Hemi and Paisley

By: Liz in Tacoma, WA



Hemi and Paisley

We got these two kittens a few weeks ago. The family we got them from had a unexpected cat pregnancy when their female got out so the father is unknown.

I also did not get a chance to see the mama cat so I do not know what she looks like or much about her. All I know is that we were told that the kittens were brother and sister and that they had six toes on their front feet, which really attracted us to them.

After observing their features and their personalities for a few weeks, I could not help but think that they could be at least part Maine Coon.

Hemi, the male, looks the most like a Maine Coon to me and his personality is a perfect match for the description. He is a lot bigger than his sister, has a very strong body, and is a very silly cat.

The little girl, Paisley, is very vocal and is constantly talking to me. They both have tufts of hair between their toes and on the tips of their ears. The hair inside their ears is also very long. They have mostly long hair and it is of irregular lengths all over their body.

They both follow me around constantly and always try to "help" when I am doing something. I also find them playing in their water bowl often, and sometime in the toilet if the door gets left open.

Please help me figure out if my kitties are Maine Coon. Thanks!


Little Darlins
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation
 Hi Liz,
Congratulations on your new additions! They are absolutely precious. Really cute names, too.

You've provided lots of info, so that's great! And it's great that you've taken the time to observe the kittens, too.

They have the personality characteristics we would expect of a Maine Coon, especially their love of water.

As for their extra toes, that's actually a dominant trait, so one of their parents, the one who passed it on, could not have been a Maine Coon. (Polydactylism has been "weeded out" of the breed, except for a few specialized breeders who keep it going as an honor to their heritage.)

Also, even though you didn't see the mama cat, if she were a Maine Coon cat, the family would certainly have let you known, and probably even used the fact to attract homes for the kittens.

So, they could be Maine Coon mix kittens. They certainly are super fluffy!

As they grow, look for a distinctive mane, as opposed to general even fluffiness, very bushy tails, and above average size.

It's so much fun to have kittens, especially brother and sister! Enjoy this special time with Basil and Paisley! And please send us an update as they grow up!



Hemi and Paisley, 6 month old polydactyl Maine Coon cats

Hemi and Paisley, 6 month old polydactyl Maine Coon cats

Hemi - Male Cat

Hemi - Male

Paisley - Female

Paisley - Female

Hemi's Toe Tufts

Hemi's Toe Tufts

Here are my Maine Coon sibling babies, Hemi and Paisley, who were not presented to us as Maine Coon mixes when we got them, but we have come to the conclusion, through research and watching them grow, that they do in fact have some coon in them.

We got them from a lady on Craigslist who's mama cat got out and got pregnant. She was about to take them to the pound when we called to get them.

They are also polydactyl and each have an extra toe on their front paws. These are the most amazing cats I have ever met. Love my babies!

Hello again!

I posted here back in September when I first got my brother and sister polydactyl (they have thumbs on their front paws) kittens and was asked to post an updated picture once they got a little older.

Well, they are now 6 months old and the Maine Coon like features are just getting more and more prominent as they grow. They are such personable cats and are the most loving animals I have ever had.

They are excellent with my children and let them pretty much do whatever they want to them. They love the water and I often find them in the shower with me if I do not shut the bathroom door all the way.

Like I said before, we got them in September from a lady whose indoor female cat got out and came home pregnant.

The lady did not mention anything about the mother being Maine Coon or polydactyl, so I am left to believe that their father must have been a polydactyl Maine Coon mix of some sort.

Their personalities are a perfect match as well as a lot of their physical features. They both have a mane, long fluffy tails, very long tufts of hair on their paws, and the male is already the size of a full grown cat.

What do you think?


Hi Liz!
Of course I remember Hemi and Paisley! Has that much time gone by already? Well, they are just beautiful.

You're right, they are looking more and more like Maine Coon mixes. Course we can't know for sure, but it's a good guess :)

Let's see what others think!


Lucky, Lucky, Lucky!
by: Jessy
 I've been searching for a Maine Coon polydactyl!

Siblings! They sound just like my bro and sis coons! As I watched them grow I realized just how much Maine Coon was in them since they were not presented to me as coons either.

The shower thing is too funny, I cant remember the last time I was in the bathroom without my coons trying to get in. Hemi and Paisley sound wonderful! Kiss their extra toes for me haha

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