Strippers and Jet

by Becky
(Tulsa, OK, USA)

Jet February 2016

Jet February 2016

Strippers and Jet are almost a year old. We have had them since they were 13 weeks old, per the local shelter we rescued them from.

Strippers is brown, grey, cream and black tabby. He currently weighs 12 pounds. He has large round copper colored eyes.

He likes taking a bath. He is independent and super friendly. He gets in my lap and rubs his face on mine, tries to get my jewelry, switches from one shoulder to the next and puts his front legs around me.

He will lay in my lap for a short period of time, and occasionally does fall asleep there. He plays with our dog, a German Shepherd.

He will meow for his food, or to call out to his brother. He also comes to his name being called, and will go check on his brother when he hears him meowing.

He has never been aggressive in any way, but does open his mouth and "nips" at my chin. He drools when I am holding and petting him. He "brushes" and "cleans" my hair, it is adorable.

Jet is black with grey on his belly and bottom side of his tail with longer white hair scattered all over. He has the traditional tabby markings which can be seen if the light is just right.

Jet is my daughter's cat. He sleeps in her bed at night. He is very attached to her and follows her around like a puppy. He comes to his name being called.

When we go outside, he will stand at the storm door on his hind legs and paw at the glass. His eyes are large, expressive and round, green close to the pupil and copper outside the green.

Jet has always been the smaller of the 2, and is currently 10 pounds. He loves his bath and does get in the tub any chance he can.

He enjoys being in my daughters arms and goes to sleep being held. When he is asleep, he gets very relaxed and limp.

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Stripes' mommy, and Jet's "grandma"...

by Becky
(Tulsa, OK, USA)

Stripes was adopted from the local shelter one day after my daughter adopted his brother, Jet.

The "boys" were neutered the day my daughter got Jet. We were told they were 13 weeks old, at that time, making their birth month October of 2015.

Both kittens did not fare well at first, after being in our "forever" home for just a few days. Jet, who was only 3 pounds, lost down to 2 1/2 pounds.

Stripes, was a little bigger, weighing a mere 4 pounds, he lost down to just over 3 pounds. Both kittens, got diarrhea and they were vomiting.

It was very difficult to watch these "babies" get so sick.... With the help of a vet, 24 hour watches "with frequent, every 2 hours, special feedings", close monitoring, and Faith, the boys recovered rather quickly at home.

The vet, who helped us care for the boys, stated that she "thought" their age had been misjudged by 4-5 weeks and her opinion was that they were only about 8-9 weeks old, and not 13 weeks.

She told us that they "probably" were just too small to have had such a major surgery and that their bodies couldn't handle the general anesthesia. We were eternally grateful to the vet and all the awesome advice on how to help our "babies"!

Stripes, whom we now call "Strippers", has surpassed the 12 pound mark. Jet, is 10 pounds. If we use the "birth month" given by the shelter, they will be 1 year about mid October 2016.

The boys are very friendly and easy going. They follow us around, just like our dogs do. They actually play with the dogs! Of course, it took about a couple weeks for the boys to just "be OK" around the German Shepherd...

The boys sleep with my daughter, in her bed. One is by her feet and the other is by her head. They let us know when they are ready for bed. Jet, for instance, will jump onto my daughter's lap, push his head under her arm until she "coddles" him, and within minutes, his eyes are closed.

It is really cute to watch. Once he is asleep, he is very relaxed, and his body becomes "limp". He awakens easily, though, when my daughter talks or moves.

Strippers, is a little more independent. He jumps in my laps and "rubs" his face on mine, as if he is kissing me. He is very cuddly, but on his time.... He enjoys trying to "eat" my diamonds, I have a diamond necklace pendant and diamond earrings.

He has, a few times, bit the pendant to where I had to open his mouth to keep him from swallowing it or breaking the chain. I now keep the jewels covered when he is in my lap.

He is such a lover, he rubs his neck on mine, and switches from one side of my head to the other every few seconds. He doesn't usually stay in my lap for long, maybe 10 minutes at a time.

The boys are "labeled" as domestic medium hair. I do believe that they may have some Maine Coon in them.

Jet is mostly black, with longer "stray" white strands of hair, he also, at about 5 months old, changed from all black with longer "stray" white hair to having a grey appearance on his tummy and underneath side of his tail, and black everywhere else with the longer "stray" white hair.

If you look closely, in the right light, you can see his traditional "tabby" markings. Strippers is the traditional "tabby" grey, cream, black and brown.

Both boys have very large round coppery-golden eyes. Their ears have tufts of hair from the tips and also tufts inside their ears. They have tufts of hair on the bottom of their feet, also. The fur is very soft and requires little to keep it looking shiny and soft.

Their tails are extra fluffy. They carry them up high, most the time, when they are walking about. They prefer to stay on the floor, but will get on the back of the sofa every once in a while. They enjoy getting baths, which happens every few months.

One thing that I have noticed with them, is they are extremely gentle with their paws. They "kneed" when they are being petted, and Strippers actually drools when I am holding and loving on him.

Neither has even shown their claws aggressively. Not even when an accident, like their tail being stepped on, has caused a "hiss" or other aggressive behavior.

Jet, is pretty vocal, he meows and makes other noises as well. Strippers, on the other hand, has a super quiet meow.

We had mice in our house when we got the boys. Over the last couple of months, though, the boys located the pesky creatures. Praise the Lord, I haven't seen a mouse since.

Maybe some of you will be able to help me determine if our kitties are part Maine Coon from just their characteristics, as I am not currently able to add any pics.

Thank you all in advance, for any information you can come up with. It is truly appreciated.


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