Diva Gracie

Rescue from UAE, not sure what breed but seems to be Maine Coon. She's very independent, with lots of cattitude. She’s a little diva.

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Best cat to ever own
by: Donna Riese

Diva Gracie is a very Beautiful Maine Coon,despite the other characters.
You are very Lucky to be the proud owner of of one of the most loving,trusting cats in the world.

Love him with all you're heart and give him a Life he will never forget.

Main coon's will never let you down you will see and understand as life goes on with you & Diva Gracie.

I thank God for my now deceased Main Coon Baby Huey he taught me a lot and I miss him every day.
Thank God for memories.
You are blessed.

Maine Coon???
by: Anonymous

The way her face is pushed in, she looks like she has a lot of Persian in her. Maine Coons have a much longer muzzle.

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