sleepy face

sleepy face

We recently adopted Darwin from the SPCA, where I volunteer. I came in for my shift and he was the only cat roaming around the floor, greeting people by standing up on his hind legs and headbutting them as they came in (the shelter is in a mall!) His file said "bomb-proof kitty."

I brought him home and it only took him about 4 minutes to get comfortable and as he walked around investigating, his purr was so loud I could hear it across the room!

He is such an active cat! he has imaginary foes that he attacks all over the house when we are not entertaining him. His favorite toys are hair bands which he carries around in his mouth and flips into the air.

He is such a love too, and follows me around the house like a puppy, chirping and mewing like a kitten when I talk to him. As soon as I start to pet him he flops over for a belly rub.
He's not quite as responsive with my fiance (though still a love) and sits next to me always (though never on me!)

It also only took him two days to be comfortable on a leash and harness and now we go on walks in the woods where he plays in the fall leaves and tries to climb trees.

I think he might be part Maine Coon, but since he was a stray we have no idea. We also think he's a little over a year old.

He's also as soft as bunny.
We adore our Mr D!

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by: Anonymous


Darwin is such a sweetie! You are lucky to have found each other. How could anyone have been able to give him up?

He has all the personality characteristics, and a nice shaggy coat with a good ruff. He could be part Maine Coon.

He sounds like an absolute joy to have around. Thanks for sharing him!


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