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LeeLoo and Tidus!!

by Stephanie Shae McMillan

two maine coon cats on top of cat tree togetherTidus and LeeLoo sharing the big cat tower
two maine coon cats looking upTidus and LeeLoo posing for a picture. We don't often get them sitting so nicely like this.
silver maine coon in a pedestal sinkTidus hanging out in the sink. Lol! He thinks it was made for him
torbie with white maine coon girl upside downLeeLoo performing for her photoshoot! Silly girl. haha!

I just joined Maine Coon Cat Nation and wanted to share our sweet girl, LeeLoo, and our handsome boy, Tidus.

LeeLoo is a two-year-old black silver torbie and white gorgeous girl with lots of spunk, energy, and loads of charm!

She is our precious girlie girl who loves spending time with us and being loved on.

Tidus just turned a year old, today, and is a handsome silver ticked tabby and white big boy!

He is a fiercely playful toy attacker who loves being my little entourage around the house as he supervises all of my daily tasks.

Both of our sweet MC kitties bring our family so much love and joy each day!

Tidus' birthday is 12/6/21 and LeeLoo's is 10/18/20. We are so in love with their sweet, unique personalities!

Think I need a bigger bed..

by Linda
(Tenants Harbor ME)

fluffy black smoke cat with a remote control on his belly
black smoke maine coon cat spilling out of a small cat bed

Poe joined our family in April. He got kicked out of college and ended up on the streets of Brunswick, Maine before being turned into a shelter.

He fell in love at first sight with 'mom', spent his first month in his own room before exploring the big old house and his doggy siblings.

He and his Keeshond brother Maestro are best friends now.


by Pam Cook

beautiful silver female maine coon cat

Sadie is 4 years old Maine Coon and she is completely spoiled.

She is more quirky than any other cat we have had. She has a certain meow that announces when she is going to drink water and when she is going to the litter box.

Chicken that is roasted is her favorite food. She absolutely goes crazy meowing until I give a few bites. If I bring in store bought roasted chicken she knows as soon as I enter the house.

Some Coons trill more than others but Sadie constantly does. I love it.


by: Pam Cook
Sadie is a silver tabby I believe. We got her from Kanu Coons in Alabama. It seems to me that girls are just a little more independent than the boys, but so sweet and gentle.

We had a male Maine Coon , Samson that passed in July. Boys are so goofy and entertaining. We miss him so much. There is no other breed for me.

Sadie is Gorgeous
Thanks for sharing. Sadie is beautiful
and I love her attitude. I just got a new Maine Coon male kitten. He loves chicken too. He is also much more vocal than my Ragdoll.

What Type
by: Russ
I'm looking to get my first Maine Coon and she's beautiful. What type is she, and do you have info on where you got her?

Blaze the Magnificent

by Julie Koester
(Franklin, MA)

bright red maine coon cat on black background
ginger maine coon cat on bed
red maine coon cat flopped on kitchen chair

Blaze is a feisty, playful, big boy who loves to be around his humans.

He especially loves his daddy who he follows around like a puppy dog. He greets us at the door when we come home and likes to "wax" the table after we clean it.

He loves his food and treats. He loves to play with with water.


handsome brown coonie

Big gentle giant

Sweetest Girl

by Julie Koester
(Franklin, MA)

silver maine coon girl reaching through railing
lovely purebred female silver tabby maine coon cat
silver female maine coon with large fluffy ruff

Willow is a super sweet 2.5 years young coon.

She is so gentle when we play regardless of the damage she can do with those huge paws. She loves to snuggle.

She is so graceful, playful, and will jump inside a box the second it hits the floor. With her curious nature there is nothing off limits to this girl.

Jack enjoying the fall leaves

by Robert M Guzman
(Kent, NY)

maine coon cat in a harness laying on a pile of fall leavesEnjoying the Fall leaves
tabby with white maine coon face
tabby with white maine coon kitten on man's lapBaby Jack

Jack is about three and a half years old and loves to go for walks outside. Jack was born in Maine and now lives in New York State.


by Martin
(Costa Rica, San Jose)

big maine coon on desk with man in background

Royce is a male (neutered) Coon. At 20 months, he weighs almost 17 pounds - I actually keep a detailed record of his growth (see table).

As per the breeder, he is of Ukranian descent, with pretty large parents. I wonder if anyone here would be able to tell how big he can eventually get by age 4?

Royce spends the days outdoors (gated community) and does a lot of hunting (mice, voles, bats, birds, lizards) - we keep him indoors during the night, though we do let him wander one or two nights a month, he loves it.

young maine coons growth chart
handsome brown tabby maine coon boy sitting under a bush in the grass

US* YellowstoneCoon Lawless Angel 'Coyote'

by Jessica Zerr
(Sinking Spring, PA USA)

gorgeous purebred maine coon catUS* YellowstoneCoon Lawless Angel 'Coyote'

He is a High Blue Smoke, but is quite different for this color in the Maine Coons!

We are a small family cattery registered with TICA in Pennsylvania, USA. Our Maine Coon kittens are our pride, including their health, and each one is truly spoiled and loved while being raised here in our home.

Each of our breeding cats have Optimal Selection DNA testing done and are N/N (clear) for HCM, SMA, PKD, PKDeF, Negative for FIV / FeLV, seen for Hips and Heart Echocardiograms done and are Normal.
πŸ’› https://www.facebook.com/YLLWSTNCN

Featured Page on MCCN

Maine Coone Gardening

by Elizabeth Duncan
(Las Vegas NV)

brown tabby maine coon sitting in a peace lily plantGardening
small coon kitten curled up on a keyboardOffice work
fluffy maine coon kitten standing in front of a computerStretching after a long nap
small brown maine coon cat with big ear tuftsDownright handsome

Barron is 12 weeks old and full of energy. He is a pure breed Maine Coone tabby. He loves to cause mischief and mayhem while keeping older "sister" Summer on her toes.

He always settles down for a long nap besides his mommy while she works from home. My first Maine Coone has added so much joy and laughter to my life.


by: Karen
What a cutie, makes me want to hug him!

My Big and Fluffy Kitten

by Michelle

big brown maine coon cat stretched out in womans arms5 months old and he’s giant!
brown maine coon with striking markings looking out windowGuard kitty

Please meet Falkor! He is a 5 month old kitty and he is growing fast!

He loves to wrestle with our other cats and dogs, especially our chihuahua since he already outweighs her!

handsome purebred brown tabby maine coon cat posingSleepy kitty
small maine coon kitten with big ear tuftsFalkor at the vet


by Sandy
(Picayune, MS, Pearl River)

fluffy van colored cat laying belly upTink relaxing
fluffy white and tabby cat sitting on an end table under lamplightTink posing
fuzzy white and tabby cat laying belly up and curled up

12 year old Main Coon. Rescued at 3 yrs. Full of energy.

Loves being rubbed on belly. Likes small toys like toothpaste caps.

Follows me everywhere. Loves being in open windows.

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