Hi I'm Oscar

by Frances
(Sufflok England)

My real name is Razzoona's Dazzling Dawn, but gladly Mum & Dad call me Oscar. My Aunty Bridget (13) and the kids Eric & Phoebe (8mths) call me GOD!

maine coon memberhsip

This is me OscarThis is me Oscar

oscarHere I'm keeping little Eric warm

I live in Suffolk England but was born in the West Country. When I moved to Sufflok I had a best pal Stephen who was 6 weeks older than me, Mum used to call us Huffa Lump & Woozle we would make so much noise running around!

Sadly Stephen was not well and left Me and Bridget when he was 10 months old. I still miss him very much, but chasing Eric & Pheobe is also good fun.

We are all spoilt rotten and quite rightly so.


young oscar

Hi, I have now ruled this house for 1 year today. A lot has happened, I've played in the snow, and sat in the sun, although I prefur the shade, I love the rain, it means I get rubbed with my towel.

I sadly lost my first playmate, Stephen, but now have 2 more, Eric & Pheobe, they are commoners! When our servants take their leave, another one comes to work for us, Judith, she is very nice to us as she lets us sleep with her.

She is a very good photographer, so she can be a bit of a pain sometimes, snapping away! But it means our walls are well decorated.

November 2011 Update:


I've already put a couple of photos on here, but our kitty sitter Judith, took this with her phone last time we were away!

It would be nice to think Oscar missed us while we were gone, but he obviously feels relaxed in Jude's care.

I Said I'd Fit!

oscar fits

Oscar just had to get into the den on the cat tree!

January 2012 Update:

oscarknot free!

Hi again, I'd just like to say my Mum has found a good way of getting rid of my knotted underarms and pants.

After a couple of days away and me not letting the cat sitter sort me out, Mum found quite drastic knots, beyond brushing, but she managed to sort them out with a battery operated bikini line trimmer!

Boy I'm one happy Coonie now. =(^-^)=

"It's Here"

oscar snow

"It's Here"

August 2013 Update:

Now I've had my 3rd birthday, I thought I'd let you know how I'm doing.

Back in April I had an accident and had to be caged for a month, while I got better, I didn't mind as I didn't want to do much anyway.


I lost a lot of weight as I didn't even feel like eating for a while, but I'm getting my appetite back now.

Once I was allowed out of the cage I had to have the local DOG groomer come to see me as I had got very knotty, which made me look even more of a mess than I was.. as the weather got better I lost the rest of my coat and looked a lot better.


By the time I put my coat back on I will be my handsome self again =^~^=


Sorting out the Matts
Just read your post about the Bikini shaver for getting rid of difficult mats. My coonie would never tolerate this! Especially on his stomach where he is especially sensitive. I am at a loss as to what to do about these.

Gorgeous Boy
by: Mic
What a gorgeous boy he is! And your descriptions are so true of Maine Coons, even the part about the noise they make! Thanks for sharing him with us. He is simply scrumptious.

Oscar Is Gorgeous!
by: Nancy B.
Oscar is absolutely beautiful, and we are so lucky to be able to meet him via FB and the internet! :)

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