Fall 2021 Album

Our Fall Photo Album is here! It's Autumn, and Cecil, BB, Lexi, Spanky, Calvin, Frogwog, Alani and more are here to shine!

maine coon christmas gifts
maine coon christmas gifts

collage of many beautiful maine coon catsFall 2021 Photo Album

Centauri Blu

by Denny
(Jenison, MiI)

stunning silver maine coon cat meowing on top of fridge

He is just a big baby boy, love his morning massage and treats, always greets us at the door. He is a fast learner. He rolls over, does the high five, shakes hands, and comes when you whistle. He is just a great little friend.


by Claire

beautiful tabby and white maine coon in cat bed

Our one-year-old is our interior un-decorater. She knocks everything she wishes off her perch, be it a counter, stair, or spoon rack, if she finds it less than desirable.

female white and brown maine coon drinking from sink faucet
fluffy purebred tabby with white maine coon cat
gorgeous tabby with white purebred maine coon face closeup

Valences and wall hangings are included in these choices, as well as extra-long branches of my favorite delicate fern.

Garbage pails are much prettier when contents are emptied and scattered on the floor. Her water fountain looks best when columns are knocked out of kilter.

Lexie chirps us awake at 5 or 5:30 AM, which is midday for her and time for breakfast, which she ignores until she has completed her zoom class, lasting a couple of minutes and includes knocking into walls or area rugs or toys.

Otherwise she is a funny and chatty little girl who must always be nearby or greeting us when we return. She is teaching us how to speak cat.

Cozi Cat

by Victoria Davis
(East Wenatchee WA)

fluffy calico kitty belly up
calico maine coon girl posing for camera
calico maine coon laying on her back

Cozi, short for Cozette, had me at “mew”♥️ When we first met, she was the runt. Now she’s grown into a steady 15 lbs. Not overweight at all, just a big girl!

Her favorite pastime is sleeping with all “four paws” (my mom called her this) up, keeping an eye open to chatter at every bird that comes along.


by Janice

medium haired black kitty laying outdoors
soft black cat laying on picnic table

I got Spanky my Maine Coon mix from Richmond Animal League when he was 3 months old. (Born 5/15/17).

He is a loving cuddle bug, funny, friendly to all who come to the home & loves his Torbie sister Abby.

Now at 4 years old he's 15.9 lbs even though we watch his diet. Looks like he'll be a big boy.

Calvin the King with many Thrones

by Carolyn Williams
(Baltimore, MD)

brown tabby feline lounging on red armchairThe king on his throne
handsome brown tabby kitty in wooden bowl on tableCalvin has taken over the turtle bowl

Calvin is our 10 year old Maine Coon Rescue. We have no idea how he came to be abandoned (at about 10 months), but consider ourselves more than lucky that he entered our lives.

two brown kitties on a bedSitting on their tuffets during evening TV
fluffy kitty stretched out on wicker chairCalvin trying hard to relax

He lives with us and his Brother-by-another-Mother Hobbes, who is a sweet rescue tabby. Calvin and Hobbes are besties.

Calvin is, of course, the King of the house and totally in charge. Because of his regal bearing, whatever chair he sits in becomes a throne.

He has trained us to feed him small meals 5 times a day, which we do because he is a total foodie and Hobbes is not, so if we fed them larger amounts less frequently, he eats everything Hobbes leaves and would gain a ton! He is a smart cat, and loves to stay entertained.

Because he is so food-motivated, he has learned quite a few tricks including sitting on command, fetching, ringing a bell, jumping through hoops, and giving High-Fives and 10s.

He, of course, has trained us to do whatever he wants us to do as well. Calvin is a typical larger-than-life Maine Coon, and we can't imagine life without him.

Poco Celebrates Oktoberfest

by Pam

ginger maine coon cat dressed up for oktoberfest posing with beersPoco Taz celebrates Oktoberfest

Poco enjoys celebrating holidays with his family.

Handsome Boy!
by: Carrie (MCCN)
Hi Pam,
Poco has grown into such a handsome dude! I still remember his baby picture - it was one of my favorites 😊 Thanks for the update!


by Jane Eagle
(Kaukapakapa NZ)

handsome silver maine coon posing with paws crossed

Frogwog is almost six years old and is my baby.


by Cristen Bielat
(Chicago IL)

female red maine coon posing with paws crossed
female ginger kitty sitting in cat hideaway
red maine coon kitty going for car ride
ginger female cat curled up on bed with lion cute

This is Alani! She’s a 4 year old Maine Coon.

Sleeping, eating, chirping at bugs and going for car rides are her favorite hobbies!

She is the sweetest most loving cat we have ever had.

Lucy Loo

by Natasha
(Sarnia, Ontario)

sweet brown and white cat laying at top of staricase

Lucy is the definition scaredy cat. Maine Coon mixed with tabby. She shows a lot of affection when she wants too and has the most adorable meow that sounds like a squeak.

His Majesty, Leo

by Sue Simms
(Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA)

longhaired ginger kitty laying with front legs crossed

Leo is a 14 year old rescue cat from the Portland Humane Society. He was found in a hoarding situation and had to have his entire body shaved because lack of care. He was groomed to look like a Lion.

He likes to pose and crosses his paws like he is royalty. He likes everyone and is usually 3 to 6 feet from where I am. He is a love and wonderful companion.

Bailey the Queen

by Marlyn Berry
(Massena NY)

pretty longhaired tabby female longhaired cat
fluffy tabby kitty laying down

She’s a beautiful spoiled kitty who is very temperamental. She doesn’t take well to other cats or most people.

Not Amused

by Helen

tabby and white cat face closeupYes, I am handsome
two cats greeting golden retriever dogWhat’s the dog doing in here?

Big Boy was an impressive cat. My only Male coon I ever had. Passing at 15. A fun and to some a scary cat. He weighed in at 23 Lbs…. Solid cat. As big as he was, he was a dork. Ha!

Furry Fall Fun

by Debbie Miller
(Hackett AR)

pretty brown tabby cat

Cally is 8 years old and LOVEs running water and taking a shower with her humans! She is very fluffy and sweet.

My Twin Girls

by Cindie Kennedy
(ST Thomas USVI)

two purebred calico maine coon female cats cuddling
two identical cute calico maine coon kittens

Natasha and Gretchen hail from Massachusetts, I brought them home at 8 weeks old to the US Virgin Islands, where they became Island Kitties.

calico kitty and collie dog friend
two tiny calico kittens cuddling together

They follow me around the house and my office. I have a hard time working with two girls on the desk. I somehow manage cause they are so adorable.
They just turned 5 and have been through two CAT 5 Hurricanes and a pandemic. Quite a bit for their short life so far.

We hope by Summer of next year to be living in the South of France and will that be quite the change for them.

They are the best buddies ever. They love their brother, a full bred , Lassie dog- Buddy and Tisha, their eldest sister, our lap dog.

The Gentle Maine Giants

by KSG

two cream maine coon boys laying on deck
two ginger cats sunbathing on deckLounging with momma

fluffy ginger maine coon watching televisionSo Smart!
ginger maine coon cat sitting on lawn chair

red cream maine coon cat laying of deck railing at sunset

These are brothers from two different litters. Keeley is 13 and Swifty is 12.

Both were graciously given to me at different times and my life has not been the same since!

I absolutely love these boys and they are totally spoiled rotten, but worth it! Keeley is the serious one and Swifty is just a bundle of goofy joy!

I don’t know how I ever lived without a Maine Coon in my life!


medium haired gray cat laying on wood floorChilling out!

This is Smokey who is 3 yrs. old. We adopted him from our local animal shelter when when was 4 months.

He loves his cat tree and loved to play with his "dog brother" Jack!


by KC

brown tabby with white cat sitting on side table

Heidi was a rescue from a breeder we took into our home in 2019. She is smart and funny, and we love her very much.


by Pat Espinoza

fluffy black cat sitting in leaf covered lawn

Spooky is a loveable only child. He loves his toys, going out in his safe backyard. He loves to cuddle with us in bed on Sunday morning's! Favorite time is Fall and the maple leaves.

Diamond Girl

by Debra Crane
(Huntington, NY)

calico girl cat in laundry basketLaundry Helper
fluffy calico kitty on a big boxTrundle bed in a box
calico cat and dog sitting in doorway looking outConsult at the front door
shorthaired black catJett, the non-Maine Coon

Our Maine Coon, Diamond Girl, has 1 fur brother and 1 fur sister. So we have a lively house with 3 fur babies running around.

The cats take turns sitting on the arm of my recliner or in my lap. Bear, the dog is always close to me too.

I’ll send some pics of Diamond and of life at our house.

Big Puss

by Jacqui
(Sydney, Australia)

beautiful brown tabby purebred maine coon female lounging on wood floor
big girl female maine coon cat posing
pretty brown tabby maine coon in a box

I got my beauty about 4 yrs ago.

She is a Queen and the lady I bought her from no longer wanted to breed her so I was the fortunate one to give her a home.

She gets on really well with my rag doll cat as well as my Pomeranian dog.

I find she doesn’t eat much and prefers to graze.

Mainecoon mom of 2

by Cindy
(New Hampshire)

two fluffy cats on kitchen floorAtlas is gray and Apollo is ginger
two fluffy cats in laundry basketsThey love sleeping in these baskets
gray cat laying on high ledgeAtlas
soft ginger kitty resting on carpetApollo

My Maine Coon are 2 males the are 117 months old they are playful love to be up high on shelf or dressers.

Sandals the Diva

by Vicki
(Bechtelsville, PA)

man holding fluffy cat stretched out in woods

Rescued from a local shelter 3 yrs ago. She was sitting front and center when we walked into the cat room and is the sweetest kitty ever!

Has a funny limp and walks like a raccoon, vet pretty sure she's a Maine Coon and thinks she was either the runt, hit by a car, or mistreated.

UPS driver warned me once that I had a raccoon on my porch-it was Sandals! She loves to sit in my lap and be brushed, and rolls over for belly rubs. She has all the personality of a Coon, but is shy.


by Mrs Esté Prins
(Paarl, Western Cape)

handsome purebred brown and white maine coon laying on grass lawn
back view of brown tabby maine coon laying outdoors on grass

Absolutely stunning cat!!!!!


by Gail Maxwell
(Stuart, Florida)

closeup of ginger kitty napping with mouth open
fluffy ginger kitty on top of cat tree looking down
orange and white maine coon mix sitting pretty
male orange cat laying on stuffed armchair in sunshine

Dudley is an 11yr old Coonie who loves his momma unconditionally. He is my shadow & constant companion! This breed is so smart & once they win you over you’ll have a friend for life!


by Alison
(Petaluma, California)

pretty female calico cat with stunning green eyes

Emmie is a 2 year old Maine Coon rescue cat that is very sassy and spunky. She definitely has a big personality.

Cecil B

by Betty
(South Point, Ohio)

ginger maine coon male cat sleeping on couch

Cecil B was named for the lion who was murdered by the dentist. 

red maine coon cat asleep on couch

He was adopted from Maine Coon Rescue, He loves to talk and snuggle.

Rocky aka “Chicken”

by Shiloh Carter
(New Hampshire)

fluffy gray and white cat sleeping belly up
face closeup gray cat
dark photo gray cat laying on couch

Rocky is our 13 year old coon baby and she just loves her new brother Opie. (We rescued him a few months ago and he will be 2 in November).

We call her Chicken mostly since she is typically jumpy. She can know what things are but gets skitty if it moves even an inch, like it’s something new she has never seen before. Lol.

She love her brushes and treats and belly rubs. Enjoy her baths and loves rainy days.

She is still so playful and is interested in everything that is not hers, making it all a new toy. We just love her so much.

Her belly has two white hearts for markings and she loves to pretend to have her “makeup and nails done”. ♥️😂 she loves getting pretty.

Mr Leo

by Kassia

fluffy brown tabby cat sleepng
cute brown tabby cat face
face of tabby cat
shaggy brown tabby cat sleeping

I rescued Leo from our local humane society. He is a big push over. He loves to cuddle and watch TV. He is our 6am alarm clock, for him its treat time. I swear he lives for treats.

The Boyz - My Little Kittens

by Dennis Pastian
(Sioux City IA)

two brown tiger cats laying on boxes
two brown and white longhair cats lounging together

When Tuc (Tucker) and Boo (Boots) decided that they would allow us to share a home with them, all four of our lives changed.

two brown tiger cats laying on boxes
two brown and white longhair cats lounging together

Who'd expect to see your cat run off with a tennis shoe, and throw it and chase it in the living room?

The boys came to us from a cat rescue. You could see by their behavior they'd been abused. Most people say they are spoiled, but I say they are very well loved!

two cats curled up on a chair

Tucker (Tuc) & Boots (Boo) came to live with us from a cat rescue. Tuc adjusted quickly to the move in, but Boo was terrified, and it was easy to see that they had been abused.

Boo is the baby with the dark nose and white stripe down his face. Tuc has what we call the Jimmy Durante nose, so cute!

They've adjusted well and now they, as normal and should be, run the house! Best put shoes away as they tend to be used as toys by both boys.

Black Beauty or BB

by Sheila Harris
(Tampa FL)

black cat with glowing eyes looking out windowSpooky

BB is not a friendly cat, only to me. She tries to talk, I swear. Not a meow but a grinding airy noise.

She is a feral so she may not be a full blooded MC. She acts like a dog, loves to be in water and the rain. She has the most beautiful face and short legs. I got her for my granddaughter but she picks me most of the time.


by Anastasia Lares

Bixby is a purebred polydactyl and all he ever does is sleep on his back.

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maine coon christmas gifts
maine coon christmas gifts

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