February 2013 Photo Album

Welcome to the February Photo Album of Maine Coon Cat pictures! We're kicking things off with some adorable kitten pictures!


By: Laura Hastings-Brownstein in Tucson, AZ USA


Olivia at 7 months old

Olivia Olivia Olivia Olivia

We got our Maine Coon cat last October (2012) when she was 14 weeks old. The breeder we purchased our cat from lives near Orlando, FL, and we live in Tucson, AZ.

I have wanted a Maine Coon cat for a really long time. I have always had cats, but my last cat, that I had owned since she was born, died about 5 years ago and it was really hard on me, so I did not feel ready to get another cat for a long time.

Finally, the time came, and I just HAD to have the kitty of my dreams! I wanted a Maine Coon, with a white face and paws and a darker tabby body. I found lots of different colored kittens and they were all beautiful, but I just really wanted to get the exact cat of my dreams.

So, then I found Olivia (she is a Torbie with white, officially) on the breeder's website! She was only 3 weeks old when I contacted the breeder to find out how I could bring her into our home.

It was SOOOOO hard to wait the time needed before bringing her home, but I did it!

The breeder and I had discussed shipping Olivia to her new home here in Arizona. The breeder had never shipped her kittens before, and I was really hesitant about shipping an animal.

So, I ended up flying out to Orlando to pick the kitten up and then returning the very same day, with Olivia in tow! It only cost a little more to bring her home this way, and that way, I could make sure she made it OK and no one was throwing her around like cargo!

The breeder met me at the airport, I put little Olivia in the carrying case I brought with me, and turned around and got right back on a plane back to home!

It was quite the trip, but I am so grateful I did it! She is the sweetest most intelligent cat I have ever owned. She is just a big fluffy fabulous kitty, that makes our lives happier than ever!

She is now 7 months old. And since she is a purebred cat, she has a long name, which is Rivercats Braelon Olivia! :-)


Jessy: Pretty!

Lana: How much does Olivia weight now, at 7 months?

Laura: Olivia weighs 10 lbs now. She has gone through an astounding growth spurt, but she has slowed down now.

Princess Sophie Of Holly Point

By: Magda Mae Bowman in Freeport, FL

Sophie is a pure bred Maine Coon 11 month old kitten weighing in at 11 1/2 lbs.

Her parents are grand champion and champion cats from Icoon Cats, Youngstown, FL. She can hear it when we take glasses out of the cupboard rooms away and knows we're going to the freezer for ice. She's like lightning.

We have to get the broom out and give her backside a gentle nudge several times for her to move out so we can shut the door. She then attacks the broom, playfully.

(Note from editor: Magda, your pictures didn't come through - This happens when they are large files, meaning high quality photos. There are tips here for editing photos for the web, if you'd like to try again. I was unable to sent you an email.)



Pearl Pearl Pearl Pearl

She is a gorgeous Maine Coon lady born in May 2012. I adopted her half a year ago and I fell in love with her instantly.

She likes to watch me do the housework from a distance and from time to time she comes over to cuddle or to play. She likes all kinds of food but her favourite is fish.


Carol Harper: Incredible tail! Beautiful!

Susanne: It's a Super Cat and Oh so Sweet :-)

The Magnificent Faust

By: Vanessa Colli in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy


Faust Faust Faust

This is my Maine Coon named Faust! He has 9 months, even if he seems much bigger! He's very nice, crafty and very cuddly!

Everywhere I go in my house he follows me, from one room to another like a shadow!

He's the king of the house, in fact I find him sleeping on the breadbox or on the clotheshorse. But it doesn't matter...we love him!


Barb: Gorgeous coloring for a beautiful cat.

Arlene M. Baladi: What a gorgeous fellow he is...is he a 'smoke' Maine Coon Cat?

Carol MacCallum: I have a black smoke that looks just like Faust!

Jessy: qwq1 Nope, that was Thai Foon's comment. Faust is gorgeous.

Wiley & Zeusifer

Wiley 1yr 9m, with Zeusifer at 5 months

By: Beth Davis in Ransomville NY

An update my two handsome boys. Think Zeusifer will be bigger than Wiley.

Captain and Morgan

By: Tricia in Burlington, WI

Captain & Morgan

Captain & Morgan Captain & Morgan Captain & Morgan Captain & Morgan

Captain is huge, he's at least 20 lbs now, and only 3 1/2 years old, and lives to lay on us, sometimes it hurts!! Morgan, she's pretty independant, it's her way or the highway!


Nicola Wallace: Love them! So Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Mr. Brady Enjoying our BIG NH winter!!!

By: Sarah C. in Hampton, NH

Mr. Brady

Big Hyper Bubble Eyes!

Mr. Brady Mr. Brady Mr. Brady Mr. Brady

Hi All! Bringing you an update on our Maine Coon Mr.Brady. He is loving this snowy winter we have been getting!

He is an indoor cat but loves it in the summer when we open the deck doors and he can get the breeze and sun. We live by the ocean so he loves a good sea breeze!

He has been loving it in our new home this winter too because we have lots of birds that come to our feeders. His favorite seem to be the Morning Doves. I think its something about how they move and the noises they make! I love watching him cause he flattens his whole body out and kind of slithers his way to the window! His claws start knitting and he makes those odd noises Coonies make when they are in attack mode, the little clicks and clacks that sound like hes speaking Ethiopian!

Anyway here are some pics, including a baby picture since I have never posted one. They grow so fast! Until next time....Sarah and Patrick

Delilah beguiled me...and brother Samson had to come home with me, too!

By: Karen Wagner in Carroll, Ohio
Delilah & Samson

I went to the Humane Society in my town to pick out two kittens, and when I held my little tri-colored beauty, I couldn't get over how very soft she was.

I instantly named her "Delilah", so her grey brother had to be named "Samson". Delilah has a magnificent "ruff", and the tufted ears and paws of a"coon"; but her coat is extremely thick and soft, like an Angora rabbit.

She is very vain about her tail: once I have to give her a bath after she was very messy from her bath room duties, and she hid and sulked around until her tail was back to it's plummy magnificence!

Now, Samson's coat is not as thick and long as hers, but is even downier. He had a big scare the second day after I brought him home that has made him very timid-he hides until company leaves, and is scared of men.

Toulis, Peaceful Force!

By: Ria in Greece

Toulis is a halfbreed Coon, I found him on the street.

He was a little fluffy kitten, dirty and hungry. We took him in, we bathed him, fed him and now, 4,5 years later, he is a member of our family.

He is very quiet and he listens to his name. His voice is very soft and cute, with a few words he is a gentleman!


Jackie: I love him. He is so sweet!


By: Tricia in Burlington, WI


Goober Goober Goober Goober

Goober is awesome, hes 14 years old now, and lots of life left to him, he loves to ride on the pontoon boat too!

Meet Charger!

By: Kristian in Barboursville, VA, USA

Charger is a gorgeous boy that tips the scales at 21 pounds! I must confess, Charger is more dog than cat as he was "raised" by his best bud and Redbone Coonhound, Sam.

Charger is a gentle soul mixed with just the right amount of sass and LOTS of drool!

Cowboy Maxy an angel in cats clothing

By: Janis Maxymof in Boerne Texas

Cowboy Maxy

Cowboy baby picture

Cowboy Maxy Cowboy Maxy Cowboy Maxy Cowboy Maxy

I was in a serious horseback riding accident and had to spend a month in the hospital and Rehab.

We just gotten Cowboy 3 weeks before. I missed him terribly and thought he might forget me. He was growing like a weed and I hated missing his growth and antics. My husband brought pictures but not the same.

I was really down so Ted (husband) arranged to bring Cowboy to me. The only safe place was the bathroom in the lobby of the rehab facility. It was pure joy.

Once home he has been my constant companion and a total goof ball. I don't know want I would have done w/o him.


By: Jeannette in Colorado Springs, CO


Sassy Sassy

Sassy is an 8 month old Maine Coon and she lives in Colorado Springs, CO.

She is a front wheel drive polydactyl kitty and already weighs a whopping 13 lbs.

She loves to groom her human companions, to chase the laser light on the floor, and to play fetch.


Debora P: Looks & Sounds just like my Mozart, and yes she will get bigger, 18lbs. Loveable big personalities.

Barb: Beautiful cat -wonderful color.

Marybeth Mills: so beautiful

S. Fox: 8 months old and already 13lbs? She is massive!

Kathi: Sure is a beautiful cat.. sounds like she will get much larger..

Meet Tayanita - she is a nosey cat

By: Claudia from Vienna/Austria


Tayanita Tayanita Tayanita

Tayanita is a 2 year old Maine Coon cat, we bought her last year and she is our princess.

She prefers fish food and she likes to watch the neighbours through the window. Her sleeping place is the wardrobe.

We don't need an alarm clock anymore, beause Tayanita knows exactly the wake up time during the week we have our problems at weekend, because we don't want to stand up at 6 o'clock in the morning ;)


Kim: she is soooo cute! My Yoshi would love her! he is half Maine Coon mix

Tiki Girl and Cabana Boy

By: Tricia in Burlington WI

Tiki & Cabana

Tiki & Cabana Tiki & Cabana Tiki & Cabana

Tiki is so sweet, she runs to me to be petted, then runs to my boyfriend, then back to me, then back to him, she plays this game for about an hour, its so funny!!

Cabana came to me from Maine, Hes only a year old, and is pretty heavy already, he's going to be a big boy! Can't wait for kittens!!


By: Cindy in Simi Valley, CA


Montague Montague

This is my Montague. He is ONLY 1 1/2 years and weighs 15 pounds...he is planning on being Mommy's BIG boy.

He loves to run and play with his furry friends. He so reminds me of my Max - occasionally I call him Max - but he is does not like cuddles. He likes to be near but not held and rarely will sit on my lap.


By: Joe

Leia baby. 22lbs, 35" in length. Give her lovins, she's totally into it!

Seriously, this pretty girl will start purring like a lawnmower when I even look at her. :)


Donna: Beeeeeeuatiful! She looks exactly like my sister's Huckle Cat. She got him at the Humane Society, but we always thought he was a Norwegian Forest Cat. But now I think he was a Maine Coon. Maines are the prettiest, sweetest cats!


Superstar Stevie!

By: Paula-Lou in the UK

Here's a picture of Stevie looking as regal as ever!


By: Olga Lucia Baron in Sao Paulo, Brasil


Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver

Oliver is my boy that has 10 months and weighs 8k and already is 95 cm. He is really cute and friendly and loves being on top of me while I work.


Heidi: So sweet!!!

Meet Molly Sue

By: Donna in Fayette, MO
Molly Sue & Henry

Molly is a retired champion show Coonie who is 5 years old.. She loves to sit on your lap or in the window surveying her neighborhood or playing with Henry a long-haired Miniature Daschund. They tease each other but do worry about one another.

She loves to play in the water and will follow you into the bathroom. She loves to watch the water drops when the shower is done.

It is such a joy to be greeted at the door at the end of a long work day. She tells you all about her day and just what Henry has been up to.

HRH Meeko

By: Cindy in Simi Valley, CA


Meeko Meeko Meeko Meeko

Meeko just turned 5 years. She was purchased from a breeder in 2007. She is my ONLY girl and is very spoiled.

She loves to play, relax in the sunshine and sit on my lap when it suits her... She has 6 brothers and spends much of her time babysitting them and keeping them clean behind the ears.


Barb: Looks like royalty indeed--beautiful cat!!

Barb: Gorgeous all white Maine Coon!!

Ellen: Was the breeder from NYC?


By: Cindy in Simi Valley, CA


Maximillian Maximillian

My Max was born 7/7/97 and was a true treasure of a cat - he was very bonded to me and would sleep on me with his head on my shoulder.

When I had my rotator cuff surgery, he would lie on the pillow on my lap but was frustrated that he could not cuddle like he wanted to. He slept on the pillow above my head all of his life and never missed an opportunity to show me how much he loved me...

In 2010 he kept losing weight but, all of his test came back good - finally on November 22, 2010 I had an abdominal ultrasound and it was discovered he had pancreatic cancer - my beautiful boy is gone from sight but remains close to my heart.


Karen - Melbourne Australia: Hi Cindy, sorry to hear of our loss, it is sad when they go, takes alot of time to heal. Its been 2 years since last boy left us he had serve anemia and leukemia he was 13yrs and I still think of him all the time everytime my new little girl does something that is similar I compare what they do. Another beautiful fur baby gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Daniella & ModdyCat: I am sooo sorry for your loss. He is a BEAUTY! It looks to me that he almost has different colored eyes. =^..^=

Barb: So sorry for your loss. He was a beautiful boy.

Barbara Grundy: So sorry for your loss....he was a beautiful boy rip Max x

Kris: So sorry for your loss, what a beauty!

Laura: So sorry for your loss. At least he lived a good long life. He was a beautiful cat! Big hug to you!

Frances Hambrook: So sorry x

Margaret: What a beautiful baby boy you had, I am sorry you lost your boy, at least he is at peace.

Azran Abesh - Belgium

By: Brenda in Leuven, Belgium


Azran Azran Azran Azran

This is Azran, a Maine Coon boy born on 3th August 2012.

We named him Azran, cause the A is from his mother Allyse, the Z from his father Zodiac and his big brother, who died on us way too soon was named Aran.

He is a really lovely boy, very playful, loves to cuddle, .... he is just perfect!

Never thought I would become a cat person (always had dogs), and maybe I am still not, but I am definitely a Maine Coon person!


Barb: Love the name of your lovely cat.


By: Rebecca in NSW


Image courtesy of Fiona Cooper

Blondie Blondie

I adore my beautiful girl! Thank you Coolcoons.


Barb: Blondies a beauty. Love the photo of you and her.

Vic and Bob!

By: Natasha in Staffordshire, Endland

Vic & Bob

Snuggled on my lap

Vic & Bob Vic Bob Vic & Bob

Vic and Bob came home with us nearly a month ago after waiting for them since September.

My partner has grown up with 2 Maine Coon's so it was inevitable we'd be getting our own.

We contacted a fantastic breeder who had a pregnant queen and he kept us fully up to date with progress of the pregnancy, sent us photos the day they were born and agreed to us being the first to see them at 4 weeks old so we could have the pick of the litter.

When we visited them we hadn't contemplated two, we'd got into our heads that it'd just be the one; how stupid were we? Vic and Bob definitely come as a duo so the next day we put our deposits down and the rest they say is history!

I can't believe how much they've grown in 4 weeks and we have a proper snuggle bug in Vic and an adventurer in Bob. They're both totally adorable and can be complete menaces at the same time!

We love our MC's and we love to see other people's too.

If anyone wants to keep updated on Vic and Bob's progress then they have their own facebook page which has hundreds of photos on already. They love to show off! www.facebook.com/VicAndBob

Would love to know of any other MC's with facebook pages too :)


Blondie: Love the photo of the sleeping Bob-what a face!! and Vic.

Tawnya Hawkins: Such handsome boys. I just love these pictures! I'm very partial to my own kitties but your boys are exceptional!

Shelby Root: My MC 'cap' has his very own facebook page as well. Feel free to add him: Capri Root

Laura Lee: Very good looking coonies!

Louie the Loud

By: Trudy McMahon in Santa Rosa, CA


Louie at Lunch

Louie Louie Louie

Photo op for the Star.

Louie was a sixteen year old outside cat. He was starving (weighed 7 pounds), ate all the time, and had little hair. His owners said Louie was old and couldn't digest food.

He came to me, got a growth removed from his thyroid and now 1 1/2 years later, he is 12 pounds, flouts a fine coat and tail, and is an inside/outside cat.

Outstanding quality besides beauty: a hobby of yowling/caterwauling/screaming. He does this as he walks in a circle through the backyard, garage, house and then back again. Sometimes he just stands and escalates his cries through an obvious range of emotions.


Debra: Your Loud Louie sounds exactly like my 16yr. lovely Miss Kiity! He even looks much like her! She was ferrol, had been abandoned at a cabin at the end of a country rd. My dtr. & her family were moving in--& she "sacheted" out of the woods & up to my 3 yr. old grdtr. Miss Kitty was the name she told us, so we went with that! She had the most massive and beautiful tail, & literally sachted it around when she walked! She reminded us of the character "MissKitty" on Gunsmoke--so the name she told us seemed so right!

Miss Kitty loved my dtr. and I equally, I believe because everyone says our voices sound exactly alike. My dtr. tamed her by sitting on the floor & when Miss Kity would lie down near her--she would massage the bottoms of her feet, & Miss Kitty would purrrr so loud you could hear it through the whole house! She came to live with me after a short time, & was my very best friend for 16 yrs. I had to let her go because she suffered with thyroid disorder (weight loss, then got meds to give her daily-but the side effects--Congestive heart failure took her after 3 yrs. on the medication) It was the hardest thning I've ever had to do..letting her go to rest. It is still, 2 yrs. later.. something that I cry over so easily...I MISS her sooooo badly. While at the Vets office..before we had decided to let her go to rest, I read a poem on the Vet's wall I would like to share. It is:

"THE LAST BATTLE" BY: AUTHOR ANONYMOUS If it should be that I grow weak and pain should keep me from my sleep Then you must do what must be done For this last battle can not be won You will be sad, I understand Don't let the grief then stay your hand For this the day, more than all the rest Your love for me must stand the test We've had so many happy years What is to come will hold no fears You'd not want me to suffer so The time has come to let me go Take me where my needs they'll tend And please stay with me till the end Hold me close and speak to me Until my eyes no longer see I know in time you will see The kindness that you did for me Although my tail it's last has waved From pain & suffering I've been saved Please do not grieve it must be you Who has this painful thing to do We've been so close, we two these years Don't let your heart hold any tears It doesn't make it any easier--Nothing seems to be able to ease the hurt of losing My Miss Kitty, but it helps me to keep it in perspective. Thank you for sharing your story!

Toby the Rescue Kitty


Toby was a rescue kitty that we got about 5 months ago. At the time they told us he was found as a stray; he was about 18-months-old and he weighed 8 lbs.

He is now 11-12 pounds, 37 inches long and getting bigger by the day. The vet told us he could continue to grow until 4-years-old...I think we are going to have a big cat on our hands.

I have never had a long-haired cat but my fiancé has had a Maine Coon in the past and loved him. I have to say I am sold on Tobys temperament and he is an awesome cat.

The vet said he is most likely a Maine Coon or Mix and I think this is the cat breed for me from here on out.

Spartacus, Lord of the Arena

By: Jessica in North Richland Hills, Texas


This is what I get to wake up to! No complaints here!

Spartacus Spartacus

Spartacus is a lovable, furry Maine Coon kitty. He was rescued from a no-kill shelter by a lady who worked there part-time.

She would take cats home with her and find homes for them all in her spare time.

He was adopted by Jessica in 2007 and they've been together ever since!!


Anne: He is SO sweet! <3 Especially with those big black eyes :D

Nala - My little Gem

By: Amber Kelley in Morgantown, WV


Nala Nala Nala Nala

This lovely little girl came into my life at just 4 months old over a year ago. She is almost more like a child than an animal.

She gives kisses, Meows in different tones like she's having a full blown conversation with you and is full of personality.

She has been taught to play fetch and will bring one of her many toys to let you know she's ready to play. She's made her mark in my life as a forever pet.

She's not seen as just a cat but as a family member and i look forward to watching her continue to grow.

Mr. Jassper <3

By: Tara Young in Ottawa, Ont


baby Jasper <3

Jassper Jassper Jassper Jassper

Jassper is nearing his first birthday Febuary 29,, umm so actually does he even still get one!!?! =P

Jasper has a very unique personality, def loves to be seen and heard and can be quite the show off with his fluffy beaautifuuul tail :) he can be shy and timid at times but seems that he is slowly comming around..

New to your site here and thought I would share some of my lovely Jasper <3

Cat Justice

By: Jan'et in Columbia South Carolina

C.J. is about seven now. I inherited him when my best friend of 38 years died in February of 2011.

I knew how much C.J. meant to Sharon, and how much she loved him, and he has been a wonderful addition to our family. We both still miss his mama a lot, but we have been good company for each other.

The Cat Justice part came about because no one ever knew what C.J. stood for, so since I work for the high court, we decided that it must mean simply Cat Justice.

Miss Persia Wearing Her Valentine Ribbon

Miss Persia

By: Tina in Central Point Oregon

I found Miss Persia at the pound a few years ago. She loves to pose and talk. I love her so.


Pat in Ocala: Miss Persia is a beauty :) How fortunate for both of you that you have each other.

Our new little lady, Lizzie May

By: Pam in Dearborn, MI

Lizzie May

Lizzie's Christmas photo

Lizzie May Lizzie May Lizzie May Lizzie May

Lizzie May is a foster failure. She was rescued with her 3 five week old sisters and her mom from a kill shelter last September.

We fostered them in the back room of our office, and were able to place one kitten. Members of our family took the rest, with our household taking two, Lizzie May and her sister Hailey, both Coonie mixes. The last photo is Lizzie with her purebred Coonie brother, Poco Taz.


Laura S: Lizzie May is a beauty!

Barb: Wonderful facial coloring-so different!

Horatio - will also answer to Handsome Horatio

By: Carolyn in Chiswick, London, UK

Horatio was a rescue and got his name from the main character in CSI Miami - Horatio Caine.

He knows he's posh, pampered and petted and enjoys being fussed over, and loves company.


Barb: Magnificent Maine!!-great color. the name fits!!

Terri M: He is so handsome! My boy Peaches looks just like him, but he has so white on his lower jaw. This color kitty is my personal favorite. I would love to see more pics of him.


By: Brenda in Hill, NH

Mickey found us about a year ago. It was in Jan a cold month. Mickey was in our barn when we found him. I called him which he came right to me. We tried to find his owners for months. He was only about 8 months old. Now he is part of our family with our three dogs and one other cat.

(Note from editor: Brenda, your pictures didn't come through - This happens when they are large files, meaning high quality photos. There are tips here for editing photos for the web, if you'd like to try again. I've also sent you an email.)

Marco, the Sparkle Boy!

By: Sandra in Denver, CO

Marco is five years old. I found him last year at a shelter. He had short hair. Probably was trimmed from having mats after being on the street. He immediately gained six pounds and now tops the scales at 19 pounds.

His fur is long and beautiful now. His good friend is a little black dog! He loves to show off by walking on a leash in the neighborhood where people call him a lion and come out to see him. He is a great gift from the universe to me!


By: Dave Robertson in Florence, Nova Scotia Canada


Caleigh Caleigh Caleigh

Feral rescue coon mix. Rescued her and her sister six months ago after a dog attacked and killed their mother.


By: Penny in Huntsville

We rescued Leo off the internet. His description was one of a kitten that was rather *mean and didn't like to be messed with*.

My husband and I drove and picked this scruffy kitten up and I held him in my arms all the way home, he tucked his head under my arm and purred all the way.

He is a little sassy, and he plays HARD. He rules with an IRON paw and keeps rule of his 5 doggy pals that he allows to live with him. He is a joy, a love. Just a bit misunderstood in the beginning. He loves bird watching with me in the mornings, and *chirps* to the birds. He loves walking on his waves on the walls.

He makes his needs known by pestering the crap out of you, not by meows (he rarely makes a sound) but he finds ways to let you know its time to eat, or time for attention! He is one more picky eater, and prefers fresh food (duck, quail, salmon) and snubs his nose at that can and bag stuff!

The faucet is how he drinks water, his paw would be his prefered vessel. Need I say, he gets what he wants! :) He brings us joy everyday! We love him!

My Boy Karma

By: Donna M. Rayburn in Virginia Beach, VA



Karma Karma Karma Karma

I got Karma as a rescue on July 13, 2012 (Friday the 13th) that is partly why I named him Karma. He is my good Karma. He is a 14lbs. and is just about 1 1/2 years old.

He has long dense hair and is very handsome. His white "bib" is very long and especially beautiful after he is brushed which he hates. He is a good eater. : ) He meets me at the door everyday and is very verbal. In fact he will greet everyone, even strangers, at the door and is never intimidated.

He is very confident. He meows loudly at me and expects an answer back. He "trills" while walking by me a lot. He will come when called most of the time. His favorite toys are hard plastic balls with beads inside them. He chases and attacks them. He will take anyone that enters the house to his dish to show them that he needs to be fed again and if you turn your back he will steal your food. He has stolen baked ziti, bagels with (vegan) cream cheese, tortilla chips, earth balance butter, garlic bread and take out chinese food.

His hobbies are tearing up the trash, snacking on dried salmon, threatening the wildlfe from the upstairs balcony, looking in the refrigerator, sitting on top of his 6 1/2 foot condo cat tree, sleeping with me at night, sitting on anyone's lap while watching TV and chasing a laser light.

He climbed the Christmas Tree this year many times knocking it over and rearranged the ornaments several times. We are in love with him and all his quirks.


Barb: A beauty!-great name.

Bullseye Update

By: kelley in Fontana, CA


This is Bullseye - now she has grown

Bullseye Bullseye Bullseye Bullseye

Since Bullseye has been in our home completing our family she has grown to be a very beautiful cat. She is going on 8 monthes old and she is standing tall. God blessed us with her.

Bullseye sits in the window, runs around the house, she's learning how to walk with a leash, loves to ride in the car. She is growing fast and the more she grows the more we love her. Baths have become easier; as long as you put her paws in the water first she will love to take a bath. The television - well she loves the movie "Hop" and many others.

We recently found out that she is going blind but knows where everything is. She is a very smart cat. She has adapted well to her surroundings.


Anonymous: She is so cute! My MC Shea loves the movie Hop as well.

Fat Louie

By: Christina Nerlien in Saint Paul, MN


Handsome boy!!

Louie Louie Louie Louie

I am sure he's a mix - jet black but all Coonie in personality and size. He is the BEST cat I have every had.. so much we are getting another Coonie from a rescue!!

My 18 year old Boo Boo!

By: Hannah in Everett, WA

Boo Boo

Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo

Love my sweet loving dog like cat Boo Boo!! From the get go.....he seemed so very different from any other cat I've ever owned.

Always wanting to greet visitors....and if they didn't pay attention to him...he's like......WHY are you not paying attention to me......cute comimcal, smart....talkative........so social and loving!


Barb: Looks wonderful at the glorious age of 18!!

Kathy: Love Boo Boo, and it's really cool that he's 18 years old! My cat, Mandee Boo Boo is going to be 18 in August. Sure hope she makes it to then. She's not a Maine Coon though. My Maine Coons are 3 years old and 1 year old.

March Update: Boo Boo went to the Rainbow Bridge on March 29, 2013 at 18 years of age :(

Akira is From Peru

By: Jota in Peru


Akira Akira Akira Akira

Having a cat of this breed is a true blessing, helps you see life in a more simple and know you're not the center of the universe.

Is all who have a home maine can not deny it makes a perfect balance with the better lifestyle.


Barb: What a sweet and gentle and lovely face--great markings.


By: Mathew Pitman in Portsmouth, NH


Lynx Lynx Lynx Lynx

This is Lynx. She is a six year old Maine Coon that I rescued as a kitten. We live in beautiful Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Since day one, she has been one of the sweetest, funniest, and cutest cats I have ever owned. She loves to race around and play (and is even a pretty impressive gymnast at times). She wakes me up daily for breakfast, and on my lazy days around the house, she sets the schedule for the day.

She loves watching birdies outside the window on nice days, and pinning me on the couch to keep warm during the cold New England winters. She waits at he door every day, waiting to drool on my shirt and lick my nose raw with sandpaper-tongue kisses, and then shadow me the rest of the night. She really is something else!!

So hard to choose only four pictures!!


Becky: Stiff competition on this page.... But, not surprised Lynx's is a beauty!!

Anna Reed: She is adorable and sooo similiar to my little boy who is going to be 8 month old... he too greets me and today that i wasnt feeling well he laid at my feet all morning.

Don't Let This Sweet Face Fool You!

By: Deb Armella in Newburyport, MA


Reno Reno

This is Reno. He is now about 8 months old. I was told he is a Maine Coon and Persian mix. He is my spoiled little boy. Just love him so much!

He loves to talk and has many facial and verbal expressions. Not a cuddler, but pretty much is always in the same room as me and loves to "help" lol.


Kim Schieven: omg he is so adorable!

Milo - Snow Cat

By: John in Dartmouth, NS, Canada


The King

Milo Milo Milo

Milo came to us about 2.5 years ago. My daughter friend's family found a stray cat. The stray had one kitten which was Milo. Since Milo has come in to our family, it is like having a dog. He wants to know what you are doing and be with you. I was changing a headlight in the car and he came up on the engine was trying to get down by the headlight to watch.

He loves to chase the laser light around the house. In the winter, he loves to play with snowballs. We throw them and he chases them through the snow


Darla: He really does say mama

Foxy Brown Loves Attention

By: James McCormick in Garden Grove, California

Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown Foxy Brown Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown loves attention and our granddaughter loves to indulge him. Foxy was a stray but we were lucky enough that he "adopted" us.

Foxy is gentle, smart, kind, curious, and has a great sense of humor. He loves to be brushed and play with a variety of toys. Foxy likes to hang out with his best pal Fray D. Kat.

Ming and Pocat
Bird watching

Ming and Pocat

By: Todd in Kansas

3yr old sisters I adopted 2yrs ago from a shelter. Not 100% Maine Coon, they have a touch of Siamese mixed in. They have more silver/grey coloring since this pic was taken.


Todd: Thanks, I always had Siamese untill these two. Different personalities these Coonies have, so gentle and quiet they just give out little mews when the chatter at me.

Barb: What beautiful cats-lucky you!!

Jodie: What a gorgeous mix!

This is Tiesto-Kitty

By: Michelle Crawford in Clovis, CA


Tiesto-Kitty Tiesto-Kitty Tiesto-Kitty

I was on my lunch hour and decided to go to the mall. After doing a little window shopping I decided to go to the pet store. I walked in and immediately saw a small cage. In that cage was a small, very fluffy, pie-eyed kitten staring at me as if to say "Get me out of here!!!"

My heart melted instantly and without hesitation, I paid the fees to purchase her. When I was done, I realized there was one problem. I was on my lunch hour and I could not take her with me! I asked the pet store if they could just hold her until I was off work at 5 PM and I would be back right after to pick her up. Thank goodness they said yes.

I went back after work, picked her up and took her home, and she has been with me for 8 years now. I named her Tiesto-Kitty. Tiesto is the name of my favorite electronic music DJ.

I have had cats my whole life, but she is by far, the most favorite. In our household, she rules. She has her water dish in the bathroom, filled with ice cubes of course. But she prefers fresh, cold faucet water.

She is so sweet and lovable but it's on HER terms. She's not a lap cat, and she doesn't like to be held. But she loves to lay right next to me when I'm sitting on the couch. She is right next to me when I go to bed. She is relaxing on the bathroom counter when I'm taking a shower. If she comes across a closed door, she will scratch at it until it's opened. She doesn't care for closed doors.

I think she might be traumatized from being in a cage when she was a kitten. She's happy, healthy, and loves her home. I believe I was at the right place at the right time to save her from her from that cage that scared her. We were meant to be. :)


By: Shelia G. in Hathaway, LA

Our baby, Gracie, is the center of our world. She is a Maine Coon mix and she will be 1 year old on April 25th.

She loves to play fetch and chase my grandson around. She's so smart and loveable. Maine Coons rock!!!

Archie, Our Mix Coonie That's A Little Loony! ; )

By: Laura L Kamp in Moro, IL


Archie Archie Archie Archie

For starters, let me say he's a hoot! He was only 3 weeks old when my husband found him.

We live in the Midwest and out in the country. My husband always takes the back roads to and from work each day. It's about 45-50 min. ride both ways. I say ride, because he frequently rides a scooter and passes a lot of farmland in the process.

One day on his way home as he is approaching Walshville, a small village in IL, he began to slow down when he saw a small object moving in the field close by. Normally, he sees coyotes and foxes in these fields. As it starts to come closer, he sees that it's a kitten with eyes blue as the sky and covered in smut, fleas and yowling like crazy.

My husband has never liked cats, but he does respect all of God's creations, soo..... knowing he has 3 dogs at home and a wife who said she didn't want any more animals. He nervously picks up the kitten and puts him in his back-pack and rides home with him.

Archie is now 6 months old, weighs 13 lbs. and is 36 inches long. He is now in a jumbo size litter box. He has the Coon fur to the tee, as well as, the Coonieality!

He is great with the dogs, very playful and loveable. My husband loves him all the way up to the tuffs of his ears. My husband and I truly believe that St. Francis of Assisi interceded for this sweet fella!

Reese my Maine coon mix

By: Mary Wolfe in York, PA

We found our furry baby 5 years ago. He was about 10-12 days old. He was bottled fed for 6 weeks and he loved his bottle.

His favorite place is in the bath tub, he loves the water! He has 15 furry friend to play with. He weighs about 20 pounds and is very muscular.


By: Newtownabbey

He is such a cutie, we have had him from a kitten, he's coming 3 yrs and he rules the garden.


By: Liz in Greenwood, AR

I got Mikah just about a month ago from a shelter. She is 3 years old. I'm not sure if she's a Maine Coon, but she's very sweet.

She is timid, and spends most her time under my bed. I wonder if she's had some past abuse. She'll usually come out from under the bed for me & purr & roll over so I can scratch her belly.

She weighed 20lbs when I got her. I took her to the vet & she put her on a diet, so she's 16.5 now. She's so precious. I've wanted a Maine Coon my whole life!


Sandy: I am so glad she has a wonderful new loving home, who in there right mind would give this beautiful wonderful friend to an rescue.. You are a lucky new owner.. a life time friend.. People just don't understand that they are not disposable I guess.. Thank you for saving Mikah!

Barb: Mikah's a beauty!

Gremlin & Patch

By: Nichole S. in Moncks Corner, Sc. USA


Gremlin - Ready for Christmas

Gremlin Gremlin

Gremlin is 5 years old and loves to play with his sisters (cats) and brother (dog).

He is very vocal he will talk your ear off. He will come and sit on whatever you are reading if you don't pay attention to him.

He weighs 33 pounds and swear he is still gaining but vet said no.


Patch is 7 years old. She loves to play in water. She will splash the water out of her water bowl and flood the floor.

She demands that you turn on the faucet so she can drink out of it. She won't leave you alone until you do. Patch is my first Coon and I fell in love with this breed because of her. I now have two Coons.

Patch is 25 pounds and very active but her brother Gremlin loves to chase her and boss her around.

Eli, the Big Guy!

By: LoisAnne Graff in Wantagh, NY

You featured Eli last April when he was a baby. He's now a year old and the absolute love of my life.

Eli is a mix, daddy was a Coonie and mamma was Tortie so consequently he has some black whiskers and freckles.

But he definitely has the Coonie personality and too smart for his own good. He was there for me when I lost my two older cats within a few days of each other last year.

We also have an 8month old hound puppy who he aides and abets. Definitely my sweet boy!


By: Cindy in Simi Valley, CA


At Two Years

Morgan Morgan Morgan Morgan

Morgan will be 3 years on March 4Th. He was purchased as a kitten; However, he came home with very dirty ears and after several months of trying to figure out why his ears kept producing this black wax and debris it was finally discovered he had an ear polyp... After many tests and much money he was able to have the ear polyp removed and now he is doing great.

Because he was so sick as a kitten he is verrrrrrry bonded to me. This kitty is so special and is verrrry loved!!!


Barb: Morgan is gorgeous!

Meet Atticus Finch!

By: Heather in State College, PA, United States

Atticus Finch
Meet Atticus Finch

I wasn't looking to add a cat to my furry family nine years ago ... but then I walked into the office, saw what looked like a baby lion walking across a coworker's desk, dropped my armload of bags to the floor, and announced, "I want that cat."

My coworker had adopted the kitten from another coworker (who had rescued the mom when she was pregnant) and was going to make the kitten a barn cat.

I said, "That's no barn cat!" And the rest is history. I love my chatty, bratty, snuggly, cuddly Atticus Finchy Finch. :-)


Helen: Beautiful cat, GREAT NAME!!!! One of my favorite characters in movie and book. Is he as noble as his namesake?

Kelly: You boy is beautiful. He looks EXACTLY like my kitty, Bubbycat, whom I lost to kidney failure three weeks ago. Cherish him. I miss my my boy so much.

Rick: Coonies have a proud history as barn cats! Working cats, not the pampered pusses of today! Can't imagine the mat in their fur! lol

Kim Schieven: That is no barn cat for sure. Looks just like my Cappu"chino" and similar traits. Adds so much fun to my days. Love the name Atticus Finch.

Nickie the Cat

By: Helen in Yankeetown, FL


Nickie Nickie

Shortly after Christmas Nickie wandered up to my screen porch as a friend was leaving. The friend reached down and petted him and he wiggled right past the door.

And need I add, stayed. Had two rescue dogs at the time, Boogie Bear and Elvis is Alive (Yorkie mixes) and they checked him out and he did the same and moved in. He sleeps on the table while I type on the computer, fetches balls and drops them in my hand. His favorite toy is a fishing pole with a pink and white tail on it. He has left it in the bathroom so I can play with him while sitting on the throne.

Had to put my little Elvis to sleep a few weeks later and we all were affected, but we have bounced back somewhat.

Nickie and Boogie play and romp just like two doggies playing until Nick tries to hold on.

He is learning things like a kitten would and with his big feet, and looking just like a Maine Coon Cat, think he's about half the age the vet guesstimated of 1 year. He opens all my kitchen cabinet doors on the floor level, drags his water dish around and greets me when I come home.

Every once in awhile I thought I heard a bird in the house. Finally discovered I wasn't losing my mind, it was Nickie chirping because he wanted me to open the door with the water heater behind it. Let him in there, he inspected it and haven't heard him chirp since, but fully expect it when he really wants to do something else.

Frankie is christened as Kittu!

By: Sindhuja Xavier in San Francisco, US


He sticks around his doll.

Kittu Kittu Kittu Kittu

I was not a cat person until we had Kittu. Kittu is 4 years old and he is such a poser! I have umpteen photos of him, and he looks adorable in every gesture of his.

His precious face is a mix of innocence, naughtiness, and curiousness. We assume he is a tuxedo Maine Coon.

He is very curious, loves to stare outside from the window gaps, likes to sunbathe and loves cat treats. He wakes us up in the mornings and follows us throughout the house.


Xavier M: Really he looks boss

Princess: That was so sweet sindhu love your cat. I too am not attached to cats, I love dogs but your cat is really something - it looks like a doll. Nice photos - he looks so royal like he has an attitude.

Amal J Mathew: He looks awesome... But not a pure Maine Coon...


By: Tina in Kansas


Baby Baby

I adopted my girl from a local vet office about 12 years ago. She was a stray who was thought to be about a year old.

She came home with me on a Friday afternoon for a weekend trial basis. I didn't know what to call her and she was so small, so I called her "baby" (I didn't want to give her a name in case she didn't settle in and I had to take her back).

By Friday night, she was settled in and answering to her "new" name. So, Baby it was. She is my absolute heart and is a definite "momma's girl".


Stacey: Baby looks like my kitty boo, he's a chantilly/Tiffany. Yours seems to have the traits. Google cats 101 on animal planet and look up Tiffany/chant illy breed.

Meet TinTin our Maine Coon Mix

By: Kym in Welsh, LA


On her way

TinTin TinTin TinTin

We just adopted TinTin on January 31, 2013. A few years ago a friend of mine adopted two Maine Coon cats and he was showing me pictures of them.

Up until this time I had never heard of the breed. Upon seeing the pictures I fell in love with them and have been wanting one ever since. I subscribed to different websites and every once in awhile I would search for available cats in my area.

We live down in Louisiana and it seems there aren't a lot out for adoption. We all know adopting a new pet is more than just bringing it home, they require a lot of time, energy, attention and love. Our home has been very busy over the years and it just wasn't the right time to bring one home furever.

Well, one night I was still awake at 1am browing the internet and came across another Maine Coon Group, I subscribed to it, as I have been doing through the years and the next day when I was checking my email, there was a letter sent out to the group about a cat needing to be rehomed.

As soon as I saw her picture, I knew, I knew she belonged with us. I immediately sent a reply letter and the owner quickly contacted me. They lived six hours away from us so trying to figure out how to get her here was a little tricky. The owner and I talked several times on the phone and through text.

At first we both agreed that if someone closer to her wanted to adopt TinTin she would look into it, but we quickly became to realize that TinTin belonged with us. On the second day of talking, we agreed that we would both make the 3½ hour trip to meet halfway. We were able to do that 4 days later, which was this past Wednesday.

She told me how TinTin was shy and that it might take some time for her to warm up to us, but I had a feeling about her. As soon as we got her, I promise, it was as if she had been with us since birth.

She has completely taken over our home, well I should say her home and lets us know exactly what she wants. From the first day she was in our laps and letting us hold her. We are so blessed to have the beautiful addition to our family.


Jane B: What a gorgeous face. I love her green eyes!

Barb: How handsome TinTin is.

My Best Friend Gi-Gi

By: Medi Aramovich in Overland Park Kansas


Her favorite place to be!

Gi-Gi Gi-Gi Gi-Gi Gi-Gi

Gi-Gi is a very funny cat! She is probably the most narcissistic and demanding cat I have ever seen and she is very proud of it too!

She believes she is way too good to drink out of the same water bowl as the dog and our gray tabby Pablo. Instead of the water bowl, she gets all her water from the sink and she is not afraid to scratch on your door in the middle of the night when she wants water!

The sink is also where she does all her grooming. She is very obsessed with her gorgeous mane and cleans it all the time because she thinks she is the most gorgeuos cat ever!

Gi-Gi has such a funny personality and even though sometimes she wakes me up in the middle of the night I can't turn her down because she is so cute! Gi-Gi also has very impressive whiskers, her longest one reaching almost 8 inches!

Despite her demanding personality, she is one of the most aware and compassionate cats ever. I recall one day that was so bad I was in tears and she came up to me and wiped my tears away with her fur.

She also enjoys bolting through the house to get attention. Gi-Gi is also a very vocal cat! She meows all the time and it is very loud! Gi-Gi is my best friend and her fun loving personality keeps me on my toes!


By: Kris in Strasburg, VA


Oliver Oliver Oliver Oliver

Oliver is a fiesty, but loving cat.

As soon as I sit down he is up on my lap looking for attention.

When I'm walking around my apartment he is usually biting at my ankles, not sure why, but he loves to do that!

He's so snuggly and will get up on my lap as soon as I sit down. He'd camp out there all night if I let him. When I'm walking around my apartment he thinks my ankles are cat toys and he bites at them! He's such a sweetheart.


Eleanor: Oh my! He looks just like OUR Ollie! Beautiful!

Barb: Oliver is beautiful!

Kat Waiting For The New Year


Kat Kat

Kat is a 17 year old Maine Coon and is beautiful.


Patty: She sure doesn't look 17, very healthy looking cat!

Lisa: oh shes a cutie!


By: Jen in Ashfield, PA

Stanley came to us in late November 2012...he was "free to a good home" from my future daughter in law, Melissa's, family.

I didn't know his parentage, was just looking for a kitten to be a part of our family..Melissa filled me in on the "little monster"....he was the biggest of the litter and was only 4 months old when he arrived home!

The picture attached is then...he is now reaching 7 months,,,what a FUN cat he is..he weighed in at 11 pounds on 1-21-13 when he was nuetered.

Stanley talks and talks,,,so vocal. he is the most playful cat I ever had.


The Lion Hearted Butler!

By: Stephanie Norris in Powell River B.C. Canada

Orphaned at 3 days old, Butler grew to 23 pounds of power and pretty!


By: Kenneth Huff in Universal City, TX

Her Dad was a Maine Coon and all of the Maine Coon Traits come out in her.

She talks to us all the time and she has to follow us around the house wherever we go.


By: Kseniya in Oakville, Ontario


Koksyk Koksyk Koksyk Koksyk


Koksyk Koksyk Koksyk Koksyk

Give me paw trick

Koksyk is a six year old cat. He knows tricks like sit, stay, come, and my fave, give me your paw. He will follow you anywhere you walk,like the local mall, or the dog park.

He is very sweet and outgoing, and he bonds with one specific person who he greets from school everyday and walks her to the bus.

We got him for free because he urgently needed to be adopted or he would be put-down because the people said they had enough of Maine Coons.....idiots


Lawana P: Had enough of Maine Coons?! One of God's most beautiful creatures? I love cats, don't have a Coon, have 2 cats though, love them more than things.

Barb: Koksyk is beautiful!-love his positions.

Patty: What a beautiful cat, lucky for her you got him. I see that she likes to climb like all cats but I'm affraid to let my Maine Coon climb a tree outside he may not be able to get down. I have condos for him (Sid) but can never find one high enough for him to climb on. Is there any pet store that carries condos for large cats?

Andrew Lawton: Seriously, how could anyone say that they've had enough of a Maine Coon. The intelligence, and love from one of these special cats is something that should be appreciated and cherished. I am so glad he has a great forever home.

Meet Bernard!

By: Brittany Lloyd in Canton, Pa, USA


Bernard Bernard Bernard

This is my Maine Coon Bernard Focker <3 He is my everything! He is about 5 years old. I got him on Mother's Day!

My family and I call him "Bernie," but he's my baby so I call him "Babies" <3


By: Selena in Medford, NJ


Cleo as a kitten

Cleo Cleo Cleo Cleo

We rescued Cleo when he was about one month old. He definitely looked like he had Maine Coon traits; now we are sure he has at least half Maine Coon blood in him. He has such a big personality, we laugh out loud with him every day at his goofy antics.

Whether its another Maine Coon trait or not, as we had a roommate mate 2 Maine Coons before we moved and got Cleo, or if its because he was so young when we rescued him, he has one thing he cant live without.

A blanket that we cannot wash since he has imprinted on it when he was just a baby. Just like the two maine coon mixes we knew before him, he suckles on this blanket everyday almost like he is nursing. It seems like it really relaxes his hyper personality and since he isnt a "lap cat" we get to pet him quite a lot, its almost like he is in a trance. Cleo has really made our little family very happy.


Daniella & ModdyCat: How BEAUTIFUL Cleo is! A true looking feline. His long face is very Sphinx-like. No WONDER the Egyptians worshipped felines!!



By: Sally van Kuik in Jenison, MI

He's playful, funny and interacts with our other cats very nicely.


By: Autumn in Courtland, CA

Karl is 4 years old. We got him as a kitten on Craigslist, not knowing he was a Maine Coon.

Last time we checked, he weighed 13 pounds!

We don't know for sure that he is a Maine Coon, but he has all of the physical traits and is also very talkative!

Darling Diva

By: Shari Harper in Spokane, Washington
Our Diva

We got Diva through a friend who heard we were looking for another cat. When we first brought her home our other two cats were terrified of her due to her size.

She is three years old, weighs 23 pounds and is now 36 inches long. She has grown two inches since we got her.

We dearly love Diva. My hubby is the one who calls her Darling Diva. She loves to go racing through the house with a younger kitten we now have.

We love our big girl!

Our Maine coon Rory ;-)

By: Shirley Vyse in Dudley. West Mids

My Maine Coon Rory born July 2012

(Note from editor: Shirley, your pictures didn't come through - This happens when they are large files, meaning high quality photos. There are tips here for editing photos for the web, if you'd like to try again. I've also sent you an email.)

Comet (aka "Bubba")

By: Patty in Bellingham, WA, USA


Handsome Comet (Bubba)

Bubba Bubba Bubba Bubba

Bubba was in a cage when I walked in the alternative Humane Society kitty room. He turned upside down, stuck up his paw and was obviously showing off for me. He was so silver! He had 3 brothers and 1 sister (she was literally the runt of the litter). I was there for a female kitty. Hmm. I couldn't take my eyes off of this little ham.

Comet and his sister Hailey (aka "Girl") are 12 years old now. They are wonderful kitties! She followed him around as he taught her EVERYTHING when they were just kittens. She is still sweet and shy and he is still a fluffy king of hearts.

Charlie Boy

By: Tracey Efthimiadis in Deal, Kent
Charlie Boy

This is Charlie Boy - we have had him from birth as we also have Charlie's mum Phoebe.

We think he is half Coon as his father was a huge fluffy cat with a big mane.

Charlie is an amazing cat unlike any I have owned before.


Carla: He is handsome. He looks just like my boy Phoenix. Could be twins!

Sylvia: Charlie is Beautiful! He is definately part Maine Coon..he has huge paws and has the beautiful look of a Maine Coon! Lucky You!!


By: Kari Helgeson in Montana


Milo Milo Milo

This is Milo, and he is four years old. He was adopted from an animal shelter in Missoula, Montana, and has been in our home ever since.

When he is not busy sleeping, he is usually found running around the house or snuggling up to me in bed. He has such a personality; and my mom is convinced that he can say "mama" when she holds the gallon of milk in front of him in the mornings before she gives him some.

Harley and Hanna

By: Cheryl in San Diego, CA
Harley and Hanna

We had lost our 14 year old cat, Mickey, and I thought it might take a while before we were ready for another.

Something told me that we had so much love to give another kitty and so we went to Helen Woodward in San Diego to find another kitten. They are a no kill shelter and are a wonderful organization.

We got really lucky because Nice as he was then named had had a respiratory issue and not put out with other kitties until that day. It was fate!

We knew we love Maine Coons because Mickey was a coonie mix. Harley quickly adapted to our household and shortly after I was ready for a girl. Hanna was a rescue kitty and is our beautiful girl. We recently added another kitten, a ragdoll, and our babies really love her.


By: Emily in Adams, TN, USA


Desi Desi Desi

I adopted Desi 5 months ago. He's 6 months old and weighs 10.6 pounds. As you can tell, he's a BIG boy.

He has huge paws that look like paddles when he stretches them out, strong build with a super silky coat, a long, fluffy tail, tufts between his pads and in his ears, which are slightly tipped. He has a VERY expressive face, and is goofy with the sweetest temperament.

Probably the most easygoing cat I've had. He's very much like our Golden Retriever that passed away not too long ago. He follows me around everywhere, constantly wanting to "help."

We adopted his sister, Lucy, as well. She is a short haired Torbie who weighs 7 pounds, so around average. He's the only one from the litter who looks this way, so we're thinking there were different dads.

I know the odds of him having some Maine Coon in him are slim, but he just has so many of the traits! Whatever he is, we love this goofball just the same!
*He is 5 months in the last photo

My little 4-legged "daughter" Tidbit

By: Richard Cancellieri in Asheville, NC, USA

Tidbit is a 4y/o Maine Coon cat. Possibly a mix not sure. She definitely has a distinct personality all her own. But then both my cats do. The other is a tabby. (What is a tabby anyway?)

Tidbit likes to think she is the dominant one of the two. They love to play fight. Each one is equally guilty of starting up with the other. She is very affectionate and takes great pride in "griming" me (Richard). Very intelligent and aware of her surroundings, she can be sneaky at times.

Loves all kinds of playtoys. You should see her with a laser pointer. I think its the cutest thing to see her sing for her supper. She loves it. I cannot get enough of her.

Sawyer & Manny

By: Sheila in Maine

Sawyer has quite the personality, he is fiercely loyal, he will talk your ear off, very mischievous and loves to play and entertain.

I got Sawyer from a shelter in 2009 when he was 8 weeks old.


Manny is a Maine Coon\Norwegian Forest Cat mix. I got him in 2011 from a shelter when he was 13 mos old.

He is very loving and cuddly, he purrs loudly all day long! He has very distinct traits of both breeds but the Maine Coon is definitely dominant, especially since he has a 3yr old full Maine Coon brother Sawyer.

Aquila 'Cattery Matanny'

Aquila was born on 14.09.2012 in 'Cattery Matanny' in Terneuzen. He is a Black and White male with semi-long hair. His brothers are Djamo and Eros and have lived with us since 16/12/2012.

(Note from editor: Hi, your pictures didn't come through - This happens when they are large files, meaning high quality photos. There are tips on our Contact Page for editing photos for the web, if you'd like to try again. Since you didn't leave an email address, I was unable to let you know.)

My Coon Cat Penny

By: Karen in Corona, CA


Penny Penny

My kitty was a rescue from a store parking lot! A good samariton had seen 4 kittens running in and out of car traffic and rounded them up and stayed at the store until they had all been adopted!

I just fell in love with her, but had never met a cat like her! She grew SO big! Much larger then our other little cat. She isn't over weight she is large all over, she is so funny!

She has to be part of everything going on, she is very quick to get in on conversations, getting louder and louder if you ignore her! She is very demanding of attention, but so loveable!

Additional Info:

I posted about my kitty Penny but the picture didn't go through! She was a rescue from a big store parking lot. A good Samaritan had seen 4 kittens running in and out of cars and was able to round them up and put them in a box.

He stayed with them until they could all find new homes! I chose the last female of the group, and named her Penny. I have always wondered about her breed as she is very different then any cat I have ever owned! First she is huge!! Not fat, just huge!

She has a huge mane around her neck, and is such a friendly kitty. She has to be part of every conversation, when friends come to visit, she doesn't run and hide like our other cat does, she is right in the middle!she tries to speak as we do and if we don't pay attention to her she gets louder and louder!

She wants so much affection but on her terms, we can't pick her up she has to come to me and jump in my lap!


Laura: She looks very much like a Maine Coon cat to me! Probably a nice mix! Beautiful.


By: Vickie in Kennewick, WA, US


Kaze Kaze Kaze Kaze

I'm pretty sure that my kitty is a Maine Coon. He is about 9 months old and already as big or bigger than my son female Coon. If like you say, it takes 3 to 4 years for them to reach full size, then he will be a big boy.

He appears from your descriptions to be a smoky black. Has a lot of personality and very loving. Likes to follow me around the house, has to flop down where ever I am. He comes in a night and snuggles up next to me by my pillow or chase my wiggling toes around. He laid claim to my little beany baby chihuahua. Picks him up and carries him around the house, as well as a little sock monkey.

Loves to play with the toy catnip mice too. He doesn't care to much for bath time, will not put up a big fight. His meow can be real loud when he wants attention. If he wants attention he will come up under my desk, climb up on my foot stool and then my lap, he pokes his head out from under the desk and meows.

I've only got him from Catopia, a cat rescue group six months ago, but he has become the joy of my life.


By: Ocea-Marie Hughes in the U.S.
My fuzzy wuzzy

she is 9 years old
I named her Pebbles because she has different colors
she comes to you when you snap your fingers
she LOVES tuna
she likes to hide
she was a stray but we took her in
she LOVES purina cat food
she has white feet
she is fat
she is very unique
she likes to sleep
I have had her since I was 2 and she was 2
she is not a very good dancer
she likes milk
when she drinks milk, she makes a weird noise

Misc. Comments:

Diane: All of them - You got to love them all

Nancy: (Comment for 'both': "Look more like Ragdolls"

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