Fall Photos 2011

Sassy the Princess!

by Debbi Sears
(Peoria, Il, USA)
Sassy was adopted from the local kennel when she was 8 months old. At the time, she was very ill and required several visits to the vet before she could even get her shots.

She was advertised at the kennel as being a "medium hair domestic tiger cat" and she weighed 4 lbs at adoption.

Now, at two years, she is around 14 lbs and gorgeous!

Sassy is precious
by: Sharon

What a lucky girl to have such a wonderful rescuer. She looks forever happy!

I'm King of the Fall in SoCal

by Angela
(Dana Point, CA)

purebred silver male maine coon

My purebred Maine Coon, Silver, in his favorite spot on the deck, looking like he owns the place. And he does!!!

Beautiful cat!
by: Anonymous

I love the expression on his face! Move me at your own risk!

by: Sharon

He's a beauty!


by Jennifer

two cute kittens

My kittens love to be together and love to be wherever I am. They like having their pictures taken and pose often. They love to be petted and you can hear their motors running. On this day I was looking for a job online but didn't get very far because they were in front of the screen.

The sisters are very sweet!
by: Sharon

I bet they chase the cursor on the screen too, and lie on the keyboard and kiss you when you are trying to work!


by r.guidi

twinkle the rescue cat

Twinkle is from a local shelter. She was abandoned by her previous owners, having been left behind when they moved.

Fortunately she was found and now has a caring family who happily spoils her.

Update From Twinkle - 10/30/11

Twinkle loves to "stalk" us by lying in wait , then jumping out at us, stopping just short with her "attack".

by: Sharon

.. is well-deservedly spoiled. Look at her enjoying her toys!

Chloe Looking for a treat

by Jason
(Melbourne, Australia)

pure white maine coon

I was walking into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and felt someone watching me, as I turned around I saw Chloe poke her head out.

She was looking for a treat. She is quite the character.

by: Sharon

They are so funny, they know they're doing wrong, but they can't help themselves, I know all too well. She is lovely!


by Donna
(Racine, Wisconsin)

calico maine coon

She just loves watching the water in the bathtub.

by: Sharon

Lovely markings and look at those Lynx tips!

Sir Fuzzy Lumpkins of Jo Curled

by Melissa Taylor
(Alpine, WY, USA)

gray/white maine coon

FuzzJo has lots of character and this is one of the pictures that describes him to a tee.

He is curled up in his cuddle cup that he loves. He's just a big ball of fluff and puff and full of love.

by: Sharon

Beautiful, love the artsy photo.

What a Lovely Photo!
by: Jessy

Looks really sweet.

Miss Tali.. the curious one!

by Sanya
(Northern Ireland)

female black maine coon kitten

on mummy's bed

Tali. Mummy's little curious girl. Sleeps wherever she wants. Is playful and just a joy to have her!

When one is as beautiful as our little Tali, it's hard to pick just one photo! <3 Getting into mischief (though cute), sleeping in odd places, playing, just being a beautiful cat and a simple joy to have.

cutie pie!
by: Tabby

She's so cute!

Amazing kitties
by: Shirley

We hope you enjoy "Miss Tali" as much as we
are enjoying our "Mandy". She is pure delight
and never ceases to amaze us.

Tali is a sweetie pie
by: Sharon

Love the full front pic especially, she's a beauty! They are such a joy.


by Jennifer
(Manteca, CA, USA)

cooter the maine coon manx mix

Cooter is a maine coon/manx, because she has no tail she sometimes looks like she could be part rabbit.

She loves to wake us up early in the morning by bringing us "presents" of crumpled paper and "singing" VERY loudly.

She is the silliest kitty I have ever met!

by: Sharon

What an interesting combination Coon/Manx. I bet she brings much joy to your lives!


by Joy

muska silver tortie purebred maine coon

Muska is a two year old blue tortoiseshell tabby and white Maine Coon. She is very gentle and loving.

by: Sharon

Love the Silvers and Blues, she is gorgeous!

(Little) Marley

by Joy

silver tabby white purebred maine coon kitten

Marley is a 4 month old red silver blotched tabby and white Maine Coon, he is very affectionate so when I go out I leave a teddy to cuddle.

by: Sharon

He looks like a cuddle bug and I LOVE his name. My Marley boy is currently the thumbnail pic in the Fall Photo Contest.


by Shannon
(Lisle, IL)

travis the brown tabby maine coon

Travis killing a carrot

don't take my toy
by: Jason

Looks very cute...yet angry at his toy...:-)

You go Travis
by: Sharon

Get that carrot. Too funny. He is darling.

Must Be An Angel....

by Sue Fernando
(New York City)

male maine coon

Mickey is perfectly comfortable accepting the fact that he must be worshiped by us mere mortals.

by: Sharon

Sweetie Pie .. watch out for those candle though, I have first had experience with seared coon tails; all my candles are in DEEP jars now!

by: Anonymous

Mickey is so beautiful!

Boris, the White Tornado

by Kathy Nelton
(Leslie, mi USA)

little white maine coon kitten

Boris the White Tornado
Boris is a whirlwind of non-stop activity.For a brief moment he stopped long enough for me to snap this photo.

by: Joy

He is beautiful, I hope you have many happy times with him

by: Sharon

and what a great picture it is! He is just beautiful!


maine coon belly up

Our Maine Coon Nicky, chillin and relaxin!!

Nicky upside down boy
by: Sharon

Oh, this is so classic. All my boys do this, it is just too funny. I am sure he brings much joy to your life and you to his.

Celebrating Fall

by Wendy
(Easton, PA)

lily white maine coon

Lily is so laid back, we could probably fully costume her without her moving :) She just loves the attention.

She is just lovely!
by: Sharon

Love this pic, very festive.

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