Meet Fuzzy, Wolverina, Luke & Leia
Dido, Dante Inferno & Tara Fi, and Nippy Nu

Miracle Kitty

by Carolyn in Columbus, OH

fuzzy the cat

We have a mostly Maine Coon cat. He has all the characteristics of a Maine Coon except the tufts on his ears.

His name is Fuzzy because he is...fuzzy! He is about 17 pounds and looks very large, but is about one third fluff!

Fuzzy is a calm kitty, not getting too upset about a visit to the vet. In fact, we have taken him to a nursing home to visit residents and he had a great temperament for that job.

He is easy going and friendly, making up to strangers easily, which is part of the Maine Coon temperament. Even the first few hours of the day we got him, he chose to hang out with us instead of hiding under the sofa.

My vet says that he acts like a large dog! In fact, unlike many kitties, he loves to have his belly rubbed. He will get himself really comfortable and in a position where I can easily get to his tummy and is in kitty heaven.

The miracle part of my story is that one day he disappeared. That was devastating!

He was gone for slightly more than three weeks; I think he was caught in a garage because he smelled like motor oil when he did show up. He had lost a lot of weight, too.

But I think his people orientation brought him home as soon as he got a chance. He had lost close to four pounds, but now he is back to a healthy Maine Coon weight.

We have another cat--your standard alley cat--and we love her, too. I'm a cat person so I would love any cat I lived with. But the Maine Coon is so personable and so friendly. He is really special and I'm glad he only used up one of his nine lives in that garage.


This is a very nice story, and I'm glad he made it home safe!!


by by Suzanne Delaney in New York City

pretty cameo cat

I adopted Wolverina from Upstate New York, where she was born in our corn field and deposited on my Mother's doorstep on . . . Mother's Day!

We named her Wolverina because she was a fierce and feisty feral kitten.

Her parents appeared one day at our house, and we always thought somebody had dropped them off--we're near a main road.

My mother fed them, but they were extremely very shy, to the point of being feral, and proceeded to populate the place with kittens. (We found homes for the kittens, but never were able to catch the parents, who eventually disappeared.)

Wolverina is one of their grandchildren. She weighs about ten pounds, I'd say, and has a brother who is white with gray spots and really huge, and calico sisters. These cats live in the country with my sister and love to hunt.

Their father, whom I also adopted, was large and gray with a white bib and toes, and beautiful bushy tail. All are very friendly, with big furry feet and funny little voices.

They like to drink water by scooping it out of their bowls with a paw--all have interesting, quirky personalities.


What a Clan! 
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Suzanne,
I love your story! What a Mother's Day gift! It sounds like you and your family really had your hands full for a while there.

It's so nice to hear about stray (or abandoned) and feral cats being looked after, placed in homes and taken care of. Wolverina is a perfect name for her.

She turned in to quite the lady, I must say. Since Coons can be any color, and have many of the same qualities you've seen in these cats, (shaggy coats and feather-duster tails) they could have some Coon lineage.

It's really interesting the way you were able to get to know the generations and how they are similar, what genes they have in common.

Big bushy tails, big furry feet, little voices, and an affinity for water play are the theme of the day with this family!

Wolverina is a total knockout, thanks for sharing her!

The "Twins"

by Lisa inPrescott, Arizona, USA

two cats looking out a window

My babies are a mix, but I met their mother who is a beautiful silver tabby coon. The people I adopted them from found the mother and took care of her until she had her kittens.

Out of five, there was only one girl, Leia and she liked to hang out with, now, Luke.

They were 9 weeks when I adopted them and today is their 2nd birthday. Luke is getting bigger and bigger and Leia is not far behind.

They are the sweetest cats, although Leia is very much the princess. Luke loves "his" doggies and wants to "hang out" with them.

I saw a picture of a Maine Coon that was tuxedo that had won an award. My Luke is just as handsome and they could be brothers!

Leia is a beautifully marked diluted calico and has her the markings of her mother on her left front leg.


Nice Shot! By: Carrie

I love this reflection shot! What a great moment. Great names, too. "Pair" names are fun. They are such pretty cats, thank you for sharing them!

The "Twins" as Kittens

cute small kittens

Princess Leia and Luke; precious at 10 weeks old. That spot on the couch was one of their favorite places to nap - the other was snuggled up next to China, Luke's favorite doggy - there's a picture of that some where.


They Are Adorable! By: Carrie

Oh, those are two of the most adorable kittens! Are they still as closely bonded now that they are all grown up?

Alice and Leo are almost 6, and in the last year or so they seem to need their own "personal space" at times ;-) Partly due to getting a puppy, I'm sure!

The "Twins" - Brother Luke

luke the kittenMy Little Jedi

This was Luke's first picture by himself and he told me all about it after the flash went off. Leia was off snoozing in a shoe box - her favorite place until she out grew it.


Don't you just wish they could stay small? He is so handsome, thanks for sharing.

Adopted Dido
by Rebecca in Texas

brown tabby medium haired cat

The couple that previously owned our house divorced and left their cat behind. We did not know about her until one day she came up to the patio.

We don't know a lot about her first name or her birthday. We renamed her after a singer we like and adopted her. She is our baby girl.


awww :) by: Creekside Middle School

i clicked on this picture cuz my cat looks exactly like this one! her name is Dutchess and she doesn't have fur sticking out of her ears like other maine coons. happy Valentines Day!


That is a nice story. She is a beautiful cat!

So cute.. by: Shirley

Hi Rebecca... Dido looks so much like our Mandy, who we adopted Jan 2, 2010. We think she is 10 months old now. She is the sweetest cat and gives us much pleasure. Good luck with Dido.

Adopted Dido

She looks like shes about 4 years old. She will be easy to train and will be your friend for life.

She's Got The Look by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Rebecca,
How could anyone leave such a sweet girl behind like that? Dido definitely has the Maine Coon look down pat. Since she came to you as an adult, it's entirely possible that she is full Maine Coon.

Dido is a very unique name, too! She's got the ear tufts, fluffy tail, everything. She has everything I'd look for, except the pedigree!

Thanks for sharing her!

Dante Inferno & Tara Fi
by J.K. Rogers in Omaha, NE

two cats cuddling

Both of my cats are Maine Coons. Dante (the all black) was surrendered to the ASPCA as a kitten due to having a heart defect.

Sadly, he recently passed due to heart-related complications. He was my best friend for nearly 10 years, and stayed kittenish for his entire life.

We used to play fetch, and he was constantly talking to me in his little chirps and trills.

I always thought it so incongruous for such a big cat to have such a tiny voice! I'm pretty sure he was at least 75% Coon. I miss him and his goofball antics everyday.

Tara (classic brown tabby), I'm sure, is a Maine Coon mix. She displays most of the physical attributes (eg the neck ruff, tufted ears and toes, large size). She's a bit on the chubby side, but still a sweetie!

She doesn't play as much as Dante did, but she's been known to bat her toys around. Like Dante, she also has a tiny voice, compared to her overall size, although she tends to squeak and chirp rather than trill.

Both cats brought (bring) me so much joy and happiness. They are the best companions I could wish for. Even now, mourning the loss of my beloved Dante, thoughts of befriending another of these cats are in the back of my mind.

Having been a cat person my entire life, because of Dante and Tara, I simply cannot imagine ever owning another type of cat.


Dante & Tara Are Lovely! by: Maine Coon Cat Nation


Thanks for sharing your beautiful cats! I'm so sorry to hear about your recent loss of Dante. He was gorgeous, and sounds like he was a wonderful pet.

Tara is so pretty too! Thanks for sharing their Maine Coon quirks! Especially the bit about playing fetch, and those unique voices. I think the Maine Coon voice is something that just has to be heard to be understood!

Good luck with any future Coons ;-)

Nippy Nu
by Kim in Bensalem, PA

fluffy brown maine coon mixNippy hanging out in the bathroom waiting for Mom to turn on the water in the bathtub so she can play!

Nippy was 2 days old when we found her outside our door! Not knowing anything about cats I tried to find a no kill shelter to no avail.

I bottle fed her every 2 hours, wiped her with baby wipes, kept her warm wrapped in a towel, and moved to babyfood before solids. It was a traumatic experience but the most rewarding as she is now a 5 year old beautiful cat.

After she grew a little we knew we had a Maine Coon. She has all the traits! She is not friendly because she did not have a mother or litter mates.

She thinks I am her mother and she is very sweet and loyal to me. Never owning a cat before I will for sure always have a Maine Coon.

Kim Nippy's Mother!


To CM by: Kim

Thanks so much! I really highlighted all that goes with mothering a kitten that small. I had to do everything for her and I didn't sleep for months it seemed for warming bottles, burping and wiping Nippy's bottom!!

On the other hand she has never tinkled on the floor or scratched my furniture. She has her claws and has not scratch me on purpose ever. She sleeps when I sleep and sleeps the whole night. Nice trade off. Thanks for visiting her page. Kim

Nippy :) by: C.M.

That is the most interesting story I've read about a cat. You really took great care of this little kitty. It is no wonder that she takes to you only...and she gets to sleep on whoever's bed she jumps on :) Cute :)

Thanks for sharing this story Kim.

@Aunt Jen by: Kim

ahhhhh Jen you are right! The last time you saw her I carried her out of the bedroom and before I could get really close to you she started to growl and so I immediatly took her back. She was only 1 year then.

She is now 5 and a big girl! I still carry her and she sleeps on the bottom on who evers bed she feels like that night. She has settled down a bit so the next time you visit I will let you see her!

Maybe she will look royal so you can get a good look instead of hissing and screaming at her Auntie Jen!!

Nippy nu nu nu by: Nippys Aunt Jennifer

What a beautiful picture of Nippy!!! Since I don't think I actually ever really saw her (only heard hissing, screaming and scratching through the door!!!), for the most intimidating cat I've ever met, she is quite a beautiful kitty! Xo


Yes the nights were long. When she wasn't on the heating pad sleeping (seldom) she was wrapped in a tiny hand town laying on my shoulder! Once you feed and burp something it's yours forever! Thanks for the compliment I count her as a major accomplishment of mine. She's all grown up and living a great life!

@ Shirley by: Kim

thanks for the comment! I know you truly understand how we feel about Nippy because you experienced the same thing with Mandy!!

Good person by: Shirley

Hi Kim.. Loved your story. It is so good when a person can take in an animal.. We love our Mandy, who along with her mother & siblings, had been abandoned, in the dead of winter. She is the love of our lives & I know Nippy Nu is yours too. Good luck with her. :-)

Great Story! by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Kim,

What a great rescue story! Only two days old! That must have kept you up at night. She turned out awesome! Such a pretty girl, thanks for sharing!

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