Her Royal Highness - Sassy

by Dee
(North Mississippi, USA)

One day while shopping we stopped in at Petco because the local animal shelter had kittens & Puppies looking to adopt people. My 8 yr. old daughter wanted to look at them.

I told her okay but we cant get one because of rules of the apartments. We went over to the kittens and played with them for a while.

Rachael sat on the floor to play with them and as we started to leave, Sassy put her claw out and grabbed my little girl's sleeve and started meowing.

Every time we tried to put her back in the pen she had been in, she would dart out and run straight for Rachael.

So since she was determined to pick my daughter we ended up paying the pet fee and now had a beautiful sweet Maine Coon kitten.

We all fell in love with Sassy and now, 13 years later I have my sweet little Sassy cat. 2 years ago Rachael married and moved 11 hrs. away. She wanted to take her. I had to let Rachael leave but couldn't part with Sassy too. Her new husband had a 2 kittens anyway and the move would have been too much for Sassy to take.

Sassy is very vocal in the mornings and we "talk" to each other quite a lot. Her hobby is to sit in front of the window and do a chipping noise as she watches the birds in the feeder. My husband made a cat 'tree' for her to play and sit/sleep on. She loves to sleep there with the sun shinning in on her.

She loves catnip so any toy is fine as long as I can put catnip in it or store it in the catnip jar to get that scent.

She is not a very social cat though as se doesn't like visitors or strangers. She will run and hide. Once she gets to know them though she is very loving.

Her only quirk really is to try to open our back door. she will jump on the table beside the
door and touch the doorknob & meow to go outside.

Even though she never goes off the patio, I only let her out if I can go out with her because she is declawed. I had that done when we had her spayed. This was before I found out how bad it was to do this to cats. I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! Also because in the south it is usually extremely hot outside, we do not stay outside long.

She LOVES tuna and will come running from where ever she is as soon as she hears the can opener whether I am opening tuna or anything else.

She likes to eat in just one certain spot in the house and even if I feed her something extra in the kitchen she will try to push or carry it to "her" spot.

As she is getting older, she is getting more and more picky about her habits and does not want anything to change, including her food. She hates Salmon so any cat food I buy, cant have salmon in it.

I don't know what I would do without her. She has become a part of me and I know I will grieve forever if I ever lost her.


by: SOMA 6

My Coon, "Zeke" loved tuna. The problem is it isn't that nutritious for the kitties, so be a sometime tuna feeder.

A real beauty
by: Anonymous

Your girl looks just like our boy, Sheldon. He is 14 and also talks to me, usually to let me know what to do (for him) every morning. He is 14 and I hate to think about life after him.

He is a family member and a real character. He hangs out with me and the dogs when I work outside and goes on walks with us.

He also has a routine and leads me and our girls down the stairs every day and know when it is food time!

Maine Coons are Magical!
by: Anonymous

Truly meant to be! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!

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