January 2012 Photo Album

Wow, it's 2012 already! Let's kick off the year with some beautiful Maine Coon Cat pictures. Enjoy getting to know them!



by: Nammone

I've got 3 lovely Maine Coons and I love them!

Sunday. 10 weeks old.


We bought him a week past Sunday, hence his name is Sunday. He shares our home with 3 Bouvier des Flandres.

He is a very confident kitten but we lock him up at nighttime for his own safety and also when we are out.

Our Big Girl Rubyrose

by: Patti
(West Harrison, NY USA)

Ah the sun is out hoorah!!!!!

She's the caretaker of the family. She watches over all of us. Always looking for a snuggle and a kiss. Never without a little tweet, she's very voicetrous.

When someone comes to the door she jumps from where ever she is and goes to see who it is, she'll greet company as they come in with a nuzzle and a few tweets.

I don't believe she knows she's a cat, I truly believe she thinks she's a Dog!! hahahaha We love our Girl so much!!


Pat in Ocala:I loved your comments about your beautiful Rubyrose. She is a sweet kitty!

My Rescued Maine Coon

by: Crystal

I rescued her from a shelter in NY this October. She was so tiny when I got her, she is 4 months old and growing fast!


Marg: Pretty kitty, so glad you rescued her :-)

Andrew: She is adorable! May you enjoy her companionship a long time.

Chrysanne: What a dear cat! I'm so glad you two have each other.


by: Lin Rustin
(Kernersville, NC)


Toulouse loves to be with his people!!! Loves too talk and sleep with us!! What a lover boy!!

If anyone in the house begins speaking, so does Toulouse!!


What a handsome kitty!

industria77: How funny, Tomas O Mally is the father of my kittens!

Mary: such a handsome kitty!

Our son, Tiger

by: Kelly
(TX )


Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger

Our friend gave him to us when he was 4 month old, and he will be 9 this June. He has been spoiled and happy ! He is our lovely son!


Minette: He looks just like my son Thomas, who passed away on 18 Januarie 2012, my heart is in pieces:(

GORGEOUS markings!!

Barbara: he's just like my pagan.....he's gorgeous


by: Heidi Mathias
(Sao Paulo, Brazil)


Pollux Pollux Pollux Pollux

Last week Pollux became two years old. He weighs 13 lbs and he is still growing. His colour is the same of his father, Seti, but he has a special pattern which is called "Harlequin".

He's very sweet and does a special thing: he´s a registered blood donor (as well as the most of my Maine Coons). As he is healthy and a big cat, it is safe to make him a blood donor and save other cats lives.

The procedures are made by vets from University Of São Paulo,Brazil, and they come to your home, so my babies don't get stressed.

They know the vets and wait impatiently to get the treats they give them after the procedure is done (small toys and special cat food).

Every three months they do this and in return I get their blood tested for almost everything. So, at the same time they save lives, they have a complete check up every three months. He loves to hang out around the house with his fur and human family.

Our boy MC!

by: Debbie Varga
(Uniontown, OH )


"MC" came to us as a stray this past summer during the hot and humid days of NE Ohio.

We noticed he was coming onto our deck and found that he was trying to stay out of the heat by laying against our screen door.

We also believe he may have been originally a part of a litter that was staying under our deck about a few years ago. We like to think he has "returned" home. Such a good and loyal boy!

He loves to take us on walks around the outside of the house but still needs his "independent" kitty time around the neighborhood. He also sometimes waits for us to walk him to his litter box!

MC is more than a pet...he is a member of the family!


Fran: This sounds exactly what happened to us! Also, was totally surprised that the first gallery photo I looked at was from someone in " our backyard". We live in Green, Ohio. We think our stray is a coon cat also. Hence locating this website. Very interesting!

Carol Dunaway: We live in Florida and inherited an abandoned stray who could pass for your cats twin. His name is "Rambo." He is afraid of nothing and loves to chase my Siberian Huskie He has a delightful personality and from what I've read he is definitely a Maine Coon. He sleeps on the ironing board, in the shower, in my flower pot, or across the top of my head on my pillow. I never know where I'll find him! He is a most amusing, Loveable companion!(:.


by: Heather Dempsey
(Shawnee, KS USA)


Talmage & Mason

Talmage Talmage Talmage Talmage

Talmage sitting on the fence

Talmage is my big and black baby Maine Coon. He has the greatest personality.

He likes to sit on the fence post and look over the fence at the neighbors. He also sits on the front step and guards the house.

When I call him to come in, he has a cat door, but I still call him in at night, when the weather gets bad, or when I haven't seen him in a while, he usually shows up within 5-10 minutes.

If he wants to make sure I hear him and hold the door open for him, he has a loud trilling meow he does as he comes running. If he doesn't show up right away, I use a fake meow sound that he will answer most of the time with a similar meow sound so I know he is close by.


Lisa C: Your Talmage looks just like my Newt!! He is the sweetest cat I've ever had!! And such a personality!! <3

Marg: Wow you have two stunning cats :-)

Hayley: Haha my cat makes that sound too. But only when he's hyper we call it his meow purr cuz it sounds like a meow and a purr!

Emmy: My Louie looks just like Talmage! We have a gray long hair, Teddy that looks like Mason too!

ZoeCraig: Omg your cats have the most beautiful coats! You can tell how much you love and take care of them!


by: Wanda
(Livelong, Sask., Canada)



This is our cat Lucky. We are not sure exactly how old she is.

She wandered into our yard the end of July 2011 and we figured she was about 5 months old, so I guess that would put her around 10 - 11 months old right now.

She fell in love with our 2 kids and they with her. We named her Lucky as she was in luck with finding our yard. We unofficially adopted her and brought her into our home.

We have another cat and it took a couple of days for them to get used to each other, but have now become best friends. Lucky is so loveable. She loves to curl up on us, and especially loves to lay up around our shoulders.

My husband and I had not heard of Maine Coon cats before and just before Christmas a friend told us that she believed that's what Lucky was. So after finding your website, we started to believe too! We love how her eyes 'glow' blue when we take her picture.


Thasanee: How adorable she is!

Wanda: So happy to see Lucky on here! We can't even remember what it was like without her. These are definitely the most loveable cats!

Handsome Cinnamon

by: Typhoon


Two year old Cool Man


Melanie: My goodness, what a face!

Rita: Beautiful!

Murphy the Maine Coon

by: Dana & Chris

Murphy at 3 years

Murphy at 7 months

Murphy is a 3 year old Maine Coon. He's a big boy a little over 20 pounds. He loves putting his harness on and going to Petsmart and just laying in the middle of the floor until he's ready to go.Which is almost never!


Sally: love him I had a look alike and he died so I am looking for another one.

Debra: He looks just like my 3 year old Randi! Murphy is a handsome boy!

Rita: That's my buddy! - Murphy started at my house. He is a very gentle giant except for when you take him to the vet or try to get him to leave Petsmart. He's in a wonderful home now!

Rose: Murphy is my grand cat.he thought he owned me when I went to visit last year.

Joanne: Love the bed and so glad I am not the only one that dresses them up!

Sharon: He is the twin to my boy "Coon"!...A very handsome fellow!


by: Jessica S
(Chicago, IL)


Sittin' Pretty

Zoe Zoe Zoe Zoe

I found Zoe when she was about 6 weeks old when I was in college. She is now 9.5 years old, and is as playful as ever! She does however forget to land on her feet from time to time...!


Laurel: Oh, adorable - love her white paws and the little spot on her nose. She is VERY pretty!

Frances: So Pretty =(^-^)=.

Melanie: Zoe is gorgeous!

Rachel: Looks like my Maine coon/Tabby!


by: Rich


Stewart Stewart Stewart Stewart

Stewart found his way up our long country driveway when he was around 6-8 weeks old, according to our vet's estimation.

We were not big "cat people" but boy did that change. Stewart was so hungry and terribly underweight. But right from the start he was very loving and such a charming little guy.

He was soon established in our hearts and in our home. He is now about 2.5 years old and weighs about 12 pounds. I think he may have some coon in him.

He has black tufts on the tips of his ears which I tried to capture in these photos, a pretty full ruff, and plenty of extra fur between his paws. He trills more than meows.

Stewart is very affectionate and loves to be nearby. He's great company.


Laurel: Yes, very handsome! My Theo has black on the underside of his paws too - I wonder if that is a Coonish characteristic?

Joanne: He is beautiful & looks like a connie to me!

Frances: surely coonie =(^-^)=.

Marg: Stewart is one handsome boy :-)


by: Heather Dempsey
(Shawnee, KS USA)



Mason Mason Mason

Mason is 1 1/2 years old and continues to grow. He is not quite as big as his father who also lives with me. They are both getting to be large cats.


Wendy: He looks just like my kennedy just Grey....Kennedy is Redish.

Laura: I just adopted a kitten whom I named Max, he looks just like your little guy and from my readings they wont be full grown till they are three to four years old. What a beautiful lil boy you have :) My Max loves playing fetch... do your boys do the same?

Melanie: How handsome! And great photos too.

Marg: Awww so very handsome and very special :-)

Danna: oooooh aaaaaah

Heather: Mine don't really bring things back. Talmage, my black maine coon is 2 1/2 years old, and he like to have toys thrown to him so he can catch them out of the air especially his toy, a mouse with catnip inside. Mason likes to run after balls and sometimes he bats them back to me. Both love to chase high bounce balls. They try to pounce on them. Talmage also loves jumping straight up to catch a ribbon, usually tied to a stick. I think they are working on bird catching skills.

Sharon Duffy: Wow. He's a beauty!

My New Maine Coon Boy Scooby Doo

by: Debbie Lewis
(Heanor, Derbyshire, UK)

Scooby Doo
Rub my tummy mummy ... pleesseeeee

Beautiful VERY affectionate, loves cuddles and follows us all around like a dog, even wags his tail when he is happy, rolls onto his back for a tummy rub too, sooo cute


Ann: He is so beautiful!

Kathy: Our Maine Coon (Buddy) absolutely loves tummy rubs! He falls asleep when getting one!

Melanie: What a sweetheart!

Our Coon Cat Boots

by: Shannon & Kayla Womack
(Helena MT USA)


Boots Boots Boots Boots

We were not sure if our cat boots was Coon or not until we visited this web site... Now we know for sure he is..

He is right under our feet when we wake up.. From the time the alarm goes off hes there to let us know its time to wake up with his most vocal meow...

He has his own room and when I go into feed him his meow just keeps singing until the last piece of cat food is poured into his dish.

He is 5 months old now and weighs about 8LBS already.From the research I and my wife Kayla have done on this site suggests we are in for a big big cat by the time hes done growing...

I was very reluctant to have a cat as a pet.. Some one left him on our door step during a movie on my wife's birthday.. We walked out to see were the meow was coming from and there was boots sitting in a pink blanket..

After checking him over we found that he has 7 toes on the front and 6 on the back, is this common? The last five months couldn't have turned out any better for all three of us..We are so attached and love the lil devil and he is and will always be a part of our family..

PS love the site and will always come back for any info on ours and other coon questions...

Sincerely Shannon & Kayla Womack Helena MT


Kathy: We took in a cat that turned out to be a Maine Coon, there is no doubt! What a treasure and such a sweetheart!

Michelle: I loooove Maine Coons! My dream cat is an orange and white, male, polydactyl Maine Coon or seal point rag doll.

Susan: that is a definate pure breed maine coon. its the ears that give it away. wowl. gorgeous cat.

Sharon: That is quite the story! He is beautiful!

Frances: What a pressie! =(^-^)=

Rene: lol

Heather: This kitty is so cute. When mine were small the were always under foot in the kitchen, so to keep them out of the way, I brought in bar stools and set them in the middle of the kitchen floor so that the kitties could see what I was doing on the counter. Now the stools are by the table in the kitchen, but they still sit up on the stools when I am doing things in the kitchen. My youngest, Mason, did not stay on the stools very well for a time, but after I stepped on his tail a few times, not intentionally he was just underfoot, he has decided that the stool is a safer seat.

Janis: We now know our Pippa is a Maine too. She is literally under my feet 24/7 and anyone else who is in the house too. I trip over her all the time and she plants herself directly in front of my kitchen sink, to in order to do anything in the sink, I must straddle her. She won't move. Enjoy your beautiful kitty. They are the sweetest felines ever! Just magnificent looking!


by: Denise
(Marietta, GA)


Sylvie was left at a vet's office with her sister, mother, and father after her breeder died and her daughter needed to clean out her house.

A few days turned into weeks and when the vet's office called the daughter, she said to put the cats to sleep because she wasn't coming back to get them.

The vet's office went into high gear to get the cats adopted and Sylvie was the only one left when they called me because I do cat rescue and asked me if I would foster her. I said yes and went to get her.

She is a full-blood Maine Coon and was born on August 10, 2011. She settled right in at my house and is a great little companion.

After an illness that required an antibiotic shot and steroids and lots of TLC, the vet bill convinced me that there was no way I would give her up. There's something about helping a kitten through an illness that creates a bond that can't be broken.....

Unlike what many of the sites say about Maine Coons, Sylvie IS a lap kitty. She's never far away and will plop her big self (she's 6 pounds at just over 5 months of age) on my lap, even if I have a book or my iPad in my lap.

She gets along very well with my other cats and has begun to take part in their daily games.


Pattapouff: She is an adorable girl Denise and she is extremely lucky you have saved her

Dawn: Congrats on your new baby Denise, she is beautiful! Freddie is also a lap cat and when he plonks himself on my lap he can never get comfortable because he is so big and spills over the sides! I love Maine Coons! :)

Cara: Awww What a beautiful cat! =^..^= *LOL* on how big they can be!

Joan: I'm so happy Sylvie found you, Denise!

Billy: I have 2 part Maine coons, they are brothers of the same litter. They are happy healthy and take over my bed. :)

Teresa: My Coon girl is a lap kitty. Her brother is a sit next to you kitty.

Krys: Sylie has the the perfect home now!

Heather: Every so often my Talmage comes up and wants to snuggle in my lap. I have to hold him there because his is 15 lbs now and doesn't fit like he used to. Most of the time he sits beside me in my large chair and a half. He still likes to cuddle if I am laying down and he can snuggle up to my chest like when he was little.

Karen: Glad to see there are cat lovers out there that come to the rescue. How could you put any animal to sleep just because you don't want them - Doesn't sound like she likes cats of any kind.Glad to hear Sylviie has a beautiful person to look after her.

Shannon: how do I add a picture of our coon cat on here....btw sylvia is so pretty.

Stephanie: I too have a lap Coon. He is 14 lbs and getting heavier. He is only 10 months old. Worth every cuddle!

Roseanne: Shes so attentive! Thanks for being her furever mom.

Karen: So the daughter isn't a cat lover by the sounds of this story - how could you say put them to sleep as she doesn't want them back, Glad to see their are beautiful cat people out there that do appreciate the love and laughter you give and get in return from a Maine Coon or any cat. It is good to hear they all got good homes.

Janis: Sylvie is so striking and I love her white whiskers against her black fur. God Bless Her and You Too!

Marg: Wow stunning cat, she is gorgeous :-)

The Love Of My Life, Birdie!!

by: Sabrina
(Oak Ridge, NJ)


Birdie is my 2 year old rescue. When I rescued him they said he was he was just a medium haired domestic, well they were wrong.

He is the sweetest angel in the World he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He follows me everywhere and has to always sit on my lap. I love him to pieces.


Laurel: Love how he sprawls on the top of the couch - that is a favorite position for one of my cats too :)

Kathy: What a great cat! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness with him!

Sharon: Very handsome boy!

Peri In Christmas Tree

by: Janis Bradley
(Sacramento, CA, USA)


Peri is almost 6 months old, the only female in a litter of four rescued by a friend. She found four starving kittens about 4 weeks old, no mother in evidence, cared for them and kept the runt (Shadow).

Two other males, Ziggy and Jasper, were given to a coworker and are doing splendidly.

All four kittens have the chirpy trill and love to play in water (Peri prefers the toilet--ick!). Peri has tufts between her toes, cleans herself fastidiously, is friendly, happy and shifts into high gear about midnight.


Sharon: Love the picture. My Coonies are the only cats I've ever had that insisted on climbing the Christmas tree. LOL.

Laurie: she looks like our Mittens who is just over 6months, she loves water too lol only its the bathtub after someone has showered. and like yours go into high gear at midnight lol.

Heather: I tie a rope to the Christmas tree and tie it to a hook in the wall. My kitties are all too big to be in the tree now, but every so often they like to climb it.

Marg: Re' shifts into high gear about midnight.' LOL my Charlie Brown Maine Coon X still often does this at 11 years of age.... :-) I'm so glad Peri has you and vive versa :-)

Tails aka Squishy

By: Torre'
(Greeley, CO)

I found him in the humane society, he was too big to fit on his shelf and he kept rolling off into his litter box. So I brought him home!

He is one of the sweetest cats, upbeat personality, and all around a good time!! Very loved!


Joanne: You both are truely blessed, Manie coons are awesome!

Stanley: mega-kitty!

Gloria:What a marvelous cat..

Patricia: I took a darling cat from the shelter a few months ago..she looks so much like many of the Maine Coon cats on this site..she loves sitting on my lap..

Cindy: Big Baby, Love It!

Sheryl: He is a big boy! So lovely.

Laurel: Wow, what an armful - so gorgeous!

Marg: Wow what two handsome boys...... I bet they are best mates too :-)

Janis: What a big kitty! Lovely and So sweet!

Marg (tiggers mum): I wonder if all Coons lie in your arms like this? Mine just stretches himself out full length upside down and loves being held in this way. This is a precious shot xoxox

Torre: He loves laying around on his back! I enjoy it too because his size always amazes me! Thing I'm trying to learn is how to maintain his coat a little better he is such a fluff ball!

Pippa at 9 Months Old

by: Janis
(Berlin, NJ)


Pippa Pippa Pippa Pippa

Here's an update from our sweet little Pippa, now 9 months old. She loves to fetch, and loves to hide in bag. She's such a joy!


Laurel: Adorable!

My Tigger

by: Marg Thomson
( Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)


Tigger Tigger Tigger Tigger

I was at the shelter petting the kitties for the third year in a row after my tuxedo died unexpectedly from congestive heart failure.

I had a little grey kittie in my hand when, overwhelmed by the extremely loud purring from behind me, I turned to find these eyes just gazing at me.

I fell head over heels in love with my Tigger and adopted him on the spot. He came home, a scrappy wee unloved bundle and turned into this majestic, maned little lion man who owns my heart.

He climbs trees. In seconds. He swims. He has huge tufts of fur between his paws. He's huge and he hasn't stopped growing at over 14 months... He's totally eccentric. He talks to the birds. He has this tail which has its own name because I swear its a separate entity! LOL! I love him to bits...


Stephanie: Aww..Tigger is a very handsome kitty. Your story reminds me of how i met my maine coon! He also loved to talk to the birds and twitch his tail. I wish everyone had the joy of getting to know this breed. They will truly change your life.

Sharon: So beautiful! Looks a bit like my Marley. He is a lucky boy. I am so sorry about your tuxedo cat :-(

Susan: I see why the eyes got you!

Karen: He's gorgeous

Heidi: Beautiful and sweet boy.I totally agree abotu the tail...Mainecoons and their tails are born together but they are two separate entities..LOL!:)

Kathy: sounds like Tigger got a wonderful home with you! Enjoy!

Shirley: The day you came to the shelter was a life changing day for Mr. Tigger AND for you! He is truly a handsome boy. I just can't figure out what a cat like Mr. Tigger was doing in the shelter. How could anyone possibly give him up? Mr. Tigger certainly has an "angel."

Heather: My maine coon Mason has hit so much stuff and knocked it off of whatever he climbed onto, with his tail I can't believe that he doesn't realize how strong the tail is, (or maybe he doesn't care). Not at all alike my Birman. She is climbing onto everything and nothing is ever displaced.

Janis: He is so gorgeous! Oh my so handsome!

Victoria: Beautiful

Laurel: Haha - so funny about the tail and so true - very handsome boy!

Marg: thank you all so very much - I thought about giving his tail a separate name LOL!

Our Two Boys

by: Doug Willaims
(St Louis)

Two Boys

Here is their 2011 Christmas Picture.


Janis: What a lovely pair to call your own! Just beautiful!

Kathy: WOW! So photogenic!

Anita: Aaawww....What a pair! You are blessed!

Wiley and Coyote

by: Beth Davis
(Ransomville NY)

Wiley and Coyote

Wiley and Coyote Wiley and Coyote Wiley and Coyote

Two 6 month old cameo brothers came from Hollowcoonz-Maine-Coons In PA.

They are the love of my life. They love each other a lot. Wiley, the one in front is my trouble maker into everything and the big boy, Coyote in back is my sweet love bug.


Shirley: They are beautiful! Don't you LOVE....LOVE....LOVE Maine Coons! Nothing like them!

Janis: They are wonderful! I love Maine Coons! What color are they?

Beth: Thanks, I got them after I lost my 10yr old coonie to cancer and my other to heart problems all in one year 6 months from each other.

Joanne: They are so beautiful and seem to love eachother so much! I rescued 2 about the same age, wait until they are 20 pounds and teenagers, lol! They are still awesome!

Mary: So adorable! congrats!

Marg: Wow your furry babies are sooooo adorable. :-)

Mary: they are sooooo sweet! they remind me of my shelter cat who passed away 6 mos ago. He was the best, and his passing led to me adopting two Maine Coon boys. I wish you much happiness with Wiley and Coyote!

Liam Neeson - Holiday Photos

by: Jacob Cruze

Liam Neeson

Santa costume - Christmas!

Liam Neeson Liam Neeson Liam Neeson Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson has grown quite a bit since my last submission in the October album.

He is now 5 months old and seems to get bigger every day! I love him sooo much! We love to go outside and have adventures.

He's also quite fond of jumping on my shoulders. He really enjoyed his first Christmas and New Years. He only climbed up the tree five times!

We are looking forward to having a wonderful winter together.


Shirley: Jacob, Liam is really a cutie. Love the costumes and am astounded that a cat will let you put these on him. Looks like he doesn't mind at all. Adorable! Love the tiger look. Post more.....

Victoria: Love the Santa costume!

Melanie: I love his New Year's Day portrait!

Katie: awe!

Big Boy

by: Carolyn Panzarella

Big Boy

He started hanging around by the window where Kitty sat. Every night at around 8 Kitty would get all excited to see her new friend.

Then I noticed he would be sleeping under the window in the morning and I realized this poor thing was either lost or worse abandoned.

I slowly coaxed him by shaking food and knew he hadn't eaten for some time. I began feeding him and realized he adopted me. So affectionate and it was love.

I did this for about a week and then on one particular day there was a big storm and although he was on my patio, he was so afraid of the water I needed to get him inside. I grabbed a towel, picked him up and brought him in and set up a place for him on my back patio, which is enclosed. He was a mess.

I took him to the vet the next day and had all his shots done. He had an intestinal problem, a flea infestation, ear mites, and despite all that still affectionate. I fell in love again and now he is ours. Mr Big Boy got neutered and lives in a loving comfy home.

Kitty has a new brother and although it has been a challenge for her in accepting him, it is getting better everyday. I just love my cats and they chose me..


Shirley: What a beautiful story. I'm sure, since you live with cats, you already know that we do not own them........they own us and allow us to live with them. I live with two....one big Maine Coon named Max (picture at left) and his best bud, JoeJoe....a darling little grey guy from our neighborhood shelter. They both love one another and even though Max is more than twice Joe Joe's size I don't think either of them know it.

Gabriel: so cute

Debra: This is so cool!

Maine Coon "Larva" Kitten

by: Diane

Larva Kitten

Happy Foster Kitten:

This is day one when I found my tiny kitten abandoned at 3 weeks in a box and had to bottle feed him. He is healthy and happy now at four months.


Laurel: How could anyone abandon such a sweet little creature and so happy you found him - would love to see how he is doing!

Shirley: You are a kitty angel to have found and loved this little beauty. How adorable. You should post some more current pictures too.

Barbara: I am so happy he has a home, Thanks for being so kind.

Joann: adorable little one!

Sharon: awwe:-)

Laura: Looks like he is smiling :)

Vickie: Ahhhh, what a sweetie!

My Maine Coon Cat Mix, "Pookie"

by: Sharon Duffy
(Sarasota, Florida)


I got "Pookie" from the Humane Society at 5 1/2 yrs old. (Too late to change his name.)

I saw his picture online, on an adoption page, and went to get him. I fell in love with this black cat with huge golden eyes.

He's about 7 yrs old now. He showed up on someones doorstep, and they took him to the shelter. He's loving, and trusting, and follows me everywhere.

He cries if he can't find anyone around. His little voice is chirpy and sweet. Pookie has ear tufts, and toe tufts, a full ruff, and for the most part medium length fur, with triple layers, extra soft. His chest hairs and belly hairs though, are extremely long, and mixed with creamy colors.

I think he is beautiful, and knew he was special, even though he had a "lion cut" in his adoption picture. (What were they thinking?) His cage was on the bottom, with three tiers on top of him. Not a good way to get a black cat adopted.

I feel so lucky to have him, and although he is not a lap cat, he comes to bed with us at night, and looks for his full body rub, and then cuddles at my side or feet. Wherever I am, Pookie is lying nearby me.

He loves kids and is fine with other cats, as long as they don't pounce him, like my teenage cat "Toby" does. Toby will get pounced back.

If Pookie has had enough petting, he will gently capture your fingers in a death grip of claws. As soon as you relax your hand, he removes his paw without ever scratching you.

We have great communication, and mutual respect for each other. I just love him. Glad I found your page, cause I had no idea what he was. After looking at all your photos, I believe Pookie has some Coon Cat in his genes.


Richard: POOKIE, that is my daughter's nickname, has been for almost 18 years. COOL NAME! :0) PEACE.

Sharon: It does kind of grow on you.

Laura: What a beautiful baby! Looks like my little Max who is four months old and (I believe Max is a mix also, just like your Pookie).

Debra: Pookie is a beauty!

Sharon: Thank you. His pictures don't really do him justice, except for the eyes. What you can't see, is his " Walrus like" long black whiskers, and shiny, soft fur. He's more kitten like, than my younger cats too.


by: Jeanette Lee
(Galax, VA.)


Our beautiful Charlie

Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie


I was beyond thrilled to have found this site after many years of wondering just what breed (if any) our beautiful cat Charlie is. And now we finally know!

Charlie was brought to us over seven years ago as a tiny kitten from his Dad's farm up on the mountain. My son brought him to us just before he went into the Navy.

We immediately fell in love with this fluffy kitten with the beautiful eyes. For quite some time, I thought he was a "she" and had even named him "Chelsie" (yes, pink collar and all).. until brushing him one day and realized he was indeed, a "Charlie"!!!

I'm convinced now, that this gorgeous cat of ours is a Maine Coon... or at the very least has a heck of a lot of Maine Coon in him.

What say you?


Marg: He looks Maine Coon X to me at least and yes he is a very handsome boy. :-)

Sharon: What a beauty. His huge tail and fluffiness are evidence of Coon cat genes, not to mention his ears. He looks so sweet.

Victoria: Beautiful

Rebecca: I have that exact story about my "charlie" except his name was Charlotte when I thought he was a girl!

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