Introducing Thor

Cat-God of Thunder!

by Joseph Lee
(Geneva, MN)

I found Thor on Craigslist last year. After my Maine Coon mixed breed passed away, I was left feeling empty and alone and due to his traits, decided to look for a "real" Maine Coon as a new companion.

I found him in Ramsey Minnesota just north of St. Paul. He was listed as a "Maine Coon" and they had a litter to give away.

thor catRelaxing his usual way
thor cat17 months

Due to the nature and breed traits, I was very apprehensive as to whether or not he was "real" due to the fact these cats are usually bred and sold, not given away. Mom, I was told, was pure bred.

The owners were well-to-do business owners in Minneapolis so I had no reason to doubt but was told that mom liked to frequent the local woods and the kittens were most likely "mixes".

thor catAbout 12 months
thor catToday; 17 months

Due to my loss, Tiger was killed by a train 3 months earlier, I was allowed first pick of the males. This kitten, like Tiger, picked me, not the other way around.

When I got to the house, I was presented with the 4 males, 3 of which, at 2 months old, ran playfully around the living room while Thor sat quietly a few feet away just looking at me.

After checking out his brothers, I noticed him looking at me, reached down and gave him a good ear petting and said "Hello little buddy."

He walked up, looked up at me, and quietly said "mah", he's very soft-spoken. When I laughed and said "Yes.", he climbed right into my lap! True story! I knew he was the "one".

Over the next 6 months, I saw some definite personality and trait development pointing to a Maine Coon.

He gets along with everyone, including the 4 month old Pit Bull already in the house, and most other animals that came to "visit". He caught and killed 2 mice at 3 months old 2 days after moving to a new apartment.

He is fascinated by water and didn't fight or make a sound when I had to give him a bath in the kitchen sink the first month I had him. There are 3 kinds of people to this cat...regular people, "toys", and me.

When HE wants attention, he'll occasionally want me to lie back so he can stand on my chest, then he lays on me for "special" pets.

If I'm not attentive, he sits right next to me and puts a paw on my arm and quietly says "meh" or does the "silent" meow till I let him climb aboard.

He seems very interested in me particularly and I've caught him lying there just looking at me with those big pretty eyes for long periods of time.

He seems to be highly intelligent and I've always talked to him like he's human, none of that "here kitty kitty" stuff for me.

Mom always said a pet is only as smart as you help them to be. He's very playful, curious, and energetic. He grew so fast his first year it kind of scared me a little.

Now, he's 17 months and his food intake dropped down to a less unnerving level. He's starting to develop his ruff and the tuffs between his toes are showing nicely as are his "pants".

Here are some pictures of Thor, recent, and one as a kitten. Let me know what you think.

Thor & Fafnir
by: Jacquelyne

I named mine Fafnir after a warrior turned dragon in Scandinavian mythology. I found him leading an escape through a fence.

My neighbors were awful, letting their Maine Coon breed without restraint. After the kittens grew, they just left to fend for themselves in the yard.
After being fixed, he became a Pooky sleeping on his back & chirping for belly rubs.

Your handsome guy looks like he's the same!

Looks like my little Cee
by: Anonymous

Actually, she's not little. She's 18.5 pounds of lovin' Maine Coon cat! I adopted her when she was 13 months old. Her name was Blackie, but I changed it to Cee-a-tee. She is the best cat in the world

Thor..carbon copy of mine!
by: Marilyn

Wow! Maybe Thor and my Sweet Adeline are distant cousins! Lost my tiger, Lulu, on Feb. 28 - almost 16 yrs.old, to hyperthyroidism.

I have my moments of tears, like every time I think of her. She was, and will always be my angel. But The Rainbow Bridge was waiting for her. A Maine Coon mix, EXACTLY like your Thor.. behavior, lovebug, devotion, everything..adopted me one week later at SPCA.

She's about 2 and a half..sweet, talkative nonstop in that irresistible "meh"..a big ball of mischevious black fur at times..LOVES her some catnip! Watches me and follows me everywhere.

I call her Fancy Pants at times because of her fluffy "pants" on her back legs. What a beautiful, smart, loving cat..she brings a smile to my face, makes me laugh, showers me with love, and has rescued my broken heart. She is a gift from God! Aren't we lucky!

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