by Christine

"Joey" (aka: Mr. Fuzz aka: Vladimir Fuzzzzmanovic):

Facts, Urban Legends, and Myths of the “Maine Coon” have come true in our home!!

Our boy was handpicked by my husband among a litter of 7. Baby Joey was off by himself laying in front of a fish tank not caring a stitch about how his siblings were playing and showing off their cute kitten skills to the “soon-to-be new kitten owners” (us).

We played with this one and that one and then my husband asked…”what about that guy over there?” He was definitely the runt, but no doubt the most handsome of the litter with his stripes, baby soft coat, sweet little face, and his two huge front paws! Before we knew it, we were on our way home with this little “polydactyl” bundle of fur.

Our little boy has grown into a handsome, rugged, and skilled hunter. I think he’s still a little small for his ripe old age of almost 4 years but he thinks he’s the largest and smartest animal in his kingdom (aka: our house and neighborhood)

He’s bossy, opinionated, frisky, and he has trained “us” well. Joey is not overly friendly or social and only lets us love on him when “he” wants.

One of his favorite things to do is attack your feet when you least expect it. If he’s not perched in the front window looking out over his territory, he’s outside policing and clearing it of all rodents and birds.

If/when we hear the rare loud purr of his love engine; we seize every moment of it and pick him up with loving arms. He will let us hold and kiss on him for about 45 seconds before he finally gives us the Heisman stiff arm. It is the BEST 45 seconds!! He’ll rub his face all over us, lick us if we’re lucky, and he kneads dough like a crazed baker but we have to stay on guard as he will bite us when we least expect it. He’s like a bad boyfriend…gives little, takes a lot, and keeps us wanting more. He plays a good game but I know he loves us.

He follows us room to room just to be near us. Notice I said “near” us. He’s not a lap cat. He usually comes running if I call him from outside and loves being welcomed home with lots of petting and praises.

He loves his older sister, a 16 year old golden retriever, and taunts her every chance he gets just like a little brother naturally would. He’s spoiled and he loves it. We love him tons and wouldn’t change/trade him for anything!!

Our Loving (in his own way) Maine Coon Joey.

We love you!
Nik, Christine, Mia, and Kai

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Birds Of A Feather
by: Susan

Yep, exactly like my Sammy, but he doesn't bite and he's an indoor cat. King of the castle, spoiled and loving it!

Love this
by: Karen Conner-Beck

My Maine Coon boy, Dozer is 12 years old now but Joey's personality is almost exactly the same. Yeah, not lap cats or cuddlers but they have their way to love you. My boy weighs only 18 lbs right now and was rescued from underneath a car in the apt complex where I lived ten years ago. I wouldn't trade him for anything. You've got a great one!

by: Sandy

Joey sounds just like my dear departed Spencer. He was off by himself having a fine nap and actually batted me away when I went to pick him up. Spencer was not a lap cat either, and he would chase and bite my ankles when I least expected it. He always slept with me, even sometimes attacking me in bed. I miss him so very much, losing him to cancer a year ago november.

by: laura

He sounds wonderful-we have 3 huge Maine Coons, We are a gang!! Love the pictures.

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