though she is the baby of the group. She is terrified of people, only drinks running water out of the sink and causes daily mayhem.

We adore our crazy Maine Coon - she is large and in charge!

Fiona (Fifi), My Nautical Rescue

By: Shelly in Rochester, MN

Two years ago, my daughter and her friends found 4 baby kittens that had been abandoned on her friend's boat.

They were just weeks old and had been on their own for a while. I ended up with Fiona (nicknamed Fifi). She was the oddest looking cat in the litter.

I could tell she was a dilute tortie, but she had scraggly (oily) hair sticking out everywhere.

As she grew and kept growing I could seen she was going to be large. Her feet were enormous and tufted. Her ears were also tufted.

As she grew, she began to display Maine Coon traits. She has the lion tuft around her neck and the fine soft undercoat on her belly. She is also very social.

She is so sweet and lovable and very mellow. She is an excellent companion and cherished family member.

My DJ & I are BFFs! :)

By: Royce Leibhart in Bedford, TX




Ahh, the love of my life! My poor Facebook friends must get tired of the countless pictures of DJ that appear in their newsfeed! I had one other Maine Coon prior to DJ who was with me for years. I will only ever have Maine Coons! Their personalities are incredible!

My favorite part of the day is coming home from work and relaxing with DJ on my lap!

He loves his toy mice, and loves to fetch them even more! I have videos of him chasing, fetching and dropping his mice back in my lap for me to throw again.

DJ has two different colored eyes and white toes on his back feet! He is absolutely gorgeous!

He truly is the apple of my eye and I would love to see him on your site/Facebook!

PS- I am not a crazy cat lady, I just love my kitty! :)

Pebbles My Maine Coon Rescue

By: Linda Barnett in Lexington, KY USA
Pebbles just relaxing

Pebbles is 2 years old now, as of May the 28th. I rescued her from a local shelter here where I live. She was so underweight that it was pathetic but as friendly as could be.

She actually picked me, when I opened the door to her cage, she leaps in to my arms as if saying "Please take me out of here" so I did just that. She is very intelligent and loves to talk, she follows me almost every step that I take and will talk to me the entire time no matter what I'm doing.

She loves to cuddle only at her convenience, if I pet her and she doesn't want to be petted she will walk off, lol. She is one of our babies and we love her so much.



By: Leah in East Brunswick, NJ

18 years and still going strong!! Lived the first 8 as an outdoor cat and hunter in upstate NY and the last 10 in NJ as an indoor cat with a cushy lifestyle! :)

Pandora 7 Week Descendent of Congo

By: Diane in Kalamazoo MI


Sitting pretty

Pandora Pandora

She is huge kitten with the same amount of personality!

She comes from a long line of great Maine Coons decending from Congo, the worlds largest Maine Coon.

She has brought so much joy to our family.


Tiggs The Purrer

By: Hadi Fowler in Suffolk

Tiggs is a 6 month old cross.

He is such a loveable cat and loves attention.

He is always purring and loves cuddles and playing with his toys.


By: Jasmin in Helmstedt, Germany


Domino Domino Domino

This is Domino, our new Maine Coon Blue Tortie :-)

She's awesome! She is a little wild girl ;-) Loves playing and cuddling. Domino is 15 weeks old.

A Proud Mama

By: Brenda Daeges in Bellevue Nebraska


Mafiatta Mafiatta Mafiatta Mafiatta

Mafiatta is my one year old Maine Coon.

I rescued her from a breeder who was not a good breeder. She sold sick kittens to everyone, mine almost died. She was infected with some kind of intestinal bugs. It took almost six monthsto get her well.

Now she huge healthy beautiful Brown Mackerel Classic Tabby.

Meet our lovely Belive!

By: Tomas Forsberg in Sweden

Belive - S*East Aurora's Belive was born 2014.02.06.

She is registered as a Black Silver Mackarel Tabby ns23. She lives on the countryside in the north of Sweden with her Cat Daddy, Cat Mommy and four other cats; Sven and Elsa both housecats, Tony a bengal and her maine coon buddie Calle.

For more pictures of Belive and her cat family please visit our homepage on Facebook SE Katthemmets.

(Note from editor: Tomas, your picture(s) didn't come through - This happens when they are large files, meaning high quality photos. There are tips here for editing photos for the web, if you'd like to try again. Since you opted not to leave an email address, I was unable to contact you.)

Our Rescue Mister Charlie

By: Heather in Parkersburg, WV


Charlie Charlie Charlie

A dear friend of ours, who does rescues in the Columbus, OH area, found this gorgeous boy.

He had apparently been abandoned while still a kitten/young adult, and had been fixed by a trap and neuter, as his ear is clipped.

She fostored him for about a year, then decided we would be a perfect forever home for him (she is my husband's friend, and decided this after we got together. She could SMELL cat lady on me, lol.). Of course we took him in.

He was extremely reticent and shy at first, for a good while - now, he rules the house! He wakes me every morning with kisses, and talks his head off.

I love love love him!

Safest dog on the block!

By: Valerie Wynne in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Ruger was a rescue that my mother-in-law got from the Winnipeg Humane Society two years ago.

She is no longer able to care for him, so he has moved in with us and our 3 dogs.

Not one hiss or scratch, ever. He loves nothing more than to be outside with his pack.

Macce Noelle Sleeping With Older Sister Marty

Macee Noelle

This is Macee Noelle with her paw on her older sister Marty who is 20+ years old.

Macce just woke up, but Marty is still sleeping as she does most of the time now.

We Love Our Little Layla

By: Cathy in Hopewell PA


Layla as a kitten-the first night home-3 mos old

Layla Layla

Layla is two years old and such a sweetie! She's pretty small under 10 lbs. She loves people but doesnt want to be held.

She loves to lay in the Bay window and greets us at the door when we come home. She sometimes will meow in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep wondering why we arent up too.

She knows the word Treat and Are you hungry? She loves her treats and will butter you up until she gets one.

She also loves running water from the bathroom faucet. She has us all wrapped around her little paw. We got her from the mall when they had kittens from the Humane society visiting for a couple weeks that summer. She was the only girl that day. She was in a Foster home and they did a wonderful job taking care of her.

She's not afraid of people and adjusted well. She has a mix of colors and the fur coming out of her ears and paws are so cute. Think she is part Maine Coon.

We just love her to pieces. Everyone loves Layla!

Our Rescue Jinx

By: Dana in North Carolina


Jinx when we brought him home

Jinx Jinx Jinx Jinx

We rescued Jinx when he was just 3 months old from a local shelter that was running an adoptathon at the local Pet Smart.

There were so many cats just vying for attention. Jinx was the only one sitting in the back of his crate curled up into a ball. No one was looking at him because he looked so fragile and sickly. He was so quiet.

When my husband pointed him out to me I got down to have a peek. Jinx looked up at me and let out the softest meow, seeming to choose us. I knew then we had to rescue him.

When I pulled him out of his kennel he fit into the palm of my hand, he was so malnourished and tiny you could see his hip bones and feel his spine from head to tail.

After the adoption went through, We took Jinx to the vet. he weighed in at 2.2 lbs, had an upper respiratory infection, tapeworm and coccidia.

We didn't know if the poor little guy was ever going to get better but he did and boy did he light up our life. He's given us so many laughs.

He plays peek a boo, loves to play "fetch" and loves his purple mousey. He'll run from across the room and jump onto his toy with the scratcher and ball tube. I have so many crazy videos of him playing.

Now Jinx weighs in at 12.3 lbs and is 2 weeks shy of being a year old. We really weren't sure if he was fully a Maine Coon but he sure does have all of the attributes and characteristics. I am so thankful we were able to give this big guy a fur ever home.


By: Robin in Euless, Texas


A young Sullivan

Sullivan Sullivan Sullivan Sullivan

I adopted Sullivan when he was 10 weeks old and he is now 6 years old.

He is by far the best cat I have ever belonged to. He's cuddly, silly, sweet and chattery.

More Sullivan

By: Robin Laughlin in Euless, Texas



Sullivan Sullivan Sullivan

Slightly obsessed with my biug Sullivan. From when he was a kitten till now and forever.



By: Donna-Marie Saywell in England

BoBear is 10 months old and weighs 9lbs.

He has a massive tail loves water and lying in the bathroom basin.

He loves to be brushed and has a very loud purr. He is one gorgeous boy and we love him dearly.


By: Taylor Saywell in the UK


BoBear BoBear BoBear

10 Months old



By: Karen in Pearl, MS 39208

10 week old Maine Coon Mix. Just adopted!

Mafiatta My Princess

By: Brenda Daeges in Omaha Nebraska 68157u

She's the joy of my life don't known what I would do without her.

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maine coon rescue stories

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PAWSitive Passages!

PAWSitive Passages!

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For June:

Samson: Maine Coon???

By: Autumn in United States


Samson when we first got him

Samson Samson Samson Samson

We got Samson at the shelter when he was about 12 weeks old.

He and his brother were found outside and brought to the shelter. I didn't quite know what he was, but after a visit to the vets and looking through a book about cat breeds, I started thinking that Samson was a Maine Coon.

I looked at many websites about Maine Coons and he seems a lot like a Maine Coon. Only question, do Maine Coons have webbed toes, because Samson does.


By: Joanna in Beaverton, OR

Sami is a 16 lbs female cat who is still proportional despite her size.

When I found her she was already spayed so I know she used to belong to someone. She is very very affectionate and talkative and displays the characteristics of a Coon.

I've had her now for seven years and have been told repeatedly by people with Coons that she looks and acts like a half-breed Coon, so I was curious. :)

Shanks, Our Son!

By: Norlyn Jean in Manila, Philippines


Shanks Shanks Shanks Shanks

He was 3 months old when we adopted him. Now, he is in his 7th month, he has grown handsome and really resembles the Maine Coon breed.

At first, we thought he's Persian, but doubted it because he doesn't seem to look like one. Our curiosity lead us to researching about the Maine Coon breed, and its difference from the Persian breed.

We are now so certain that he is of Maine Coon breed. (What do you think?)

He acts like a dog sometimes, he loves playing fetch, loves bathing, and he's following me around wherever I go. He would usually look me in the eyes, as if he's trying to say something to me. His voice is so soft and low. Very mesmerizing and sweet.

We love him so much! My partner and I treat him like our son. :D We can't afford to lose him. :(

Jordan Michael

By: Hill in Libertyille

Jordan Michael

Jordan Michael relaxing on cat tree

Jordan Michael Jordan Michael Jordan Michael

Jordan is 8 months and weighs about 11 pounds. I got him from a co-worker who knew I wanted a Maine Coon and did not want to wait months for a kitten to become available.

She said her friend was a breeder who wanted to sell him because he was not up to their standard. Jordan was the runt of the litter and polydactyl. They did not provide papers as they said they did not want me to try to breed him or put him in shows.

I looked up the breeder and the breeder is legit. However, I did not get Jordan directly from the breeder, I picked him up from my co-worker when he was about 8 weeks.

He has alot of the traits of a Maine Coon. He has the tail, huge tufted paws and ears. Soft voice and he acts like a dog. He is a big sweetheart.

I decide not to ask contact my co-worker or the breeder as I don't care if he is not full Maine Coon, he's awesome. Someone recommended this site and I am curious if anyone thinks he has Maine Coon in him.

Maybe Maine Coon Mixes?

By: Casey H in South Carolina
Gremlin and Hershey

Our two furbabies are Gremlin (f-longhair) and Hershey (m-medium hair?). They are brother and sister from the same litter.

Their grandma looked like a Maine Coon and she bred with something to have a litter of long, short, and medium haired kittens.

Their uncle is MASSIVE, pale gray with light gray "shadow-stripes" and white feet, he's shorthaired, and doesn't have the lynx-tip ears.

Their mom bred with something and produced this litter that had long and medium haired kittens. Some were oddly colored (mauve/buff with white, chocolate brown with white) while others were black tabby/gray "shadow-stripes" with white and one black with a white spot.

Gremlin takes after her grandma.

Hershey is closer to his uncle. Gremlin is laid back, can be hyper at times, she has the lynx-tipped ears and tufts of fur between her paws, she is also very loveable and likes to lick and kneed all over you when she's trying to go to sleep.

Hershey has faint brown "shadow-stripes", he's very vocal, follows you like a dog, rambunctious, climbs EVERYTHING, and has both long and short hair on his legs and tail (sort of shire horse-ish). Could they be part Maine Coon?

Reckon If Hope Is A Coon?

By: Anita Chen in Malaysia


Hope now, at 8months old

Hope Hope Hope

My mom got Hope from a family, who supposedly had Coons and they told her Hope is a Coon Persian mix.

What do you think?

Is Baby a Mix Coon Kitty


Baby Baby Baby

She is 1 year old and she is the baby of my old cat and love of my life and I was wondering if Baby had any Coon in her.

Does Kitty Look Maine Coonish?

By: Cindy in Texas


Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty

We adopted Kitty from our local animal shelter. She is too cute.

She is full of so much energy and loves to play, it can get a little crazy.

Kitty also likes to follow us EVERYWHERE:) and sleeps with us on our pillows.

Is My Kitty Part Maine Coon?

By: Redfox in Stuart FL


Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty

My husband and I got him when he was 5 1/2 weeks old from a friend who's cat stoped feeding him.

The mother is Siamese the father is unknown. He has lots of fur in his ears and has the pointed tips.

He loves our dog more then our female Tortie Cat. He also loves car rides even looks out the window. He's very vocal and hates playing by himself.

Guess that's why me and my husband were wondering if maybe he's Maine Coon Siamese.

Maine Coon or Mix?

By: Maria in South Africa

Hallo. I got a cat as a present from my husband and the person told my husband that he is a Maine Coon or maybe a mix, the person was not sure.

His name is Bones, he is very relaxed, and cuddly and so loveable and he is almost 16 weeks old and weighing 1.5kg.

He feels a bit thin, so i am giving him a nutrostim it's a nutritional supplement and stimulates apetite.

He still has very small teeth, he has light brownish gold eyes with a little bit of green. His hair is very thick but not to long, except the tail which have much longer hair, his hair is very, very soft.

When he does not see me, he will come and look for me and then he will get very vocal, like he is mad at me for not letting him know where I am. He likes to sit or lie beside me and sometimes lying on my lap and he sleeps on the bed beside me.

He has no problem when he is being picked up and held, it's almost as if he is totally relaxed.

He almost gave me an heart attack, he was sitting and then I picked him up, and it was like he went limp, but when I put him down he was fine.

I also saw that he is getting a black/dark gray spot on his front head. I would like to hear opinions.


By: Pam Turner in Brighton, IA USA


Tigger Tigger Tigger Tigger

I don't know if he was a Maine Coon even though he does kinda of look like one.

His mother was a feral cat (not a Maine coon) that I took in and she was pregnant. He was so loving and demanding and he was like my shadow and he didn't know the word stranger and he loved to play. He would drive his mother crazy wanting to play.

When he wanted attention he wouldn't hesitate to get right up in your face if you ignored him. He was about 9 months old when he was killed. But I would like to know if there is a small chance that he may have been.

Baby Boy

By: Hayley in England

Baby Boy

Baby Boy Baby Boy Baby Boy

Just had him and I think he really looks a lot like a Maine Coon well part coon. He has fur coming out his ears with a slight tuft on the top.

He has long whiskers and the are wavy. I think he will be mid length coated. He has the M marking on his head and a squarish muzzle.

His personality is wild just like most kittens and is very loving and fussy. He moans to be picked up a lot and lives laying beside you.


By: Henry Mininberg in Irvington, NY


Pumpkin at 7 months

Pumpkin Pumpkin

We rescued Pumpkin from a shelter. I never gave it a thought that he might be a Maine Coon mix.

However, he's now 10 months old, 12 pounds and is getting bigger all the time. He also is looking like he has a lot of "Coonie" in him.

I'd love to hear some of your ideas. What do you think?

My Perfect Pamela, Does She Have Coon In Her?

By: Madison in Ohio

My sweet kitten Pam is long haired, overly loving, very vocal, good with my son and my other kitty.

Her fur is rugged looking, she has huge paws and huge feet. She's also a polydactyl cat, meaning she has extra fingers.

She's the sweetest cat I've ever met, I mean she's in your face rubbing hers against your nose, chin, eyes, mouth, stepping on your face just to get a better cuddle session.

She cries when she's alone, if we step out of the house and our other cat opie is outside, she cries. She's in love with opie, cleans him, snuggles and plays, and he's a big boy too, he's got 4 extra fingers!

Pamela has a fluffly and very long tail. And her hair in her ears is wild! She has long patches of hair poking out between her toes, a big fluffy butt, and a fluffy neck.

She greets people when coming inside, even strangers, with kisses and cuddles. She's absolutely stunning. Is she a mix?

I found her on Craigslist for free and her siblings weren't all fluffy either. I had to have her because I believe polydactyl cats are wonderful pets, and my opie has been such a good friend.

She fits well with us. My phone isn't allowing me to upload a pic, but I can email one. I'm so very curious.

Quinn Oreo Fabray


The day I got him. Couldn't get far enough away

Quinn Quinn Quinn Quinn

Purchased from a pet shop


By: Geoff McIntyre in Syracuse, NY


Gadget Gadget Gadget Gadget

He's 2 years old and very affecionate and playful with me. Constantly talking, purring and licking me.

I don't have too many people over but when I do he always hides. If my guests can get to him he enjoys them pet him as long as he's in his safe spot.

The physical traits seem to be there according to this page. The furry toes, pointy ears, body shape. He also has a curly tuft of fur behind the base of each ear.

He bites me when I pet him sometimes which is new to me. Not hard or violent, just a gentle bite down and then lets me continue petting.

Milo The Funny Kitten

By: Arianna S. in Boston, MA


Milo Milo Milo Milo

We got Milo two weeks ago at 6 weeks old, now he's 8 weeks and doubled in size. His best friend is a dog, they play all day for hours.

I grew up with dogs so in my research for a kitten I found that the best first car for a long time dog owner was a Maine Coon for their very outgoing personality.

The lady we adopted him from told us he was a Coonie, the vet said he's a Coonie and several other people at Petco.

Milo doesn't want to be alone and he follows us around all the time, he cuddles with us, especially with mommy (me), daddy and his doggie brother.

Do you think he's a 100% Maine Coon? Just curious.


Dexter. Do you think I'm Maine Coon?

By: Keona in Pennsylvania


Dexter Dexter Dexter

I adopted Dexter from a local animal shelter in November 2013.

I brought him home and he acted like he had been here his whole life and quickly took over the house.The shelter said he was brought in as a stray and had him listed as a domestic medium hair that was 1-2 years.

When I took him to get his shots, the vet said he wasn't much over a year old. He has a huge personality. He loves to play and wants someone to pet him and will make sure you do. I have woken up to him biting my nose in the middle of the night.

He comes running if he hears the food and sometimes misses the table and falls. He is such a goofball and thinks everything is a toy. Dexter also likes to touch everything.

When the dogs go by he will gently paw at them and does the same thing to me from time to time. He never runs and hides when people come over and always has to be the center of attention.

I saw an article online about the personalities of Maine Coons and it descried him perfectly. Dexter can be such a brat but you can't help but love him.

I would love to know what everyone thinks! Do I have a Maine Coon mix or possibly full Maine Coon on my hands?

My Babies

By: Diane in Michigan


Kittens Kittens Kittens Kittens

We got these beautiful kittens from an owner who has a beautiful silver Maine Coon 16 lb. But being sister and brother they look so different. He seems more like a Coon then she does, how can that be?

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