by Hazel
(Vancouver Island, BC, Canada)

Doris, my Covid cat

Doris came to live with me a year ago.

She was 8 years old and had been given up to the SPCA. Her fur was very matted so it was mostly shaved off when I got her.

She settled in very quickly and in the first few days I thought some of her behaviors were similar to my son's cat Dusty, who is a Maine Coon.

Now Doris' fur is grown out, and as you can see she is a beautiful Tuxedo with a shaggy coat and impressive mane.

Her fur is short over her shoulders, long otherwise, with has furry shanks and her tummy is fine and curly. Her ears have small tufts and also on her feet. She has a wonderful, loving personality and intense gaze.

She comes when I call her. Her tail is about 12 inches and very fluffy, which she expresses herself with.

Officially she is a Domestic Longhair and when I got her she weighed about 10 pounds after recovering from a severe infection. She is heavier now but I haven't weighed her recently. She is due for a wellness check so I'll see how much she has gained in the past year. I believe she has Maine Coon genes, at least.

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In memory of BabyHuey
by: Anonymous

Doris is very Beautiful and very fortunate to be in such good condition after 8 yrs,and not being properly cared for by her previous owner.
You and Doris our meant to be, is sounds like she is going to be well taken care of.

I do not understand how some people can take in a cat and not properly take care of them. Especially A Maine Coon they are very special cats almost human.

Anyone who owns a Maine Coon knows how special they are. All cats are special yet Maine Coons are really special. Wishing you and Doris many years of happiness and Love together. Doris will teach you so much. Please cherish every minute with her and keep her safe.

Love to you both.


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