January 2022 Album

Welcome to our January 2022 Album of Maine Coon Cats! Violet Grey, Khaleesi Pearl, Rascal and Trooper, The Boys and Bella Luna are kicking things off!

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star seller on etsy

Violet Grey

by Kathleen J
(Somers, NY ,USA)

purebred tabby with white maine coon cat
purebred tabby with white maine coon cat

Violet is quiet and loving. She is 32 months old. Does light playing and not a fighter but a lover.

purebred tabby with white maine coon cat with huge tail


Good Mom
by: Donna Riese
Violet is very Beautiful, love and cherish every minute you have with this fur baby and do not let her out of your sight. They give so much to us throughout their daily lives and will love you Forever!

Lucky you, Kathleen!
by: Jo
She is gorgeous! Lucky you Kathleen, you are owned by beautiful Violet! I am sure you will have a wonderful life together.

Khaleesi Pearl

by Kathleen J
(Somers, NY ,USA)

gorgeous female purebred maine coon cat

Khaleesi is a very independent kitty. Loving, sweet and on her own time. She is 32 mo old. Very curious!


by Jocelyn Chaparro
(Cape Ann, Massacusetts)

tabby with white maine coon girl
tabby with white maine coon girl

Katori (Tori for short) is a 5 and a half-year-old nearly 16 pound female. She lives in Massachusetts with her littermate sister, Awenita and human Mom, Lynn. Her hobbies include bird watching and listening to harp music.


by: Penny Alexander
Love her matching paws! Every Maine Coon is a work of art!!!!

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Disclosure: this site is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. 

Rascal and Trooper

by Vicky Ferrell
(Rock Hill, South Carolina)

brown and white maine coon boyTrooper
two purebred male maine coon catsOur boys
two tabby with white maine coon kittensOur boys at 12 weeks
tabby maine coon with white bibRascal

Rascal is a shy boy around people he don’t know well. He is a lap warmer for sure. He is now 8 1/2 years old.

His brother Trooper is more adventurous. He doesn’t mind company and loves to fetch. We are so lucky that these boys are part of our family.

We have had the pleasure of living with these two since they were 12 weeks old.

The Boys

by Kathleen Goad

two male cream colored maine coon cats
pretty female tortie maine coon cat“Squeaky” Gone to Rainbow Bridge. Miss her terribly.

These are my two Maine Coon boys stepping outside for a minute to see the outdoors. They are such a joy to own. Love cuddling with them every evening watching tv.


Cream/Red Coonies
by: Penny Alexander

Your cats’ cream and red coloring is just like my Pinky! He is a rescue all the way from Kuwait. I adopted him from a Dallas rescue.

He is definitely Maine Coon but also part British Shorthair according to the vet. He has the small ears. Otherwise he’s a big (16 lb) floofy cream/red boy… very independent, an elegant gentleman..

Love to all the kitties!❤️😺

Omg what a resemblance to mine😍
by: Lee Misiora

My Makita looks So much like yours😻
Lion caracteristics, very beautiful

Sweet and gentle kisses

by Linda B
(New Port Richey, FL)

maine coon cat and birdcageSweet Kisses and secret whispers

Cotee is my Classic Silver Tabby; 15 pounds of love. We do supervise interactions with Rocky, our 33+ year old Hispaniolan Conure. As you see, they are both enamored with each other and "chat" back and forth.

Contemplating sunrise in front of the fire

by Mary Reidy McMahon
(Lake Forest , Illinois)

tuxedo smoke maine coon gazing into fireplace
closeup of tuxedo smoke kitty
pretty female tuxedo smoke maine coon
female tuxedo smoke maine coon sitting on kitchen counter

Bella Luna 7 year old female
Tuxedo smoke


Love the colors!
by: Kathleen
What a gorgeous girl! You must be very, very proud of her. I love her coloring!

Princess Pepper came to us via Chimney!

by Elena Bryant

fluffy tabby with white girl cat

We’ve had our Peppermint (Pepper) for 5 years now. Her entrance into our home is one from a story.

It was in December that we heard a meow from our fireplace one evening. Thinking I was crazy I just moved on. For two more evenings I heard the same meow.

Finally, I stuck my head into the fireplace and sure enough, a gray face stared back at me! I pulled out some chicken from the fridge and with some help was able to coax her out.

We believed she was gray but later determined it was just soot as her beautiful colors appeared.

After taking her to the vet it was determined she was a stray and we kept our girl. Of course the family decided on Peppermint given she came during the Christmas holidays.

Ming The Elder

by Shari Taylor
(Louisiana, USA)

calico kitty sitting pretty
ming the calico
calico cat's head poking out of cat tree
closeup of ming the calico girl

I adopted Ming when she was 10 years old. She was being passed over because "everyone wanted kittens".

She joined my pack of dogs and Swiper The Cat who has since passed away. The Princess enjoys hanging out in her kitty corner of cat trees.

She is joined now by my latest rescue Pawz that she tries to ignore. Ming meows when I enter the room and is insistent until I kiss her on the head and tell her I love her.


by Lee Misiora
(Belleville, Michigan)

cream maine coon cat profile
cream maine coon sitting outside
cream maine coon snuggling with his human
cream colored maine coon being greeted by a deer

Unbelievable personality


A strong resemblance!
by: Kathleen G
Yes Makita! Ours do look so much alike! Yours is very beautiful! Are they not just the best thing in the world to own? I’m a very proud Maine Coon mama!


by Joanie Anderson

gray and white cat
gray and white kitty

I rescued Karmie when he was 4 yrs old in 2014, he's 11 now & the most lovable purrbabie!

He follows me around everywhere & is such a loyal friend

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boutique sign
two maine coon cats outline
boutique sign
two maine coon cats outline

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