Is My Rescue Kitten A Maine Coon (or mix)? (2011)

Is Our Kitten A Maine Coon Also?

by Lisa
(Gananoque, Ontario)

I adopted this little girl from someone on Craigslist.

The cat's mother had been hit by a car when she was a week old. The lady that had her gave her to a "foster" so this kitten was nursed by another momma cat until she was 8 weeks old.

rescue kitten
rescue kitten 2
rescue kitten 3
rescue kitten 4

The lady that gave her up never kept in contact so I know nothing about the mom cat.

She is super cute. She has a lot of hair coming out of her ears like I have never seen, wide set ears, very long whiskers, slick long hair with a bushier tale and neck area, copper eyes, extra long tail, and very outgoing and friendly.

She also makes a funny little clickety meow sound. I am asking for others' opinions because I have never seen another cat like her! :)

by: Anonymous

With those paws, that tail and those ears she is at least half Maine Coon! She is so gorgeous. Wishing you both a wonderful life together.

by: Anonymous

I have a two homeless cats. I know you feel. Third my cat is Maine Coon. I love all. Congratulations from Polen :)

She's definitely a Maine Coon mix
by: Anonymous

If she chirps almost like a bird, that's definitely a Maine Coon trait. This is especially true of very smart loving Maine Coons.

She's beautiful.

Check out the Turkish Angora
by: Kaine

I just love nature's gifts showing up as it pleases and the gene pool is old when it comes to a Maine Coon's ancestor.

I would also suggest Turkish angora look up some videos and trust me they are very easy to spot in their everyday action. She is very beautiful and surely is quite the sunshine!

Is she a tortie smoke?
by: Jessy

Looks like it. And I agree that her ears are not wide-set; she's just twitching them.

I'd say yes
by: Juliet

Hi, I would say a big YES to your question..her face is SOOOOOoooo right, one of my little girls only got her Maine Coon tail after her first birthday - before that it was just - well - a bit - thin ?!?! :)

Whether your little one is or isn't though, she is adorable and super cute - love her and treasure her xx

Coon Cats Rock!
by: Anonymous

Hi, I just got 2 Maine Coon Kitties and there ears are HUGE!! Your kitty is definitely at least 1/2 Maine Coon. I had a boy who was 1/2 and he was awesome!! Good will love her! She is adorable!! Ask your Vet's opinion about her being a Coon.

her ears
by: Anonymous

Her ears seem huge to don't know...some lady on yahoo answers harassed me about her NOT being part Maine Coon. But, in reality, wouldn't it be rare to find a Maine Coon kitten or mix? A mix would be easier to believe.

by: Anonymous

Beautiful should be your kitties name! And yes, she looks very Maine Coon to me. Treasure your little gift!

by: Anonymous

Your little one is adorable, alert looking and seems to have many of the great traits Maine Coons have. That tail will be incredible in a few more weeks.

A Cutie!
by: Anonymous

Wide-set ears are NOT a Maine Coon characteristic; quite the opposite! But your kitty DOESN'T have wide-set ears, by which I mean "set far apart." Her ear furnishings are downright extravagant.

Definitely a Maine Coon
by: Anonymous

She is beautiful....Mine makes that kind of meow sound to. Good luck with her....Maine Coon's make awesome pets.

by: Ashley Macneir

She is about 8 weeks...brought her home two days ago...

by: DK

She's def a Maine Coon cat! She's BEEEEAAAUUTIFUL! Good luck with her :)

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