My Cat Hunter: The Coon Who Sleeps On His back!

by Danielle Smith
(Rodney, Ontario, Canada)

Hi, this is my boy Hunter. I'm dying to find out if anyone has a Coon who's predominant sleeping position is on his back.

I have never owned nor seen any cat who prefers to sleep in this position, and because he's a Coon...he hogs almost half the length of the couch and doesn't leave a lot of room for anyone else to get comfortable!!!

big fluffy cat sleeping on his backHunter... The Coon Who Sleeps On His back!!!

big brown tabby cat sleeping on his back
fluffy tabby cat laying on his back


Maine Coon sleeping on his back
by: Leanna
My 11 year old Coonie Raffi always sleeps on his back with his paws tucked in. He has been doing this since he was a kitten but I didn’t k is why at first because I never had a Coonie before choice

My boy
by: Anonymous
My boy cat is a Maine Coon. He pulls the "dead cat" routine while he sleeps. Apparently that's a "Maine Coon thing"....

Our Zelda sleeps on her back
by: Anonymous
Zelda, our Maine coon mix, loves to sleep on her back.

My daughter heard her screaming as a four-week kitten in a place by our gutter during very heavy rains. We were going to give her to our shelter because I wasn’t familiar with bottle-feeding and caring for a young kitten.

However, when I took her to the shelter, they said they would euthanize her due to a respiratory infection because they were scared it would spread among their other very young kittens.

I couldn’t foster her because I didn’t have their training. However, I asked if I could get her well by taking her to my vet that they would take her at 8 weeks for adoption.

I took her to my vet who helped me get her well and guided me on what to do and how (and when) to introduce her to my older cat. Zelda never made it back to the shelter. :-)

Today, our maine coon mix displays all the characteristics of the breed. Now, I know why maine coon cats are so beloved. Zelda is such a wonderful cat.

Mine only sleeps on his back
by: chris
My Maine Coon is almost 2 and he has always slept on his back. I don't think it is all that normal. When I had to board him once the vet techs commented that they kept checking to see if he was alive, it was not normal.

by: Pam
Leo was a stray who showed up at our house late one night about 6 months ago. He is about a year old now and weighs 15 pounds!

I have had many cats in my life but never one who liked to sleep on it's back. Leo will stretch out on his back with his front legs stretched way out in front of him.

He loves his belly rubbed too and I swear he answers when we talk to him. He is the best cat and is pretty low key and friendly most of the time. But sometimes he likes to get ahold of my arm and naw on it like a dog with a bone.

by: Anonymous
Obi , our rescue, always sleeps on his back. 1 yr old and 20 lbs. Hogs the bed when he sleeps with us. The most adorable cat we've ever owned.

My Maine Coon Sleeps on Her Back Too
by: Anonymous
I adopted Bella as a kitten about a year ago not realizing she was a Maine Coon at that time. YES she sleeps on her back all the time.

She'll even sleep dangling off the bed couch or cat tree. She also pushes her paws against me when she sleeps. They definitely have their own personality.

Maine Coons
by: Anonymous
I have a main coon and he sleeps on his back like he is dead.

My favorite sleeping position
by: Louise
I like to sleep with my paws up like a dying cockroach. I was brought home from the SPCA in Austin with my sister Thelma.

We look nothing alike as I am part Maine Coon and my sister is a tuxedo--maybe different fathers.

Boots The Maine Coon
by: Lady MLW
We adopted a Maine Coon mix from our local shelter. He always sleeps on his back. He is the sweetest big 29 pound boy.

When we got him, he was 2 and weighed barely 8 lbs. Someone threw him in a US Mailbox. He is such a good boy. He also has the loudest mouth omg. Such a talker.

Fraser my Maine Coon mix cat
by: Kathy
We rescued Fraser from our local animal shelter. He is a Maine coon mix and has all the behaviors and characteristics of a Maine coon. Yes, he loves to sleep or nap on his back!

It is so cute! I've had cats all my life and never have had a cat who enjoys sleeping on their back. We love him to pieces and I look forward to finding a full blooded Maine coon someday soon.

Fraser loves to play catch! He has a favorite mouse that he loves to play with or a small ball he plays catch with as well. But he does seem to hide his favorite mouse toys and we have yet to find them so we have to buy more.

We will run across them someday and will probably be a mound of them!

Cats on their backs
by: Sue
I wish I could add a pic of my Zena who frequently sleeps on her back. I got a ripper video of her yesterday, tail swishing away at nothing. Looks exactly like your boy.

Always on her back
by: pmg
Our cat, Fluffy, is 3. We got her a year ago. Ever since we've had her, she has slept only on her back. I don't know if I've ever seen her on her tummy.

She just plops in the middle of the floor. We also got a kitten at the same time, and I never see her on her back. Both are Maine Coon.

My Maine coon spirit lives sleeping on her back
by: Anonymous

My 9 year Maine coon. Spirit loves laying on her back

Back sleeping cat
by: Robert
I have a Maine coon cat who sleep on his back half the time. The rest of the time he sleeps in corners with his head propped again against the wall...this is my first time being around a cat 24/ Maine coon CAT....

Our Maine Coon Loves Sleeping on his back
by: KBVickers
Yes! Our Maine Coon, Max, loves sleeping on his back. He stretches out on the floor, on the couch, or wherever looks like a good napping place to him.

I was gojng to post a picture of him dojnv that, but I don't see any way to do that. Max is 9 years, and we only rescued him 3 months ago, but he's assimilated very well and has stolen our hearts.❤️

by: Marisa
My Coon loves to sleep on my lap on his back. He snores too..

Sebastian always on his back
by: Anonymous
We have a Maine Coon cat who loves to sleep on his back. He has always shivered when he does this. The vet says its normal and he is very healthy at a sturdy 30lbs. He is the most gentle and sweet cat I have ever had.

Maine Coon who sleeps on his back
by: Michelle
My main Coon "Tiger" has always slept on his back and he stretches out on the couch sometimes and takes over a cousin and a half.....I love that little boy!! He is 3 and still growing

My Maine Coon loves to sleep on his back.
by: Anonymous

My Maine Coon "Toby" sleeps on his back. He positions himself under the ceiling fan and cools his belly. He has the expression of pure bliss. Of course, he also gets plenty of belly rubs of which he absolutely loves.

Sampson Chumleigh
by: jeff

Our 5 year old maine coon, (Sam) sleeps on his back. It is quite a sight....

Einstein as well!
by: Davis Family

Hello all. Einstein (so named by our boys due to his fuzzy appearance) came to us via a beloved Aunt from CA who had too many cats.

The first time I found him laying on his back with his paws up I thought he'd somehow died, until he opened one eye like , "Excuse me...I'm sleeping here!"

Since then we just laugh and step over him, or stop to rub his fluffiness. He enjoys everyone, though runs to the door when our 17 year old, T enters the house and follows him around.

If he thinks you need a nap, he'll happily lay on top of the newspaper you were reading and start purring.

I think he's in denial that he can sit in the window ledges much longer! I read somewhere they aren't full grown until age 3...yikes! We love his softness, and how he seems to need to know where we all are.
~Davis's in Mn~

be more dog.
by: Gill

Me and my husband have had our first Maine coon, Marmaduke, having lost our 3 cats, Siamese and Tonkinese all at a good age.

He is 5 mth and to date 2.3 Kg and still growing. He stretches out on his back and hangs his head over the end of the sofa up side down, sometimes sliding off. It's so funny.

We started to roll a small power ball along the floor but now we bounce it he jumps quit high to catch it but then he brings it back in his mouth like a dog.

When we in bed, he will go down stairs and bring the ball up to us to throw around. Jumping high off the bed to catch it and bring it back on the bed.

He's a lot more loveable towards my husband than our other cats were. Siamese are like that though. We think he is going to be a very big cat, clever too.

Too Cute
by: Pam

Adopted 5 yr Maine Coon mixed Joey 7 months ago. He is always laying on his back with his front paws crossed looking at us.

The best was at dinner time he slept upside down next to his bowl with is front paws crossed waiting for his dinner he looked so pathetic it was funny.

When he's not in the bed or his cat tree he lays upside down against the doors or walls. With the big fat furry belly up in the air. Can't resist giving it a few kisses. Just love him to death he makes us laugh. So lucky we have him.

by: Deborah

I my female kitten is 7mos and loves to sleep on her back were ever when ever.....I call it Ottering as she looks like a Otter.It's catchy.
by: Anonymous

I have a coon also and a mixed breed.they are both about the same age 1Jasper just totally towers over mango.

Jasper the coon took Mago under his wing from the day we brought her home. Jasper sleeps on hi back all the time it cracks me up. Now that they are inseparable Mango sleeps on her back also right next to him

by: Mo

My cat, Chewbacca, sleeps in a similar position to Hunter, except he sleeps on his side and as long from head to tail as he can possibly get!

This seems to be a comfortable sleeping position for him... (in my opinion though, it does not look very comfortable at all)Same here!
by: Kimberly

My Sophie (who I suspect is part Maine coon based on what can only be described as "interesting" personality traits) does the same thing.

But she'll only do it in two spots. The foot of my bed and a specific multi-level table. Otherwise, she'll be in a ball. She looks so darn cute.

Mine, too!
by: Leslie

I'd like to know why these Coon cats in particular seem to like laying on their backs. I've had lots of cats, but never one who continually seeks this adorable position.

My cat Henry doesn't actually fall asleep on his back, but he just likes to lie that way on the floor and watch the world go by.

With this furry legs that look like pantaloons and the gorgeous tawny fur on his belly, it's the cutest thing ever.

Like some of you said, I don't think he's seeking a belly rub because sometimes (when I can't resist) I give him a scratch and he rolls over into a regular position.

So I try to just let him be and enjoy watching the cutest position ever.Another back-sleeping

by: Ken

We have a 12 year old that has begun doing this only within the last year or two. I have been suspecting that he finds the position relieves pain from hip displasia. I hope for his sake that it's just a characteristic of Maine Coons.

by: Anonymous

Iggy does the same thing! He's part Maine Coon. I adopted Iggy and his brother, Bowie, from a shelter about a year and a half ago.

Bowie is a short haired tuxedo from the same litter. While I've never found Bowie in this position, I'll often find Iggy flat on his back, spread eagle in the middle of the living room!

As with a few of you other mc owners out there, I think that Iggy is doing this just for fun. Sometimes I rub his belly (which he loves) but other times I'll just leave him alone and he stays that way.

I didn't know that Iggy was a Maine Coon when I adopted him (nor did I even know how special they are!), but with the discovery of each new quirk, I find myself happier and happier I have Iggy and Bowie in my life!

by: Anonymous

sleeps on its back and upside down,all the time she is only5 months old and as big as a normal size cat

Like twins
by: Oirish

My boy, Roscoe, looks just like Hunter. He predominantly sleeps on his back too.

Although he lays there all splayed out, looking as though he would love you to nuzzle his belly, he will actually take your hand off if you even lightly brush his tummy fur with your hand.

He is extremely large, over 20 lbs and was feral when we found him as a kitten. So, while he tolerates being petted, he is not particularly affectionate.

We're just happy that he feels safe enough at home to spend many happy hours spread out in the center of the floor.Maine Coon that

Sleeps on Back
by: Sonya

I was very happy to see your Maine Coon sleeping on its back. Ours does as well. We find her lounging everywhere on her back with all four legs splayed.

We got her from the Humane Society about 10 months ago. At first I thought she would lay like that so I would stop and pet her belly (which she loves) but then I started finding her alone laying that way too. I think it's just her preferred way of laying.

on his back
by: Andrew

Ours spends most of his days on his back, not always sleeping that way but even when awake he stretches out and looks back at you upside down, big boy too at 20 lbs but very agile.

He will jump 2 ft in the air when playing with toys, also lets you pick him up like a baby and hol dhim, unusual I thought for a big cat but see another mentioned it belowMy Maine Coon

by: SD Cat Lady

I just had to look this up. Sookie has been sleeping on her back since we brought her home.

She is a beautiful Coon/Tabby with a stripe that runs down her back, neck to tail tip. But the most wonderful thing is that she sleeps on her back whether on the staircase, kitchen floor or bed.

She is so comfortable in her environment, it makes me relax. One of the best cats I have ever owned!

Pedigree 10 month named Archie
by: Jay

Mine does exactly the same. Tends to put his paws up close to his face. Such a weird trait but so cute.

by: Jeretta

My main coon cat name is moochie he loves to lay on his back with his paws up in the air. He is very beautiful. Loves to cuddle with me on the couch. Moochie also loves for me to cradle him like a baby.

by: Anonymous

I have a brother & sister Maine coon/ Manx mix their just a year old and I have many pic's of them belly up paw splayed like extremely fur "X" and their always so adorable.

by: Stacey

Mine does this too, that's why I looked it up on the net! It's so cute catching them with their back legs up in the air showing off all of his fluffiness!

This is my first Maine Coon, and he is such a sweetheart, super friendly. Glad to see everyone enjoying their quirky kitties. My guy is named Stryker and is a year and a half.

by: Anonymous

My Angelo loves to sleep on my back hehe

My baby, Tiberius, does this too :)
by: Wanda

My Maine Coon Mix, Tiberius, sleeps this way all the time. I think he enjoys showing off his big, beautiful ruffly tummy! He is almost 18 months old and weighs just under 13 lb.

His Vet said he might reach 15 lb or so. He is such a sweet baby :). I got him from a local pet rescue. His foster mom told me that he had been abandoned and possibly attacked by feral cats.

He is an only "child", since he doesn't do well with other kitties. He has his own chair and likes to sleep in it, on his back, with all four feet in the air.

He also likes to sleep stretched out across half the couch with his tummy showing in all of its glory!

My cat Hunter.... The coon who sleeps on his back!!!
by: Justine Geer

My cay Harley is 1o months old & always sleeps on his back & twisted. Falls off the chair sometimes. One of many interesting ways of our Mainecoon mix

by: Anonymous

Prince is only half Coon, but he also sleeps on his back daily and takes up the entire queen sized bed ...or tower...or floor space!

He is always talking to us and we have actually noticed that he makes different sounds for different things he wants us to do for him or to give him.

Sometimes he talks so much and is so relentless that we want to tell him to stop! But as for being on his back...he almost looks like he is smiling from sheer joy when he is sleeping like

My Feller
by: Anonymous

My coon always sleeps on his back. When I call for him, he has something to say back to me, He weighs 29 lbs and does not like to be picked up. I guess being so fat hurts when he gets picked. He is a wonderful pet

Luvs belly rubs too
by: Robin

Our Maine Coon sleeps on his back daily!!! Must be a genetic thing maybe?

Sleep monster -- Maine Coon?
by: kristy abbott

Simon's favorite sleeping position is on his back with his legs splayed out. I keep thinking he should pull himself together because, what if he was in the wild sleeping like that?

We adopted Simon from a Minnesota animal shelter in January. They told us he'd been on the road for weeks. I don't know if he is a purebred (I doubt it) but he sure is the best dog-cat we've ever had.

He comes at a gallop when we whistle from across the yard (which is acres long. We live on a farm).

He greets us with unique chirps and meows when we arrive home every day and he gently paws our faces (at 5 in the morning) to remind us it's time to get up.

He'll also splay his 17 pound furry mass across my face to make sure I know it's time for breakfast if I sleep to long! In addition, Simon is an incredible mouser/chipmunker/birder (is that in the breed profile?).

Simon was potentially a throwaway cat. He was not the best looking guy in the shelter (his long fur was messy and matted) but his personality captured us -- he curled himself around us with the loudest of purrs after being released from his cage.

I do believe he's got some Main Coon in him because he fits the profile so perfectly but no matter what he is, we couldn't be luckier to have him.

So, best to all those cat owners like me who think they've got a Main Coon in their lives. If that cat lives up to the breed standard but doesn't quite match up, who cares where he/she came from? We're blessed to have them love us :)

Go Coons!

mine too!
by: pcole

My cat, Jack was walking the street and starving. I picked him up and he's been mine, or rather, I've been his for almost a year now. He almost always lays on his back.

He also snores and fetches and is very large with the tufts between his toes. Pretty sure he's a Maine Coon!

My coon does the same thing
by: Laura

His favorite position is on his back with all four paws dangling. Your coon isn't weird. lol

two main coons here that do that!
by: Anonymous

hey there, my two maine coons totally sleep on their backs! Wonder why, my other cats have never done this, and these fluff balls are always belly up! I love it. One is a mix and one is a full breed so im pretty sure it must be a breed characteristic

by: Norma

Yes my husband and I have a Maine Coon that also likes sleeping on her back. She has her own big comfy chair.

Hi Danielle!
by: Intan

like you said on CHI's page, Hunter is definitely identical to CHI.
Chi loves to sleep like this btw. haha. And i do have her picture sleeping like this, maybe i'll upload it next time.

Anyway, Chi's prefer to sleep on the floor rather on the bed.

btw, how old is Hunter now?

by: Danielle

My sympathies, Stan.. I know how tough it is to lose these guys. Actually, Hunter and I lost his buddy, TOMMY a few weeks before X-Mas.

It's been hell on both of us and to see him still catterwauling around the house looking for him is just devistating.

As far as Hershey...GOOD KITTY!!! Just goes to show that animals really do have one special human, look at the change the cat went through when you left.

That must really have stuck a thorn in your ex's side when the cat did what it did. I guess ya had to leave the cat because of the kids, right?

Do you have an animals now...great therapy when times are tough, my "kids" have seen me through more rough times than I can count and they are the ones I turn to when I need a little cheering up.

Personally, I grieve a lot harder for my pets than I do for my people, which some people just can't understand.

The bond between animal and human is the most precious gift as there is never any harsh words, jealousy, resentment...ONLY LOVE IN IT'S PUREST FORM!

I'll even take it one step further. I look at my cat's life, a complete life of leisure, no work, no bills, no stress, so I came to the conclusion that CATS ARE A MORE HIGHLY EVOLVED SPECIES THAN US! (provided they have a good owner, well, they actually own us, but you get my meaning)

If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I definitely want to come back as a cat!

Hey Danielle
by: Stan

Unfortunately Jake passed some years ago. He was what made me a cat person, Maine Coon only though.

He did wonderful dog impressions such as shake hands, roll over, play dead (I would say pow while pointing my finger and he would drop and roll over on his back with his legs in the air).

My ex kept our next cat after the divorce but Hershey changed after I left the house. She would no longer come when called and would not tolerate being petted.

The one time I went to visit I called her name she came running out and laid in my arms for ten minutes. My ex was NOT amused. Told the kids that Hershey is mine if the ex decides she doesn't want her anymore.

Hey Stan
by: Danielle

That's hilarious! Sounds like Jake's got a killer road-kill impersonation! Tell me...does he do any Jim Carrey? Lol

Hunter.. The King Of Cats?
by: Danielle

Interestingly enough, the back sleeping position is called the King Position.

I know my guy rules the roost around here, always checking on things around the house and peering out the windows watching the going-ons of the neighbourhood.

He is definitely the King of his abode, and makes his presence known...of course, how can you miss him, he's humongous!

I've seen lions lying on their back lazing about in the sun, and females use this position to get a male's attention or show submission when it comes to breeding.

When I see my boy sleeping like this he does remind me of a miniature lion, especially in the summer when he has his lion haircut! AWWWW....HOW CUTE!

What I absolutely love about this breed is their dog-like personality and their wild BIG CAT appearance, resembling anywhere from a lion to a lynx! (sort of the Siberian Husky looking like a wolf, which I have also owned...FANTASTIC DOGS by the way!)

by: Stan

I always though Jake looked like the real raccoon along side the road when he slept on his back. Except rounder and fluffier of course.

Sleeping on back
by: GinniP

My Coonie Lola, sleeps on her back. Also sometimes with front legs on one side and back legs on the other. Very cute aren't they??

Totally Relaxed!
by: Lani

All cats have to feel completely relaxed & secure in their surrounding will do this.Check out TV programs on the big wild cousins & you will see the same behaviours. My old Persians did same thing.

sleeping on back
by: Emily

That's funny.. my MC Hobbes loves to lay on his back. Sometimes asleep, sometimes awake. He even rocks from side to side every once in a while, I think he's just making sure everyone's looking at him!!

Hi Brenna and Denise!
by: Danielle

Hunter will usually sleep on his back for most of the night...I cannot fathom how this could possibly be comfortable for a cat to sleep this way?

Maybe because of the dense & big bone structure of our coons this makes this possible...I'm just worried that the damn cat is going to request a sleep number bed!

Back sleeping
by: Denise

Just thought I'd add that I have a MC and Ragdoll and both of them love to sleep on their backs, they look so comfy and sleep like it for hours!

Sleeping on Back
by: Brenna V

Hunter's very adorable, my cat Harry does the same thing!! He'll be sleeping on his side, then apparently when both sides are too warm, he flips over onto his back! It's adorable!

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