December 2011 Photo Album

Welcome our album of Maine Coon Cat Pictures for December! Enjoy meeting some terrific Maine Coon cats this month!


(Van Schaick Island, NY)


Pina as a kitten

Pina Pina

We got Pina from a rescue. Unfortunately she was given as a gift to an elderly woman who ended up at a nursing home a few weeks later so the kitten ended up being surrendered to the Animal Protective Foundation.

They believed she was older due to her size but once we took her to our vet we were informed what we had wasn't an older was a baby Maine Coon.

She is a little over a year old now and about 12lbs. We think she's going to be a very big girl!

I had never had a cat, I was a dog person. My Pitbull had just died from a brain tumor and I had lost my two other dogs over the last few yrs. I didn't think I had it in me to get another pet, I was too heartbroken.

But my husband brought home this little fur ball who had such a huge personality she won me over immediately. She is very vocal and I've taught her a few "tricks" she come when called, sits up, gives kisses etc.

She demands to be the center of attention at all times, refusing to walk on the floor, she rather jump across furniture and shelves so she can be eye level with her people.

And yes she is laying in the bathtub in that picture, not sure why but she like in there, lol.


Marg Goodwin: Aww cute as. :-) Enjoy the time with your little one. They soon grow up and the years pass. My baby boy is 11 now. :-)


by: Gail
(Indio, CA)

I found Jezebel in a feral cat colony in Hemet, CA, while on a business visit.

I was told she had been "dumped" there over a year before as a kitten. Jezebel sat in front of my car and mewed until I came over to pet her.

I rescued her, spayed, cleaned and litter trained her, and with in a few months she displayed her magnificent coat and sweet MC personality fully. She is gentle, kitten-like, fastidious and very tame.


Sharon C Giannatto: Beautiful! In this picture she looks alot like my blue classic tabby named Elliot.

Jane Freeman: You were destined for each other! \wishing you many more happy years together.:)

Marg Goodwin: I bet you adore your beautiful Maine Coon. :-) She is beautiful.

Frances Hambrook: Oscars head over heels =(^-^)=.

Heidi Mathias: Beautiful! And she seems a Black Tabby Silver.Does she have white, too?

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Oscar, Bridget, Pheobe & Eric would like to wish all pusscats great and small very MERRY CHRISTMAS


Marg Goodwin: What a stunningly beautiful cat. :-)

Lil Boi 2011

black maine coon cat

Lil Boi is a big old goofy sweet heart, always purring and nuzzling, constantly laying either on my feet or cuddled right up next to me in the recliner.

Lil Boi just loves to get a bath! I love my Maine Coon - he is a true lover and not a fighter!


Sharon Duffy: Looks just like my Pookie!

Marg Goodwin: I see why you love him so much. Maine Coons are VERY special cats. :-)

Bear Cat

by: Nancy Verpleogh (Oskaloosa, Iowa)


Beautiful Eyes

Bear Bear Bear Bear

Bear was adopted from the Stephen's Memorial Shelter in Mahaska County, Oskaloosa, Iowa in the summer of 2011.

He is 2 1/2 years old and still chases his tail, loves to play with his Chihuahua sisters, and take naps anywhere he can stretch out and show his belly.



Nancy Verploegh: Bear is such a sweet kitty, he even puts his paw on your face and gently runs it down your cheek.

Marg Goodwin: Bear is beary beautiful :-)

Brenda Mongoose: awww, he looks so sweet :}.

Onslow, the baby Maine Coon, or so we think...

Brett Manning
(Chicago, IL, USA)


Me and Onslow!

Onslow Onslow Onslow

This is Onslow. He was found wandering around on a farm with no mother or litter mates to be found!

He was very distinct in appearance, because never had anyone seen a such a fluffy, sweet ginger kitten on this farm, which typically is home to scrawny black or grey tabby cats...

My mother has a purebred Maine Coon, Oliver, and I couldn't help but see such a huge, almost identical resemblance in the two... Onlsow has all the traits; ear tips, a growing neck ruff, a huge feather duster tail that everyone comments on, large paws, he even makes little sweet chirps and meows and comes when I call him... He's the nicest thing!

I just wonder if someone dumped unwanted kittens and he was a surviver... So, if he's not full Maine Coon, I'm almost positive he's definitely got some in his gene pool...


Heather Dempsey: Definitely maine coon.

Marg Goodwin: I would think so.... Onslow is beautiful :-)

Yoni Charry: Gotta love that tail!

Laurel McBrine: I love Onslow! My Theo has the same looks, but he is black and grey - so sweet, enjoy your lovely kitty!

Heidi Mathias: Onslow was really blessed to find you....Last week I rescued a small kitten from the street.It´s incredible how people just discard animals everywhere.Onslow is a beautiful cat and now he has someone to take care of him.Congratulations!

Sonia Robbins: Reading your description of Onslow I could have written it myself about my boy Mr. Quince...a big stunning ginger boy with an amazing lions mane...just all the characteristics and physical attributes of the Maine a rescue his gene pool is definitely suspect! you can see him sprawled on my lap and yes he has the most pathetic chirrupy voice and silent purr....his body vibrates!

Kay Lynn Griffin: he is just adorable and love that name Onslow, and yep I do believe you have a Maine Coon there :)

This Is Tigger!

By: Normand Champagne
(Belmont, NH)


Tigger showed up in our yard back in October. She was trying to find warmth in the wood pile.

She was cold, hungry and a rack of bones. The vet thinks she is about 5 months old (7 months now).

She now has a loving home and gets along with our 3 dogs and another cat we saved after seeing it being thrown from a van at only 4 weeks of age about a year ago.

She's very lucky that we happened to be outside and heard her calls that night.


Anjie Kelly: So grateful for your kindness, I'm sure:)

Marg Goodwin: She definately is... :-)

Yoni Charry: Adorable!

Heidi Mathias: So cute!

2nd Maine Coon

Kim Simmons
(Redlands, CA)


Kibbles shortly before she passed away.

Kibbles Tag

In 1997, we adopted a litle female kitten which we named Kibbles aka Princess. She quickly became the owner of the house. We had never heard of the Maine Coon until I came across a picture of "her" online one day. I then read all I could and became amazed with them.

Well 14 years later, Kibbles passed on after our Vet said she was going thru kidney failure. She was 14 and was loved every second of those years.

Shortly before she passed, the mail lady at my office came in one day with a beautiful kitten she had found in the street. He was a young Kibbles! Well that was 4 months ago and he has become an amazing part of our family. He has grown by leaps and bounds and is heading into the size of a LARGE Maine Coon (Kibbles was very petite). Where Kibbles was light gray and white, "Tag" is dark gray and black.

He was obviously sent to us to ease the pain of her passing. And we thank God that he was.

A Maine Coon lover.

Kim Simmons
Redlands, CA

Our Baby Girl, Maya

(Port Coquitlam, Canada)


Maya Maya Maya

Maya is a 3 month old purebred brown tabby Maine Coon. She is the lil' sista to Tequila. She is very expressive, cuddly and playful.


Maine Coon Lola Rose: what a cutie!

Yoni Charry: Such beautiful, loving kitties!

Marg Goodwin: Maya is beautiful as is her sister :-)

Greetings from Jasmine (Oct. Cats)

Cindy P.
(Concord, NH)


She has been enjoying the Christmas season!

Jasmine Jasmine Jasmine Jasmine

Jasmine wishes everyone a joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

May all of our furry friends continue to delight us as we continue to bestow our love upon them.

Editors note: Read more about Jasmine! Click here to Meet Jasmine!

Kitty Kat


Kitty Kat

Kitty Kat Kitty Kat Kitty Kat Kitty Kat

We adopted a calico long haired kitten from a shelter 2 years ago. Soon after we came home, we noticed she had some peculiar mannerisms.

Later, I read about Maine Coons and I'm convinced Kitty is at least part MC. Kitty has always been very friendly with the other animals in the house - a dog and a bunny.

She loves to be with the family, often laying right in the middle of the room. When we come home, she runs to the door to greet us.

She has always been very playful. Kitty especially loves to splash the water out of the dog's bowl and then drink it off of her paws. She will also take her food out of her dish and eat it with her paw.

Living with such a personality has really endeared us to Maine Coons!

About My Sam

Louise Drew
(Ingle Farm, South Australia, Australia)

This is my Sam

This is my Sam

Sam Lucy Rajah Pepper

I adopted Sam when he was 2 weeks old. So naturally I hand reared him (his sister, Lucy, was hand reared by my brother from the same age).

As Sam grew older, I noticed he had a lot of the same traits and behaviours as my older cat Jessica, who was a Maine Coon mix.

Sam is such a loving cat, especially to me, but that is probably to be expected. Sam's older sister, Jessica, passed on to Rainbow Bridge when he was just over one year old.

Jessica was 14 years old, and Sam missed her so much that he didn't like me being too far away from him. My mum said he would cry out for me when I went to work each day. Having Sam here when Jessica passed over made it a bit easier for me as he always seemed to know when I needed some extra cuddles or smooches.

When Sam was 2 years old, his sister Lucy came to live with us (she kept running away from my brother's home for some reason). She isn't as loving as Sam, but she did live on the streets for about 6 months so we really don't know what may have happened to her.

She is the complete opposite to Sam. Sam is all black, long hair and looks very much a Maine Coon but his body is very slender with large feet.

Lucy is all white, short hair and looks very much like an old style Siamese but her body is more like that of a Maine Coon with petite feet.

Both Sam and Lucy are now 4 years old and really beautiful cats. Hopefully one day Lucy will cuddle up to Sam, but for the time being she like to keep her distance.

I have also included two extra photos. Rajah lived with us for a little while until he was killed by a dog before his 2nd birthday and Pepper lives with my brother and his family.


Yoni Charry: Cuties!

Pauline Slack: My baby is named Sammie.

This Is What The Cat Wrote :)

(Bucharest, Romania)

rally racer to the rescue

My cat is Greti. She's a rescue cat. She used to belong to an old lady that had lots of cats. They told me she's a Norwegian Forest Cat mix but from what I've heard this could mean she's a Maine Coon (mix).

She is very gentle, playful, communicative, very good with strangers and other cats and she likes to follow me around but isn't clingy.

I was amazed when I caught her chirping ("talking" to birds). She also talks back to me and makes a "meow" that sound more like "maew". once I heard her say "ma-ma" :D.

From the first day I got her I noticed that she likes only one owner (I do not live alone, we are 4 in the apartment) and that she knows that she has to come when she hears her name.

It was very easy to train her to jump on the bed when I tap with my hand on it, I think she's as intelligent as a dog.


Yoni Charry: Very cute!

Frances Hambrook: Forest cats usually have courser hair but she look soft and fluffy! =(^-^)=

Rally Racer The Rescue

rally racer to the rescue

Rally racer is a cat we received from a rescue group. They called and said they had a Maine Coon that was huge and no one wanted him.

So we have had Rally racer for a while now. If you haven't guessed, our lives revolve around a particular racing league and Rally just loves to travel to the races. The driver's kids fight over who will walk him or watch him or take a nap with him.

He has so enriched our lives.


Yoni Charry: What a "personality" he has!

Sharon C Giannatto: Very cool, Coonies are such good travelers and pals.

Ravi, A Little Brave Fighter!

By: Heidi Mathias
(Sao Paulo,SP, Brazil)

I'd like to introduce you Ravi.

He's a sweet 2 years old Maine Coon and lives with Michelle and Julio, in Sao Caetano, a city near Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Nowadays he's fighting against a cancer but even going three times a week to his chemotherapy treatment, Ravi never loses his sweetness and enchants everyone at the vet hospital. He even let Michelle put a Santa hat on him just to say hello and Merry Xmas to everybody.

So here is Ravi, this little brave boy, saying Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all of you!


Sharon C Giannatto: So Sorry for you and Ravi to be going thru this, doesn't seem fair for a kitten to have to go thru this (we all know Coons have a long adolescence). But, isn't it amazing how resilient they are? My Marley had hip surgery to remove his right femoral head and neck when he was only 18 months old. He amazed my with his good humour despite the pain. Good luck to you and Ravi! And Merry Christmas.

Yoni Charry: Ravi, you are such a good sport for trying on the Santa hat! Hope you have a complete recovery!

Dunja Hein: He is beautiful and so sweet. I hope he will recover fully.

Andrea S. Hunt: Dunja, if you guys ever have a rescue. Let me know & I will take one or ...... Love my coon cats

Debra Gossard: Hope Ravi recovers well!

Frances Hambrook: Merry Christmas to you too! Ravi =(^-^)=

Marg Goodwin: My Maine Coon X boy had his first bout of FUTD at 3 yrs. When I did find him after searching for 3 days, (he was in his enclosure but hidden amongst stored items) he was nearly dead from the infection. We rushed him to the vet and they put the catheter in without any anaesthetic because of the life and death situation. Charlie Brown took it all in his stride, antibiotics for 3 months, a muscle contracting pill for a month so his bladder muscles would work again and manually emptying of his bladder by the vet for a month. He has had two eposides since but I knew what what was wrong and where he was. Vets are constantly amazed at the quick recovery CB makes when he is ill. Maine Coons rule. :-)

I am so sorry Ravi and you have to go through this but happy that the treatment is available and he is able to have it. I so hope Ravi recovers.... best of luck always.

Julio Cesar Villa Moreira: He's my brave, gentle and sweet boy. Ravi is a little hero.


By: Desiree
(Columbus, OH)


dinner time

Bob Bob Bob Bob

Moose was found in a yard by himself at 3 weeks old. I took him in, bottle fed him, he traveled with me 24-7 everywhere I went ( work too ) until he was weaned.

He is the most entertaining and handsome little guy I have ever met and is well worth the time, money, and extra effort:)


Laurel McBrine: Adorable, what a wonderful story to, you are truly his mama :)

Desiree Williams: He is just adorable. It definitely was like having a baby ( for me at least ). eat, sleep, cry, eat, sleep, cry, potty, eat, sleep etc. he is a real pistol. He just recently found his new obsession wth sinks and running water. This is the first time I have owned this breed and it is just so much fun:) I do hope little Olivia is doing well. I cannot believe there are people who treat animals this way, but then there are those of us who rescue and give them another chance and that is what counts!

Jane Patricia Briggs: he looks gorgeous, I read a book recently called paw track in the moonlight bout a main coon, called toby jug (cos of hi size), and I imagine that's what he looked like. xx

Amy Sherlock: Looks just like our little Olivia... she had something wrong with her left eye and was tossed out the window of a passing truck. I will post a picture in a few. I have to catch her first! :)

Debra Gossard: Aaawwww! Makes me want a baby!

Keisha Mei Ash: omg he is sooooo cute! He looks almost exactly like my Dutchinson.

Marg Goodwin: Thirty years ago I fed a female Persian X from three weeks of age with an eye dropper after the owner insisted I take her then. I fed Thumbleena a mixture of diluted evaporated Carnation milk, Pentavite Infant drops and a drop of Casror Oil every few hours. Thumbleena was a rare ginger tabby female with a pretty cream coloured tip on her tail. She thrived and gave my family and I endless hours of fun and love. Thumbleena lived to be thirteen and a half, a grand old lady. :-)

Yoni Charry: Adorable, and lucky to have you for a mommy!

Marg Goodwin: Moose is beautiful :-)

Ismene our little angel!

By: Heather Jefferson
(Vail, Az.)
little ismene
Ismene or as she is lovingly known as Miss Mene

Ismene came to us through a friend who discovered they were allergic to long haired kitties. It couldn't have been better timing.

We lost our big coon Sonny about a year ago. The whole family was devastated, so when Miss Mene, as we all call her, came along we were more than delighted.

Ever since the night we brought her home we have been graced with the most vibrant, inquisitive, and sociable personality.

She absolutely loves our three mini doxies and Abby our female doxie treats her like she is her little baby.

When someone is doing something Miss Mene is right there by their side observing or even trying to assist somehow, especially when I am working on a painting. It is her favorite time and she is right their on the stool beside me often giving me her opinion or trying to capture paint brush handle with each brush stroke.

We thank God that Ismene came into our lives and although we can't be positive of her exact breed, because there was no history of her parents, we are pretty convinced that we are blessed with another fun and loving Coon in our life and that is more than purrrfect for us.


Yoni Charry: Maybe she was an artist in her past life?

Melissa Clyne: awww shes gorgeous. I got my first maine coon in July when he was a few months old hes now 8-9 months old, eats like a horse talk the hind leg off one but hes just the best his name is Mowglie (Mowgie Bo or the Creature) when all 3 of mine are up to mischief they sound like a heard of elephants charging (the other 2 are not maine coon) Mowglie is a Red and Cream (I don't view him as ginger as he is red on parts and blonde on others) hes already towering over my tabby girls Hiedie and Penny but they hold their own. Its true what they say once you have one coon you want another and I wish we could get another coonie to match Mowglies size and naughtieness lol. She looks only young your cat such beautiful markings.

Frances Hambrook: Her pretty little face look coonie, a wonderful ginger girl. =(^-^)=

Roy Mahoney: What other cat would take interest in what you were doing?

Dawn Sharman: awww she is so sweet xx.

Mr. Bojangles Our Shelter Kitty

Sleeping on the Boat

We rescued Mr Bojangles from a shelter when he was estimated to be 4 yrs old. He has been such a wonderful addition to our family.

He was brought in as a stray, and shows clear Maine Coon traits, from the ear tufts, fur between the toes, and we cannot seem to let the water run in any way without him jumping up to drink.

We dont know for sure, but I definetly think he's part Maine Coon.


Marg Goodwin: With those huge paws I would say so as long as he also has typical Maine Coon characteristics.

Chris Mckenna-clout: maine coon x, check out the paws! handsome boy!

Rene Keenan: sweet

Squidward The Loveable Maine Coon

By: R. Keenan
(Quincy, MA)

Loveable Mainecoon
Loveable Maine Coon
Playing in the Sink
Playing in the Sink
Out for a Car Ride
Out for a Car Ride

Sleeping on the Boat
Sleeping on the Boat

This is Squidward. He is our best friend. We got him when he was just 6 weeks old.

We love to go out on the boat in the ocean; Squidward comes with us every time. From sitting on the bow of the boat, to chasing me up and down the dock, he just loves it!!

I have never seen a cat like water as much as our Squidward does. He likes to sleep and play in the sink. He drinks from the faucet, plays with the water, and even sticks his head under it, trashes my kitchen with the plastic bags.

And then he will just come and sit with me to watch TV. Loves to sit on the dash broad of the car when we go for car rides. We just love him so much!! Could not ask for a better pet and friend than him.


Nikki Geannelis: Squidy AKA SquishWish is the very best! and so is his mom and dad!

Barbara Bennett: I couldn't of found him a better home!

Roy Mahoney: Squidy Rocks!

Ann Bett-Madhavan: You are blessed!

Yoni Charry: he looks so cozy on board! my cat, Sundae, used to love to bat at the water in the dehuimidifier!

Marg Goodwin: Character plus is Squidward :-)

Gayle Gardner: What a doll! This baby reminds me of my cat Jasmine.

Rene Keenan: What a Cat!

Heidi Mathias: So sweet!!


By: Debby Kirchner
(Independence, OR)

four photos of jade the cat

Jade is awesome! He loves to play and to cuddle. He's my pal. His favorite toy is a little Cottonelle dog I got for free.


Ann Bett-Madhavan: He's gorgeous!

Debra Gossard: Jade is beautiful!

Betty Jones: is jade up for adoption? please let me know................

Melissa Lee Moore: Beautiful! Looks like a fuzzy bear. :)

Nikki Arbiter: He is such a cutie.

Brenda Mongoose: wow, what a beauty.

Cindy Kleh: This cat looks just like mine! I never saw one like him till now! Check out Punahele's photos. I just downloaded them today.

Yoni Charry: Wow, what a furry boy!

Laurel McBrine: Oh, I am in love! What a gorgeous cat!

Desiree Williams: this cat is adorable looking.

Gizmo The Maine Coon

By: Melissa Moore
(Baldwin, WI)

Gizmo is 3 years old, he weighs in at 27 pounds!!!! He loves to play fetch, loves water, and to BEG for whatever he wants, he is VERY talkative. We live in an apt, to my surprise no one hear knew what a Maine Coon was, everyone knows now! lol, Gizmo loves to go visit through out the building, he knows just what door and who to go visit to get treats! He loves visitors and will try to answer door!

The pic I posted is of my neighbor holding Gizmo. He also loves car rides, and I bought him a stroller which I harness him in, (he wears a large size dog harness!)

He is known all over Baldwin as the cat in the stroller. :)

gizmo the maine coon
gizmo dressed for christmas
This is Gizmo Santapaws!

- Gizmo is 3 years old and lets me dress him in just about anything!


Maine Coon Cat Nation: Love this, Melissa! Isn't he smart! :) Thanks for sharing.

Melissa Lee Moore: Thank you all for your wonderful comments! Gizmo is VERY smart, almost to smart! LOL, But he is the love of my life.

Sabrina Richardson: Thank you so much for sharing this Just love this......Just lost my cat Brimmy on November Haloween. My son rescue him from a home who's been abusing him since a kitten.......miss him so dearly........

Melissa Lee Moore: I just had to put down Gizmos brother yesterday, I know exactly how you feel! My heart goes out to you. the cat I put down was a rescue, Milo, he is the kitty in my pic. that was his baby pic. he was not a maine coon, but grew up with one.

Sabrina Richardson: Thank you Melissa ! Brimmy is in my pic also ! and he change my life in so many ways ! He brought so much joy and love , he makes me smile and laugh during my dark nigh and days. He is funny and cuddly. He is my Little Boy !!!!

Dawn Sharman: Brings back memories of our MC. What a gorgeous boy =].

Michelle M Smith: One reason why I love maine coons! (missing my pinkie Lee).

Yoni Charry: that video is great!

Lisa Hess-Rutherford: Gizmo reminds me of my late Zilly..

Jan Lagomarsino Brummett: Let me know if you breed him, I'd love a big boy like Gizmo.

Marg Goodwin: Gizmo is adorable and very clever. :-) I have a Maine Coon X who used to watch the handle of his small turned wooden top while it spun then pick it up in his teeth, flick his head back, let go of the top and give it an almighty swat with his paw then chase it and do it all again. He never missed either and I did not teach him this trick, he figured it out all by himself. :-) Maine Coons are so very intelligent. :-)

Dennis N Anita Lunt: Melissa and Gizmo, thank you for sharing! We lost our part Maine Coon a little over a month ago (Kato in the Rainbow Bridge). Miss our angel dearly - Gizmo's video reminds us of our Kato's love of life! Feels good to laugh at a Coonie's antics again!

Melissa Lee Moore: oh, I am so so sorry! I to have a few loves at rainbow Bridge. nothing inthe world like a coons antics! Gizmo is a big clown, I am so happy Giz could make you laugh! I thank God for him everyday, my life has not been good, he has made it all worth while! thank you. if you really want to smile i can give you a link

Marg Goodwin: I love watching Gizmo play with the toy mouse. :-) I have watched my Charlie Brown Maine Coon X sit motionless for three hours to catch a real mouse that was under the stove. Any mouse that comes into my unit is soon history. :-)

Roy Mahoney: Awesome cat! Maine Coons are somewhere between a dog and a human! Amazing how they communicate and actually give facial

Chris Mckenna-clout: Gizmo is one smart cat. My maine coon looks very much like him, I taught him as a kitten to give his paw.

Melissa Lee Moore: They learn like dogs,its so cool how they really want to please you. I never taught Gizmo how to fetch, that is the funny thing he brought the mouse to me, he started the whole thing! and when I refuse to play he will put them in my purse, last week I woke to him putting them in my hand while I slept! Lol

Angela Wagganer Simmons: GREAT video! he is too cute, and looks identical to my Dynah!

Sai Eclea: awww so adorable and smart! he looks just like my 7 month old kitty Mishka, she plays fetch too. He's a big handsome cat, happy holidays Gizmo! :)

Allie Maheral: Beautiful!

Alanna Bonita Hill: Aww

Maybe-Maine Coon Cats For December:


by: Robin
(Tucson, Arizona, Pima)


Kittens Kittens Kittens Kittens

I went to make a donation to the Goodwill a week and a half ago. I heard the sound of a kitten crying when the attendant was giving me a receipt.

He told me when he got there that morning he found a wet box full of kittens (it had rained the previous night). Long story short, I took them. I've adopted three of them out, and have decided to keep the last one.

When I first took them home, they were so dirty, I prepared for the worst and gave each of them a warm bath. There was not scratching or blood loss. They just kind of hung there and let me wash them.

They are very very social.

They are so laid back and easy.

They rode in the car like they had done it all their lives.

Please look at the pictures and see if they may be a main coon/Persian mix.



Yoni Charry: They sure look like Maine Coon to me!

The King Elvis

by: Ezell Williams
(Music City U.S.A.)

Silver maine coon mix

A friend came in my office at work and told me his car was making a "squealing" noise when he turned a corner, I checked his car later in the day, guess what I found? This little gray fur ball.

His eyes were infected his coat was so greasy. What a mess. I took the kitten home, his feet were burned black. We cleaned his toe pads and washed him, a little later my wife said he had sideburns like ELVIS. The name stuck.

He is the most lovin, head bumpin, young man ever. I think he may be a mix mc?? That was 10yrs ago now. I've had 7 back operations and a blood clot in my lung. He has stayed on my lap since.

He loves to play fetch eat treats and sing to me and his mother. I owe my sanity to 16lb of love, A BOY named ELVIS


Patricia O'Connor: This is a great story! How lucky you and Elvis are to have each other (and Mrs. Williams, I'm sure!). Elvis is a beautiful cat - may all of you have many happy years together > ^..^ <.

David Williams: lov that cat.

Rick's Coon Cat

by: Rick Grieco
(Windber Pa)


Chloe Chloe Chloe Chloe

This is how we got Chloe (we think she is Maine Coon):

On Sat Oct 2011 we were at work and my brother was outside. He heard a little meow coming from the woods. All of a sudden she came running out and right up his leg. She was hanging on for dear life, and he came walking into work with her still on his leg. She was a bag of bones and flea infested so we fed her and asked anyone if they wanted her. They said no so we took her home.

Then we took her to the vet and he said she was about 6 months old, so we got her fixed and now she's getting chubby awesome. We did not get her declawed, I think that is inhumane and also if she would happen to get outside she could not defend herself.

We also rescued a big orange tabby named Garfield 3 yrs ago and they love playing with our Chihuahua, Gizmo.


Yoni Charry: She knew something about him, that he belonged to the kind of family she wanted.

Are My Sister's Cats Maine Coons?

by: Erika Seltz
(Houston, Texas, USA)

Chloe and Gracie

Chloe and Gracie

Chloe and Gracie Gracie Chloe

I adopted both at the same time, about 12 years ago.


Yoni Charry: they sure have the ruff ans long pointy ears.

Laura Hofsommer: They look like my baby Max (4 months old) what beautiful babies you have.

I Think My Cat Is Mix With Maine Coon

by: Celina Torres
Brooklyn, NY

Black Cat

He is 1 year and 10 months weight is 14lbs, he is very affectionate to everyone, but he acts like a dog sometimes.

When the door bell rings he growls and he fetches like a dog, opens door cause he is so tall, only one problem I also have a Persian cat and he is only 9 lbs and he tends to jump on him biting his neck.

They eat together and can be in the same room, but the Persian is intimated by him, I love them both, when I'm not home I make sure the Persian is locked up in room where he can't get to him, any suggestions.

And do you think he could be mix? His hair is not long and he comes to me when I call his name, amazing - but he bullies my Persian.

Is Teddy A Maine Coon? or Mix?

by: Samantha


We got Teddy about a month ago from a shelter. He was a stray and brought to a shelter.

He is 5 months old and his fur was badly matted when he was found so his neck, whiskers and tail had to be shaved.

He's missing a little piece of the top of his ear. He's got huge feet and his tail fur is growing back quite fluffy.

He also has that exotic Maine Coon look. Can't decide if he could possibly be mixed..


Samantha Haugh: Teddy is a year old now and his hair is all back and he is definitely mixed with maine coon! hes such a handsome young man!

Yoni Charry: he looks so happy to be with you. To me, he looks like a mix between a Maine Coon and a domestic longhair, like my baby Sundae.

Punahele (means "the favorite" or "the spoiled child" in Hawaiian)

by: Cindy Kleh
(Grand Lake Colorado)


5 months old

Puna Puna Puna Puna

I got Puna when he was just 6 weeks old from a shelter. He has always been possessed with biting and chewing fingers, and has been wild crazy playful from day 1. I thought at first that he was a Himalayan/tabby mix, but he has many characteristics of a Maine Coon - he chirps instead of meowing; he has tufts coming out from between his toes; his tail is classic Maine Coon; and his ears are tufted too. He follows me everywhere I go and can be sweet as pie or a Maine-iac. Is it possible to have a Siamese/Maine Coon mix?


Marg Goodwin: Puna is adorable :-) I know what you mean about Maine-iac as my Charlie Brown still is sometimes even at 11 yrs of age. He's my furry tornado in spite of having asthma during cool damp weather.

Sharon Duffy: Punahele is a gorgeous creature, whatever he is..

Cindy Kleh: I thought that getting him neutered would calm him down a bit, but he barely missed a step. He's 6 months old now and 8.5 lbs! I'm afraid of what he is going to grow into!

Danya Anderson: RAAAWR

Mack Attack

by: Hailee Winslow (Brookwood, AL)


Mack on is way to his new home the day I found him.

Mack Mack Mack Mack

Mack is only about 6 months old and I actually found him in the parking lot of my office.

He came right up to my car and it was love at first sight. I couldn't bring him to my house because we already have a cat who is used to being the only child and is older so I didn't think he would handle a new addition well, so I took him to my boyfriend's mom's house where he has made himself at home.

My boyfriend and I liked the name Mack and it suits him. He has a couple different nicknames that he has acquired such as: Mack Attack and Big Mack.

We are very impressed with how big he is getting over such a short period of time. We never knew he could be a part of such a cool breed of cats though!

He is very quirky and is kind of a troublemaker.. You can usually find him doing something he's not supposed to be such as: climbing the curtains, sitting on the kitchen counter, tearing something up, or even taking a dip in the lake.

He's an oddball but my boyfriend and I have come to love him and all of his quirks.


Cindy Kleh: Great name... cool cat! I got my kitten at 6 weeks old and weighing 1 pound. Within a month, he had grown to 4 lbs. I think when they finally get quality nutrition, they explode!

Chris Mckenna-clout: I would guess he is or norwegian forrest cat. He is spectacular!

Frances Hambrook: He's super!=(^-^)=

Hailee Winslow: Thank you!

Leo, Might be a Maine Coon

(Oklahoma City)



Leo Leo Leo Leo

Leo is a wonderful little pal of mine. He is 2 years old now. I got him from a home in western New York as a kitten, and he is cute as a button in both looks and personality.

He has a beautiful shiny long tabby coat, a long bushy tail, an "M" mark on his forehead, longer hair around his neck and chest like a mane, beautiful big yellow eyes, little tufts of hair coming out of his ears, and what I call his 'fluffy pants.' He has extra long hair on his back legs that makes him look like he's got pants on.

He is very playful. He likes "help" me make the bed, snuggles up close by but never right next to me, or on top of me.

He always likes to follow me around the house, and he waits for me when I am in the bathroom or if I go outside, for me to come back in.

He is very gentle and just has a lovely disposition. Occasionally he will play fetch, but is very silly or goofy when he is playing, or just trying to be cute.

He hardly ever meows, only if he wishes to go outside, and when he does he still sounds like a kitten almost. The most noise he makes is a trill or chirp noise, most often when he is playing but also other times when he is happy or excited.

Some people have asked me if he is a Maine Coon, and made comments like they have never seen a cat that large, but I just figured he was some mix of cats.

Is he a Maine Coon?


Yoni Charry: Oh, yeah, he is a Maine Coon, all right.

David Williams: leo is a a coon lucky you.

Marg Goodwin: I think that Leo is definately Maine Coon.....

Do You Think I Have A Maine Coon Mix?

(Dayton Ohio)


Joey Joey Joey Joey

I have never met a cat like my Joey. First off he is the largest cat i have ever owned.. very long in length and resembles a Maine Coon.

He is the most gentle, intelligent and loving cat I know. He demands attention all day long and I "talk" to him throughout the day and i swear he understands! He will gently paw my face to get attention. He plays fetch and actually drops the ball in your hand!, always comes when called, begs on command and loves to play in his water.

He greets my husband and I at the door every time we come home and greets us with a little "chirp" noise.

He is always next to me and follows me everywhere and will hug me when he cuddles. He has been VERY careful of my belly since i got pregnant... I swear he is the smartest and most gentle cat I know.

He is a handful as far as getting attention goes and will get upset if me and my husband don't constantly shower him with attention and talk to him. He seems to enjoy our company more than that of his fellow feline. He doesn't act "catty"...he never hides under the bed or spazzes out like my other cats. He really acts like a person and it seems like he has all the human emotions.

He is a little clumsy when it comes to jumping up high due to his length and size. It took him longer than my other cats to grow into his adult body and he went through a long and awkward looking adolescent phase. Anyways, I know he isn't purebred but i am pretty sure he is a Maine Coon mix, what do you think?


Chris Mckenna-clout: I wonder if he is Norwegian Forrest or maine coon mix, he is beautiful.

Yoni Charry: I'm sure he's at least half maine Coon from his looks and your description.

Marg Goodwin: He has to be at least a Maine Coon X I think...

Kate Hillenbrand: oh my he is so cute!

Unusual Snowshoe Siamese Maine Coon?

By: Diana M. Blount


Myst, 11-24-2011

Myst Myst Myst Myst

I have this beautiful girl, Myst, that I am pretty sure has Maine Coon in her, I have a confirmed half Maine Coon neutered boy who's father was a top show Maine Coon that escaped his home for a few nights and found my Pepper's ally cat mom, lol.

Now to the one I'm not sure about, her mother is a stray I have been feeding and taking care of for two years. She was tossed out in the neighborhood by people who moved out and left her behind.

I had thought she had been spayed already and was told that by the vet as well when I took her in shortly after taking her into my home. Well, she came up pregnant and had 4 kittens April of 2010 under a bush across from my house so I took her and her kittens to my finished heated basement and made them a nursery so they would be away from my other cats.

I had their mom spayed when the kittens were weaned and the kittens when they were old enough. Now to the main inquiry, when I took them in at two days old I had two tabby domino kittens and two white kittens all were short haired, except for one fuzzy white kitten.

Now that the kittens are older and the markings have come in proving the two white kittens to be babies of the wild snowshoe male I've been trying to tame for a couple of years.

One of them however also has all the trade marks of a Maine Coon that my boy has, large furry paws, a white ruff, long luxurious tail, ear tufts, and the trade mark M on her forehead, but I have never seen a Maine Coon tom in my neighborhood so I don't know where it's coming from, her mom is a domestic short hair tabby and her dad a large short haired Snowshoe Siamese so I would love some opinions on her.


Melanie Symonds: What a beautiful and unusual looking girl!

Marg Goodwin: Those ears and tails definately say Maine Coon X imho I only saw my Maine Coon X cat's daddy once, at night.

Heather Dempsey: Instead of Siamese, look into the Birmans. I have a blue point birman and this kitty has some similar markings. Does the fur feel really soft and different from other cats? My birman's is soft and silky, different than the feeling of the fur of my other cat, the maine coon.

Chris Mckenna-clout: Myst is beautiful! I would think that she definitely has lynx point ears (tuffs behind the tip of her ears) I see siamese and tabby ( the M is tabby) not sure about maine coon.

Ginger - a Maine Coon?

By: Wolf D.Wanderer

Good collegue offert to me a strange, strong and very dynamic male cat. She couldn't keep him due to several other cats and the patron Diamond, the first cat in her home.

I met with her and Ginger she brought with her, "by the way". When I saw him first, all was got ready. We started a good fellowship from the first moment.

I was very astonished, he listen on his name, coming home, when calling him... Some days later a friend on facebook told, he looks like a Maine Coon, so I hit this site to get more information and now I can confirm, one part of his parents should be a maine coon as well (The mother died on road, the father was unknown - which man will throw the first stone?)

Ginger has a lot of habits, that are described at this page, and we are very happy together.


Yoni Charry: Ginger looks very much like my boy Sundae, just browner.

Lynda O'Donoghue: He is a handsome Kitten, must be nearly 6months old now. I am happy you got so attached to him and he is in a loving home. His sister Cuddles is doing well also I must get a photo of her for you to compare. Happy Christmas Wolf and Ginger.x.

Frances Hambrook: Great cat, he looks very coonie! =(^-^)=

Almost Positive He's A Maine Coon...


I adopted Patrick from a local shelter about a year ago. His elderly owner had passed away and so the poor thing ended up homeless at ten years old.

I saw him an immediately wanted to adopt him--the shelter said he was "maybe a Maine Coon mix" but I really don't have a doubt in my mind.

He's the most relaxed cat I've ever met, so friendly towards everyone. Even when I've had parties in my little apartment, he's in the midst of everyone, never ever running to hide. He is always by my side and chirps every time I pet him.

Oh, and he's about 27 pounds :)


Cindy Kleh: 27 lbs? How do you pick him up and snuggle with him?

Yoni Charry: Yeah, my Sundae thinks all people who come to visit are '"obviously" there to adore him.

Marg Goodwin: Wow he sure is one beautiful BIG boy :-)

Kate Hillenbrand: hehe Patrick too handsome for words!

Frances Hambrook: He's great.=(^-^)=

Theo - Our Main Cutie

By: Laurel
(Toronto, Ontario)


Got him at 4 months old from a shelter. He looks to me like he might have some Maine Coon mixed with tabby.

He has very soft fur, big bones and a gentle, sweet personality. He purrs loudly much of the time and loves to play with toys - some favorites, he growls when he has it in his mouth.

He carries things around, like a pencil, a rolled up piece of paper or a fabric "mouse". He loves to have a good, long pet and has huge, soft paws with tufts between the toes.

His tail is as wide as his body and he has grayish fur on his lower abdomen and underneath his tail near the base, gradually darking with black rings to a black tip.

He has "lynx" ears with long tufts and a bit of a ruff around his neck plus longer, stiffer dark hairs along his spine. He seems to have a dense, very downy undercoat that is paler with black stripes.


Ann Bett-Madhavan: He's a beauty!

Laurel McBrine: He really is quite lovely - we adopted him with another kitten (Oliver) the same size and we are pretty sure they are litter mates although Oliver has short hair. Someone at the pet store said that they could be related but have different fathers (!) since Oliver is more tabby in appearance, with white paws, chest and muzzle and more delicate build and acts completely different - he has learned to open doors (smart) but is less cuddly and playful than Theo.

Chris Mckenna-clout: Theo is so cute, the tail looks Maine Coon.

Debra Gossard: What a fun loving cutie!

Are My Cats Maine Coon Mix?

By: Jessica

He loves to show off! He watches TV

I have two male cats from the same litter. They aren't fluffy like the other pics posted but they sure are big!

Ceasar the smaller one weighs 18 lbs and looks and acts healthy (not overweight) but Cinnamon weighs 27 lbs and I know he's overweight.


Christine Portelance: I can not guarantee that your cats are maine coons, but I have had 3 Maine Coons with their papers and two have since left us but Tex, the remaining one has papers but is short haired like yours. So it is possible.

Stephen...maybe Maine Coon?

By: Mikayla Klein
(Alachua, FL)
stephen the red tabby

The morning he showed up on our porch.

Stephen showed up under our porch only five days ago and quickly stole our hearts. We live in an isolated area that people use as a drop off for unwanted animals from time to time. I can't imagine why anyone would drop Stephen off.

He is very vocal and makes many sounds; different than any cat I've been around. I'll never forget the loud moaning noise he made to get our attention.

He is very outgoing, friendly and not easily spooked (unlike our Cleo kitty). He seems to have above average intelligence and even responds to what we say as if he understands English.

Stephen is an orange tabby with long shaggy hair (like a mane) around his very large head, on his chest, stomach and back legs. His tail is fluffy and striped. He has huge paws with tufts of hair sticking out of his toes on the front and back paws.

Saturday he goes to the vet for his first visit. We have no idea how old he is or how much he weights but he is already one of the biggest cats I've ever seen in person.


Mikayla Klein: I appreciate it but we have fallen in love with our big boy Stephen. In fact while taking him to the vet last Saturday he escaped his cardboard cat carrier. My husband accidentally let him out of the car before putting him back in the box and he ran into the woods behind the vets office. We spent our entire day Saturday and Sunday looking for him. We went door to door and posted signs until we finally found someone who saw him just that morning. Sunday night he came back and the nice people caught him for us. Luckily Stephen is now home with us, safe and sound.

Laurel McBrine: What an adorable kitty!

Mikayla Klein: Stephen Update! We finally managed to get him inside the vets office with out incident. He is 13 pounds about a year and a half old and completely healthy. No heart-worms, AIDS or leukemia. The vet just loved him too. He couldn't believe how calm and sweet he was. They also felt very strongly that Stephen was Maine Coon, if so he has more growing to do.

Jennifer Thompson Kersting: If you don't want him, I would be happy to take him in. We live in Charlotte County Florida. We lost our Maine Coon on Memorial Day weekend and would love to him in.

Mittens. Maine Coon Mix???

By: Laurie
mittens the kitten

Mittens is now 18 weeks old. Runs all over the house and plays with anything and everything that moves.

She has a bushy tail, big paws with the fur in between the toes. The ear tuffs of hair. Love to play in the tub after someone has showered.


Melissa Clyne: gorgeous wow the picture of her at 5 weeks looks totally different to 16 weeks I think as she has ear tufts a big bushy tail and putting on weight she is a MCX. lol

Laurie Brookshire: Yes. Im beginning to think now that she is closer to haveing a lot of coon in her lOL she is the craziest kitten i have ever had. She chirps not meows. and when she runs around and is playing she squeaks. I have only her her meow a couple times and that what when someone steped on her tail. She plays in the bathtub after someone has showered and tries to climb the walls LOL, she is also very long. She is 5 months now but about the size of a 8 month old or so she weighs at least 4 lbs already if not more

Melissa Clyne: Laurie Brookshire wow well i weighted the creature as we call him (because when hes been outside he has a gruby tale and back legs) about 2 months ago he was 4.5KG I need to weigh him again but he is so long, hes got a belly on him which I dont get because he has his moments of being active lol like chasing the girls all around the house or vice versa. We are considering giving him a new job as a door stop lol

Laurie Brookshire: Melissa Clyne lol he is big. I weighed Mittens today and she weighs 5 lbs LOL i have 2 other cats. one is male DSH tabby he is about 18 lbs and Missy is female and about 6 lbs.

Melissa Clyne: Laurie Brookshire my girls weigh about 3kg lol hes probably at least 6 by now

Yoni Charry: Looks like my Maine Coon sundae at her 5 weeks picture. her ruff will probably start growing soon.

Laurel McBrine: SO sweet!

Frances Hambrook: sweetie!

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