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January 2015 Featured Coonies

Welcome to our January 2015 Photo Album! It's a New Year, and time to meet new beautiful Maine Coons from around the world!


Little Man Smokey

By: DeeDee in Tuttle, Oklahoma

Smokey is a 3 month old Maine Coon, Our first.

Smokey is a very loving cat as he loves to be held and petted and has a very calm manner.

The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat
The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

The Care & Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat: It's hard to describe the love between a Maine Coon and their family. I know you understand! With such special family members often come special, breed-specific questions and concerns. Your loving Maine Coon is very unique, both physically and in purrsonality.


Jack - The Most Entertaining Maine Coon

By: Janice in New York City


Jack Jack Jack Jack

There is no time to watch TV, read or play the piano because it is impossible not to be engaged by Jack. He does something funny every minute of the day. He is the most lovable furry creature.

He constantly brings his toys to anyone in the room and everything is his toy, including the kitchen sink drain and anything inside an open handbag. He has given me money that he has "borrowed" from my bag as well as some earrings that I left out on top of the dresser.

Jack loves music and is always right next to me when I play the piano. Sometimes the keys don't work right and I find him inside the piano on top of the hammers. That is not always appreciated by anyone with the exception of my piano tuner - who now comes regularly.

When the alarm goes off in the morning Jack brings a noisy cat toy into bed just to make sure that we don't ignore the alarm. If that doesn't work he drops the toy near my face until I open my eyes. He then acts like he hasn't seen me for 5 years!

At 7 months old, Jack already weighs over 11 pounds. I will have to start working out to be able to lift him when he gets to be full grown. When we got him in Boston he weighed 2 pounds. He loves living in New York and he fits into the family perfectly.

Benton & Winston - Twin Brothers

By: Laura P in Chesterfield, MO

Benton & Winston - Twin Brothers

Benton & Winston - Twin Brothers Benton & Winston - Twin Brothers Benton & Winston - Twin Brothers Benton & Winston - Twin Brothers

Benton & Winston are 5 month old full bred Maine Coons currently weighing 6 pounds each so I expect them to be pretty big boys when they are finished growing in a couple of years.

Originally we were only going to get one - Benton, but when we found out Winston was available we couldn't pass him up. The two are inseparable... they are always playing or snuggling together so I am happy we didn't separate them.

I have had cats all my life, and could never live without one. When my 17 year old short haired tabby passed away in 2013 my son said he wanted a Maine Coon.

After much research we decided that a Coon is a perfect fit for our family. We definitely made the right choice. Benton and Winston are very social and run up to greet us when we walk in the door. It is funny... they don't meow, but chirp. It is so cute! Winston also loves our dog Jack and follows him everywhere.

I love having them and can't wait to see what they look like when they are full grown and their ruff has come in.

Sciotofarm President


Bubby Bubby

Thought you might be interested in this this is Bubby, he is four years old. He must be Bubba's twin - they look identical. This is inside the farm supply in Chillicothe Ohio.

Oh No! Run For Cover, It's Godzera!

By: Debbie H in Clinton Township, MI


Almost 2 months of age.

Godzera Godzera Godzera Godzera

She was from a litter of kittens my mom rescued, it was love at first sight. I really was not looking to get another cat but as soon as I saw her I had to have her. She is an April fools baby and by her personality shows it. She is very loving, loyal, playful and full of mischief. She is into everything.

She loves the water just not baths, every time she hears water running she has to be right there.

She also knows when it is bed time, as soon as the lights go out she is down the hallway and onto the bed but before settling in we have a game we play. I have to put my hand under the cover and she pounces and it is the cutest pounce. She reminds me of an arctic fox the way it pounces for its food, that is what she does going after my or daddies hands.

She is a very beautiful little girl. Okay not so little maybe she is almost 10 months and weighs well over 10 lbs.

She has long tufts of fur between her paws, long I mean long fur on her front and rear legs along with some very long fur on her rear and belly. I have to do what I can on the back side it keeps matting up and I refuse to shave her down. Her tail is not just your typical cat tail I swear it is an entity all on its own.

But what I find the most beautiful is her horns. She developed tufts of fur between her ears and it looks like she has little horns. That would explain a lot about her personality. She is a talker, her meow, chirps and vocal range is so adorable. She does say momma and it melts my heart every time.

Her name Godzera, Zera for short came about from her wanting to be into and destroy everything she came in contact with. Believe me it suits her so well.

We also call her Poof or Poofers but not because of her poofy fur but because I was warming up some coffee on the stove and she decided to walk across it and singed some of her fur. I told my husband about it and he said she almost went Poof. So the name stuck. She will ans to both but more so to Poof.

She has a sister our 4 yrs old Chocolate Seal Point Siamese whose name is Cupcake. They sometimes get along and sometimes don't. But it is working out just fine.

Byren 9.8kg 6 Years Old Classic Tabby

By: Nicola Monaghan in Cornwall


Byren Byren Byren Byren

Byren is a classic tabby, my beautiful big boy.

He loves water, whether it be lying next to his water bowl with chin almost in it! Or getting in the shower to lie in the water while I wash my hair.

He's such a big softy and more so as he gets older. I have a Siamese which is his best friend, my siamese is always cold so uses Byren as a duvet!

He's also fantastic with our young children, usually flopping right in the middle of where ever they are playing.

I rarely need to brush him but do it more for him as he loves it, he polls over like a dog so I can brush his belly.

Fantastic cat love him x

On the bed.


By: Stephen Bradshaw in Portsmouth, VA

Showed up last spring as a stray. I've brought her in for the winter.

The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat
The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

The Care & Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat: It's hard to describe the love between a Maine Coon and their family. I know you understand! With such special family members often come special, breed-specific questions and concerns. Your loving Maine Coon is very unique, both physically and in purrsonality.



By: Dianne in Bruinehaar, Overijssel, The Netherlands
Tha Queen

My Dutch treat!

Meet my one and only love :) I got Anouck from a nice lady who couldn't take care of her anymore.... I Just started a new live after a divorce and Anouck took me through so many bad is always the both us now and she is a great help in my atelier when I am studying.

She goes outdoors, I know not many catlovers would let a cat like a Coone outside, but my home is a farmhouse and no other houses nearby...In the spring and summer of 2014 Anouck got a new name from my two children....Anouck the killercat. She killed more then 200 mice in that period, and rabbits...birds...

First it was awful, she brought them in, and was so proud! Nothing I did helped to stop the micehunt. She loves to be outside, doing the garden together, being lazy in the summer sun.

Our Sweet Tiger

By: Autumn in Suwanee, GA


Tiger Tiger Tiger

We adopted Tiger and assumed at 8 pounds and 1 1/2 years old, he was fully grown.

Boy, were we wrong! He finished between 4 and 5 at 18 lbs and is so sweet!

He will sit there and lick you until you are raw and tries to greet all the neighborhood dogs, as if he is one. He's about as tall as our beagle and joins us on walks :)


By: Nina Parry in Indianapolis, IN, USA


Simon Simon Simon Simon

Simon is our special bundle of energy. He is almost a year old and already tops 10 pounds. I adopted Simon from a co-worker. He is so intelligent, curious, laid back and loving. He has a verticle leap like none other! It's crazy. He loves to carry things around in his mouth like a wild animal. He has the coolest paws and uses them like little hands.

His favorite thing to do all day is sit in the window and look outside.

He is great with my 12 year old son who is over the moon in love with Simon, who is his cat. We are so happy he is part of our family. He gets along well with our 8 year old cat Raja too. :D

Marcus 4 Months Old

By: Cristina Sincu in Romania


Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus

Hello from Romania!

This is Marcus, 4 months old sweet Maine Coon kitten. We have him from December the 6th. He is a very big boy already. Love him!!!



By: Stephen in Tuxedo Park, New York

Meet Eleanor Rigby relaxing on the porch. Her father is I'am the Walrus and her mother is Ob La Di....

The Stress Reliever

By: Jojo in Doha, Qatar

Calu is my 5 year old Maine Coon that I adopted from another family.

His old family loved him so much that even now we keep on exchanging messages on how is he. The reason they gave Calu to us is that one of their other cats died, and all of the family members were so affected about losing one Maine Coon who had been with them for such a long time.

So they decided to give Calu with us. In the beginning he was so afraid with us that he used to hide under the couch where we could reach him or under the bed on the very far corner in the darkest part.

As time went on he got used to us and he became the most adorable, sweet, smart Maine Coon!

Whenever we come home from a tiring day at work he will come to us greeting us in his Maine language like his asking how is our day was and then he will sit beside us or he will put his head in our feet as if asking us to stroke or pat it with our hands.

Once he is finished with his ritual he will sit beside us like a baby or he will sit on our lap (he is a lap cat by the way) there is no day that he will not sit on our lap he likes it so much!

When I am alone he will sleep beside me and will lay his head on my shoulder! Like a small baby that needs cuddles! Maine Coon Cats are the only cat for me and I will not get any breed aside from them.

They are a very good Stress Reliever after a tiring day of work. Someone that you will look forward to going home!



Scooby was born in Poland. He has is 7 months, and we have two dogs :) They're in love with each other.

Scooby loves to play and have fun. He is so polite and calm. No problems, just love! Greetings



Ariel crazy Coon one month from Italy

Sweet Jackson!

By: Wendy in Washington DC


Fluffy kitty!

Jackson Jackson Jackson

Jackson is a very silly boy! He thoroughly enjoys water, playing hide and seek, talking with me and chatting with the neighborhood birds!

He's quite a soccer player. I have never seen a cat play and kick his toys or balls with his back feet so much! Must have watched too much World Cup soccer with me on the television.

Jackson is about 2 1/2 petite mix Maine Coone. I rescued him from outside and he's a tiny one, only about eight pounds. All fur! The last two summers had to trim him into the sweetest lion cut due to a lot of matts. There was nothing to him after the hair cut.

He's a one person cat though. Jackson loves me as soon as I walk home. I pick him up and he nestles right into my neck like a baby. However, anyone else wants to pick him up, no, you will be told off and the occasional hiss!

I wouldn't trade him for any other cat. He's very independent and love him very much! Simply a beauty!

Intsie Stole My Heart

By: Natalie in New York


His majesty

Intsie Intsie Intsie Intsie

He was abandoned at 1 year old by his first owners and then went through 2 other homes before I finally said, give him to me, I'll take him.

I had not at first because I already had 3 others, older. Did not know how Intsie would fit in. He did... and I only wish I took him from his first day of abandonment tied to my friends doorstep.

Eleven years later, he is the light in my eyes. He is so patient and polite, I can't understand why he couldn't find a home before me. So happy we have each other.

Miss Fluffy from New Zealand

By: Kevin McManus in Auckland, New Zealand
Miss Fluffy
Miss Fluffy

This is our purebreed Maine Coon female. Her breeding name is Kiwicoons Tequila and her parents were from Denmark being of the Theilunds Stable.

She was given to us at 2 years old and now she is 8 and a half. She appears to be mostly grey/tabby tortoisesheel covering with some fluffy white fur on her belly and brown patches. We call her Miss Fluffy though and she loves it.

She has not had an easy life, losing half her tail in a catfight three years ago and having been shaved this summer due to coat matting.

She is a very friendly cat and follows us everywhere, she loves her own voice and meows a lot. She loves car rides and is very calm all the time. At 8 she still hunts and leaps everywhere and sleeps in the bed with us.

She loves drinking water out the toilet and taps and is not very fond of being constrained by my partner, but tolerates me picking her up. She loves shoes and has a foot fetish. Surprisingly she is a real lap cat and also loves most dogs but is very jealous of other cats.

Saying her name in a squeaky or silly high pitched voice or "Oh my little pussycat" will make her roll over and start writhing about with squeaky little meows. She loves talking to birds as well.

Before her tail amputation she was 97 centimetres long (Now 86 cm). She weighs on average 6.5kg (15 pounds) but has been between 5 and 7.5kg.

Jeronimo at 2.5 rs old

By: Anna Reed in Athens, Greece


after a day of decorating a cat nap

Jeronimo Jeronimo Jeronimo Jeronimo

Our Coonie is our baby. He is smart and enjoys helping out around the house.

He knows that to go out our front balcony he is to be harnessed or be taken out in our arms. He will call and pad the window till my husband picks him up.

He will chirp when it is time to eat and every morning he will bang on windows and closets to get me up. His hiss is intimidating but that is the most he will do - he has never scatched out at anyone.


By: Kathleen in Kentucky

Squeaky is aptly named as she does not Meow, but squeaks instead!

She is the joy of my life for the last 8 years, and being a Tortie, she does indeed have an attitude! She has 2 boy friends, my other Maine Coon babies, Swifty and Keely, and she doesn't take any guff from them!

I wouldn't trade any of them for all the catnip in the world, they are a very special breed.

Little Man The Prince

By: Alayna and Parth in Massachusetts

Little Man

Snow Lion

Little Man Little Man Little Man Little Man

This angel is turning three years old this March. He is a brown classic tabby from Cold Stream Cattery in Maine.

Little Man is very helpful around the house, always following his people around and busy taking care of his new baby brother, Bloopurr.

When he's not running around helping his family members he is probably napping in his bathtub, sink, or laundry basket. Another favorite pass time of Little Man is hanging out on the porch roof, the flat surface overlooks the whole neighborhood.

Little M gets access to the roof from a cat door in the second floor window. A hefty 28 pounds of fluff and muscle he doesn't really love to cuddle, but puts up with smooches and hugs from mommy and daddy. Like most Maine Coons Little M loves water, specifically running water.

The sinks and bath tub are some of his favorite spots in the house, where he constantly begs for the faucet to be turned on. When he was younger he loved to drink water out of cups and glasses, but as he grew, his head got too large to drink out of the cups. We hope that our little angel will continue to be the happiest chub that ever lived :)

Cooper in a Beer Box

By: Holly in Ashland, VA
Cooper in a beer box

We rescued Cooper from a shelter in November of 2014. He is now 7 months old. He has a very friendly personality!

He loves catching with his paws a wadded up plastic bag and he always is following you everywhere you go!

He is a real keeper!

Holly R. in Ashland, VA

Peaches My Lovely Maine Coon!

By: Tori Leep in Salem, Oregon, USA
Peaches with her mouse

Peaches is my dear little Maine Coon. I saved her when she was three months old. She is now a year and a half old. She's a dear.

She enjoys her treats, getting in the water in the sink and bath tub, playing with her toys, and loves her cat condo! I do have to say I have spoiled her rotten! :)

She is a very smart cat, I sometimes call her my guard dog since she guards whatever room I am in the house. I love that! I can tell that shes going to be really big. She has grown so much since I've gotten her. Even though she is big now, she will always be my baby!

Pumpkin; Our Coonie


Pumpkin at 16 weeks

Pumpkin Pumpkin

We adopted Pumpkin when he was about 16 weeks old. Even though he comes with no papers we're sure he's a Maine Coon cat. All his behaviors and his personality as well as his looks convinces us of it.

He loves to play and he "chirps" constantly. He's now a big boy ( 1 year old) and still growing. He gets along with his "brothers" wonderfully.

Pumpkin loves to wake up at 4 AM and then wake me up with a paw to my face. He just loves his belly rubs and has to have them at that hour. I guess he's trained me well.

Too Much Love

By: Brynnie Drew in Sydney Australia

This is my little girl Pepper. She's about 12 now. It all started when we were walking past a pet shop one day and happened to see a sweet little ginger kitten in the window all by itself.

We went in and were looking at her and trying to play with her through the cage, but it was so loud in there that it was scaring her. She just stayed in the corner, and we could see that she was completely covered in fleas.

After that our parents told us to hurry up and go home. After we got home my dad went out and came back with a box and surprised us with this sweet little kitten.

Even though she was so scared, within that day she was right at home, taking over my parents double bed all to her tiny self. She still does that to this day. She takes up the middle of any bed and loudly meows when we try to curl up next to her but I wouldn't change her for the world.

I have never had such a kind, sweet and loving pet.

Found As A Stray

By: Pam Thompson in Bridgewater, VA

Wellington was found as a stray and given to us. Our vet confirmed him as Maine Coon.

We immediately fell in love with him. He has such personality and is by far the smartest cat we have ever had.

Having never owned a Maine Coon before I was not sure what to expect with him. He is truly a member of our family.

I am feeling at this point that this is the only breed of cat I will ever own again.

My Maine Coon Jack All Dressed Up In His Tuxedo!

By: Danielle L in Tacoma WA


Tail rings

Jack Jack Jack Jack

Jack is a 12 lb tuxedo cat that I recently was told is a Maine Coon.

He has the tufts of hair between his toes, long thick super silky hair and in one picture you can see rings on his tail. He is the sweetest and most playful cat I've ever known!

He was a rescue at approx 8 weeks old and was found to have a punctured eye, I adopted him at 10 mos old. He had to have his eye removed after months of trying to get it to heal.

He has a huge personality and is extremely smart! Jack acts like part cat, part dog and even a bit human!

Mara The Marathon Runner

By: Nola Olsen in Everett, WA


Mara, today (7 1/2 Mo) looking for a way on top of the cabinets

Mara Mara Mara Mara

Mara is a mix (mom is a barn cat, dad unknown). My vet and one of her sibling's vet both think there might be a Maine Coon/mix dad on the loose.

She got her name because when I first saw her at 6 weeks, the family brought several of the kittens to show outside, she jumped out of the pet bed and took off running, not because she was scared, but just to run. I had to have her!

Mara is not quite 8 months old and a bit over 8lbs, she definitely has some of the looks of a MC, long fluffy tail, ruff and wide paws with tuffs of fur. She does love water, tho not to get her paws actually wet, but to watch and drink from the faucets, sinks, bathtub.

Just recently she has started talking more, but still only when she wants attention or is frustrated (like when she is trying to figure out how to jump up on top of the cabinets)

Mara is a great jumper, when I sit down on the couch, she runs and leaps (sometimes from 5 or 6 feet away) on my lap for her cuddling.

Her best friend is a puggle named Molly.

Atticus Finch

By: Teresa in CT
Atticus Finch

Atticus Finch will be 4 years old March 2015. He is a big lug. Atticus loves to talk, play and sleep. When it comes to sleeping, he's anywhere from laying on his belly to rolling to his back. He takes up the whole bed. Our guest bedroom is actually his room.

Atticus became a part of our lives a couple years ago. He was left at a park; just left there. He roamed into a friend's yard. We were asked if we wanted to meet him. We fell in love with him. He came home with us. Atticus Finch is now our "little boy". We still wonder why he was left at that park.

When I first saw him, I thought he might be a Maine Coon. The vet told us he was considered a "Domestic Longhair". Atticus says different. He might have a little bit of something else but he is very much a Coonie.

Everyday, yes everyday, Atticus lets me know it's "brushing time". He had some matts and had to have them shaved off. Ever since that day, he gets brushed. He gets very upset if I'm in the middle of something and he has to wait. When it's time, I get his brush and we go into the library. It's a great time to bond and he loves every minute of it. Atticus also let's me know when he's had enough. He gives a quick tap with his paw and we stop.

We gave him a very noble name and Atticus Finch is deserving of this name.

Pretty Princess

By: Shirley Barnett in Tacoma, Washington


Luna Luna

Went to the shelter. Luna saw me walk by and rolled over on her back to get my attention.

It worked. She gives me so much joy. She is the most gentle soul I have ever met.

Handsome Prince

By: Teri in Midland, MI
Handsome Prince at 8 months

Lil' Handsome Prince has become a joyful little guy.

He gets me up on Saturdays then jumps in the bed so I can't get back in!

He takes up the center of the bed and there's no room for me! Needless to say, I let him have the bed!

Editor's Note: Get to know Prince - check out his sweet rescue story here!

Casper the Friendly Ghost

By: Rainey Tiegs in Lakeland Florida


On the way home from the vet, Casper was panting through the window crack and the photo I caught makes it looks like he's exasperated!

Casper Casper

Our family got Casper about seven months ago, and ever since he has come into our lives it has been such a ride.

Casper is playful, goofy, and loving by all means. He's not just a pet, Casper is one of the kids. He brings love to everyone that meets him!


By: Diane in Ames, Iowa

Ayla was in a shelter for roughly 100 days. I don't know why no one took her--she is the sweetest cat I've ever met! I guess she was just waiting for US!

We found her when we went looking for a tortoiseshell, because our beloved tortoiseshell, who lived to be 22, came from this area--central Iowa. Ayla looked a little bit like her, so we decided to visit her.

We liked her but we decided to give ourselves a little time to make SURE we were ready. We don't take these things lightly. We couldn't stop thinking about Ayla (who was then named Patches, as our other cat was at first, amazingly) and she was still there when we went back to adopt her!

Ayla was the only tortoiseshell that I found that did not have short hair. I have never seen a tortie with anything but short hair, so that was intriguing to me, even though a lot of people avoid longer haired cats.

After about a week, we began to wonder if maybe she is a Maine Coon mix. a friend of ours is a Maine Coon lover, and she resembled his cats in a lot of different ways. I started reading up here on the breed, and....BINGO! She pretty much nails it. The ear and foot hair, the fur, the ruff around the neck, the trilling and chirping voice, the round intelligent eyes, the LONG whiskers, the solid, strong, squatty body, the sweet affectionate nature, the fearless, clownish antics....oh, yes, I think we have a Maine Coon here!

Sherlock the Investigator

By: Anitra Kraus in West Palm Beach FL


Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock Sherlock

Sherlock came to us as a foster for the local animal shelter. He and his sister, Lucy, came to our home at approximately 4 weeks old.

Sherlock was everywhere checking everything out. Thus his name. They only weighed 5 ounces. Sadly, we lost Lucy to Feline Parvo when she was just six weeks old.

Sherlock survived and was suppose to go back to the shelter when he was 3 pounds and 6 weeks old to be adopted to a forever home. He is now 2 years old and 17 pounds. He is still in our home.

The other day, I watched him reach up to the back of the dining room chairs and start doing chin-ups. He is still in the playful mood and has his toys everywherre in the house.

Love of our lives!

By: Patsy Laquaglia in Rancho Cordova, CA

When my husband was on chemo and feeling so sick, we adopted Sophie from the SPCA.

She jumped up to the double-pane glass of the cage and pawed and cried when she saw my husband. We had looked at so many cats and kittens, but Sophie chose him! She was 6 mos. old and is now about 18 mos. and weighs a solid 12 lbs.

Sophie helped heal my husband and she has become so much a part of our lives that we can't imagine life without her. She only speaks with a tiny meow when she wants to be noticed, to be played with or fed. She has the loudest purr and loves to be rubbed from head to tail roughly. I've never had a cat the liked having the hair pushed backwards, but she purrs louder the more you rub back and forth!

Sophie has outgrown her cat tree (as can be seen in the photo) and we are considering buying her another soon. She loves to play in a paper sack or with turkey feathers.

She also likes to crawl into tight spaces and is often found in a bookshelf or a clothes drawer. She is not a lap cat, but likes to be close and often lays next to my husband in bed. She follows when we leave the room so she can know everything that is going on!

Obviously, she isn't purebred, but she has all the endearing traits of the Maine Coon and I would recommend this type cat to anybody who wants a loving, friendly, loyal cat.


By: Tammy in Gillette, WY, USA


Tammy Tammy Tammy

I was a little shy, but when I get to know you I'm yours for life.

I was lost and had no home when I was about eight weeks old so I adopted a puppy cat mom to show me the way and take care of me.

She brought me to this home where these nice people would feed me. It took me about a month to accept them when I did decide on my new home I moved in and never looked back.

Bam Bam

By: Cami in St. Paul, MN

Bam Bam

Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam

Bam Bam was adopted from the humane society so we don't know her background or breed for sure, but she looks and acts like she might have some Maine Coon in her!

She is very playful, vocal and entertaining. She loves to play with toys, and when she is running around the house, it sounds like a human running because she is so big!

Naughty Auty

By: Devon J in Philadelphia, PA


Autumn and Chloe cuddling together

Auty Auty Auty Auty

We've been a one cat household for the past 11 years, with 11 yr old Chloe being the queen of the house. That was until Autumn was dropped into our lives in mid Oct 2013 (Literally!) Though we're still adjusting (humans, Chloe, and our 11 yr old Doberman/Rot mix Ginger), our family feels complete with Autumn!

Sometimes we joke that Autumn is more puppy than kitten, due to his love for playing and running around at all hours of the night.

When he's not running around, playing with toliet paper, or playing in every shower, sink, and water bowl, he loves to nap and cuddle with his stuffed snake. He's extremely loving, and follows family members everywhere.

We think Aut may have Maine Coon in him, due to tufts of hair in ears and between toes, his long silky coat and bushy raccoon-like tail, his frequent chirping, his love of water, and his rapid growth(at almost 5 months, he's 6+ lbs, and is almost as long as Chloe!).

7 Months Huge And Still Growing

By: by Janet in Queensland, Australia

One word? Gorgeous! Laid back, loving, likes to hang around, not go off wandering like other cats. Loves cuddles, very vocal, and I am sending a photo of him to show what he looks like. The most scrumptious cat we have ever had, and we love every inch of his silky fur which doesn't shed!!


Dusty is NOT technically a Maine Coon!!! Is he a mutation? We can't tell the difference.

His daddy was a chinchilla ragdoll cross, his mom a regular house cat.

What happened????
We got Cooned!


By: Linda in Dallas

Lovable, cuddly 8 year old female. She is on a special diet. However, my dog does not get along with her. They need to be in separate areas of the house.


By: Florence on Delta

Bibi was actually a birthday present! He has the Silver Mackerel Tabby coat. His birthday is on Independence day.

My Babies

By: Bridget in Lithia FL

These coons give me such a smile when I come home from a hard days work.


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By: Susan in Hollister, CA, USA

I adopted Seamus 2 months ago and was told by the rescue project that he was part Maine Coon.

He does have a lot of the characteristics, raccoon like tail, hair in ears, chirping noise instead of meowing.

Does anyone have an opinion as to whether he could be?

The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat
The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

The Care & Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat: It's hard to describe the love between a Maine Coon and their family. I know you understand! With such special family members often come special, breed-specific questions and concerns. Your loving Maine Coon is very unique, both physically and in purrsonality.


Shadow My Little Big Kitty Hopeful

By: Ashley Bisio in Concord, CA


First night after we Found Shadow

Shadow Shadow Shadow Shadow

I found Shadow on a corner outside my apartments in November.

He was covered in fleas so bad he was crying and was covered in blood. I brought him home cleaned him fed him and took him to the vet the very next day.

Two months later Shadow got really sick and come to find out the fleas had a nasty little parasite that attacked him through his blood cells.

After a week of force feeding him food water and antibiotics every hour on the hour he perked right up and is now completely healthy and feeling much better.

Shadow is not just my cat he is my son, I can't have children and had been really struggling with coming to terms with it. Then I found this little sliver and cream fur ball who I love and spoil as if he was my own child.

I don't know for sure if he is a full Maine Coon or at least half the vet says he is to small but he had a lot of catching up to do because of how bad off he was when I found him so any opinions or help would be great on if he is Maine Coon.

He does have a lot of characteristics and behaviors of a Maine Coon from what I have read on the website so I'm hoping I can get some more feed back from anyone who is willing. Thank you so much for your time and for all the info you guys share. Hope you like the pictures of my little man.

Sadie Mae

By: Robin

Sadie Mae

Sadie Mae Sadie Mae Sadie Mae Sadie Mae

Sadie Mae was taken from an apartment by a humane officer and brought to that County's Humane Shelter.

The reason she was taken was because the neighbors called to say there was a very loud and constant yowling coming from the apartment.

It is my understanding that she was left in the apartment alone for days. Not sure the circumstances surrounding as to why she had been left alone. After being seen by a Veterinarian, it was determined that she was definitely Maine Coon mix, if not a purebred.

However, the Veterinarian did state that without a pedigree she couldn't say with 100% accuracy that she is. I do know after being raised with cats my entire 57 years, she is completely different than any cat I've owned.

Sadie will be 2 in May. She is actually more like our dogs than she is like a cat. In fact, she likes the dogs more than she does our other two male cats. She's quite a diva! She loves to go on walks with us.

She's very in tune with what is going on with our dogs, especially snack time. She has an uncanny sense of knowing when it's snack time for the dogs. I swear she understands words just like a dog!

She is not a lap cat but, when not sleeping, wants to be in the same room where I am. Rubbing her head, neck and muzzle puts her in 7th heaven. She can't get enough of it!

Her cry is very distinctive. Her climbing ability is amazing. She can actually climb the door casings and the height she jumps is impressive. She's pretty much a loner when it comes to play time. She loves to play with her furry balls and seems to be perfectly content doing so by herself. In fact, she prefers to. She has this weird little sound like a chirp when she's playing.

She has the long mane, long ear tufts coming out of her ears, unbelievably long wiskers, long tufts coming out of the bottom of her feet, and a huge tail. Her fur is unbelievably soft and she doesn't really mat to speak of.

Her physical characteristics appear to match those of a Maine Coon, except she's missing the pointed spikes on top of her ears. I'd really like to know what you think. Is she Maine Coon?

Is Teigan a Coonie?

By: Kate P in Ankeny, Iowa


Pet Me!!!!

Teigan Teigan Teigan Teigan

He trills, he is gentle--NEVER agressive. He DEMANDS, attention (especially brushing time), he loves giving "hugs" when you reach down and pet him.

He'll stand on his hind legs, and grab your hand with his paws and "make" you pet him.....very smart boy!

I always assumed he was a "mutt-cat," but all the vets I have gone to, seem to think he is a Coonie....Please tell me what you think!!!!!!!! :) Im excited to know what your input is about him, after you see Teig's pics! Please tell me if you think my baby is a Coonie. =^^=


By: Kathi in Northern Indiana

Rosie was born in April, 2014 to a VERY large, fluffy, tortie mom and an unknown father.

We adopted her from a friend who took in the mom when she was pregnant. Rosie is about 10 pounds (at nine months) and has the silliest and lovable personality!

She follows me around like a puppy and coos and trills at me all the time. I think she's a Maybe Main Coon mix due to her body size and shape and those loooooong, white whiskers!

Bon Bon

By: Heather in Maryland

Bon Bon

Bon Bon Bon Bon

We found Bon Jovi (Bon Bon) in a snowstorm in 2002. We named him Bon Jovi because we thought they had the same hair cut (seemed like a good idea at the time). Mostly we just called him "Bon."

This was obviously someone else's pet at some point because he was de-clawed when we found him. We called the local humane society and put up fliers, but no one ever claimed him.

He was known for his big purr sessions, and was extremely vocal. He had no problem walking around our house "making announcements" for no apparent reason.

He had a high pitched, drawn out meow that almost sounded like has asking a question. He loved to go on walks with our dogs, and more often than not, could be found hanging out with them as one of the pack.

Even into his old age he would try to go on the longer walks. When he became too tired, or was having difficulty breathing (he developed really bad allergies) we would carry him the rest of the way.

We unfortunately had to put him down recently because he was suffering from heart failure and hyperthyroidism, and also suddenly went blind. I read that the lifespan of Maine Coons is around 12 years. We are estimating that Bon was 16.


Severus Might Be A Coon Mix

By: Cartissa in Waukegan, IL

He looks like a black lion. His cheek bones are high he is very independent and playful when he decides he needs to play. His tail looks like a raccoon. So what do you think?


By: Cheryl in NJ

We adopted Natasha from the a shelter three years ago.

She was apparently found after hurricane Sandy in someone's driveway, meowing. That person brought her to the shelter.

We don't know her history but had heard prior to the storm there was a person with a large number of homeless cats they were feeding, Natasha may have belonged to that group.

At the shelter we noticed her because of her fluffy coat. When we asked to see her she came out, meowing and rolling around, was extremely friendly. Rubbing on our legs, showing us her belly.

We knew then she was the right cat for us. We have three kids she is great with. She is very vocal and not shy. Follows us around and if she can't find someone, you will often hear her howling looking for us.

She is very lovable and likes to sit with us at night and watch tv. She is playful and enjoys chasing the laser or pom poms. We were wondering if she is a Maine Coon? She is quite fluffy and pretty large, about 12 lbs. When we got her they estimated her to be a year or two. She has grown a good deal since then.

This is Christopher

By: Dax in Memphis, TN


He follows us around everywhere.

He likes to get in the shower with us and loves playing with water. He has big ears too. We adopted him from a lady who owns his father, who she said is a purebred Maine Coon.

She let a stray female in for one night and her cat got the stray pregnant.


By: Nicole Martin in South Portland, Maine


Simba as a kitten

Simba Simba Simba

We got our cat, Simba, 4 years ago via Craigslist.

The seller said he was a Maine Coon, and he fits just about every characteristic, except he has shorter hair than any Maine Coon photos I find; it's longer than our short-haired cat's is, though.

We think he's probably part Maine Coon. He has the ear tufts, the large size (at last check, he was about 16 pounds) - he's very bulky, strong.

Despite his shorter fur, he does have a little bit of a ruff around his neck. When he wants something, he'll look right at you and meow. He doesn't like to be held, but he likes to be around people and to be patted.

If we're lucky, he might lay on one of our laps for a minute or two. He and our other cat, Nala, get along really well; they often lay together. He's hilarious when he plays with his toy mice; he throws them up in the air, chases them all around the house - he even meows at them!

He also loves to be the center of attention. If we're all in one room, chances are, he'll be right there in front of us. Sometimes he gets jealous of Nala, since she's very affectionate, too - I've seen him steal her spot on the recliner, etc. but usually they get along great. :)

Coon Cat In The Woodpile??

By: Diane P in Middle Tennessee


That fur!

Percy Percy

When we decided to keep a rescued feral kitten we had no idea how he might turn out. We only intended to tame him and find him a good home. Hah!

Little stinker wrapped himself right up in our heartstrings and the rest is history. We were still mourning the passing of a dearly beloved fifteen year old and have another old feral rescue who we had promised could be and only child for the remainder of her life when Percy showed up.

In only a few days he totally charmed our socks off by displaying all the traits we had fondly adored in other cats. We were hooked!

At first he looked as though he would never grow into his huge ears and would just have a bit of shaggy hair around the edges.

Now he's total fluff with the softest hair I've ever seen short of an angora. Has proven himself to be incredibly smart - even trying to feed his favorite little stuffed bear out of his food bowl! Too funny! As I've related his antics to friends everyone says "Really? That sounds more like a dog than a cat!" From the way he carries he tail, I joke that he's part Lemur.:)

So folks, what do you think? Have I scored a Main Coon mix?



By: Danielle C in Sussex, UK

He loves his food, he's playful and chases a ball when my toddler throws one.

He's quite sociable and talkative...not very smart, quite clumsy. He comes for cuddles regularly but if he's not in the mood he will let you know.

Feeling loved.

Holly... Maine Coon Mix?

By: Mindy in Michigan

We rescued Holly at our local Humane Society.

I believe she is at least half Maine Coon.

She is friendly and vet said very large for her age. Opinions?



Adopted from a shelter, Hunter is 1½ years old. He is Black Smoke with a long body.

Someone asked if he was a Maine Coon which got me wondering. What do you think?



By: Siti in Semenyih, Selangor

My friend gave to me last Saturday. She is 3 months old now. She is very aggressive and runs all around the house. She likes to make purr sounds..

When I want to touch her, she always wants to bite me.. If i want to hold her, she always refuses and wants to get down.

She has mix colours on her body. Brown patch can be seen. The colour of body fur is light brown while the head is black and brown. Is she mix Maine Coon or other breed?


I Think This Rescued Kitten Is A Maine Coon

By: Vicki in Madison, WI

I rescued this kitten from some kids who threw her in a snow bank.

The vet said she is 6 months old. She is skinny but we are nursing her back to health.

She has all the traits of a Maine Coon. her name is Misty.

Meet Simba! Is he part Maine Coon?

By: Carrie Reveal in Dunbar WV USA


Simba 7 months old

Simba Simba Simba Simba

Meet Simba.... Once a little feral kitty! Simba was the only kitten his mama, aka Jackie, had left. The others didn't survive.

Jackie had been a neighborhood feral for 2 years. She would spend her days in the woods & at night on our deck or across the main highway on a neighbor's porch.

Watching her night after night, fighting off male cats I contacted a TNR (trap-neuter-return) agency for help. They graciously came one day, trapped her and Simba.

They were both fixed, given shots and released back into the neighborhood. (At this point, I never dreamed Simba would move into our home.)

Every night Jackie & Simba would lounge on our deck. We could never get close to her but she always allowed us to play with him.

One day she came over during the daytime, brought Simba to the deck & started to head back across the highway. I hollered "you forgot something!" I was ignored.

She started having me babysit him. Day after day she was dropping him off & of course, living near the main highway, I was scared for him. This went on for a couple weeks.

The more times she dropped him off, the more I caught myself outside, babysitting. In September 2014, as my daughter was walking to her bus stop I heard her scream. We ran outside to find Jackie laying on the highway with Simba setting off to the side. Immediately, without a second thought I picked him up & headed to the house. Jackie was buried in our backyard.

Simba's right ear was snipped off when they neutered him. He has very large paws with hair between his toes. He is a very heavy walker; you can hear him trotting through the house.

He does not like to be alone. He is very obedient and seems to "go with the flow." His fur is thick and long and his tail is real bushy. Almost frizzy. He sleeps on his back completely spread out. He constantly brings toys to us, laying them next to our feet.

Sometimes he acts dopey, squints his eyes for a while after napping. We are wondering could he be part Maine Coon? I've included a pic of his mom in hopes someone could give us some insight.

The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat
The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

The Care & Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat: It's hard to describe the love between a Maine Coon and their family. I know you understand! With such special family members often come special, breed-specific questions and concerns. Your loving Maine Coon is very unique, both physically and in purrsonality.



By: Sandie in Arkansas

What do you think? Maybe? He is a rescue that was starved. He is now up to 12 lbs.

Fluffy Boy

By: Marcelina Patton in Hurleyville New York


Fluffy boy

Fluffy Fluffy Fluffy Fluffy

I got Fluffy when he was around 6 months old or so. He is 4 now.

He was a stray a family member picked up and was unable to care for. He's a very good cat. He's social but not a lap cat. He likes attention but when he wants it. He likes to stay to himself.

He loves to play catch. He'll actually bring back what you throw. Overall he is a great cat. He listens very well. I've been asked by several people if he was a Maine Coon. Not sure if it's just me but I thought I saw some characteristics..

Is Annabelle a Maine Coon?

By: Janine Snelgrove in Vancouver, BC


Annabelle Annabelle Annabelle Annabelle

Hi There,
I have been looking at your beautiful website but I'm still not sure if Annabelle my kitten is a Maine Coon.

We found her when visiting my family back east in Quebec City, she was around 4 weeks old and 600 grams. After a few days with her, we just fell in love so we brought her back with us to Vancouver, Canada.

She is now around 7 months old , weight 7 lbs or 3.18 kg. she is a lovely cat with long hair on her stomach and neck , big furry tale and has extra hair in between her paw pads, long whiskers, loves to talk, very affectionate and also gets along with our Poodle very well.

Could you please help, I would love to know if she is a Maine coon or? I'm sending you some pics. Thank you!
Janine Snelgrove

Is Bellatrix Part Maine Coon?

By: Amanda in Newark, CA


Bellatrix Bellatrix Bellatrix

People have always mentioned that our Bellatrix is a beautiful cat.

They also remark on how big she is. Is she part Maine Coon? We met her mom (an orange tabby looking cat from next door).

We never saw the Dad.

Tugger the Maine Coon Mix

By: Colleen in Massachusetts


Today (5 months)

Tugger Tugger Tugger Tugger

I got my baby Tugger from a friend of a friend who's outdoor cat gets pregnant all the time. They thought that their two DSH cats, a black and an orange/white, produced Tugger's litter but I find that hard to believe.

My theory is that the mother mated with a Coon somewhere away from home. We got him at just a month or two old. He is now apx. 5 months old.

Tugger (Named after Rum Tum Tugger from "Cats!" The musical) looks strikingly like a Maine Coon. He has the lynx ears, the huge feet, the long body, the "seal-like" whiskers, and the big fluffy tail.

If we leave him in a room alone he will yell to us so loud we can hear him from upstairs and across the house. Sometimes he chirps when he enters a room with people.

I know for sure he is the son of a DSH. I am trying to determine if he is part Maine Coon.



By: Susan in Hollister, CA


Seamus Seamus Seamus

Seamus is 5 months old and I adopted him two weeks ago.

The foster care home told me he was Maine Coon mix. He does seem to have a lot of the personality traits that I have read about.

He is an absolute sweetheart. Here are some photos, hoping you can tell me if he might be mix or not. Either way he's a keeper :)


By: Clarissa Pierce in Las Vegas, NV


Annabelle Annabelle Annabelle Annabelle

I got Annabelle at a pet shelter here in Las Vegas. She was bigger than what I was initially looking for in a cat, but I don't think she weighs much more than 10 pounds, 13 at the most would be my guess.

She is usually pretty quiet, until she wants you to do something for her, or just needs your attention. Then she begins loud meowing, like she is talking to you.

Other times when she is just laying around and I pet her unexpectedly she makes these small sounds (perhaps what everyone here calls a chirp) that sounds like a woman humming a melody while rolling an "r" with her tongue behind her top teeth.

A few things that sets her apart from any cat I have ever had, and that I have not seen here on the page.

1.She has absolutely no interest or reaction to catnip.
2.She also lacks interest in any toys I have bought her, this includes the lazer toy.
3.Never used any scratch post,bed, or cat house I got her.(Will lay on the floor, or on a couch or bed with one of the family humans.)
4.Only plays with live crickets when they venture into the home.
5.While she loves to be pet sometimes she randomly seems offended at the notion of being touched, and will swat at my hand when I reach to stroke her.(Her claws are wickedly sharp and long, so this can have very painful outcomes.Also makes me think she would be a great hunter.)
6.She is polydactyl, a trait I found fascinating when the lady at the shelter showed me.
7. She refused to use her litter box until I had moved it into one of the home restrooms.

That's all I can think to write at the moment.Other than her odd quirks she is very sweet and loving, and will let me pick her up and cuddle her like a baby.Which is fun because she is just so fluffy!

Our Maybe Maine Coon Mix Dashi


as a baby

Dashi Dashi Dashi

This is our sweet little girl Dashi. We found her online from somebody whose cat had just had kittens so we know nothing about her mother or father.

Right when we got her home however we were in love. She is the most loving and cuddly cat you could ask for. She sleeps at our feet in our bed every night, plays with our children, and deals with them carrying her around every where.

She has never once bit them scratched them or purpose or hissed at them. She also loves our dog, we have a small breed dog and they are the best of playmates.

Oddly enough she loves water, anytime my children are bathing you'll be sure to find her sitting at the edge of the tub batting at the water and after the bath is drained she will lay in the damp tub, its the silliest thing I've seen a cat do (I thought they hated water!)

She also caught her very first mouse at an unusually young age, about 2-3 months old. She was so proud when she did that, letting us pet her and puffing her chest out while holding her prize in her mouth.

She is extremely playful and an avid hunter. She is about 5 months old in the last picture and is HUGE. We had no clue she was going to end up being a fluffy cat because as you can see in her kitten picture shes not very fluffy or big at all. She has a very puffy chest and tail with thicker fur on the top of her body and very soft fur on the underside.

Either way we love our sweet girl but we would like to know what your opinions might be over here on her breed.



Adopting Soon

By: Brooke Smith in Hudson, NH

This kitten is coming home friday, so no name. Wondering that kind of cat he is.


By: Douglas in Tampa, Florida

Its actually my roommates' cat. He has three, but this one is very different in temperament, what I would call the "chill out guy" that likes people and never gets tired of being petted.

Logan was a rescue, so we don't know much about him, but he appears to have all the markings, tufts out the ears, the 'ruff' around his neck, the big paws, wider stance on the hind quarters, and the fur seems "fluffier", along with the very chilled out temperament and forehead markings.

Is Fluffy A Full Maine Coon?

By: Mario in Croatia


Fluffy Fluffy Fluffy Fluffy

He came to our house 4 months ago. He was very small and thin.

I'm pretty sure that he wasnt abandoned, but lost. We asked a few neighbors, but nothing. So we kept him. Now he is 4 months and a few weeks old.

I noticed that how he was getting older that he doesnt look like your "normal" cat. So I did some research and im pretty sure hes at least half Maine Coon.

He is friendly with our big dogs and follows me around when I'm outside. The best mannered cat we ever had.

Is Sprocket a Maine Coon?

By: Caroline in Amesbury MA

We recently adopted Sprocket from a local shelter. He was listed as a 3 year old domestic medium hair.

He is has a very sturdy build with large paws and thick legs. He has tufts of extra fur between his paw pads and in his ears.

He is very affectionate, loves to knead us and nuzzle our faces . He is quite playful, sometimes throwing his own toys up in the air or bringing them to us when he wants to play.

He also loves to eat and loves his water fountain or drinking from the bathroom sink. He follows us around all over the house and loves to run to the door to greet guests.

Samuel "Tubs" Maine Coon Mix

By: Joel in Las Vegas, NV



Samuel Samuel Samuel Samuel

He's currently about 5 years old. He fits the bill for being a Maine Coon in every category but one; he doesn't have long fur.

We got him at the local shelter when he was 3 months old. We thought that they must have put the wrong date on the paperwork because he was so large. No, they were correct. He's grown into a lovable 19 pound cat that likes belly rubs. I wouldn't trade his water bowl tipping, loud-mouth sassing, big butt for anything, though.


By: Jennifer in Cumming, GA


Sleeps on her back

Hollypaw Hollypaw Hollypaw Hollypaw

Hollypaw was found at 3wks old and bottle fed then adopted from a rescue shelter.

She is an extremely social cat. She is always in the same room as people. She will greet us at the door before the dogs. She loves our dogs, frequently rubs on them.

She loves to be held but isn't a lap cat. She doesn't meow but makes noise that we call a purr chirp. She is very playful and mischievous.

She is 1yr old and weighs 13lbs. She is also a polydactyl, has a total of 23 claws. This winter her coat has changed from black to grey, brown, and red on her stomach.

Think He Is Coon Or Has A Lot In Him

By: Brecken in Halifax NS

Wallie is very cuddly and playful. He loves being around people.

He has like a big mane that I love playing with. I got him at a shelter when he was a few months old and now he's a year and a half and weighs 13 pounds.

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